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Biowarfare Classes at Plum Island Creates Vector Vets!

Biowarfare Classes at Plum Island Creates Vector Vets!
See the revealing Plum Island article with real images and class dates/descriptions that has the USDA and other agencies which agencies do want want you to see:

From the trenches of liberty,


Thank you my friend.
What do you know about March 8 and urls?

QUICKIE recap of url - go read it all!  Exclamation

Depopulation 2012: Biowarfare Classes at Plum Island
It is spring of 2012 and time for another round of classes at the Plum Island Bio-Warfare Facility.
It is like a religious cult which draws veterinarians from across America to take part in classes dealing with highly pathogenic ‘bugs’
to the degree that they come home home so contaminated that they are not supposed to go into the field.  
Let’s spread a little of those pathogenic bugs around, ushering in the New World Order of depopulation in style.


Cyber-land is already being played with here and there.  Many of the places I go are deleting records quickly (erasing evidence of criminal activity?)  Last night I went to my site and I could not get in.  It has been under the pressure so to speak from spammers and hackers.  I could not get in until this morning.  

Yes, March will kick off some interesting times in cyber-land but from what I see it will be an escalating affair once they can grab all your info for whatever purpose  'legitimately' and not so much a one day event.  Although we may witness what we see with power, rolling brown-outs or black-outs.  They still want folks to use the web to they build up your profile.  What they do not want is for researchers and real journalists to draw attention to their dirty deeds.

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