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June 22, 2010
 Dozens die, hundreds missing in Brazil floods
40,000 homes are washed away as northeast is hit by 14 inches of rain
Almost 40 people have been killed and hundreds are missing after floods and mudslides hit northeastern Brazil, according to reports.
Torrents of water washed away more than 40,000 houses in 22 towns across the state of Alagoas, Al Jazeera quoted local officials as saying. Bridges, streets and rail lines were also damaged.

The country's president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, called a crisis meeting for Tuesday after more than 14 inches of rain fell in some regions over three days, according to Al Jazeera. About 100,000 people have been left homeless, the network's website said.
Officials in hard-hit Alagoas reportedly said at least 500 people vanished after the Mundau River burst its banks in the town of Uniao dos Palmares.

"We are praying for the missing to be found alive. But we are very worried because bodies are starting to turn up on beaches and on riverbanks," state governor Teotonio Vilela Filho told the network.

The number of known deaths could rise because many areas have been cut off due to cuts in power and phone service, according to The Associated Press.
Officials in Brazil say they fear the death toll may rise after four days of flooding left at least 33 people dead and thousands homeless.

The flooding has mainly affected the northeastern states of Pernambuco and Alagoas.
More than 1,000 people are missing in Alagoas with about 500 people unaccounted for in the town of Uniao dos Palmares alone, a state spokesman said.

According to Brazil's civil defense agency, more than 40,000 are homeless.

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is meeting in Brasilia with governors of both states and has promised to facilitate emergency funds to help flood victims.

Pernambuco Governor Eduardo Campos -- who flew over the affected areas -- described the situation as "heart-breaking."
"What we have seen since Friday is more than a horror film," Campos said in an official statement.

Alagoas Governor Teotonio Vilela Filho traveled through several affected areas an attempted to reassure public.
"I ask you all to remain calm because we are all invested in helping you," he said.

1,000 missing in north-east Brazil floods
Floods have engulfed two states in north-east Brazil, leaving about 1,000 people missing and forcing at least 100,000 to flee their homes.
At least 38 people are known to have died so far in Alagoas and Pernambuco.
Correspondents say the floods, brought on by nearly a week of rain, have washed away entire villages.

Rio Sewer Olympics
Rio de Janeiro will host Olympics August, 2016

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Brazil flood, mud death toll hits 205, rising
April 9, 2010
Record rains continue to drench Rio area, sparking fears of more mudslides.
The death toll from landslides and floods in and around Rio de Janeiro this week reached 205 on Friday and was expected to rise as searchers continued looking for bodies in an operation expected to last through the weekend, authorities said.
Morning and afternoon downpours threatened to set off new slides as emergency crews used excavating equipment to search for victims at the most devastated site: a slum built atop a garbage dump that was buried by a landslide.
Authorities fear the death toll from that slide alone could be as many as 200, though it was not clear exactly how many people were buried beneath the mud.

The latest confirmed death toll of 205 was released in a statement by Rio de Janeiro state’s civil defense department. It said 161 people were injured.
Most of the victims were swept away in landslides that roared through slums built on steep, unstable hillsides.
Some criminals took advantage of the traffic jams to rob stranded motorists, police reported.

Olympics concerns
The chaos renewed attention on Rio's poor infrastructure as it prepares to host the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Rio death toll hits 219
April 11, 2010  
The death toll from landslides and floods in and around Rio de Janeiro this week reached 219 on Saturday as crews continued searching through the debris.
Workers have now recovered 30 bodies at the site of a slide that wiped out a slum in Niteroi, next to Rio.
Authorities believe many more are still buried in the mud, and the official tally of the dead is likely to keep going up.

6.5 quake BRAZIL May 24, 2010
Depth  361 miles

Brazil flooding reportedly claims 260 lives

January 13, 2011   CNN

Heavy rains and flooding in Brazil have caused 260 deaths in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, CNN affiliate TV Record reported Wednesday.
The greatest damage was in a cluster of towns in a mountainous area northeast of the city of Rio from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, where civil defense officials said 147 lost their lives.
That included 114 people reported killed in Teresopolis by a mudslide, local officials told CNN. Some 1,000 others were left without shelter and were being moved to a local gym and schools.

And, in nearby Petropolis, 18 deaths were recorded, the state government said, according to Agencia Brasil. Three deaths were reported in Itaipava, while in Nova Friburgo there were 12.
Among the victims in Rio state were three firefighters who were involved in rescue operations when they were buried by a subsequent mudslide, Agencia Brasil reported. A fourth firefighter was missing.
Nearly 75,000 people were without power in the region as a result of the heavy storms.

Teresopolis Mayor Jorge Mario Sedlacek declared his city a natural disaster area. He told CNN affiliate TV Globo that at least 80 rescuers have been sent to the region.
Meanwhile, in the state of Sao Paulo, at least 24 people were dead as heavy rain continued to batter parts of the state, authorities said.

It has been raining since January 1, and the deluge could continue until the end of the week, forecasters have said.
The flooding has caused mudslides, officials said Tuesday. The Mairipora Dam gave way, adding to the woes in the area, said Ramos Junior, a captain at the Sao Paulo Civil Fire Department.

Sao Jose dos Campos, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the city of Sao Paulo, has been hardest hit by the flooding, Junior said.
In January last year, heavy rains caused dozens of deaths in Brazil's southeast coast. Torrential rains caused deadly mudslides in the resort area of the town of Angra dos Reis.

335 dead in Brazil floods - and rising

January 13, 2011  

Floods and landslides devastated several mountain towns near Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, killing at least 257 people as torrents of water and mud swept through the region, burying many families as they slept.
The heavy rains also killed 13 people in Sao Paulo state on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll in Brazil's south to at least 270.

Hillsides and river banks in the picturesque errana region north of Rio buckled under the equivalent of a month's rainfall in 24 hours, destroying houses and killing many people early Wednesday, rescue officials said.

Television images showed many houses buried in mud as desperate residents and rescue workers searched for survivors.
"There was no way of telling which house would fall. Rich and poor -- everything was destroyed," domestic worker Fernanda Carvalho was quoted as saying by the Globo network's website.

At least 130 people were killed in Teresopolis, about 62 miles north of Rio, town officials said. At least 20 people were killed in the city of Petropolis, and 107 in the town of Nova Friburgo, state officials said in an e-mailed statement.
The number of victims was expected to rise as rescuers find more bodies and reach more remote areas.


January 14, 2011  -  Brazil Flood deaths Tops 500
At least 500 people have died and hundreds are missing after floods and landslides swept through mountain towns in southeastern Brazil.

19 Jan 2011  -  Brazil slides Death toll reaches 700

785 people dead after flooding and massive mudslides
January 22, 2011   Saturday

December 31, 2010 the cornerstone of a Palestinian embassy was laid.
This is cursing Israel - and Brazil was cursed by GOD.

232 die in Brazilian nightclub fire
27 January 2013
 At least 232 die in Brazil nightclub fire after indoor fireworks display during band performance.
Witness said a flare hit the ceiling, and spread in a matter of seconds.
Video shows dramatic scenes of people trying to rescue people from the club, using axes to smash through an outer wall

A US nightclub fire was the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in American history, February 20, 2003 killing 100 people in Rhode Island.
The fire was caused by pyrotechnics set off by the band tour manager, which ignited flammable sound insulation foam in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage.
A fast-moving fire engulfed the club in 5½ minutes.

Another reason to stay far away from rock concerts and bands.

Brazil mourns Santa Maria nightclub fire victims
28 January 2013
 Brazil has declared three days of national mourning for 231 people killed in a nightclub fire in the southern city of Santa Maria.
The nightclub was overcrowded.  The emergency exits did not work.
The fire reportedly started after a member of a band playing at the Kiss nightclub lit a flare on stage.
Authorities say most of the victims were students who died of smoke inhalation. The first funerals are expected on Monday morning.

The club was in the process of renewing its license to operate, and that its fire safety certificate had expired last year.
When the fire started, a guard passed us a fire extinguisher. The singer tried to use it but it wasn't working.
He said the band's accordion player had died in the fire.

KISS nightclub says it had right permits
About 2,000 people were inside the club when the fire broke out - double the maximum capacity of 1,000,
said a state fire official.

Echoes of the past
Rhode Island victims can't help but watch

nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island, where 100 were killed during a show by 80's heavy metal band, Great White.
For survivors of that February night fire in 2003, the Sunday blaze in Santa Maria brought back memories of their own brush with death.

No alarm, only 1 exit in Brazil nightclub fire
The nightclub Kiss was hot, steamy from the press of beer-fueled bodies dancing close. The Brazilian country band on stage was whipping the young crowd into a frenzy, launching into another fast-paced, accordion-driven tune and lighting flares that spewed silver sparks into the air.
It was another Saturday night in Santa Maria, a university town of about 260,000 on Brazil's southernmost tip.

Then, in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, it turned into a scene of indescribable horror as sparks lit a fire in the soundproofing material above the stage, churning out black, toxic smoke as flames raced through the former beer warehouse, killing 231 people.
"I was right there, so even though I was far from the door, at least I realized something was wrong," said Rodrigo Rizzi, a first-year nursing student who was next to the stage when the fire broke out and watched the tragedy unfold, horror-stricken and helpless.
"Others, who couldn't see the stage, never had a chance. They never saw it coming."

A security guard said afterward that the club was at its estimated maximum capacity of between 1,000 and 2,000 people.
There was no fire alarm, no sprinklers, no fire escape. In violation of state safety codes, fire extinguishers were not spaced every 1,500 square feet, and there was only one exit. As the city buried its young Monday, questions were raised about whether Brazil is up to the task of ensuring the safety in venues for the World Cup next year, and the Olympics in 2016. Four people were arrested for questioning, including two band members and the nightclub's co-owner.

Biggest protests in 20 years sweep Brazil
6/18/13  As many as 200,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of Brazil's biggest cities on Monday in a swelling wave of protest tapping into widespread anger at poor public services, police violence and government corruption.
The marches, organized mostly through snowballing social media campaigns, blocked streets and halted traffic in more than a half-dozen cities, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia, where demonstrators climbed onto the roof of Brazil's Congress building and then stormed it.

Monday's demonstrations were the latest in a flurry of protests in the past two weeks that have added to growing unease over Brazil's sluggish economy, high inflation and a spurt in violent crime.
While most of the protests unfolded as a festive display of dissent, some demonstrators in Rio threw rocks at police, set fire to a parked car and vandalized the state assembly building. Vandals also destroyed property in the southern city of Porto Alegre.

President Rousseff salutes Brazil protests, cities cut bus fares
6/18/13  SAO PAULO (Reuters) - President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday sought to defuse a massive protest movement sweeping Brazil, acknowledging the need for better public services and more responsive governance as demonstrations continued in some cities around the country.
Speaking the morning after more than 200,000 Brazilians marched in more than a half-dozen cities, Rousseff said her government remains committed to social change and is listening attentively to the many grievances expressed at the demonstrations.

"Brazil woke up stronger today," Rousseff said in a televised speech in Brasilia. "The size of yesterday's demonstrations shows the energy of our democracy, the strength of the voice of the streets and the civility of our population."
Monday's demonstrations were the latest in a flurry of protests in the past two weeks that have fed on widespread frustration with poor public services, police violence and government corruption.

Brazil's president pledges to hold dialogue with protesters
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff promised on Friday to hold a dialogue with members of a protest movement sweeping the country, but also said she would do whatever is necessary to maintain order in the wake of widespread vandalism and looting.
"We cannot live with this violence that shames Brazil," she said in a nationally televised address. "All institutions and public security forces should prevent, within the limits of the law, every form of violence and vandalism."

Rousseff spoke even as new demonstrations broke out on Friday, including one that for several hours blocked most passengers from entering or leaving the country's busiest international airport, outside Sao Paulo.
The protests have come out of seemingly nowhere over the past week. More than 1 million people took to the streets on Thursday in the biggest demonstrations in Brazil in 20 years.

At least 3 killed, more than 2,000 displaced in Brazil floods
13 Dec 2013
SAO PAULO, Brazil -- At least three people were killed and more than 2,000 displaced when heavy rainfall caused flooding this week in the coastal state of Rio de Janeiro, officials said Thursday.
The downpour began Wednesday and continued overnight, dumping more rain in 10 hours in parts of the state than was expected for the entire month of December.

Local media were full of photographs of streets turned into rivers, commuters seeking refuge on top of buses and reports of looting as residents of the Baixada Flumeninse region fled their homes.
Authorities said they had discovered at least three bodies so far, but the death count could rise.

“There’s nothing I can do. I’ll just have to buy everything all over again,” said Jorge Luiz Costa, 54, who lost most of the contents of his home and is spending his nights elsewhere, according to the local newspaper O Globo. “We’re going to suffer now from a lack of water here, too, since they’re taking the tank away for cleaning.” [Link in Portuguese]

A river of brown sludge surrounded Rio’s iconic Maracana stadium, set to host the 2014 soccer World Cup final in July.
Officials asked residents to stay home and announced the deployment of federal security backup for the local police.

Baixada Fluminense, the most seriously affected region, sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. Prone to flooding, much of the area was settled by low-income families with little public oversight.
Authorities said 415 homes were destroyed and 2,289 people displaced this week in Baixada Fluminense. The flooding also forced 227 people from their homes in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to the south.

December and January are typically the rainy months in the state, and flooding has continued to bring parts of the region to its knees since 2011, when at least 900 people were killed. In January 2012, flooding killed at least 13 people in the city of Sapucaia, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro.,0,3985112.story#ixzz2nJXnfp5M

Brazil Cities Rationing Water as Drought Saps Reservoir Supplies
Feb. 19, 2014
The southern cities of Guarulhos, Sao Caetano do Sul and Diadema say Brazil’s biggest water utility cut supplies as much as a third in response to the worst drought in decades. Guarulhos, site of Sao Paulo’s international airport, said last week it was rationing in six neighborhoods.
Cia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo, or Sabesp, denies it reduced water to any municipality, and said today there’s no rationing. The Folha de S. Paulo newspaper reported Feb. 15 that water was being rationed to almost 6 million people in 142 cities in 11 states as supplies shrink in reservoirs and rivers to decade-low levels.

Reservoir levels at the Cantareira water system, biggest of six that supply almost half of the 20 million residents of metropolitan Sao Paulo, remained steady for a second day today at 18.5 percent after falling daily since Jan. 19. On Feb. 3, Sabesp offered Cantareira clients a 30 percent discount in exchange for cutting water usage. Brazil’s heat wave and driest rainy season in decades has hurt coffee and sugar cane output at the world’s top producer of the crops as well as soy forecasts.

Brazil child sex trade alarm
May 31, 2014
 Child sex trade in Indonesia brought them a huge tsunami which killed hundreds.
What will be GODs judgment on Brazil - and all who attend the world cup?
Child sex offenders are rarely prosecuted.

Brazil that has a terrible reputation and record for protecting its youth.
Its a popular destination and World Cup games will be played here summer 2014.

World Cup warning over child prostitution with girls as young as 11 forced to walk the streets of Brazil targeting foreign tourists for sex.
Brazil has up to half a million child prostitutes.
Many teenage girls are pimped out - with the consent of their families.

Child prostitution is illegal but the rules are rarely enforced
Traffickers are recruiting young girls to work as prostitutes in the areas around the football stadiums in anticipation of a booming trade over the next few months.
Up to half a million children as young as 11 are abused with the consent of their families, and pimped out to tourists or lorry drivers.

Child Sex Crisis - International problem

Brazil presidential candidate dies in plane crash
August 14, 2014
Santos (Brazil) - Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos died Wednesday when his campaign jet slammed into houses in Santos city in bad weather, killing all seven people on board and setting buildings alight.
Campos, a 49-year-old socialist who had been running third in opinion polls for the October election, was flying to Sao Paulo to record a TV segment when his Cessna 560XL came down, breaking into pieces and igniting a large fire after impact.
President Dilma Rousseff, who is standing for a second four-year term, declared a state of national mourning and suspended her campaign for three days.

* BA posted article in Breaking news, I added here.
Thats one way to defeat an opponent!
A Transgender Student Was Fined For Wearing A Skirt To School, So These Boys Wore Skirts In Protest

When a transgender student in Brazil was recently fined for wearing a skirt to school, a group of male classmates rose to support her in spectacular fashion — by all showing up at school wearing skirts themselves.

According to the U.K.’s Orange News, 17-year-old Maria Muniz, a student at Rio de Janeiro’s Colégio Pedro II, was fined by school officials who said that she was breaking a school rule that states that male students must wear trousers.

After the punishment, Muniz reportedly agreed to change out of the skirt. Little did she know, however, that a few of her classmates would soon put up a fight on her behalf.

Brazilian news outlet R7 reports that a group of about 15 boys showed up to Colégio Pedro II wearing skirts on Sept. 2 to support Muniz and her clothing choice. A photograph of the boys posing in their skirts has gone viral in recent weeks:

Muniz says she was moved by her classmates’ support.

"I am really happy about the way my classmates supported me and I hope it serves as an example to others to feel encouraged to do the right thing. I was always taught at school to accept who you are, I am only trying to live that,” she said, per Orange News.

On their part, school officials say that they are absolutely against “intolerance and discrimination,” and have said that they are open to discussing a change in their uniform policy, R7 reports.

"The sexual orientation is not important for us, all our students are equal," the principal of the school said, according to Orange News. "However, the uniform determines male and female clothing, but we will study a new manual of coexistence."

As the story of Muniz and her classmates goes viral, netizens everywhere have been showing their support for the teens with the hashtag #VouDeSaia, meaning "I'm going in a skirt" or "wearing a skirt."

“Such a beautiful display of working together to beat transphobia,” wrote one Twitter user Monday.

“Faith in humanity: RESTORED,” declared another.

Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL
140 injured in train collision
January  6, 2015
-  Two trains have collided outside Rio de Janeiro, with 140 injured. One of the trains, which had stopped at a station, was crashed into from behind by another.  The trains were moving slowly due to bad weather conditions in the region.
Trains were suspended in the area following the incident.

Russian BRICS bank to rival IMF
February 5, 2015
-  Russia submitted a bill to their parliament to ratify the BRICS bank. The ND bank will have assets of $100 billion from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and rival the World Bank and IMF.
The ND bank will come into force only after all 5 countries ratify the legislation.  The Russian government approved the draft law on January 29.

The ND bank will be headquartered in Shanghai, India will serve as the first 5 year rotating president, and Russia will be the chairman of the representatives. Each country holds an equal voting share, and the bank is available to United Nations members.

At the BRICS summit in Brazil in July, the 5 BRICS established the $100 billion bank, as well as a $100 billion currency pool.
China, India, and Russia are working on a new 'Silk Road' corridor across Eurasia.

Explosion on Brazil oil ship
February 12, 2015
-  An explosion on a ship leased by Petrobras left 3 workers dead, 10 workers injuried and 6 missing.  The blast was caused by a gas leak in the engine room of the vessel, one of the many floating oil production, storage and offloading units that Petrobras employs in developing Brazil's massive offshore oil fields.,7340,L-4625729,00.html

51 dead as tourist bus plunges into ravine
March 15, 2015
-  Bus plunge in Santa Catarina Brazil leaves 51 dead as tourist bus plunges into ravine, 6 survivors.  Police said the brakes of the bus appeared to have failed at a turn in the road.

BRAZIL to REMOVE ‘JERUSALEM, ISRAEL’ from all passports
August, 2015

The rule change would appear to have been influenced by the U.S. Supreme Court decision earlier this year that Americans born in Jerusalem could not have their birthplace listed as Jerusalem, Israel – but rather would be listed as Jerusalem alone – Brazil had apparently made the decision on dropping Israel a year ago.

December 31, 2010 the cornerstone of a Palestinian embassy was laid.
This is cursing Israel - and Brazil is cursed by GOD.

Sao Paulo plane crash kills 7
Mar 20, 2016
 -  Private plane plunges into Sao Paulo downtown, killing 7 on board AND injuring 1 on ground.  The plane slammed into 2 buildings shortly after taking off.
The CA-9 belonged to the former CEO of a mining company named Vale, Roger Agnelli who was killed on board the aircraft.

 April  21, 2016  -  Rio Olympic flame lit - olympics are one form of Satanism.

Rio Sewer Olympics
Super bacteria with 50% mortality in Rio's Olympic venues, top beaches.
Scientists have found dangerous drug-resistant super bacteria off beaches in Rio de Janeiro that will host Olympic swimming events and in a lagoon where rowing and canoe athletes will compete when the Games start on Aug. 5.  The microbes are normally found only in hospitals.

Brazilian President impeached
May 13, 2016  -   President Rousseff
will fight “fraudulent” impeachment process, stating that when an elected leader is hunted over accusations of a crime they did not commit the proper term for it would be a “coup.  I may have made mistakes, but I didn’t commit any crime,” Rousseff said.

Rousseff dismissed the majority of her cabinet, including the sports minister, who was in the final stages of overseeing Brazil’s preparations for the Rio Olympics in August. Over the course of the 6 month long trial, the suspended leftist leader will be allowed to stay in the Planalto palace and use the presidential plane.

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff suspended , must step aside immediately following a vote in the upper house to move forward with impeachment.  Brazil's first female president will now face an impeachment trial and is suspended from office.  Vice President Michel Temer will assume the presidency.  

Impeach Obama too - NOW!
His evils are intentional - not mistakes!

DC Brazil coup
May 18, 2016
-  Washington DC involved.  Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff was suspended from office to face trial for disregarding budget laws, key figures involved in the  coup, hinting at a covert plot involving Washington DC.  Latin America’s modern history is riddled with well-documented examples of US operations aimed at overthrowing regimes.

Gotta sort thru propaganda, but essentially RT is more trustworthy than BORG US and western media.  Sometimes better than Israeli news, or at least fills in gaps.

$  Brazil *   Rio declares financial disaster  $
June 18, 2016
-  Francisco Dornelles, the acting governor of Rio de Janeiro declared a state of financial disaster so he has more leeway to manage the state's scarce resources.  Brazil hosts the Olympic Games in August.

The move will let Dornelles adopt exceptional measures to pay costs related to the Games.  The financial crisis has brought several difficulties in essential public services and it could cause the total collapse of public security, health care, education, urban mobility and environmental management.

2 Rio hospitals were taken over by the Rio de Janeiro city government to allow doctors to keep receiving their paychecks. Some police stations are so underfunded that they have asked neighbors to donate basic items like toilet paper. Public workers and retirees have suffered months-long delays in receiving their money.

Rio calamity
Rio de Janeiro state authorities declared a state of public calamity amid a massive funding gap. The move is meant to trigger the release of additional federal funds.

When a nation goes broke, they ROB BANK ACCOUNTS of PRIVATE CITIZENS

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