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Billy Kess aka StormyWeather, Rest in Peace


Billy Kess aka Stormy weather  died  July 28, 2010

Billy Kess aka StormyWeather, Rest in Peace

Billy Kess, The Voice of Long Island Has Passed away at age 39
I am very sad.  Its hard for me to believe.  First tug a few weeks ago, who Billy blogged about, now Billy.

This is what I have gathered from various reports.
PLEASE CORRECT if you know more for certain.

One unconfirmed report is that Billy checked into hospital with pneumonia and went to a coma and died.
My guess is that he waited tooooo long to check in.

I was told Billy had Adult Respirartor Syndrome.
He went in emergency with a bad cold developed pneumonia, had blood clots in his legs, and numerous things.

Billy Kess was a Patriot and he loved New York.

I remember several years ago he told me he had an accident with his taxi.
He hit and killed a man at night.
He saw an angel who told him it was not his fault.
I will never forget that .. but the details escape me.

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This is from a blog which requested prayers for him
July 16  Billy Kess has been in critical condition with pneumonia. He also has a blood clot in his leg.
He's a believer, I know he has a pro-life blog and is on FaceBook,
He is a strong conservative living in New York.
He has been having major health issues.

July 17, 2010  Billy Kess just went to be with the Lord. Please pray for his family and those who loved him.
He was a strong witness for Christ and powerful in the pro-life battle.
We lost a wonderful foot-soldier.

March 25, 2010 Bill wrote .........
I notice the news media is always out to demonize the cab drivers. It really is a shame. They deserve a little more respect.
I am not under the NYC TLC as I drive out here on the Island, but it's all the same. The same long hours, the same pay, and yeah, we probably have it a little easier actually.
We don't have to deal with an iron-fisted organization of bullies such as the TLC.

Shame on the TLC and shame on all the local news media. It was front page on the NY Post when this story broke, and now that we are learning it wasn't accurate, this time it's buried inside with one-paragraph detail.
Tweet by Billy Kess March 25, 2010 on huffington post - Taxi Drivers: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Every cabbie in New York City knows the Taxi & Limousine Commission is not on their side. Finally, now, the rest of the city can know it, too. The recent "taxi scam" story has served to bring the TLC's own fraudulent and irresponsible practices into the public eye.

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I have been too stunned to say a lot or remember a lot about Billy.
In the days since I heard he died and posted this I have found comfort in the blog that said he was a strong Christian.
I will see him one day.

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