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Baltimore Md. falcon cam - lovely view!


Peregrin falcon cam in Baltimore, Maryland  
Boh, male (not banded) and Barb2 have 3 eggs

EGG #1 April 12, EGG #2 Apr 14, EGG #3 April 17
Hatch in about 33 days - mid-May
This is an awesome view facing east.  No sound, no IR,2011.0.html

Love and war on 33rd floor
The end of March 2015 still no eggs.  2 females both wanted this beautiful nest.

Before I found this cam - - -
The end of March 2015 still no eggs.  2 females both wanted this beautiful nest.
March 27 Barb1 was seen at the nest badly injured, and not turned up since end of March.
April 3 the young Barb2 claimed the nest and Boh.  Barb2 is a 2013 hatch.
Allison tells the tale well - with pictures.,2011.0.html

I pulled excerpts from a long article on Boh and Barb2 in the Baltimore Sun.
Raptor biologist Craig Koppie identified Barb2, who I call the new teen bride.
She may never have nested before, judging by her actions.
Baltimore Barb2 hatched at Manayunk, St. John Church in Philly and was banded on May 14, 2013
Barb2s first egg was laid April 12 and should hatch around mid-May.

Survival of the fittest
A pair of peregrine falcons nest on 33rd floor of the Transamerica tower.
The man in the corner office said, "They can hear them in Cedar Rapids."
The falcons have "participated in some conference calls."

Peregrines are smaller than eagles or great horned owls, but they are the fastest creatures on earth, diving for prey at speeds up to 200 mph. They typically nest on high cliff

Soon after cam went live, Barb2, a young female falcon arrived, a 2-year-old that flew in from Philadelphia.

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Cool pics!

This bird is a rare bird species. Forum Index -> Misc
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