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Black-Swan * Ebola



Ebola:  The Classic Cytokine Storm?

Black swan events come upon us by surprise, they are typically catastrophic events, and they are ones that tend to happen quickly.  I think that we are about to see a whole rolling blackout of Black Swan events associated with this event.  

Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH

Michael Osterholm, CIDRAP Director, University of Minnesota vividly described how Ebola could plunge America and the world into an engineered infectious abyss of chaos.

I am of the notion that we have allot of unexpected ahead of us.  Come to expect the unexpected.  Do not expect anything carved in stone today that will not be blown up by some scientific or intellectual piece of dynamite.  Be prepared.

He may be referring a clandestine cadre of scientists who are genetically manipulating viruses such as Ebola and inserting kill-switches that can be turned on and off at will.   Osterholm frankly admits that he “knows a hell of allot less about Ebola than I did six months ago”.
Osterholm declares that this is not the same Ebola from the past, but it could be the same virus.  That is HUGE!
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It was amazing all the quotes and insights this person exposed.

Accidental release?  I think not...

From the trenches,
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