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BAN PIT BULLS in all United States!
Pit bull disembowels therapy dog in unprovoked attack
November 3, 2014  Vancouver B.C.  -  Yuri was a miniature pinscher assistance dog, a therapy animal and an integral part of family.  November 1 Yuri was eviscerated by a pit bull in an unprovoked attack.

Mia and her daughter were walking Yuri on-leash and a second dog on-leash when they encountered a pit bull.  The dog had a muzzle on but it came off and it went after one of our dogs.

The pits jaws locked onto Yuri. People nearby ran over and began hitting the pit bull, poking its eyes and pulling on its ears, but it wouldn’t let go.  By the time it finally loosened its grip, Yuri was barely alive, his guts fell out.
Mia was also bitten on the hand during the attack, and had to be taken to the hospital for a tetanus shot. The other dog’s owner was bitten on the hand and face.

If you’re walking a little dog and you see an aggressive one coming toward you, just pick it up. Don’t even take a chance.

The pit bull has been seized and the attack is now under investigation, according to Vancouver animal control.  It’s too early to say if the animal will be euthanized.

Euthanize it now!  Its NOT too early!  Dont allow that MONSTER to live!

I am starting a thread to campaign to ban pitbulls from all states.
They are dangerous killers.
Please post all stories here of attacks by pitbulls.

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Vindication for Ontario’s pit bull ban
Ontario Liberals had the courage to implement a pit bull ban in 2005.
Pit bulls were more likely to bite people and domestic animals than any other breed, the statistics show.
Pit bulls were bred intentionally over centuries for bear-baiting and dogfighting. The impulse to bite is hard-wired into their brains, which is why we hear stories of docile family pit bull pets suddenly mauling a toddler.

Pit bull owner gets 15 years to life in prison after his guard dogs mauled a woman to death
— A pit bull owner convicted of second-degree murder after his dogs fatally mauled a woman was sentenced Friday to 15 years to life in prison.

Alex Donald Jackson, 31, was convicted last month in the death of Pamela Devitt. The 63-year-old retiree was taking a morning stroll in the high desert town of Littlerock when four of Jackson’s dogs leaped over a fence and attacked her in the street.

She was alone, didn’t have a phone and no one was nearby. By the time help arrived, she had been bitten 150 to 200 times from head to toe and an arm was severed. She died from blood loss.

Jackson was initially arrested when deputies searching for the dogs discovered a marijuana-growing operation in his house. He was later charged with murder when Devitt’s DNA was found on his dogs’ bloody fur.

Toronto Police shoot and kill a pitbull after batons are not enough to release its ‘lock-jaw grip’ from shih tzu
Toronto Police shot and killed a pit bull on Saturday just after 4 p.m. when it attacked a shih tzu and held the small dog down with a “locked-jaw grip,” police said.

Police received a call for an “unknown trouble” at a Toronto Community Housing Corp. home at Winchester Street and Rose Avenue in Cabbagetown, where they saw bystanders “screaming and yelling” while trying to pry the pit bull away from the shih tzu.

“The policeman was hitting the dog so hard with his baton that it flung out of his hands but the pit bull would not let go,” said Samantha Thornton, a resident in the area. She said the owner of the shih tzu was in “hysterics.”

According to Ms. Thornton, police shot the dog twice in the leg and when it still didn’t release the shih tzu, they shot it in the head.
“Due to the safety and security of the Shih Tzu, the public, and the other officers involved, the officer made the decision to put down the pit bull. GOOD.

Pitbulls are jealous

Jan 5, 2015
Michael exits restaurant with his little dog to encounter 2 huge pitbulls - evidently belonging to drug dealers - and cops did NOTHING.

2 pitbulls nearly killed Michael Savage's dog.  
January  5, 2015 - He said that breed shd not be allowed in USA.  

Pit bull kills hero in West Virginia
March 10, 2015
-  Roy Higgenbotham mauled to death by a pit bull that attacked him as he tried to revive the dog’s unconscious owner following a heart attack.  The dog was placed in quarantine.  It should have been shot immediately!  A woman in the house at the time climb out a second-floor window onto a porch roof to avoid being attacked by the dog.  The pit bull was not registered with the city, despite an ordinance that requires all pit bulls in the city be registered.

2 month old boy killed by family's pit bull
April 20, 2015
 Dallas  -  The homeowner was home alone with his 2 month old son and their pit bull.  He went outside to turn on sprinkler system, and when he returned inside, the dog was killing the child. While attempting to remove the child from the dog, the mother walked in and she was bitten twice by the dog.
The father grabbed the dog by the neck, dragged it outside and shot it.

I suppose the dog owner will be in trouble with pitbull worshippers.

Pit Bulls attack
Sept 16, 2015
-  The dogs of peace strike again.  BAN ALL PIT BULLS!
Francesco Bove is lucky to be alive after being mauled by Cynthia Oliver;s pitbulls.
He was so viciously mauled by 2 pit bulls in the Bronx that a priest read him his last rites outside a church.  Before the attack the owner bragged to neighbors how loving his pit bulls are, that they would never hurt anyone.

from -  Between 2005 - 2014 pit bulls killed 203 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths (326). Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 74% of these deaths.
Pitbulls are about 6% of the dog population. So statistically, they bite/maul/kill at about 10x the rate of the rest of the dog population.

Pit Bull kills child
Nov 9, 2015  New York
 -  A 9-year-old girl died after a pit bull attacked her while she played with friends in a Long Island backyard.  Police found the dog attacking the girl. When one of the officers entered the yard from the house, the dog charged at the officer, who shot and killed the animal.  GOOD!  The dog's owner was arrested on an unrelated charge.

Pitbull kills baby
April  23, 2016  
-  A 3-day-old boy was mauled to death by the family dog while they were in bed with the child's parents.  The parents were in bed watching TV with their newborn son and dog when the mother coughed. The coughing startled the dog and it bit the baby.

The parents pulled the dog off and took their only child to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  An autopsy is underway to determine the cause of death.

Animal control officers took the male American Staffordshire (pitbull) into custody. It will be held in quarantine for 10 days to determine whether it has rabies.
It will be up to the owners to decide whether to reclaim the dog.

Pitbull kills greyhound
April  28, 2016  -  Greyhound injured in Pitbull attack succumbs to injuries.
The greyhound Reginald died, who was attacked in a recent incident.
A mixed breed pit bull jumped out of a vehicle in the parking lot, attacking both Reginald and his owner.

Reggie suffered deep gashes to both sides of his neck. The skin on both of his legs was taken completely off. Lisa was also injured trying to intervene, suffering broken fingers and a severed tendon.  The attacking dog, Rocky, was seized and ordered to be put down.

Pit bull mauls dog to death
May 5, 2016
 -  Cops shot and killed a pit bull after it mauled a smaller dog to death in Manhattan.
Jada, a Shih Tzu, was being walked when the pitbull attacked.  The man suffered a lacerated hand trying to save her.  Two cops rushed to help, but when they couldn’t stop the attack, one shot the pit bull.  The pit bull’s owner wasn’t charged because he was trying to put a leash on the dog at the time.

Oh please!  These demon dogs needs a CHAIN and a muzzle! Forum Index -> America NEWS
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