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OHIO Rocky River eagles

OHIO Eagle love story - her mate was killed
Rocky River miracle baby Apr 11, 2013
Male bald eagle joins female in Rocky River nest
An eaglet has hatched in a nest at Cleveland Metroparks’ Rocky River reservation.
After a bald eagle was killed last week, a new one has filled the male role in the nest.
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March 2

April 11

April 14 Rocky River eaglet feeding

Part 1 Apr 10, 2013

Part 2 Apr 11, 2013

April 12  newspaper article

Brian Bendlock


A New Beginning, Chapter 3 (Standing Tall)
Apr 22, 2013
The Eaglet is almost 2 weeks old now and standing tall.

Day 25, The Story of The Eagles of Rocky River
May 4, 2013
 Day 25, see how fast the little eaglet is growing Smile Mom and (step) dad are doing a great job!!

Day 60 The Eagles of Rocky River
Jun 10, 2013

The Eaglet is growing bigger and stronger. It still amazes me how fast they grow! Soon it will time to fly Smile

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Eagle huntress in Mongolia
This is a wonderful story!

Bald Eagle ground nest in Virginia  
Historic Bald Eagle Ground Nest
April 26, 2013
  Photos on Reese Lukei blog
Dr Bryan Watts and Barry Truitt discovered that a bald eagle pair had built a nest on the ground
in the sand dunes on one of the barrier islands, Virginia barrier islands.
In the nest were two chicks about 35 days old that appeared to be in good condition.
It is likely this is the pair that had previously had a nest on an old shack. The shack was washed away by hurricane Sandy.

Ground nesting bald eagles are very rare and this is the first documented record in Virginia.
A follow up aerial survey was conducted on May 9 and the eagle chicks, now about 7 weeks old,  appear to be doing well.
There were Diamondback Terrapin shells (turtles) in the nest. The male bald eagle was perched about 15 feet from the nest.

Dad Norfolk  Photo credit WVEC eagle cam

Norfolk Botanical Garden NBG and WCV eagles offspring tracking
April 2014

Camellia, an eagle who was fitted with a satellite transmitter at his nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden and fledged  May 27, 2010. Camellia has spent the vast majority of his time since then in human occupied areas like residential neighborhoods and golf courses  – where Camellia is now in Virginia Beach, VA

On Feburary 27, 2014,  I was driving toward the Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia Beach to check on another Norfolk Botanical Garden raised bald eagle named HK, because of the purple band on his left leg.  HK has built a nest on the golf course. The nest tree is less than 100 feet from a private house and 20 feet from a public road. Before I got to the golf course I saw yet another sign that bald eagles have habituated to our human environment - a bald eagle sitting atop a highway light over South Independence Blvd at the entrance to a Target store. I did a u-turn, pulled into a parking space and took the attached photographs as the bald eagle sat there for another 15 minutes with cars, trucks, motorcycles and school busses passing directly below.

KS was watched by me on Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV) live cam as she grew up with the 3 last NBG eaglets left when their mom was killed.
KS spotted at Honey Bee golf course Jan 9, 2014

January 2014
Purple Banded Bald Eagle KS at Honey Bee Jan 9, 2014
KS hatched in a nest in Virginia Beach in March 2011. She was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for rehab then released by WCV staff on August 30, 2011 KS with NBG eaglet NX at Berkeley Plantation on the James River.

NX is heard from on a regular basis because she is wearing a transmitter.

Nothing was seen of KS until January 9, 2014 when she was located perched on a transmission tower next to HK who is from the 2009 nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden, and who has built a nest on Honey Bee Golf Course about 3 blocks from the transmission tower. The three attached photos of KS  were taken by Beverly Nettleton whose sharp eyes spotted her on the transmission tower. Photo of KS on fence just prior to her attempted release by Reese F Lukei Jr. All photos are copyright of the photographer.

About 5% of bald eagles have habitated to our human environment with all its sounds and activities.  The portion of the bald eagle population that has become urbanized is expanding. The bald eagle nestlings that are growing up in nests in peoples backyards, public parks, golf courses and other human occupied locations peer out of their nests viewing all our human activities and the sounds we make. When they fledge from their nests they are acclimated to these sounds, sights, and noises and do not shy away from humans.

HK, son of NBG
2015 has a nest and a mate

NX (nixy) travels

Epitaph for an Eagle
Mom and Dad Norfolk
. NBG 2011 nest and tragedy of the female killed

Eagle tracking

Bald Eagle deaths

The 3 NBG eaglets taken from the nest were NX, NZ and NV.
The male NV returned to the NBG nest as a yearling.
I do not know if NZ was ever seen again.

Eagles in trouble
Nov 11, 2016  
-  Two bald eagles stuck in a storm drain in Orlando were eventually freed after several hours.  One was able to fly away after about an hour into the incident, but the other was rescued by Audubon.  Its eagle nesting season and the eagles got into a fight when one bird got into the other bird’s territory.

Eagle 1 -  where are we
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