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Avi Lipkin Prophetic views

August  2012  interview with Avi Lipkin
I met Avi Lipkin in 2002 when he was in USA.  He is a Jew who preaches in churches and synagogs.
He says Bark Husatan Obama is Muslim.  I knew that.  Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist, so is his staff.
In this interview he tells us a lot what was and what is coming.
He says the Egypt economy will collapse and they will come to USA.
He mentions UN Agenda 21
He says Muslims threatened the Vaitican.
Jerusalem IS ONLY holy to Christians and Jews - NOT to Muslims, thats a lie.



Avi Lipkin website

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Avi Lipkin in Jerusalem
May 17, 2015
 Avi interview with an idiot.
Rabbi Avi Lipkin talks about Jewish and Christian prophecy.
muslims call Allah 'Al Macker'!  which means Allah is the greatest of all the Liars and Decievers.  mack daddy! that is PROOF the god of islam is satan
Part 1

Part 2

Head of the snake is Mecca stone
Avi Lipkin explains the rise of the New World Order and the return of Jesus Christ

The allah of Islam is Satan and Islam is a criminal psychosis - Avi Lipkin  
Al Macker means allah is the greatest of all liars and deceivers. - Avi Lipkin  
To a Muslim, the greater the lie you tell, the greater a man you are.

Use a laser satellite to zap the black stone in Mecca and vaporize it.
That cuts the head off the snake.
Then NWO will let Jews build their temple.

Obama is a Muslim.  
He is a Saudi plant sworn to destroy Israel.

March 31, 2015  North Korea is producing and storing nuclear weapons for Iran
10 years ago big train explosion in NKorea which destroyed a town.  Top Syrian military killed.
Iran paying North Korea.  NK has tested shooting a missile from a sub.
Chinese built and man a missile base in Saudi Arabia.
Pakistan has provided nukes to Saudi Arabia for over 100 missiles.
The Persians people are good people, its the leaders which are evil.
Barack Husein Obama IS trying to destroy both Israel AND America. Obama is a terrorist Muslim that is hell bent on destroying ALL that is Godly.

Obama Is A Sunni Muslim out to destroy Israel, Jews, Christians

Muslim spies in churchs
June 17, 2015  
Avi Lipkin  -  All Churches in America have Muslim spies cataloging every Jew and Christian in preparation for Jihad.  We are realizing fulfillment of more Bible prophecy with our own very eyes than in any other generation in 2,000 years.

Lipkin believes the Messiah is in our time and Israel will soon expand its borders to occupy part of Syria.  Soon after, jihadi orders will be called to rid the world of Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims.  Muslims will already have personal information on Jews and Christians because they will have used deception to build personal relationships with those they seek to exterminate.

Lipkin's wife, an Egyptian-born Jewess, monitors Islamic news outlets and heard this information
that all churches in America have Muslim spies.

Charleston, South Carolina Church shooting
June 18, 2015
-  A gunman walked into a black church and opened fire during a Bible study class, killing 9 people.  Obama has generated hatred for blacks and true Christians.  
21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof was apprehended in Shelby, North Carolina 3 hours away.
He let one woman escape so she could tell the world what happened while a child survived by playing dead.

Is Dylann Storm Roof a queer Muslim Jihadist?
This is only the beginning

Eye-opening interview with Avi Lipkin

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Obama and Ezekiel 28  
Prophecy being fullfilled


    PROPHECY in the NEWS

Russian Super Weapon - EMP?
Nov 30, 2015 -  Russian weapon can switch OFF USA missiles
. (smart bombz)
Russia has a new electronic warfare technology (KRET) that can disable satellites and long range weapons.  A new Russian super weapon can zap satellites and disrupt radio-electronic equipment and suppress radio location systems.  As I recall, Iran has a new system also, they call the prophet.

The new system will muzzle Western cruise missile guidance systems.
It can be mounted on ground-based as well as air- and sea-borne carriers.

KRET will fully suppress communications, navigation and target location, and the use of high-precision weapons.  It will be used against cruise missiles and will suppress satellite-based radio location systems.  It will actually switch off enemy weapons.

Avi Lipkin
What are the Russians Really Doing in Syria
ISIS are Muslims from all over the world, MANY from Russia who hate govt.
FSA is ISIS and hate USA and Russia, paid by Saudis.
BOMBSHELL - 0bama deal with Iran - America gives Iran hydrogen bomb technology.
Powerful video!

Middle East
Sep 28, 2015  Avi Lipkin interview in Jerusalem
NATO is an ENEMY of America and Christians.  NATO favors ISIS.
America is fast becoming a MUSLIM NATION!
Israel will EXPAND its borders, not shrink!
Near the end, Avi mentions the New World Government will deal with ISIS.

ISRAELI satellite Amos 5 was just zapped into oblivion 2015 November.
Was it Russia or China?  If so - why?
Was it USA / Obama?  I dont need to ask why.

I believe both Russia and China have successfully tested this on USA ships, etc.
I recall a Chinese sub surfacting in the middle of the US Navy, who didnt know it was there.
I remember a Russian plane incursion disablilng the US Navy.

In 2015 China and Russia held 2 or 3 large joint navy exercises together

In March 2015  NATO decided to go to war against Russia
In November 2015 they did, using Turkey as their pawn.  Stupid Erdogan!

According to Avi Lipkin this new Russia electronic weapon can turn off U.S. missiles.  I have heard of this   This may be what Henry Gruver saw when U.S. missles fell helplessly back to earth.

Avi Lipkin

Henry Gruver
Henry Gruver vision and other visions

Obama, Russia, China at WAR -  NOW!

Turkey and NATO added into WW3 with a dozen nations at war in Syria

Syria  *  2015 Many nations at war here

Avi Lipkin Prophetic views

U.S. Navy


Who Will Be Gog and Magog?  Ezekiel 38
December 1, 2015
-  Avi Lipkin interview, half hour, NEW current video!
Turks are Gog-Magog.  Turks are all over the old Ottoman empire including China.
Turkey and the Muslim part of China (in the west) is Gog and Magog.
Russia has a 1,000 year history of war with Sunni Islam
Russia wants oil controlled only by Shiites
0bama and the damned evil vatican supports the Sunni terrorists against the Shia.
Syria President Bashar Assad is Shia Alawaite
Christians, Druze and Kurds are allied with Assad
Avi calls Russia - christian - not like I'd call CHRISTIAN, but nevertheless
Sunni Turkey wants all the oil of Israel, Syria, Iraq, Cypress, etc.
*  Russia is NOT Gog-Magog

Putin is returning to his christian roots, his mother.
Erdogan is returning to his Ottoman Turkish roots.

Erdogan may be overthrown.  PLEASE GOD - SOON!
A year ago Iran caused troubles over a park in Turkey
31% of Turkey is Shiite Alawite - like Assad, many in Turkey are Kurds.
Only 44% of Turkey are Sunni

*  Bible scholars I follow say Gog-Magog are the names of chief demon regional princes, and that is very logical.

Avi Lipkin
Check out all Avi videos - you will NOT get this info on CNN or Fox!

America and Islam
Avi Lipkin

2 Thesselonians 2:9-11
The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.
For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

Even if you dont LIKE it!

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat

Russia and the New Ottoman Empire  
Avi Lipkin 2016

Turkey is making Erdogan a god, worshipping him.

Rome is Next for ISIS
Avi Lipkin 2016

Turkey's Role in Prophesy, Revelation & Armageddon.
Avi Lipkin -  In school we learned about the powerful Ottoman Empire but since then Turkey has faded into near obscurity. But that is all about to change, according to auth


TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat

Russia and the New Ottoman Empire  
Avi Lipkin 2016

Turkey is making Erdogan a god, worshipping him.

Rome is Next for ISIS
Avi Lipkin 2016

Turkey's Role in Prophesy, Revelation & Armageddon.
Avi Lipkin -  In school we learned about the powerful Ottoman Empire but since then Turkey has faded into near obscurity. But that is all about to change, according to auth

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