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Barak Obama Plan To Destroy Israel

† † † † † Obama Plan To Destroy Israel

Aug 15, 2013 †
Israel and Egypt began an unprecedented joint crackdown in both Egypt and Sinai against the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.
Both forces are engaged against their main enemy, Barack Hussein Obama. (Also an MB)
July 3 Egyptian General Sisi removed Morsi after being presented with Mossad evidence that Obama had
signed a secret agreement with the MB to give 40% of Sinai to the Hamas MB terrorists.

As first aired on Egyptian TV following President Morsiís ouster, the terms of this agreement between Obama and Muslim Brotherhood were:
This agreement was signed by Morsi and Badie. †Obama does NOT want the world to find out about this.
Obama sent idiot Sinators John McCain and Lindsey Graham to negotiate with General Sisi and threatening to
suspend all US aid unless Morsi was reinstated and the secret agreement was kept silent.

Obama has plunged the USA into total global war and turned the once free America into a police state.

The Obama grand strategy in supporting the MB against the Egyptian people is the destruction of Israel.
His appointments of Muslims to key positions reveal his hatred of Israel.

Obama intends American combat troops to invade Israel and reestablish the 1967 borders recognized by the United Nations.
This is foretold in the scriptures. †Luke 21:24

Obama has engineered a plan to destroy Israel.
He wants to ENFORCE 1949 lines, impossible for Israel to defend.

Golan Heights KEY to Isaiah 17
Tensions increasing on the Golan Heights. IDF retaliates.
Any potential escalation on the Golan Heights is worth watching closely

DO NOT shrug and say you dont care about war *over there.*
USA homeland WILL NOT ESCAPE this world war.

Prophecy in a nutshell, 5 minute video

ISRAEL WARS * Gog, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38, etc

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Kerry threat to Israel
Aug 14, 2013
 Israel Today
John Kerry threatens Netanyahu
Jordan wants to release killer of Israeli schoolgirls
Kerry fails bid for Israeli-Palestinian summit
Israelis fear negotiations have become the only goal.  YES!  DUH!  Any thinking person knew that all along!
Palestinians only wanted murderers released to kill again, and Israel obliged.

US Secretary of State John Kerry threatened Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that
if the current peace talks bear no fruit, Israel may soon be facing an international delegitimization campaign.
Kerry stated Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria is illegitimate.  WUT!!???!


Obama, the false prophet
November  2014
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu identified the danger to the West posed by Iran's nuclear program.  PM Menachem Begin ordered the 1981 airstrike to destroy the Iraq nuclear reactor.  Years later everyone admitted the airstrike was of critical importance. Jews cannot gamble with their very existence!  Soon Iran will have nuclear weapons.  (I believe they have had for years.)
Every place the U.S. has intervened has been left in disarray - Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt.
This article is too kind to Obama.  Obama PLANS for Israel's destruction.  He is not 'making mistakes.' Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS
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