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ARGENTINA USD to peso in Argentina
I had to re-read this a few times to get it.  I suspect Cristina Fernandez has moved her monies offshore
in several currencies in several nations, and is doing this in public for show.

Argentina's President Fernandez stops saving in dollars
June 7, 2012
 Argentine President Cristina Fernandez says she is switching her personal savings
from the US dollar to the more profitable Argentine peso.
She urged officials to do the same.
High inflation is eroding confidence in the peso and Argentines see USdollars as a safe bet.
The government, which needs dollars to maintain central bank reserves, is also trying to curb capital flight.

Economic crises in Argentina mean many view the US dollar as a safe haven, and some keep part of their wealth outside the country.
(Many in the USA have moved their wealth OUTSIDE the USA.)
Savers also have memories of tight controls on bank withdrawals and a sharp devaluation of the currency.

The government imposed new exchange controls in November 2011.
People wanting to buy dollars have to give their national identity and tax number, which must then be approved by the national tax agency (AFIP) before the transaction can go ahead.

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Argentine nervous savers withdrew 522 million dollars in the last week
June 24, 2012
The outflow of foreign-currency deposits from Argentina's banking system showed no sign of slowing last week, as nervous savers withdrew 522 million dollars from bank accounts.
Foreign-currency deposits fell to 10.52 billion on June 15, the central bank said in a report Friday. Those deposits are overwhelmingly US dollars, which Argentines view as a safe haven amid times of economic uncertainty.

The loss of dollar deposits still isn't a serious threat to banks, as they represent less than 10% of their total deposit base.
However, the dwindling stock of dollar deposits likely will make export financing more expensive. The outflows also have dented the central bank's international reserves.

Argentina Makes Grab for Pensions Amid Crisis
March, 2013
Hemmed in by the global financial squeeze and commodities slump, Argentina’s leftist government has seemingly found a novel way to find the money to stay afloat: **** open the piggybank of the nation’s private pension system.
Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner speaks next to Economy Minister Carlos Fernandez (right) at the National Social Security Administration in Buenos Aires on Monday.  
The government proposed to nationalize the private pensions, which would provide it with much of the cash it needs to meet debt payments and avoid a second default this decade.

The move came as wealthy nations unveiled fresh steps to fight the credit crunch. The U.S. Federal Reserve said it would bolster money-market funds, which have faced withdrawals, by lending as much as $540 billion to the industry. France said it would inject $14 billion into six banks on condition they agree to increase their lending. In a sign banks were a little more willing to lend to each other, the London interbank offered rate, a benchmark for many business and consumer loans, again declined.

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner said the move to take over the private pension system was aimed at protecting investors from losses resulting from global market turmoil. Funds in the system, which is parallel to a government pension system, are administered by financial firms. The private system has about $30 billion in assets and generates about $5 billion in new contributions each year.

While no one knows for sure what the government would do with the private system, economists said nationalization would let the government raid new pension contributions to cover short-term debts due in coming years.

Carnivorous fish attack bathers in Argentina
26 December 2013
[quote] A school of carnivorous fish related to the piranha has attacked bathers in an Argentine river, injuring about 70.
Thousands of bathers were cooling off in the Parana River in Rosario, 300km (186 miles) north of Buenos Aires, on Christmas Day when the attack happened.

Officials blamed the attack on the palometa fish, describing the event as "exceptional".
Paramedics said dozens of people had their extremities attacked and some had lost digits.

Director of lifeguards in Rosario, Federico Cornier, said bathers suddenly began to complain of bite marks on hands and feet as they cooled off in a heat wave.
He said the palometa was "a type of piranha, big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite".
Mr Cornier said: "This is not normal. It's normal for there to be an isolated bite or injury, but the magnitude in this case was great... this is an exceptional event."
Paramedic Alberto Manino told Associated Press some children he had treated had lost entire digits.

Argentina environmentalists, farm workers protest  Evil or Very Mad  Monsanto pesticides
May 15, 2014
Agriculture workers and various environmental advocacy groups in Argentina are protesting the use of pesticides produced by biotech giant Monsanto as they seek to halt work on the company’s new chemical plant in Malvinas Argentina.

Residents, along with workers who regularly come into contact with Monsanto's products, are calling for the suspension of the use of the company's pesticides, claiming they cause adverse health effects. The protest comes amid mounting scientific evidence that the liberal and often unregulated use of Monsanto’s chemicals are linked to growing instances of various cancers and birth defects.

The collection of groups protesting construction of the new plant in Argentina’s province of Cordoba have halted progress for months now, while they seek a permanent injunction based on health and environmental concerns.

“Here we have the aberration that on one side of the fence is the fumigation (use of pesticides) and on the other side of the fence is the town, or the local school, which is subjected to aerial spraying. Teachers have to come outside and shelter their students indoors because these toxic chemicals are raining down,” said Antonio Riestra, a member of the Unidad Popular party, which has joined the cause.

Beyond halting work on the new plant, activists hope to gain support from the local and national government to eject Monsanto out of Argentina. That goal seems remote, though, considering the proliferation of Monsanto pesticides along with the company’s genetically modified crops.
Within the last few decades, Argentina has transformed itself into the world’s third-largest soy producer, almost all of which is genetically-modified seed. The crop is now the country’s most important export.

Along with the growth of soy crops has come the liberal use of pesticides – the most pervasive of which is Monsanto’s glyphosate, which singles out invasive weeds when applied to the crops. The use of glyphosate – more commonly known as  Evil or Very Mad  RoundUp – has surged, evidently as a result of weeds' increasing resistance to the herbicide.

Monsanto is poisoning the population

GMO, Geneticly modified crops, Monsanto poison crops

And in 2014 Monsanto has a plant in Ukraine and wants to poison all of EU!
Twisted Evil


Argentina slides into default as debt talks fail
Argentina enters default for second time in 13 years after talks with US creditors break down

NEW YORK (AP) -- The collapse of talks with U.S. creditors sent Argentina into its second debt default in 13 years and raised questions about what comes next for financial markets and the South American nation's staggering economy.

A midnight Wednesday deadline to reach a deal with holdout bondholders came and went with Argentine Economy Minister Axel Kicillof holding firm to his government's position that it could not accept a deal with U.S. hedge fund creditors it dismisses as "vultures." Kicillof said the funds refused a compromise offer in talks that ended several hours earlier, although he gave no details of that proposal.

"We're not going to sign an agreement that jeopardizes the future of all Argentines," Kicillof said after he emerged from the meeting with creditors and a mediator in New York City. "Argentines can remain calm because tomorrow will just be another day and the world will keep on spinning."

But court-appointed mediator Daniel Pollack said a default could hurt bondholders who were not part of the dispute as well as the Argentine economy, which is suffering through a recession, a shortage of dollars and one of the world's highest inflation rates.


Argentine president threatened by ISIL
Sept 21, 2014
Argentina President Cristina Fernandez, said she received threats from ISIL while visiting the Vatican for talks with Pope Francis.  Pope Francis hails from Argentina and it recognized both Palestine and Israel.

Argentina in contempt of USA court
Sept. 30, 2014
A US judge has ruled that Argentina is in contempt of court for refusing to obey an order to repay the debt it owes to two US hedge funds.
Argentina must repay the US funds before it can repay other bondholders.
Argentina refused, sending the country into default.
Argentina said Judge Griesa's ruling "violates international law" and "has no practical effect other than to provide new elements helpful to the slanderous political and media campaign conducted by vulture funds against Argentina".

Russia may offer Argentina fighter jets in exchange for beef and wheat.
December  30, 2014
-  The Falkland Islands, a UK overseas territory, are delighted  -  NOT!  Argentina lays claim to them.

Argentina assassination by suicide
January 20, 2015  -  'I might get out of this dead'

Thousands protest coverup of the assassination of the prosecutor behind the AMIA report.
Thousands of angry Argentinians took to the streets in Buenos Aires to protest after prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment.  Nisman was about to reveal damning information regarding collusion between the Argentine government and Iran in covering up Iran's role in the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center which killed 85 people.

Nisman did not hold a gun in his home, and the gun that was found at the murder scene was not his. An autopsy determined that he died of a bullet to the head. His body was found in the bath room.
No suicide letter was found in Nisman's apartment.

For ten years Nisman was probing the involvement of Argentina govt, including current president Christina Kirshner, in a coverup of Iranian involvement in the AMIA bombing.

Several days ago Nisman said that he had solid evidence that Argentina and Iran had made a deal in which Iran would supply oil to Argentina, in exchange for grain. Following this he was summoned to testify in Parliament, and this testimony would be the downfall of Kirshner's government.
Police were guarding the luxury high-rise building where Nisman lived.
A day or two before his death, Nisman said in an interview:
I might get out of this dead.”

No unpowder on Nisman’s hands
January 21, 2015  
-  Argentine official in charge of the investigation into the death of State Prosecutor Alberto Nisman has cast fresh doubt on the government’s suicide claim.

Nisman was found yesterday in the bathroom of his Buenos Aires apartment lying in a pool of blood, with a .22 caliber pistol by his side.  A scan for traces of gunpowder on his hands was negative.

Nisman was investigating the bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in 1994, in which 85 people were murdered, and had a 300 page report accusing President Fernández de Kirchner and other officials of covering up the involvement of Iran and Hezbollah in the attack.

Alberto Nisman Death
Everybody who had contact with him the last 24 hours says he was confident.
There is no indication, under any circumstances, that he killed himself.
January 22, 2015  -  Investigators discover unidentified fingerprint
Argentine investigators have discovered unidentified finger and footprints in an outdoor passageway connected to the apartment of Alberto Nisman.

While the Argentine government insists Nisman’s death was a suicide, evidence has emerged over the last two days which casts doubt on that claim. Investigators found a third point of access into Nisman’s apartment. Previously, authorities claimed there were only two entry points.

The passageway where the prints were discovered contains air conditioning units that are connected to each apartment. Small metal doors are located at each end of the passageway which could have been used to enter Nisman’s apartment.

Argentina suspects rogue agents were behind death of prosecutor
January 24, 2015
-  Argentine govt says Nisman's allegations and his death were linked intelligence agents who had recently been fired.  Argentine courts have accused Iran of planting the 1994 bomb, which killed 85 people.  Nisman claimed President Fernandez opened a secret back channel to Iran to cover up Tehran's involvement in the bombing and gain access to Iranian oil needed to help close Argentina's $7 billion per year energy deficit.  Iran has repeatedly denied any link to the bomb attack.,7340,L-4618549,00.html

Police investigated in case of dead Argentine prosecutor
The 10 police officers assigned to protect a federal prosecutor who accused President Cristina Fernandez of shielding Iranians.,7340,L-4618517,00.html

Alberto Nisman shot point blank in forehead
January 25, 2015
-  Buenos Aires - Argentine prosecutor found dead took a bullet point-blank to his forehead.
A colleague claimed he had brought prosecutor Alberto Nisman a handgun has been barred from leaving Argentina.;_ylt=AwrTWf0KR8RUDUYAlBXQtDMD

Reporter covering Nisman’s death said to have fled to Israel
Damian Pachter
, Journalist first to report the death of Alberto Nisman has left Argentina because of fear for his safety. Pachter flew to Israel to take refuge.

Alberto Nisman is Buried
January 30, 2015  
-  Argentine Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman is buried alongside AMIA victims in La Tablada, Buenos Aires Jewish Cemetery.  Alberto Nisman died in mysterious circumstances earlier this month.  Nisman was laid to rest alongside the victims of the 1994 terrorist atrocity he had spent 10 years investigating.  Nisman was buried outside the plot in the cemetery reserved for suicides.

Alberto Nisman shot in back of head
February 3, 2015  -   Nisman’s death was not a suicide
Viviana Fein investigating the death of Alberto Nisman has radically revised her assessment of how he died, claiming that the bullet entered not through his temple, as originally stated, but behind his ear.

2 judges decline to handle Nisman's allegations
Judges in Argentina say there are "insufficient grounds" to explore the allegations by Alberto Nisman regarding the AMIA bombing.  Two judges in Argentina on Monday declined to handle the allegations brought by late prosecutor Alberto Nisman against President Cristina Fernandez, charging her with seeking to derail his investigation of the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center.

Nisman was killed hours before he had been due to testify against senior government officials on the bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994, which left 85 people dead.  He had accused several senior government figures - including Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman - of involvement in a plot to cover up Iran's role in the bombing.

Draft warrant for Argentina president found in dead prosecutor's home
February 3, 2015
-  Lead investigator found draft of arrest warrant for President Cristina Kirchner and Foreign Minister Timerman at Nisman's apartment.  It accused Kirchner of trying to protect Iranian officials, hiding their responsibility in the 1994 AMIA bombing.,7340,L-4622687,00.html

Nisman assassinated by Iranian  
February 20, 2015
-  Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered on Jan. 18 by an Iranian agent, who had won his trust by posing as a defector under the assumed name of Abbas Haqiqat-Ju. His killer struck hours before Nisman showed the Argentine parliament evidence that President Cristina Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman had covered up Iran’s complicity in the 1994 bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish community center in which 85 people died.

Nisman’s evidence would have ultimately proved Iran's culpability in the two terrorist attacks.  The Iranians worked hand in glove with senior Argentinean government and intelligence agencies.  Nisman had made Iran jittery.

Nisman had put together an intelligence file on the unbelievable scope of Iranian intelligence penetration, using Lebanese Hizballah agents, deep into the government and intelligence establishments of many Latin American countries - not only Argentina, but also Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Surinam, Trinidad-Tobago and Guyana.

Haqiqat-Ju had secretly rented an apartment next door.
When he knocked on the door 3 times on Jan. 18 Nisman opened the door.
His assassin knew exactly where the gun Nisman had borrowed was and used it to shoot him dead then escaped through the central heating system connecting the two flats and assumed a disguise. His Argentinean confederates had earlier disarmed the security cameras in the building and so he was able to walk out, reach the airport and fly out on a false passport to Montevideo, Dubai and Tehran.

hmmm ... could Iran have assassinated Andrew Breitbart?
Might he have uncovered the Obama-Iran connections?  Just a question


Argentina bus crash kills 41 police
Dec 14, 2015
- WHAT a MESS!  At least 41 Argentine police officers were killed when a bus fell off the side of a bridge near Salta in northern Argentina.  The bus was carrying 51 gendarmes, the national police force that patrols Argentina's border regions.  For reasons that are still unknown, the bus lost control while entering the bridge and fell into the stream below.

Falkland Islands, Argentina or UK
Jan 4, 2016  Falklands/Malvinas
 -  Argentina has called for talks with Britain over the status of the disputed Falkland Islands.  Buenos Aires claims it inherited the Falkland Islands from the Spanish crown in 1816, while London has continuously administered the territory since 1833, as well as the islands’ population, which is almost entirely of British descent. (sheep and goats - lol)

Argentina justice
Feb 26, 2016
 -  A senior Argentinian prosecutor testified in Buenos Aires that to the best of his knowledge, Alberto Nisman was murdered. Prosecutor Ricardo Saenz appeared at the criminal court of appeals as a state's witness for a lawsuit by Nisman's widow for a federal investigation into her husband's death. Nisman sought to indict then President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on suspicion of covering up the role of Iran in the bombing of the Jewish community center building in Buenos Aires in 1994. Nisman was found with a pistol wound.

Argentina claims Falkland-Malvinas Islands
Mar 29, 2016
 -  Argentina has officially expanded the outer limits of its continental shelf beyond the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, following a UN commission ruling which increased its maritime territory by 35 percent to include the waters around the disputed islands.  Essentially the UN ratified the 2009 petition to fix the limit of its territorial waters at 200 to 350 miles from its coast. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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