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Atlantic hurricanes

East Coast storm warning as Andrea hits Florida
6/6/13  Tropical Storm Andrea - the first of the Atlantic hurricane season - spawned a tornado in Florida early Thursday and threatened high winds, heavy rain and rough seas along much of the U.S. East Coast in the coming days.

The storm was bearing down on the Tampa area early Thursday.
A storm surge was expected to produce flooding in low-lying areas from Fort Myers, Fla., in the south to Apalachicola, on the southern tip of the Florida Panhandle, in the north, Weather Channel meteorologist Michael Palmer said.

The National Weather Service issued tropical storm warnings for a long strip of the East Coast, from north-central Florida to the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Heavily populated cities lie in the warning area: the Tampa Bay area and Jacksonville in Florida; Charleston and tourist-packed Myrtle Beach in South Carolina; Wilmington and the heavily-visited Outer Banks in North Carolina; and Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News, Va.

Atlantic hurricanes

Carolinas weather, earthquakes, hurricanes**

Hurricane Irene, Arthur, Carolinas, Florida**

Tropical Rainstorm Andrea
Jun 7, 2013
 Tropical Storm Andrea will bring heavy rain, tornado, winds, rough surf and
severe thunderstorms to Florida. Andrea can cause damage, power outages and travel disruptions.

Its been raining for days in south Floriduh, may move along the US east coast.
Weather system near Yucatan, Mexico will track across the mainland South then Florida, New England may get it later.
AccuWeather will chat with Storm Chaser Martin Lisius about the tragic loss of fellow storm chasers, Tim Samaras, his son, Paul, and Carl Young.

accuweather hurricane center" target="_blank">

Andrea chugs toward Florida
several confirmed tornadoes in Tampa area

Atlantic hurricanes

Sandy Superstorm

Hurricane Isaac in Atlantic

ATLANTIC Hurricane Earl

Tropical Storm Andrea moves quickly up U.S. Atlantic Coast

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Andrea moved briskly along the South Carolina coast on Friday, bringing drenching rains and threatening to spawn tornadoes as it churns up the Eastern Seaboard, U.S. forecasters said.

Andrea, the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, weakened slightly a day after lashing parts of Florida and southern Georgia with driving rains and high winds.

On Friday, Andrea carried top sustained winds of 45 miles per hour and was centered 35 miles north-northeast of Charleston, South Carolina, the National Hurricane Center said.

The storm gained speed overnight and was expected to move quickly up the East Coast, said Jack Beven, a hurricane specialist at the Miami-based center.

"It's likely to continue a fast motion towards the Northeast during the next day or so," he said

In South Carolina, authorities said there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. Scattered power outages were reported in the state, with 2,500 customers losing service.

Tropical storm warnings were in effect for the U.S. Atlantic Coast from South Carolina to Virginia, including the lower Chesapeake Bay, and forecasters warned tropical storm conditions will continue to spread northward in the area.

Andrea could cause tornadoes in coastal areas from North Carolina through Virginia, the hurricane center said.

The storm buffeted Florida's western coast on Thursday, fueling several tornadoes, including one that ripped a roof off a restaurant in the city of Gulfport. After swirling over the Gulf of Mexico, the storm made landfall over the Big Bend area, where the Florida peninsula joins the mainland.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.

The U.S. government's top climate agency warned in an annual forecast last month that this year's season could be "extremely active" with 13 to 20 tropical storms, seven of 11 of which are expected to become hurricanes.

Three to six hurricanes could become major at Category 3 or above, with winds of more than 110 mph, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

(Editing by Kevin Gray and Doina Chiacu)

Andrea to Target United Kingdom Next Week
Jun 8, 2013
Andrea is expected drench the northeastern United States and Canada Saturday
and then bring rain to Ireland and the United Kingdom by Tuesday.
Storm breaks rainfall records across northeast US

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season made this June 7 the wettest on record for many cities and towns in the northeastern U.S.

The National Weather Service says Andrea dumped 6.64 inches of rain on Gales Ferry, Conn.

The 4.16 inches that fell on New York City's Central Parkwas more than double the previous June 7 record, set in 1918. The 3.5 inches of rain that fell at Philadelphia International Airport doubled the 1.79 inches that fell in 1904. Newark, N.J., saw 3.71 inches, breaking the previous mark of 1.11 inches set in 1931.

Heavy rain caused localized street flooding in spots throughout the region.

Cars were submerged in floodwaters on Long Island and about 50 residents were displaced by a rising stream in Chester, Pa.

Atlantic Hurricane Joaquin
October 1, 2015
-  Hurricane Joaquin is in the Bahamas, could track up to New Jersey, New York City and Long Island Monday.  Wind gusts between 75 and 100 mph
Virginia Demoncrat Governor Terry McAuliffe issued a state of emergency throughout the entire state in preparation for Joaquin.

Category 3 Joaquin
October 2, 2015
-  Hurricane Joaquin Category 4 with 115 mph winds.
NOT predicted to hit USA

Hurricane Joaquin may impact South Carolina to Massachusetts
October 2, 2015
 AccuWeather  5:40 AM ET -  Flooding from Hurricane Joaquin will impact areas from South Carolina to Massachusetts even though the hurricane is unlikely to make landfall in the United States.  Strong winds, coastal flooding and beach erosion will occur and could be very damaging even in the absence of a landfall.

Rolling Eyes    Joaquin threatens ballgames

He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth
He sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses.
Psalm 135:7

The pope proclaimed that he comes “in his own name”.
Hurricane Joaquin means Yahweh (GOD) has raised-up, established.
Is Joaquin coming in the Name of the LORD GOD Almighty!?

I thought it unusual for the hurricane watcher people to pick a Spanish name, and it got me curious as to the meaning of that name.  The name Joaquin means 'Raised By Yahweh.'

Governors in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina have issued a State of Emergency.

God's mercy has been so longsuffering, that America has been spared thus far. I hate to say it, but America doesn't deserve it, but has gotten this much mercy.

With that being said, it won't be long before his heavy hand of protection is gone completely.

Ship missing in Atlantic
October 3, 2015
-  Cargo ship El Faro missing in Hurricane Joaquin, 28 Americans among the crew.  The U.S. Coast Guard is searching.  Officials said the El Faro was en route to Puerto Rico when it lost power near the Bahamas.  Captain Mark Fedor said the vessel was very close to the eye of Joaquin when the power cut out.

El Faro life ring found
October 4, 2015
-  US searches Bahamas for ship lost during Atlantic Hurricane Joaquin.
U.S. Coast Guard and Navy aircraft search turned up a life ring but no other sign of a cargo ship with 33 aboard that lost power and communications off the Bahamas.
The El Faro was taking on water and listing, its hold full of freight, as it was battered by massive waves.

Hurricane weekly wrap-up October 5, 2015
Joaquin intensifies, Dujuan batters Taiwan.
Atlantic hurricane Joaquin reached Category 4 status, battered Bahamas.
Then flooded Carolinas in eastern U.S. with rain and catastrophic flooding

El Faro, US Cargo ship still missing.
Comments have begin just why the captain would leave port and head into such a storm.

In the West Pacific, Dujuan battered Japan Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and eastern China.

Hurricane Marty hit Mexico bringing downpours.

Hurricane turns N-NW to NYC, MD, NJ?
wunderground has it still tracking NE out to sea Oct. 5 dawn

Hurricane weekly wrap-up

Ship El Faro sank during Atlantic Hurricane Joaquin
The captain knew the danger but went anyway - suicide.
The life ring was found - God's Mercy ignored
God help us all.
READ this vision of El Faro

Navy tug to search for El Faro near the Bahamas
October 20, 2015
-  A search and salvage team from the U.S. Navy will search for the American cargo ship El Faro this week which is believed to have sunk in some 15,000 feet of water near the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin.
If you are curious about WHY the captain set sail into a bad storm, read comments here.

El Faro cargo ship located
Nov. 1, 2015
-  A search team has found the wreckage of El Faro, which went missing east of the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin.  The ship appears to be in an upright position and in one piece.  Faro left Virginia KNOWING it headed straight into major Hurricane Joaquin.  Realy sounds like a suicide mission.  The El Faro captain had called in before the vessel disappeared saying the ship had lost its engine power, was listing and taking on water.

Atlantic Storm Alex
Jan 14, 2016
 -  Rare tropical system forms over Atlantic Ocean
Alex doesnt pose a threat to the United States.
Subtropical Storm Alex has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, making it one of the earliest tropical systems to form in the Atlantic Hurricane Basin since records began in 1851.  There has only been one hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin during the month of January, and that was Hurricane Alice in 1955.


GOD COMMANDS the stormy wind

He spoke and raised up a stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea.  Psalm 107:25

May our God come and not keep silence. Fire devours before Him, And it is very tempestuous around Him.
Psalms 50:3

He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him, the dark rain clouds of the sky.
Out of the brightness of his presence clouds advanced, with hailstones and bolts of lightning.
Psalm 18:11-12

Once more I AM going to shake the Heavens and the Earth, the Sea also (tsunamis) and the dry land.
I will shake all the nations, and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts
. Haggai 2:5-7

This word is SEISMOS, and includes earthquakes, volcanoes and the atmosphere, air,
such as tornadoes, tsunami and hurricanes, typhoons. Sea storms trigger earthquakes also, and giant rogue waves that swamp ships.

I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity. I will also put an end to the arrogance
of the proud and humble the pride, haughtiness of the ruthless. I will make the heavens tremble, and
the Earth will be shaken from its place at the fury of the Lord of hosts,
In the day of His burning anger
. Isaiah 13:11-14

Hurricane Alex
Jan 15, 2016  -  Hurricane Alex becomes first January hurricane to occur in Atlantic since 1955.
Alex is near the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane Gaston Reforms in Atlantic Ocean
Aug 28, 2016  -  
 A storm churning in the Atlantic Ocean strengthened into a hurricane on Saturday as a separate system threatened to dump rain on Florida, sparking fears about standing water amid a battle against Zika virus.

Hurricane Gaston was around 655 miles east-southeast of Bermuda and was moving northwest at 8 mph as of 11 p.m., the National Hurricane Center said. It had maximum sustained winds of 85 mph. The hurricane had previously weakened to a tropical storm before regaining strength Saturday.

Forecasters expect the hurricane to slow down and swing north by Monday, and there are no warnings issued for land. The storm could strengthen Sunday or Monday, the hurricane center said.

Meanwhile, a storm system in the Caribbean was producing showers and storms in Cuba but could bring rain to Florida — something that could cause standing water to collect and add a challenge to the state's efforts to combat the mosquito-borne Zika virus, officials said.

The low pressure system could bring rain to southern Florida and the Florida Keys by Sunday, forecasters said.

The system was large but disorganized Saturday night, but it has a 40 percent chance of turning into a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours, the hurricane center said. A tropical cyclone doesn't necessarily mean a destructive storm like a hurricane, but just a rotating organized system.

"As this system moves into the Gulf of Mexico it will have a greater potential to organize, so it still poses a significant risk, and we are urging everyone to remain vigilant and to prepare for this possible scenario," Florida Department of Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon said in a statement.

Florida officials urged residents to dump any water that collects. Florida has confirmed nearly 600 infections of Zika, a virus that can cause severe birth defects when pregnant women are infected — including microcephaly, a condition where the head is unusually small.

The vast majority of those cases are related to travel to countries experiencing Zika transmission, areas that include much of Latin America and the Caribbean.

But more than 40 cases of locally transmitted Zika have been confirmed in Florida, and there have been outbreaks in an area of Miami and Miami Beach. On Tuesday, a case was reported on Florida's Gulf coast.

* BornAgain2 posted
I'd like to keep Atlantic hurricans together  Smile

Tropical Storm Hermine Forms Off Florida's Gulf Coast
8/31/16  Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, a tropical depression has strengthened to become Tropical Storm Hermine, with a hurricane watch in effect for parts of Florida from just east of Apalachicola to north of Tampa. Hermine is 415 miles west-southwest of Tampa, with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph, and is moving north at about 2 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. It is expected to move faster later today and take a turn toward the northeast.

Roadways have turned into rivers on the Sunshine State's outer bands, stalling cars and tying up traffic. Some families and oil rigs on Florida's Gulf Coast have begun to evacuate, and the city of Cedar Key is expecting up to 5 feet of storm surge.

A hurricane watch is in effect for the Anclote River to Indian Pass in Florida, and a tropical storm warning is in effect for the Anclote River to Florida's Walton-Bay county line, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Tornadoes are possible late tonight through Thursday morning across central Florida, the National Hurricane Center said. A storm surge can cause normally dry areas to be flooded by rising waters over the next two days along Florida's Gulf Coast.

Another tropical depression is moving slowly northeastward away from the North Carolina coast at about 5 mph. It has maximum sustained winds of 35 mph, but there are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

Strengthening is still possible, and the depression could become a tropical storm later today, but it is expected to continue moving northeast, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical Storm Hermine
Sep 1, 2016
-  Tropical Storm Hermine formed in the Gulf of Mexico about 315 miles from Tampa, Florida. It was expected to pick up speed and approach the northwest Florida coast, a hurricane warning was issued for the area.  Hermine winds 40 mph.

CJ wrote:
Tropical Storm Hermine
Sep 1, 2016
-  Tropical Storm Hermine formed in the Gulf of Mexico about 315 miles from Tampa, Florida. It was expected to pick up speed and approach the northwest Florida coast, a hurricane warning was issued for the area.  Hermine winds 40 mph.

I remember watching a show on the Weather Channel years ago on this - if a hurricane ever hit Tampa, FL, it would completely wipe out that city, b/c they have ALMOST ZERO infrastructure, even worse than New Orleans when Katrina hit.

Atlantic Cat 4-5 Hurricane Matthew
Oct 1, 2016
 -  Mathew means Gift of GOD.  Category 5 Hurricane Matthew weakens to Cat 4 in the Caribbean Sea.  Matthew maximum sustained winds 155 mph.  The storm may hit Florida and US east coast next week, uncertain.

CJ wrote:
Atlantic Cat 4-5 Hurricane Matthew
Oct 1, 2016
 -  Mathew means Gift of GOD.  Category 5 Hurricane Matthew weakens to Cat 4 in the Caribbean Sea.  Matthew maximum sustained winds 155 mph.  The storm may hit Florida and US east coast next week, uncertain.

As we all know, it's also the first book in the NT, and the first gospel book.

Matthew to head North
Oct 3, 2016  dawn
-  Winds 130 mph moving north Category 4 Hurricane Matthew warnings in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas.  Matthew will crawl through the Bahamas for several days before potentially flirting with parts of the U.S. coast next weekend.

Hurricane Matthew turns north
Oct 2, 2016  -  Category 4
Hurricane Matthew to slam Jamaica and Haiti, may slam Cuba, the Bahamas and South Florida later next week.  Residents in South Florida should prepare and buy supplies.


CJ wrote:
Matthew to head North
Oct 3, 2016  dawn
-  Winds 130 mph moving north Category 4 Hurricane Matthew warnings in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas.  Matthew will crawl through the Bahamas for several days before potentially flirting with parts of the U.S. coast next weekend.

Hurricane Matthew turns north
Oct 2, 2016  -  Category 4
Hurricane Matthew to slam Jamaica and Haiti, may slam Cuba, the Bahamas and South Florida later next week.  Residents in South Florida should prepare and buy supplies.


Thank you, I'm watching this one.

Oct 6, 2016
 -  Mass evacuations underway.  Hurricane Matthew has a cousin, Tropical Storm Nicole in Atlantic.  Nicole winds are 70 mph, almost another hurricane, moving NW toward USA.  Matthew winds 125 mph moving NW toward Florida and up the east coast.

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

Over 500 dead in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew
Oct 7, 2016

FLORIDA Hurricanes

ATLANTIC Hurricanes

900 dead and counting


Hurricane Matthew
Oct 8, 2016
 -  At dawn the winds are 105 mph, moving N at 12 mph, Pressure: 955 MB
Matthew heads for Georgia, S. Carolina.  Matthew stayed offshore Florida, Haiti is a disaster.  More than 800 died and that number is expected to grow.  As of 5 pm EDT Friday, the center of Matthew was located about 40 miles east of Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Hurricane Matthew will continue to spin northward with a swath of flooding, power outages and damaging winds in coastal areas from Florida to Georgia and the Carolinas into this weekend.

Birds caught INSIDE the eye of Hurricane Matthew
Oct 7, 2016
 -  Meteorologists believe a dot inside the eye of the storm is a flock of birds trapped inside the eye of Hurricane Matthew.

Matthew floods Georgia and Carolina
Oct 8, 2016  -  Hurricane Matthew floods Georgia and South Carolina Friday night with 7 foot waves and 100 mph winds.  Matthew swept through the coast of Georgia around 8 pm and reached Charleston, South Carolina, at 1 am.  Huge surges and 15 foot waves expected to pummel the coastline overnight.

At 2 am it was 44 miles south of Hilton Head South Carolina, 120,000 are without power in Georgia.  All flights to and from Savannah have been canceled, with the airport shutting down.  Charleston airport will remain closed until Saturday.
Waves crashed over the seawall in Charleston, South Carolina

US death toll from Matthew climbs to 21 as rescuers save strand people

(CNN)Matthew's wrath is finally over, but its devastation keeps growing and rescue crews stayed busy.

The storm's US death toll climbed to 21 on Monday, with North Carolina reporting 11 deaths, Florida reporting four, and three each in South Carolina and Georgia.

Carolina rescues
In the eastern North Carolina city of Lumberton, rescuers on Monday were scrambling to save 1,500 people stranded by flooding.

"We have people on roofs (there) as we speak," North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said. The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered flight restrictions over the area so helicopters can rescue them.

CNN affiliate WRAL said state officials initially said the flooding occurred because of a break in a levee along the Lumber River.

But it later reported that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the levee was intact.

The station cites NOAA's Richard Neuherz as saying that "water was flowing into the southwest portion of the city" via an interstate underpass.

"The flooding would have happened more quickly and with more devastating effects if the levee had failed," the report said.

Authorities in Marion County used boats and helicopters to rescue the last members of a group of 150 people who sought shelter against the Lumber River in the Nichols, South Carolina, town hall.

People had been in the town hall since 9 p.m. Sunday, according to Kent Williams, who is the Marion County deputy administrator and a state legislator.

"With the Lumber River and all the rain that Matthew dumped on us, it was more than they could handle. That was pretty much the safest place for them to be," Williams said. "The town hall was the high ground."
Rescue teams took them to a middle school in Mullins.

"The water is rising so fast it's scary. The river is not scheduled to crest until ten in the morning. It's the worst we've seen it," Williams said.


Hurricane Nicole targets Bermuda
Oct 13, 2016
 -  Category 3 Hurricane Nicole will lash Bermuda, winds to 130 mph. Forum Index -> EARTH, Quakes, Weather
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