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Belief in God increased by Rational Cognitive Process Consid

Disclaimer: This study came from a secular institution. With that being said - reminded me a lot of my conversation Christian testimony 7 years ago. It all happened b/c our LORD Jesus Christ allowed me to get forced out of a Public Accounting firm job, where I appeared to be on the fast track to not only a consistent career, but climbing up this very career ladder.

If it weren't for our LORD's mercy in allowing this - I not only would not be surfing any of these Christian message forums (like this one), but I would still be dying in my sins, and well on my way to taking the mark of the beast in the near-future Time of Jacob's Trouble period, and ultimately to the lake of fire. But Praise God he allowed this on me, and ultimately his goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering lead me to repentance, and putting faith in his finished work on the cross and his written word!
Belief in God Increased by Rational Cognitive Process Considering What Might Have Been

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