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APRIL, 2016 ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS analysis


APRIL, 2016
ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS and analysis

ISIS WMD research center in Mosul
April  2, 2016  
-  ISIS has been using a high-tech lab in Mosul for building bombs and chemical weapons and training recruits in bomb-making.  US airstrikes barely targeted the facility which has provided jihadists with some 40 kg of uranium compounds.

The University of Mosul is the best Daesh-ISIS research center in the world.
Trainees go to Raqqa Syria, then to Mosul University.  It is not clear how much damage the US-led coalition op inflicted on the facility.
ISIS claims to have developed dirty bomb


April  1, 2016  -  If Britain leaves the EU
 N. Ireland will get whacked.
Northern Ireland will be dealt a serious blow if UK citizens vote for a Brexit in June, said Bill Clinton.  Irish PM Enda Kenny said a Brexit could inflame tensions in Northern Ireland and cause a break-down of the peace agreement.  resident Barak Obama angered Pro-Brexit campaigners, after they found out he planned to use a visit to London to urge UK voters to remain part of the Union.

PM Cameron accused of using Britain’s steel crisis to scaremonger UK voters into voting against a Brexit on June 23, saying EU membership is essential to the industry. It’s feared thousands of jobs are at risk after Tata Steel threatened to pull out of Britain.

PM Cameron sacrificing to please China
April 1 , 2016
 -  David Cameron has been accused of jeopardizing Europe’s British steel industry as a ‘thank you’ to China for investing in the Hinkley Point  nuclear power plant.
China itself faces allegations of ‘dumping’ its steel on the European market, by selling it at unrealistically low prices.

For 3 years Britain vetod to block efforts by the EU to adopt anti-dumping policies.  The British are sacrificing an entire European industry to say thank you to China for signing up to the nuclear power project at Hinkley Point.

Kolkata  *  23 dead, 90 rescued
April  1, 2016
-  Kolkata Overpass collapse scores trapped under a partly constructed vehicle overpass that collapsed.

In God we still trust - song video

Bathroom wars


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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis

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Matthew 7:13
Enter by the narrow gate.
For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction,
and those who enter by it are many.  

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to LIFE,
and those who find it are FEW.

I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.

There is no news more cricial today than GOD's!

John 14:6   Jesus said,
I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the LIFE.
NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Doubt everything you hear or read - even me
Almost NOTHING  we see is REAL!!!


Trump exposes Govt kontrolled churches
April 1 , 2016  -  The 501C3
status of churches infringes on their freedom of speech.
At his March 29th rally in Janesville, Wisconsin Donald Trump outlined several ideas, one of which was do away with 501C3 status of churches which he says contributed to the pulpit being silenced in the political world which is an infringement upon free speech.

Arm of the Anti-Christ

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

Thousands just lost their food stamps
April  2, 2016
-  A million Americans will stop receiving food stamps this year, the consequence of a work mandate that has been reinstated in 22 states as the economy improves.  Improving?  Where??

The 20-year-old rule requires that adults without children or disabilities must have a job in order to receive SNAP food stamps more than 3 months, with some exceptions. April 1 many states began to reimpose the federal rule.


FBI orders State Dept. to halt review of Clinton emails  
April 1 , 2016
-  The FBI told the State Department to halt its internal investigation into Hillary Clinton emails, so as not to interfere with the FBI's own investigation.

The Clinton Investigation
April 1 , 2016  -   Bryan Pagliano
given immunity began to cooperate with federal prosecutors last fall.  Here is what he told the feds.  Pagliano setup Hellary private Email server, said Hellary Clinton paid him $5,000 to commit that likely criminal activity.  

Hellary was repeatedly told by her own State Department and NSA that her persistent use of her off-the-shelf BlackBerry was neither an effective nor an acceptable means of receiving, transmitting or safeguarding state secrets.

FBI questioning Clinton’s top aides is a dangerous phase for the aides, all of whom have engaged counsel to represent them.  Its a crime to lie or materially mislead the FBI.

Long excellent article worth reading.

Clinton crime family



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Hey Trumplicans!
3 Donald Trump Wisconsin Rallies
April  2, 2016  Saturday

noon Racine Civic Center (Chicago)

3 pm Wasau Expo

7 pm Eau Claire  (on Minnesota border)

Possible Sarah Palin appearances!
This is a fabulous freep post with photos!

Sarah Palin gets tepid response
April  1
 -  In Wisconsin, Sarah Palin was met with tepid applause Friday, and stone-faced silence.  The fools cheered enthusiastically for SINator Ted Cruz.  Palin said Trump is the only candidate who creates jobs, balances budgets, and understands reality.  TRUE!!!

Sarah Palin in Wisconsin, WLOS feed

I tried to sign up for Trump tweets but they demand my phone #
I really wish he'd STOP mentioning the evil foxwitch shotgun kelly!
He is NOT helping himself

Foxnews and all tv, radio news hotly anti-Trump
Altho RUSH claims he doesnt support Cruz, he clearly does.
What he plays on his radio show is very anti-Trump.
He is NOT exposing Ted Cruz as the seriel adulterer he is.
Ditto other radio talk hosts.  To air bias is support.

Rumors Ohio Gov John Kasich is homosexual.  He is so boring he likely is.
Kasich's inner circle seems to be homosexual

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates


     U. S. A

Exclamation   Russia doubling Nuclear Warheads
April  2, 2016
 freebeacon  -  Russia is doubling the number of its strategic nuclear warheads on new missles by deploying multiple reentry vehicles that have put Moscow over the limit set by the new START arms treaty.  And 0bama did ... nothing.

They’re doing this while they still can, while we have a cowardly muslim marxist homo in the WH.
Russia is strengthening military power in Latin America, surpassing the United States.


Exclamation   ISIS schools on U.S. military bases
April  2, 2016
 -  Islam infiltrates the U.S. military by establishing publicly-funded charter schools targeted toward children of American service personnel.  Islamic schools to spread Islam on military bases in the United States - with approval of the Obama administration!!

CAIR, #BLM, Muslim Brotherhood ISIS terrorists

Dhimmitude * Dhimi USA, refugees, ISIS

Virginia Police officer killed
April  1, 2016
-  A gunman shot and killed a state trooper inside a Greyhound bus station in Virginia.  Several state troopers were conducting a training exercise at the station when the gunman approached the trooper and shot him in the chest.  Gunman killed.  GOOD.  U.S. Marine turned police officer Chad Dermyer was one of a dozen Virginia state police troopers taking part in the exercise at a Greyhound bus terminal in Richmond. 2 women who were inside the terminal were wounded by gunshots but expected to survive.

Californians moving to Texas
April  1, 2016
 -  California’s taxes and regulations are crushing businesses, and there are more opportunities in Texas for people to start new companies, get good jobs, and create better lives for their families.  When tax and regulatory climates are bad, people will move to better economic environments.



Smile   Charges dismissed against dozens of Waco bikers
April  1, 2016  
-  A Houston lawyer contends that all criminal charges have been automatically dropped against a Brenham couple and nearly 40 other bikers who were arrested following the Twin Peaks massacre. They were not indicted as of midnight Thursday, the deadline for grand jury to have completed its work.
"It timed out," said Paul Looney, who represents Morgan and William English.

Twin Peaks
TEXAS * Waco biker massacre by cops

Technicality they failed to bring charges in the required time
I'll take GOOD NEWS any day!   Smile
GOD BLESS the BIKERS!  HALLELUJAH! ... and .. Vroom vroom! Laughing

WHOREGON *  FBI shady links to bullying
April  2, 2016  -  HOW CORRUPT is the FBI and other govt depts?

FBI bullying in Oregon and Nevada.  Special FBI Agent Greg Bretzing has been providing press conferences in the wake of the Oregon standoff and the murder of LaVoy Finicum. However, Bretzing is linked to the lead agent at Bundy Ranch and a wrongful death suit.  Daniel Love was the lead investigator in that 2009 investigation and was the Special Agent in Charge in Bunkerville, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch standoff. Agent Bretzing provided testimony in the wrongful death case claiming that Love's actions were justified.

BLM *Feds stealing private land
Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma

America invaded from 7 directions simultaneously
This parallels Duduman vision

The United States to be invaded from 7 different directions and by 40 nations.
FIRST, the USA is brought under full martial law control following what looks like a very hot summer and fall in which millions of Americans will react violently to an election is which the will of the people (i.e. Donald Trump) was ignored and Evil Hillary Clinton will be put in the white house.
Hellary, The FEMA Camp president.

Russians attack the United States in a 7 pronged strategy.

Phase 1  *  ALASKA  (just like Duduman vision )
Russians attack the lower 48 from Alaska after it is quickly overwhelmed.

Alaskan defenses disabled, Russian forces will cut through Alaska like a hot knife through butter, with the help of prepositioned assets.  Within days, British Columbia, Washington, Montana and Oregon will be imperiled.
Russian “Fifth Column” forces have been in Oregon and Washington, those 2 states and Calipornia have been invaded already - before 2015.

Phase 2  *  Central and South America Invasion
Phase 3  *  Cuba
Phase 4  *  Chinese Soldiers Embedded in West Coast ports
Phase 5  *  Sabotage within
Phase 6  *  Minnesota-Wisconsin
Phase 7  *  Turning Out the Lights on the Northeast

Central American Front
, 33 Central and South American states backed by Russia will push north through Central America and will attack America from the south.

The Southeastern Front amphibious invasion follows the first fronts.
Major American military assets will be deployed away from  the Southeast to defend against the scissors attack from America’s Northwest and the Southwest.

A delayed attack, Chinese forces embedded in American ports (e.g. Long Beach), will be unleashed to attack key military bases in California.  Chinese soldiers now embedded in the Sierra Madras will join forces with the Latin American forces as they sweep northward through Mexico and will fan out to the north, west and east.

Sabotage within
Terrorists now in the United States. Key assassinations and critical infrastructure sabotage will be carried out by these forces.

Russian forces will come out of the Arctic and sweep down through Canada and will attack the U.S. through Minnesota. This will allow the Russian led forces to cut the United States in half at the Mississippi River.

The lights will be turned out in the East, and will be particularly centered on the Eastern seaboard.

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

The last US president
After George W. Bush the republic ENDS  - and it did
Barak Obama is a usurper,  Daniel 7:25

Visions and prophecies carry God's - IF
IF a nation REPENTS and RETURNS to GODs ways.
I do not see America repenting as a nation.



China New Nuclear Missile
April  4, 2016
thenewamerican  -  China is transforming itself into a 21st Century military superpower to be reckoned with.  China’s Dong Feng (East Wind) ICBM, the DF-41, is months away from deployment.  This newest nuclear missile is touted as the world’s longest-range missile, capable of striking anywhere within the continental United States.  It will be launched from mobile platforms.

Four of these puppies would do just fine for a crippling EMP takedown of the US.


Armenian, Azerbaijani war
April  3, 2016  -  Muslim aggression!
 Many killed in fighting between Armenian Christians and Azerbaijani (Turkey) Muslims.  Nagorno-Karabakh is a mountainous separatist region, part of Azerbaijan under the control of local Armenians.  The sides are separated by a demilitarized buffer zone.  Some Azerbaijan soldiers became shahids (Muslim terrorists) and one of its helicopters was shot down.

Freep comments
I side with the Christian Armenians over the Muslim Azerbaijani forces.
Azerbaijan is an outpost of Turkey, who bankrolls them and directs them.

A century ago the Ottoman Muslims initiated the genocide of Armenian Christians during the Great War. When it was over, more than one million Armenian men, women and children were exterminated.  Turks deny this to this day.  May Almighty God have eternal mercy on the souls of those defenseless Armenian People.

Turkey seeks restoration of Ottoman Empire
October 25, 2009  old news  
 Turkey gave up joining the European Union and seeks to regain its historic ties in Central Asia with the idea of resurrecting the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.  PM Erdogan seeks to re-establish influence in Azerbaijan and the stans.
Previous Turkish leadership had leaned West, but now aligns with Syria and Iran.


This is not good.  Read Ezekiel 38

Moscow fire
April  3, 2016
DEBKA breaking news -  Huge fire at Russian defense ministry.
Russian defense ministry 8 storey building has been cleared of all personnel as 40 fire brigade teams fight a huge fire. The blaze started on the second floor.  47 evacuated after a fire broke out in the Russian Defense Ministry building in central Moscow.  The blaze broke out on the second floor of the building, according to the source. It has spread to 50 sq. meters, the source added.

IMF plans to destabilize Europe
April  2, 2016
 Wikileaks  -   Europe's perpetual economic, financial and social crises ave been scripted, deliberate acts.  IMF uses global issues as excuses to extend its power.

IMF staffers are caught on tape planning to tell Germany the organization would abandon the troika if the IMF and the commission fail to reach an agreement on Greek debt relief.

A threat of an imminent financial catastrophe is needed to force other players into accepting its measures such as cutting Greek pensions and working conditions, considering a plan to cause a credit event in Greece and destabilize Europe.

The leaked transcript reveals how the IMF plans to use Greece as a pawn in its ongoing negotiation with Germany's chancelleor in order to achieve the desired Greek debt reduction which Germany has been pointedly against: in the leak we learn about the intention of IMF to threaten German Chancellor Angela Merkel to force her to accept the IMF's demands at a critical point.

Evil or Very Mad   IMF is EVIL

Evil or Very Mad

     U. S. A

Very Happy   Swarm of bees at Arizona Mosque
April  3, 2016
-  A huge swarm of bees surrounded people at the Muslim Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona.  At least 20 people were stung.  Firefighters sprayed the area with a foam that calms the insects, (the bees, not the Muslims) but it took a few hours until a bee keeper could come remove them.  The Mosque did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The LORD said
Do not go up nor fight, for I am not among you otherwise you will be defeated before your enemies.
But you would not listen. Instead you rebelled and acted presumptuously.  They chased you as bees do, and crushed you.
Deuteronomy 1:44  excerpted

Was there a bank run?
April  5, 2016
-  Chase Caps some ATM withdrawals.  JPMorgan Chase imposed withdrawal limits on certain ATM transactions. ATMs enabled $100-bills to be dispensed with no limit, some customers started pulling out tens of thousands of dollars at a time. This apparent bank run has prompted Jamie Dimon to cap ATM withdrawals at $1,000 per card daily for non-customers.

Most large U.S. banks, including Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo have been rolling out new ATMs that allow customers to withdraw different dollar denominations than the usual $20, typically ranging from $1 to $100.

Caroline Kennedy Govt Probe
April  5, 2016
-  State Department briefing rips U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s work at the American Embassy in Japan, citing confusion among staff and other issues!  resident Obama appointed Kennedy as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan in 2013. Since then, an investigation has uncovered and detailed 65 charges against the facility, which employs 727 people and has a yearly budget of almost $100 million.  Kennedy often runs over that budget.  There is also reported confusion among staff and major management challenges in the public-affairs section. Staffers lack the guidance they need to make day-to-day decisions.

Caroline Kennedy, JFK daughter

Before ya know it, she'll run with Joe Biden as his VP in 2016

Global Famine * The Black Horseman Cometh

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.


Israel, Turkey, Kurdistan

Business is business, but
April  4, 2016
 DEBKA  -  Detente with terrorist ISIS HQ Turkey or recognition of peaceful Syrian Kurds.  Turk terror chief Erdogan wanted Jews help against peaceful Syrian Kurds wanting their own Kurdistan.  Turk terror chief Erdogan met American Jewish leaders at his request. The Jews disappointed him.  GOOD!!  The details are hard to sort out because the Turkish translator censored what Erdogan actually said.

Turkey is ISIS headquarters.  Turkey is planning invasion of Kurdistan.  Turkey supports and enables Muslim terror groups ISIS and Palestinian Hamas terrorists.  When Erdogan arrived home from Washington DC last week, he discovered Syrian Kurds dwelling peacefully near the Turkish border.

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu is reluctant to respond to Ankara’s suit for warm relations with a leader who is shunned by both Obama and Putin, Turkey is nonetheless offering to be Israel’s best client for its offshore gas.

Israel’s friendship with Kurds people goes back many years. The rise of an independent Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq would create an important new state in the heart of the Middle East.  Israel has no wish to make enemies of its friends by disowning them in favor of Turkey.  WHEW!


Sound the Alarm, Awaken the Watchmen

If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?
I Corinthians 14:8

April 9, 2016  Saturday Thousands of Christians will gather to PRAY for AMERICA.
America is in crisis.  We are bitterly divided by opposing ideologies that are ripping our nation apart.  A powder keg of racial tensions simmers below the surface.

Joel 2
Blow the trumpet in Zion!
Sound the alarm on My holy hill.  Gather the people!
Declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly.

What does the Bible say about abortion?

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart.  
Jeremiah 1:5

For You created my inmost being
You knit me together in my mother’s womb
Your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me were written in Your book
before one of them came to be.
Psalm 139:13, 16

Do not shed innocent blood.
Jeremiah 7:6


IRAQ suicide bombers
April  5, 2016
-  Suicide bombers kill 34+ people outside Baghdad.
A suicide bomber blew himself up in a restaurant at Dhi Qar province south of Baghdad, killing at least 14 people and injuring another 27.  Earlier, 2 suicide attacks outside Baghdad killed Iraqi troops.

Saudi Arabia suspends Iran overflights
April 5, 2016
DEBKA -  Saudi Arabia has suspended licenses granted to Iran Mahan Air to fly through its air space or land at its airports due to violations of local safety rules. In January, Riyadh halted around 150 flights carrying thousands of Iranian pilgrims every month to Muslim holy places

Weapons ship intercepted
April  5, 2016  
 -  An Iran weapons ship headed to Yemen intercepted carrying thousands of rifles, machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades interdicted in the Arabian Sea.  The USS Sirocco intercepted and seized the shipment of weapons hidden aboard a small dhow, a type of ship commonly used in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.


Panama Papers
The poop on the Panama papers

No info on American politicians ... uh ..  ?
We know Mitt Romney has millions in Caymen Islands banks.

Panama Law Firm Leaked Files detail Offshore Accounts tied to World Leaders.
This smells like it was crafted by USA for a REASON - threat or ?
Could this be a frantic Clintonista move?
The targets named are clearly people Obama-Clinton enemies.
So we KNOW who had this released.

Definitely Obama exposing and manipulating news to his preferences.
We KNOW BORG media are the lapdawgz of the NWO.
I'd say this leak originated with Barack Hussein Obama

Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunlaugsson resigned after being exposed in the Panama Papers.

NATO * Obama response to Donald Trump haha
April  5, 2016  
-  NATO Stoltenberg will step up defense spending, claiming an assertive Russia among chief threats.  Obama described NATO as a cornerstone of US security policy.  Obama backed quadrupling the budget.  Money-wasting basturd!

NATO, friend or foe?  FOE!


Interesting global earthquakes pattern April  5, 2016

4.7 earthquake Azores Islands, Atlantic Ocean

5.0 shallow earthquake INDIA  SE of Lakhipur, India

2 earthquakes in the Philippine Sea north of Australia
5.1 Indonesia
5.7 Philippines

The area around Fiji in the Pacific has many very deep earthquakes,
as if Earth is seeking to break, preparing for the Day of the Lord


Dutch vote NO
April  7, 2016  
-  Dutch voters reject closer EU links to Ukraine in referendum.
Good! The Ukraine is a gangster nazi regime installed by 0bama-Hillary.
The Dutch government may have to reconsider ratifying a treaty on closer European Union ties with Ukraine after a vast majority of voters rejected the agreement in a non-binding referendum.

The outcome was too close to call, with early tallies indicating that a 30% turnout required for it to be valid was only marginally met.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said: “It’s clear 'NO' won by an overwhelming margin; the question is only if turnout is sufficient.  If the turnout is above 30% with such a large margin of victory for the no camp, then my sense is that ratification can’t simply go ahead.

Maybe there will be a Dutch version of the Brexit on the near horizon. The Nordic countries now see where it all leads to. Their peaceful hamlets are overrun with surly, unemployable foreigners.

61% of Dutch voters say no to ratifying EU-Ukraine deal
April  7, 2016
-  The majority of Dutch people who went to the polls in the Netherlands to vote on the proposed agreement between the EU and Kiev have rejected it.  Dutch suspect EU-Kiev deal more for power players than people.

Sixty-one percent voted against the Netherlands ratifying the treaty, which would strengthen economic and political ties with Kiev.  It represents disappointment with the Nazi Ukrainian government in Kiev.

Netherlands vote
April  6, 2016
-  Dutch voters go to the polls to decide whether to support a key EU deal with Ukraine seen as a yardstick on ties with Brussels and Kiev nazis.  If this passes it will be a big boost to Brexit.

Netherlands referendum on association agreement with Ukraine to deepen trade and cooperation.  The treaty has already been signed by 27 other EU member states, approved by the Dutch government and has partly entered into force.  But the Dutch government was forced to call a non-binding referendum.

Netherlands: A referendum on EU politics
The Dutch referendum vote is about getting democracy in the EU rather than the Ukraine deal itself.  Young activists trying to get the Dutch people to vote.  It is about getting the voices of the Dutch people heard in Brussels and bringing more democracy into EU decision-making.



Arabic Sweden's 2nd language
April  7, 2016
 -  Stockholm University linguist found that Arabic has overtaken Finnish as Sweden's second most spoken language.   -  debka

Soros funded Panama Papers
April  7, 2016
-  Washington is behind the Panama Papers.  It was produced to target Russia and President Putin.  Panama Papers data leak was produced by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), "which targets Russia and [the] former USSR." The "Putin attack" was funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and American hedge fund billionaire George Soros.

(Panama Papers - see page 2)

Putin declassified Documents with interesting names
April  6, 2016  
-  Panamanian notes immediately received a fitting answer. Putin decided to declassify many archival documents.  Guys who are receiving grants from Soros were thinking that they were taking part in a hunt for the beast.  They scattered the documents around 80 countries and paid 400 journalists.

Radioactive boars breed like rabbits
April  6, 2016
 -  Northern Japan is raising an alarm, as the area surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster zone has been overwhelmed by radioactive wild boars, whose population has increased dramatically as they breed freely in the exclusion zone.  Radioactive boars have been devastating the crops of farms in the area. Since the nuclear disaster of 2011, damage to agriculture caused by boars in the Fukushima prefecture has doubled.  They also pose a threat to public safety, injuring local residents.

Greenland underground hot spot
April  6, 2016
-  Almost half of central-northern Greenland’s ice-covered area is melting from below. The anomaly is caused by a hot spot in the Earth’s core, or mantle, which is also responsible for triggering volcanic activity in Iceland.


ISIS descends on Jordan-Syria-Golan Israel border
April  6, 2016
 -  ISIS overran several Jordanian border crossings south of the Yarmouk River.  This shocked Jordan.  An urgent conference was called north of Amman attended by Jordanian, American, Israeli, Saudi and UAE officers.
It is feared that the jihadis will turn west toward Israel.

April 4 rebel forces under Jordanian commanders launched an attack to drive the ISIS forces back. ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up next to the Jordanian-led rebel assault force. It was the first time ISIS had unleashed suicide bombers so close to the Israeli border.

Assad plane shot down by ISIS
April  6, 2016
 -  ISIS downed a warplane over northern Syria and the pilot captured.
The plane had been hit by heavy machinegun fire.

The pilot ISIS shot down south of Aleppo has been identified as Col. Khaled Said, commander of Syrian Air Force’s 677th Squadron. His plane was downed by a surface-to-air missile and the pilot bailed out and he was captured.   DEBKA

ISIS used mustard gas in Deir al-Zor
ISIS fired missiles with mustard gas warheads at besieged Syrian forces at Deir al-Zor near the Iraqi border.  ISIS has been trying to capture the Syrian military bases in Deir al-Zor, especially the air force base, for 6 months.

ISIS attacked Syrian army troops with mustard gas against Deir al-Zor airport that borders Iraq.  ISIS has used mustard agent in both Syria and Iraq.

S-300 missiles to be shipped to Iran
April  6, 2016
 -  Russia said a shipment of S-300 antiaircraft missiles is about to be sent to Iran in the next few days.  The missiles will be loaded on a ship in the Caspian Sea that will transport them to an Iranian port.  -

Saudis and Bahrain ban Iran oil ships
April  6, 2016
 -  In a move to clamp down on Iran’s oil exporting trade, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain banned Iranian vessels transporting crude to Europe from entering their waters and ports. They also announced that any ships which included Iran in their last 3 ports of call would require special authorization before entering their waters.

Saudi King Salman visits Egypt
April  7, 2016
 -  Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz in Cairo, Egypt on his first visit since ascending the throne. Salman is scheduled to hold talks with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-Sissi on the strengthening of military and diplomatic ties, especially the trade agreements for strengthening Egypt's economy and Riyadh's support for Al-Sissi's regime with a substantial pledge of assistance.   -  debka

Israel exporting  gas to Europe
April  7, 2016
-  At least 15 gas companies plan to set up a consortium to export natural gas from Israel's offshore fields to Europe via Turkey.  Possibly as soon as 2021.  The project would require agreements to resolve any longstanding issues between Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Israel.  GOOD LUCK WIDDAT!  Turkey plans to diversify its sources and acquire gas from Israel.

Israel gas

The Holy Spirit
April  7, 2016
 -  With Michael Boldea, Part 2 Light of Truth
This is about the Holy Spirit.  Mike will answer questions and other news worthy items.​​

Light of Truth
Michael Boldea

Eagle and snake video
A skirmish between an eagle and a cobra was caught on video by visitors to Kruger National Park in South Africa.  As the eagle and cobra surreptitiously circle each other, the bird tries to make a move on the snake before flapping his feathers as the cobra spits out poisonous venom.

They continue to stare each other out before the eagle eventually admits defeat and flies off.  The bird is most likely a brown snake eagle (Circaetus cinereus), trying to prey on a snouted cobra (Naja annulifera).

The Eagle and the Serpent
Michael Boldea had a dream about The Eagle and the Serpents

Lord, let Your light of Your face shine on us
That we may be saved
That we may have life to find our way in the darkest night
Let Your light shine over us.

Lord, let Your grace form Your hand Fall upon us
That we may be saved, find our way in the darkest night.

Let Your love come with Your Wind, come over us
Let Your light shine on us.

Avi Lipkin is 5 minutes into video
American govt is backing ISIS!
Barak Obama-Hellary Clinton guilty of TREASON!
Americans are so unaware of happenings!

America was great - back when it WAS Christian.

Check out all Avi videos - you will NOT get this info on CNN or Fox!

America and Islam, Avi Lipkin

Avi Lipkin Prophetic views

2 Thesselonians 2:9-11
The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan
displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders,
and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing.
They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.
For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

Even if you dont LIKE it!

       U. S. A

FORD’s Mexico move
April  6, 2016
-  The unions are driving jobs out of USA!  Ford announced that it was investing $1.6bn in Mexico in a new factory to build small cars.  FORD UAW doesnt like it.  Heck, they caused it!  The commie UAW workers in the USA demand exhorbitant pay raises.
Donald Trump has said he would demand that Ford base more of its manufacturing in the US if he were president.

Smile   Mississippi protects Christians!
April  6, 2016  -  GOD is pleased!  Mississippi enacts law that allows denying services to SIN
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a far-reaching law allowing people with religious objections to deny wedding services to same-sex couples.  Gov. Bryant said this will protect sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions.

This permits employers to cite religion in determining workplace policies on dress code, grooming and bathroom and locker access.  Interpreted - All penises in MENs bathrooms!
North Carolina recently barred penises from ladies bathrooms.
Tennessee is considering similar legislation.

Tribute to Merle Haggard  
April  7, 2016
-  Rest in peace Merle, he died on his own birthday.
This is a tribute to Merle Haggard from 1996, long after he was known as the greatest Country songwriter that ever lived.

     U. S. A

Evil or Very Mad  Laughing   Hillary and Guccifer
April  9, 2016 PJ Media  -  Will (Romanian hacker) Guccifer
sink Hillary?
After several years of incarceration in his native Romania, Marcel Lazar Lehel, aka Guccifer, has arrived  in Alexandria, Virginia, to face charges of computer hacking. Guccifer is the one who revealed the presence of Hillary Clinton's private server through his hacking of Sidney Blumenthal's email account.

Romania reported the FBI request came Dec. 29, 2015 after the intelligence community's identification of emails beyond top secret on Clinton's personal server.  The extradition of Lehel may be tied in closely to the unraveling of the Hillary email conundrum. He claims to have yet undisclosed Clinton documents.
Guccifer read documents beyond top secret.

Blumenthal, Bengazi and Hillary Clinton emails
Sid Blumenthal’s account was hacked in 2013 by Guccifer - a Romanian hacker Marcel-Lehel Lazar .
Hellary is Blumenthal’s puppet.

Why is the FBI so slow on Clinton e-mail probe?
April  7, 2016
 -  The FBI is looking for a way to kill the investigation without looking like that’s what they did.  FBI Director James Comey feels no deadline pressure.  He said, The urgency is to do it well and promptly. And ‘well’ comes first.

COMMENT sounds like the evil plot
Hillary knows she wont be president and it is all about keeping the presidency out of the republican hands. the party insiders know that neither Hillary or Bernie can win so they will have her win the primary and resign shortly after the convention. the E-mail scandal will be delayed till after the election and Obama will pardon her after the election.

Hellary Email crimes

Who is Jared Kushner?
April  7, 2016  
-  Jared Kushner is Donald Trump's Jewish son-in-law.
Jared Kushner endorsing Donald Trump.  He’s married to Ivanka Trump, the Donald's daughter.  He is from New Jersey, the owner and publisher of the New York Observer.

Jared has played a key role writing the pro-Israel speech that Trump delivered to AIPAC in March.  An Orthodox Jewish school in New Jersey has the Kushner family name, the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, both in Livingston and named for Jared’s Holocaust survivor grandparents.

Jared Kushner attended went to Harvard and earned his law degree at New York University.  He belongs to the Orthodox Kehilath Jeshurun synagogue and is Sabbath observant. His wife Ivanka underwent an Orthodox conversion to Judaism before the couple wed in October 2009.  
The couple just had their third child, a boy, Theodore James Kushner.

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Lyin Ted Cruz Named in Madame's Black Book

SCOTUS Denies Request from D.C. Madam's Attorney to Release Info
NBCnews -  The U.S. Supreme Court denied a request from a lawyer who once represented the DC Madam to release records from her famous escort service.
Chief Justice John Roberts denied it himself.  * Is he named in it?  Those records include customer names, Social Security numbers and addresses that could affect the 2016 presidential election. The Madam ran a high-priced escort service in the Washington D.C.-area for a number of years before her eventual conviction. She died in 2008.

Evil or Very Mad   *  There have been many rumors that Chief Justice John Roberts
is homosexual
.  I wouldnt be surprised.

     U. S. A  POLITIX

Government owes more than economy produces
April  8, 2016
-  Report finds issues with reliability of government’s financial statements, improper payments.  An auditor for the Government Accountability Office told lawmakers that in the next few years the federal government will owe more than our entire economy produces.

Gene Dodaro testified at the Senate Budget Committee to provide the results of its audit on the government’s financial books.  We’re very heavily leveraged in debt. The historical average post-World War II of how much debt we held as a percent of gross domestic product was 43 percent on average; right now we’re at 74 percent.

Savage Nation
April  8, 2016  -  Donald Trump and Michael Savage gave REAL AMERICANS a voice
Donald Trump has given us HOPE.  He did not cause the great GOP divide.  The party’s elite openly mocked its base, betrayed their voters.  Republicans elected to Congress go to DC - and FORGET who sent them - and why!  We are PISSED!
* I can get Savage Nation online streaming stations -
WMAL, KLIF - right after RUSH.

Exclamation   Send meGYN Kelly to CNN

RUSH thinks GOP may choose Walker as their nominee - hadnt heard that before.
Walker turned me OFF when he endorsed Cruz.  If you like adultry, your no friend of GOD.

Is Ted Cruz a Dominionist?
YES he is.  CT sold Christians out.
Ted Cruz Believes He Is An Anointed King
He's NOT!  That is Mormonism - NOT CHRISTIANITY!

Dominionism,  NAR cults


Israelis warned to leave Turkey immediately
April  9, 2016  AGAIN?!
 -  Immediate risks for attacks in Turkey.
Israel had an emergency meeting on the Sabbath.
The urgent LEVEL 2 warning ISIS plans to attack Jewish targets including synagogues, Jewish schools and kindergartens.  Updated travel warning urges Israelis to leave Turkey immediately, due to concrete information about the intention by terrorists to carry out an attack against Israelis.  This is the third travel warning to Turkey in that last two weeks.

U.S. military dependent ordered to evacuate Turkey

Moscow aids release of US journalist held four years in Syria
April  9, 2016
 -  American journalist Kevin Patrick was set free Friday after being held for four years.  He was captured by Syrians in 2012 when he tried to enter northern Syria from Turkey.  Russia helped obtain his release and handed him over to the US embassy in Moscow. - debka

If Hellzballah has the SA-17, its a big deal
April  9, 2016
 -  Hezbollah terrorists acquired advanced surface-to-air missile system.  This would have serious implications for the Israeli Air Force.  The Russian SA-17 missile battery had been given to the Bashar Assad regime.

ISIS flag hangs on lookout post in Sinai
April  8, 2016  -  Saudi King Salman
Bin Abdulaziz visit to Cairo with a billion dollars for weaning Sinai Bedouin chiefs from their commitments to supply ISIS-Hamas. The Bedouin tribesmen pose a huge threat to Egyptian forces. They are ISIS eyes and ears in Sinai.

No progress in Israel, Turkey ties
April  8, 2016
-  Israel and Turkey met in Europe over the sale of Israeli natural gas to Turkey.  Diplomats say meeting produced no consensus.  Turks believe that the talks will culminate in an agreement.  Only arrogance.  Israel said Turkey was playing a double game with Israel. Of course!  Turkey is only using Israel to pressure Russia.  Turkey needs gas from Israel, (or Russia).

Hamas 1,000 terror operatives dig Gaza tunnels
April  8, 2016
-  Hamas invests thousands of dollars each month in tunnel digging.

Bronze Temple artifacts found

April  8, 2016
 -  Bronze artifacts tied to Second Temple period unearthed near Sea of Galilee.  A bronze incense shovel and jug were unearthed at an archaeological dig close to the town of Migdal in the Lower Galilee. Migdal (Magdala) was a large Jewish fishing and trade town in the Early Roman period. It is mentioned in Jewish sources, and at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple it served as a main military base for the Jewish historian Josephus.
Migdal was Mary Magdalene birthplace.,7340,L-4788196,00.html


NKorea ICBM engine
April  9, 2016
Yonhap  -  North Korea claimed it tested a new engine for an ICBM for a nuclear attack upon the U.S.

Question   Demand PM Cameron quit
April  8, 2016  -  Edward Snowden
calls on British people to demand David Cameron quit as Prime Minister.  Snowden said the next 24 hours could change Britain.  He suggested the outrage at Cameron's admission that he trousered thousands in profits from his father's offshore fund could spark the same kind of protests that forced Icelandic PM Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson to quit.

Britain news

Brussels terrorist worked at European Parliament
April  8, 2016
-  Najim Laachraoui, one of the terrorists who carried out the March 22 attacks on Brussels worked during 2009 and 2010 as a janitor at the European Parliament.  He worked for a cleaning firm.  - debka



Global visa
April  9, 2016
 - The European Union is pressuring the United States to add more European countries to the list of those whose citizens can travel across the Atlantic without a visa, holding out the threat of requiring Americans to get visas for trips to Europe if Washington does not agree.  The EU wants USA to include Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania on the list of those entitled to visa-free travel.  Most of the Bulgarian Muslims are Sunni.

Brexit - End of European Union
April  9, 2016
-  Nouriel Roubini said the potential impact of Brexit could be the beginning of the end of the European Union.  Bloomberg

Foundational Christianity

Christianity is almost lost

WAR on CHRISTIANS - in USA and the world

Nibiru, Planet X  NEWS

Planet X and mass extinction
April  9, 2016  -  Nibiru, Planet X
arrives this month of April.  The Sumerians (Iraq) wrote about it.  One dude says it will bring about a mass extinction.  Ancient Sumerian writings first documented the planet’s supposed existence.

ZionsCRY Analysis
Long article, interesting - could parallel some bible prophecies of the Last Days.
I first heard of - Planet X - back in 2002.  Been many speculations since then.

Something exists .. its old .. beyond that God only knows but its NOT to fear.
Tons of thoughts, theories, conspiracies, facts on it - renamed nibiru and other names.
I never believed it'd wipe Earth out - Jesus will do that - and I dont think Nibiru is God's bowling ball.

Even if it influences earthquakes and volcanoes - its still God.
The globalists PLOT depopulation of Earth's humans.  They concoct many things to blame it on from Zika to Nibiru.

NIBIRU\PLANET X - Complete Presentation


    Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

April  9, 2016
-  About 60% of evangelicals WRONGLY believe more than one faith leads to eternal life.  Satan’s strategy is to confuse and distract and he is gaining influence but the eternity of billions of people is at stake. Learn how to defend the truth.
Not All Roads Lead to Heaven by Pastor Robert Jeffress

Hawaii pastor says - correctly - political antics are a
"demonic distraction" from REAL NEWS which is IMPORTANT
There is an ISIS cell in Jerusalem.
He is right about several things, but WRONG about a pre-trib rapture.

Idea   Jeffress has written many excellent books!

1 John 14:6   Jesus said,
I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE.
NO one comes to the Father but through Me.

it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God.  1 Peter 4:17

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy.
Let the righteous continue to practice righteousness,
and the holy continue to be holy.
Revelation 22:11



Russia - China bridge link
April  11, 2016
-  The construction of a bridge across the Amur River, which will connect Blagoveshchensk Russia with Heihe, China will begin in the summer.  Russia will build the bridge from Blagoveshchensk, while the Chinese will do it from Heihe. The connection will be made by Russian companies.

The first stage is to build a road bridge across the Amur River and next a railway bridge.  When the construction is finished, the Russian side of the bridge will become the property of the Amur region; the Chinese side will be owned by Heilongjiang Province.

The bridge is expected to reduce transport costs for business, stimulate the development of joint investment projects and help exports and imports in the neighboring regions to get to the destination point faster.

South India Temple fire kills 100
April  10, 2016
-   A freak fireworks accident during a Hindu New Year festival killed 100 and injured 200 injured after firecrackers caused explosions and fire at a Hindu temple in a coastal town near Kollam in southern India.  One stray firework caused a chain reaction, provoking a rack of fireworks to explode inside the temple which holds a hideous Hindu goddess *Kali.  Successive explosions from the building storing the fireworks sent huge chunks of concrete flying half a mile.  All those Kali arms flinging them!

*Kali - Barak Obama carries a hideous kali charm in his pocket

Peru bus crash kills 23
April  10, 2016
 -  At least 23 were killed in Peru after a bus plunged into a river and partially submerged, which hampered rescue efforts.  An oncoming truck had crossed into the bus lane and the bus driver had to swerve to avoid it and then left the highway.

6.8 earthquake Afghanistan-Pakistan
April  10, 2016
DEPTH  130 miles, N of Peshwar, Pakistan,, SE of Afghanistan

Afghanistan earthquakes

Pakistan earthquakes


US deploys B-52 bombers in Qatar
April  10, 2016
 -  US B-52 bombers based at the Al Udeid Air Base in the jihad nation of Qatar.
QATAR rising Evil influence in MidEast

Israel politics, Netanyahu government
April  10, 2016
 -  IDF soldier neutralized a Muslim terrorist and some are criticizing this.  The soldier shot the Palestinian who had stabbed soldiers, in the belief that he was still dangerous. That ruling was confirmed by an appeals judge.
All this crap does is encourage terrorism!

Erdogan insane
April  11, 2016
-  Turk PM nutcase Erdogan blocks Israeli reconciliation and normal ties. Saudi King Salman told Egypt president El-Sisi that Erdogan had made it clear that he would not repair ties with Israel until Sisi shook his hand.

The Israeli question came up in relation to the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir. These islands are  of high strategic value because they control shipping traffic through the Gulf of Aqaba.  Saudi will not hold negotiations with Israel on those islands.

Iran takes delivery of S-300s
April  11, 2016
 -  The first delivery of the Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile system has arrived in Iran.  The delivery came through the Caspian Sea, which both Iran and Russia border.

Iran says it has begun receiving Russian S-300 missile system.  A Russian website, Sputnik news, appeared to confirm this.

Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf canal
April  11, 2016
 -  Russia and Iran negotiate ship canal from Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf. Any canal linking the two has to go through Iran.  The Caspian Sea is bordered by Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan.

     U. S. A

Will Smith killed in shooting
April  10, 2016 BREAKING
-  Smith died on the scene.  Killer in custody.  New Orleans Saints Will Smith is killed and his wife injured in road rage attack after driver rear-ended him then gunned him down.  Smith got out of the car and exchanged words with the driver of the Hummer who rear ended him.  Then Smith went back to his car.  The Hummer driver got out of his car with his gun and emptied his magazine into Smith's car, killed Smith and shot his wife in the passenger seat in the leg twice

A Hummer rear-ended Smith's Mercedes, causing Smith's vehicle to rear-end another car driven by one of his friends.  Police were questioning the unidentified driver of the Hummer and recovered the gun used in the shooting.

PSU riot
April  9, 2016  -  Lawless Oregon again!
 Portland State University meeting was loudly interrupted and shut down.  Anti-Trump protesters barged into a closed event for members of a club.  The damned commies demanded the right to speak - at a PRIVATE - CLOSED EVENT!!!
The civilized students gave up and went home.

Armed Muslims arrested in California
Armed Muslim terrorists opened fire on campers and hikers in California’s Deep Creek hot springs area.  Multiple agencies responded to the attack.

The Sheriff’s helicopter was the first on scene and they reported that when the men saw them they grabbed their things and began hiking toward the Bowen Ranch parking lot. The helicopter followed as deputies were en route to the location. The deputies arrived at the Bowen Ranch parking lot and waited for the men to approach.


Petraeus investigation
April  9, 2016
-  Judge to keep secret many of the court records in lawsuit over leaks in Petraeus investigation.  The Justice Department urged U.S. judge Amy Jackson to keep secret court records in the investigation that led to the resignation of former CIA director David Petraeus.  CIA director Petraeus pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information relating to documents.

Exclamation  Exclamation   Clinton’s actions in the e-mail scandal constitute a breach more glaring than the one for which General David Petraeus was convicted.

Some of my links have a lot of interesting information.

CIA Dir Gen. David Petraeus

Coup to Oust Obama discovered, failed

Why Obama Killed Justice Scalia
April  10, 2016
The Manning Report  -  Obama has promised Donald Trump WILL NOT be president.  This exposes how the Dems and the Reps are both working for the same side of evil, and how both are against Trump.  He says Obama will appoint Hellary Clinton to US Supreme Court, where he expects the election to be decided.  He is saying Joe Biden will be next president.  Therefore Obama killed Scalia.

* One man's opinion

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates



Nothing else matters - it all for naught



Who needs Ahava?
Shepherds Heart has
7 Healing Creams, plus oils
and over 100 soaps

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Thieves, traditional healing bar soap!

My website for them

Ahava sold to Chinese
April  12, 2016
-  Israeli cosmetics firm Ahava to be fully acquired by a Chinese investment group for $77 million.  The Fosun Group signed an agreement in Jerusalem to purchase the Dead Sea skin care products company.  Ahava has been a target of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel over its factory in Mitzpeh Shalem, located about a mile from the Dead Sea.  March 2016 Ahava confirmed plans to open a plant in Ein Gedi, within Israel's pre-1967 borders. It is not known if the new plant eventually will supplant the factory in Mitzpeh Shalem.

comment on freep -
Ahava has been my preferred brand of hand lotions for years. They are the only brand which kept my hands from getting chapped and actually bleeding in the winter.

REPLACE Ahava with
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Shepherds Heart - try it!



Isaiah 17:1
Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.

Russia to steal Israeli Golan
April  12, 2016
 -  Holy Ezekiel 38 Batman! USA and Russia may specify that the entire Golan Heights, including the Israel Golan, is Syria.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is fuming.  He will go to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

Gog Magog, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 13

Russian attack helicopter crashes near Homs
April  12, 2016
-  A Russian helicopter crashed in Syria near Homs, killing 2 crewmen.  It was not shot down.

Israel has hit Hezbollah arms
April  12, 2016  
-  A rare admission.  Israel has carried out dozens of strikes against Hezbollah to prevent them from obtaining advanced weapons, said Netanyahu while on a tour of the Golan Heights.


Jordan wants to buy Russian bombers
April  12, 2016  
-  Amman is talking with Russian manufactures on acquiring Su-32 fighter-bomber jets.  Russian campaign in Syria raised the popularity of the Su-34 which several Middle Eastern countries are interested in buying.  Russia also negotiating for Mi-26 helicopters.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan reject Iran interference
April  12, 2016
-  Saudi Arabia and Jordan rejected Iran’s policy of interference, saying that such an interference ignites sectarian strife and is instrumental in rising terrorism.  Saudi Arabia and Jordan agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint investment fund between the two countries.  Saudi Arabia and Iran are regional rivals and the tensions between them have risen in recent months.

Shocked   IRAN OOPS
April  12, 2016  
-  Iran backtracks on the S-300 missiles, says instead first phase of agreement was implemented.  The first part of this equipment arrived in Iran and delivery of other parts will continue.

Saudi-Egypt agreement threatens long-term Israeli interests
April  12, 2016
 -  The Saudi-Egypt agreement will allow for a bridge connection between the two countries, and transfer sovereignty over two small islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.  This could create longterm problems for Israel.

There are two main issues that affect Israel.
One is related to the Saudi war in Yemen and practical control over the Mandeb Strait, which separates Djibouti and Yemen between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.  The Saudis have been relatively successful in blockading Yemen’s ports from Iranian shipments.

Saudis took Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti from Iran’s orbit.  The Saudi coalition includes Egypt and has almost full control of the Red Sea, from its entrance at the Mandeb Strait to the Suez Canal.

Saudi Arabia *could* close the Red Sea to Israel.  Israeli airplanes using the airspace over the islands, in transit would technically be flying in Saudi airspace.  As long as the Saudi permit this, there would not be a problem.
This waterway is the only passage from Israel to Asia.

Red Sea bridge  
Egypt, Saudi Arabia agree to build a bridge over the Red Sea, intended to cement alliance between Cairo, Riyadh.  King Salman announced a plan to build a bridge over the Red Sea to Egypt.  Cairo agreed to demarcate its maritime borders with Saudi Arabia, officially placing 2 islands in the Straits of Tiran in Saudi territory.

The uninhabited islands are of strategic importance because they lie on an important sea route to the Israeli port of Eilat and Aqaba, Jordan.  The king announced that they agreed to build a bridge across the Red Sea.  The causeway along with the two islands is envisaged as a link in a land bridge that will pipe Saudi oil across the sea to Egyptian Mediterranean ports,  as an alternative to shipping oil exports by tanker through the Suez Canal.

The 2 Red Sea islands lie in the Tiran Strait at the southern tip of the Aqaba Gulf.
In 1967, Egyptian ruler Gemal Abdel Nasser’s use of the islands to blockade Israeli shipping was one of the casus belli for the Six-Day War, after which Israel occupied them until 1982. Tiran and Sanafir then reverted to Egypt, although the Saudis always claimed sovereignty. The Multinational Force Observers established an observation post in Tiran to ensure the freedom of Israeli shipping through the straits of Tiran. The MFO still maintains a presence on the island

Noteworthy, there have been several earthquakes in and around the Red Sea recently
CHANCE?  Or God's warning?

Red Sea islands
April  13, 2016
-  Israel was consulted in Saudi Arabia-Egypt island deal.
Israeli DM Moshe Yaalon said that Israel was consulted in the process in which sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir islands in the Red Sea was transferred from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. Egypt's committments under its peace treaty with Israel to allow free passage of ships and the presence of a multinational force in the area would be fully honored by the Saudis.

Israel and the Saudis covert ties
April  13, 2016
-  Egypt and Saudi Arabia's agreement on two Red Sea islands and Israel's approval of the deal according to foreign reports is likely a continuation of covert contacts and common interests.  Israel's approval of Egypt's move to give the islands of Sanafir and Tiran back to the Saudis is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the secret processes taking place behind the scenes.

Israel and the Saudi Kingdom do not have formal relations.  However, the two countries do have third-party economic ties which see Israeli products - agricultural and technilogical goods.  The common interest is the belief that their biggest threat is Iran.  Saudis gave Jerusalem approval for Air Force jets to pass through their airspace if Israel decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

Mossad chiefs have met with Saudi intelligence officials in the past.  Prince Bander bin Sultan met with an Israeli leader.  The agreement on the islands is likely the continuation of these contacts.

Saudi-Egypt deal on islands and Red Sea bridge


Nepal Silk Road
April  12, 2016  -  Nepali textile find suggests Silk Road extended further south than previously thought.  The first results of textile and dye analyses of cloth dated between 400-650 AD and recovered in Nepal.

Identification of degummed silk fibres and munjeet and Indian lac dyes in the textile finds suggests that imported materials from China and India were used in combination with those locally produced.

The cloth remains are of further significance as very few contemporary textile finds are known from Nepal. The dry climate and high altitude favoured the exceptional preservation of the organic materials.

One of the cloth objects recovered is composed of wool fabrics to which copper, glass and cloth beads are attached. It was found near a coffin of an adult along with a spectacular gold/silver funerary mask. The tombs were exposed to view in 2009 following a seismic event that calved off the facade of the cliff.


The fate of Syria is in Aleppo
April  13, 2016  StratFor
 -  Syria's cease-fire is crumbling. Focused on the province and city of Aleppo, the operations stand to play a decisive role in determining the direction of the civil war.  The United States and Turkey pursue conflicting objectives in Aleppo.

With major military operations underway in Aleppo, the province is emerging as the focal point of the war in Syria.  The most decisive is the fight between ISIS rebels and Assad loyalists for Aleppo.  The battle for the city is critical.  Damascus hopes to cement its position and quell talks of a political transition through a decisive military victory in Aleppo. Meanwhile, the rebels are fighting for the survival of their cause. If the rebels lose Aleppo, any military victory against Damascus will become a distant dream, and their negotiating position in Geneva will be severely compromised.

Syria talks

Russian aircraft shot down
April  13, 2016 UPDATE
-  Russia claimed their Mi-28H President-S helicopter was not shot down, but DEBKA doubts that claim.  The helicopter was the fourth Russian aircraft to be shot down during the last 30 days by advanced shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

The helicopter is equipped with the most advanced defensive system of its kind, resistant to active and passive jamming.  It can identify incoming shoulder-fired missiles and cause them to deviate from their paths. But it remains vulnerable to advanced missiles and that is why the  terrorists have been able to shoot 4 down in Syria.

A MIG-21 of the Syrian air force was shot down March 12 with 2 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles that locked onto the heat signature of the plane. A Sukhoi 22 was shot down on April 5 near Aleppo using an advanced MANPADS.

Western intelligence has no idea how many shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles are in the arsenals of Muslim terrorists.  They pose a major threat to commercial aviation in Israel and throughout the Middle East.

The Trump Presidency
April  12, 2016
 -  Donald Trump is known for THE BEST - and he always delivers quality.
This is a 90 minute movie about Donald Trump - worth listening to!

There is NO CHOICE
Perhaps the - AMERICAN PARTY

RUSH said -
GOP / DNC parties are not public companies -
they are PRIVATE -
and they choose candidates -
our votes mean NOTHING

Question   Do we the people need to
and USSC?

     U. S. A

NWS to stop yelling
The National Weather Service will stop using all capital letters in forecasts


Trump rallies

April 13 Wednesday
6 pm Trump Rally in Pittsburgh, PA

April 16  Saturday
Syracuse 3 PM Eastern Syracuse

April 17  Sonday
Buffalo NY 6 PM Eastern Buffalo April 17

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates


Is this a sign from God?
I believe so.
God wants to be the CENTER of our life - as individuals - and as a nation.

Psalm 48:1-2
Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.
Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.

Black holes are all pointing North
April  13, 2016  Science
-  A super sensitive radio telescope of a group of Black Holes all occupying different galaxies, separated by millions of light-years, and all of them are pointing North or upward.

Astronomers measured radio waves that were generated by each black hole’s twin jets that produce energy from both ends. Astronomers used the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope located in India to produce the data.

Each black hole is located at the center of each galaxy, and all of their axes of rotation are all pointing in the same direction, north.

Since these black holes dont know about each other, or have any way of exchanging information or influencing each other directly over such vast scales, this spin alignment must have occurred during the formation of the galaxies in the early universe.

Jesus ... be the center

You will come from your place in the far north, you and many nations with you,
all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army.
Ezekiel 38:15


Laughing   Laughing    Hamas broke?    Laughing
April  16, 2016
-  Hamas is flat broke.  (unlikely)  Hamas cut wages.  Hamas Musa Abu Marzuk went to Iran to persuade them to renew funds and weapons to the Gaza Strip, but returned home empty-handed.  Gaza municipal services are suspended because city officials have not been paid.  Watch them blame Israel.
Iran support for Assad is absolute.  Gen. Soleimani has resurfaced.
Hysteria regarding the Hamas threat in Israel

I simply dont believe a word of this article.
Jews in Israel and the world have already begun Passover prep,
and today is Shabbat (Sabbath) so no Israel news.

IRAQ *  The Beast gobbling up ISIS
April  14, 2016  -  M-1 Abrams tank in Heet
.  An American-made Iraqi army tank that locals have fondly nicknamed “The Beast” is playing a major role driving the ISIS from a town on the frontlines.  Iraqi security forces (ISF) raised the Iraqi flag over government buildings in Heet, in Anbar province.

Sad  ISIS will really find Beast useful when we abandon the Iraqis again.

Jordan raids Muslim Brotherhood HQ
April  14, 2016
-  Jordan raids Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, seals it with concrete.

The MB have for several years planned to kill the king of Jordan

Britain vote on EU exit
April  15, 2016
 -  Brits will have their say on Europe Brexit June 23.  With 10 weeks to go, polls suggest British public is deeply divided on whether to stay in Europe or opt out.  PM Cameron wants Britain to stay in the EU.  London mayor Boris Johnson will lead Brexit blitz with rallies in 3 northern cities.

Shocked   Russian jets scare USS Cook
April  13, 2016
-   Russian jets made provocatively close passes to an American warship.  American guided missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, buzzed by Russian jets in international waters in the Baltic Sea. The flypasts were dangerously close to the ship.  Russian jets made numerous close passes of the ship in Simulated Attack Profile.  They were so close they created wakes in the water.

CLOSE your Paypal account
Keep penis's out of girls bathrooms!

FEMA’s Martial Law
NDAA, Jade Helm, Bundy, Hammonds

April  14, 2016  -  What is happening to our country?

The audacious Bundy Ranch invasion; the secret Jade Helm Special Military Operation; the horrifying imprisonments and execution by federal public servants in Burns, Oregon; and the odd protocol following the death of Justice Scalia.  

FEMA I/I  =  Intelligence and Investigative May 9, 2016
FBI is the Lead  (very long article here)

Email from Celeste to me April 14, 2016
I ran across two documents that I was compelled to write an article on. It lifts the veil on NDAA, Jade Helm, the Bundy's, and the Hammonds.   In a nutshell, what you see is the codification of actions that already have been taking place but the American people were unaware. This same post-crime codification occurred for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

If you have any questions feel free to ask Celeste!

Warrant Executions
Q = Did FBI have a warrant to execute Lavoy Finicum?
- signed by who?

Passover Plot

Evil or Very Mad  Obama May Use UN Resolution to Create Palestinian State on Eve of Passover

Passover begins April 22
Evil or Very Mad   The Palestinians plan to bring their Evil resolution to the UN Security Council declaring that Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem are illegal. The UN vote is set for April 22, Passover-eve in New York.

Evil or Very Mad   April 22 is the UN vote on Climate Change. The Palestinians want a vote on condemning Israel for building on their own land in the West Bank. Will Barack Obama use this moment to demand the creation of a Palestinian state? He said NO but for 7 years he has LIED to us.

GOD is a God of Perfect Justice.  
On the First Passover, all the firstborn were killed at midnight, if the home did NOT have the blood of the lamb on the door.  What will God do to the Evil Palestinians?

UN news
The UN is the Beast in Revelation 13

UN Agenda 21
DEPOPULATION, Agenda 2030, sustainable development = witchcraft

Indeed, WICKEDNESS is afoot!

Passover Exodus 12

The Passover, Crucifixion (blood moons)

YESHUA, Jesus the Christ, God's perfect Lamb died on Passover, NOT 'easter' as the FINAL PERFECT SACRIFICE for ALL - FOREVER.  Jews in Israel today offering Passover animal sacrifices are committing blasphemy.

Passover begins April 22, ends April 30, 2016

     U. S. A

I have seen under the sun that in the place of justice there is wickedness
and in the place of righteousness there is wickedness.
Ecclesiastes 3:16

Evil or Very Mad   WICKEDNESS!
The ABC of SIN =  American Bathroom Crisis

April  15, 2016  
-  National debate over the Evil of letting penisis in girls bathrooms!
Public facilities MUST continue to offer separate bathrooms for men and women!
Gender-neutral bathroom in the pigpen White House. Since Mooch is a man, it likely uses it.
Unfortunately, these Evils have consequences.

Evil or Very Mad  WICKEDNESS!  
U.S. college and university student devilgroups are pushing for gender-neutral restrooms.

Romans 1
For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions.
Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.
Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another.
Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received (AIDS and other STDs.)

Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God,
He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done.
They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.

No one is established by wickedness, but the root of the righteous will never be moved.
Proverbs 12:3

Because of all their wickedness, I hated them.
Because of their sinful deeds, I will drive them out.
I will no longer love them, all their leaders are rebellious.
Hosea 9:15

Beast Education
Common Core, Schools, Universities

Has God given up on America?  
Apparantly so.


EMP: America's Achilles Heel
April  15, 2016
-  90% of all Americans could die within months.
Imagine a scenario where the U.S is suddenly plunged back into the Stone Age. Communications, transportation, banking, finance, food and water systems are all damaged or heavily disrupted and unable to function or sustain the American population and its modern way of life.

All this - with love from Tehran. There are indications that Iran is working on fomenting an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack against the United States that, if successful, could cripple the U.S and make this 'death to America' scenario a reality.

According to statements by former CIA Director James Woolsey to The Blaze TV's For the Record, "Once Iran has a nuclear weapon, they are ready to launch an EMP attack against us... I think they have conducted launches of satellites of the type... and in the direction you would want for an EMP attack."

In addition to those tests, Woolsey says the Iranian military has laid the groundwork for a religious justification for an EMP strike. In 2010, a military textbook called "Passive Defense" was published, which included a section that outlined how an EMP strike would be compliant with Islamic law.

The effects of an EMP attack on the U.S are nothing to sneeze at. "The deaths from electromagnetic pulse are all indirect," said Woolsey. "They come from destroying the electricity grid, and thereby not being able to operate the other 17 infrastructures in the United States -- food, water, finance...Everything else operates off electricity. And by not being able to operate those, you will have lots of people die of thirst, die of starvations, die of social disruption."

New Dark Age, Millions could die

90% of all Americans could die in the first year after an EMP strike, which is exactly what Obama and UN Agenda 21 want


Japan land shift to Northeast
April  16, 2016
 -  A whole portion of South Japan moved from Southwest to Northeast during earthquakes.  New volcanic eruptions coming from the other nearby volcanoes is a real possibility over the next several days.  see video and graphics on link

Japan earthquake 29+ dead
Fukushima earthquakes April  14-15, 2016 .
Japan quakes kill at least 29 and 1,500 hurt, heavy rain threatens to complicate rescue.  Two powerful earthquakes a day apart shook southwestern Japan.  The area has been rocked by aftershocks.

Castle collapsed
The 7.3 magnitude earthquakes struck the southern Japanese island of Kyushu and breached the walls of Kumamoto Castle which had stood 4 centuries.  Kumamoto was one of Kyushu's icons since 1607.
Mount Aso volcano erupts after Japan earthquakes

Japan earthquakes
More updates here

North Korea volcano
April  16, 2016  -  North Korea Mount Paektu (Changbai) volcano
may be waiting to blow on the border between China and North Korea. Arizona scientists put seismometers beneath Paektu. A mixture of liquid, gas, crystals, and rock confirms the volcano is quite active.

7.1 earthquake Burma
April  13, 2016
 -  A strong earthquake struck Burma  (Myanmar), felt in parts of India.
DEPTH  84 miles.  The epicenter was 246 miles north of Naypyidaw, Burma.
William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, felt the earthquake as they were touring a national wildlife park in Assam, India.

Boiling River Near Yellowstone National Park
April  18, 2016
 -  Something or nothing I dont know
A river near Yellowstone National Park suddenly changed colors and began to boil and emit yellowish noxious gases.  The Shoshone River runs through Cody, Wyoming, just east of Yellowstone National Park.  A photographer spotted the Shoshone River mysteriously boiling.  The event ended after 4 days, but there's a 1.5 mile sulfur-smelling dead zone that is completely void of fish.

Major 7.8 earthquake NW of Quito, Ecuador
April  17, 2016
 -   The 7.8 quake struck Ecuador.  Depth 12 miles.  The earthquake knocked out electricity and eliminated cellphone coverage in several neighborhoods throughout the city.  

413 dead in Ecuador quake
April  19, 2016 UPDATE
-  The death toll from Ecuador’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake rose to 413 with many victims still trapped under the rubble. Over 2,000 people were injured in the quake.

The earthquake was compensation movement for the massive amount of activity taking place in the west Pacific near Japan. -Michael Janitch

Japan earthquake near Fukushima

Cool   Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

Very Happy   Israel sends quake rescue teams to Japan, Ecuador
April  19, 2016
-  IsraAid flew to Japan and Ecuador to distribute food and offer medical and psychological assistance.


The Holy Spirit
April  14, 2016
-  Mike will share his "Portraits Of Peace" segment and answer questions and other news worthy items.​

Light Of Truth Radio with Michael Boldea

Do not pray for this people nor offer any plea or petition for them
do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you.
Jeremiah 7:16, Jeremiah 11:14, Jeremiah 14:11

3 TIMES GOD told Jeremiah
NOT to pray for the people.  
3 times!!!

Arch of Triumph, Palmyra, temple of Baal

Evil or Very Mad   London Satanic Arch
April  19, 2016
 -  A replica of Palmyra Syria Arch erected in Trafalgar Square London.
The scale model of the Arch of Triumph made from Egyptian marble based on photographs of the original arch.  It will travel to cities around the world after leaving London, including New York and Dubai.  The original arch was built by the Romans.

Twisted Evil    The devils arch in NYC * UPDATE
Arch From The Temple Of Baal Planned For New York City April 19

A giant 48-foot-tall arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria to be put up simultaneously in Times Square in New York City and Trafalgar Square in London on 19th of April.  

Temple of Baal arch in NYC
Calvary Chapel  Pastor J.D. Farag, Hawaii is really excellent.
Pastor J.D. talks about the sudden change of plans to erect a replica of the Arch of Triumph instead of the Arch of the Temple of Baal on April 19th in London and not simultaneously in New York.  April 19th is an occult (Evil) date. Its for Moloch, blood sacrifice of the Beast.  Living babies were sacrificed to this wicked idol.

It will be called the Arch of Triumph.  
Interpreted - Islam has triumphed in USA.
Judges 10 - Jeremiah 7:16

Do we have time to bring America back?
April  16, 2016  
-  We may not have time to make America great again.  A revival is unlikely.  Jan Markell talks to Hawaiian Pastor J.D. Farag about America in prophecy, the U.S. election, and the demonic arch in New York City. The placing of the arch from the Temple of Baal would have coincided with the Satanic Beltane season. Why did the promoters backtrack?

This arch was called a GESTURE of DEFIANCE.

Evil or Very Mad   Obama heads to Europe
April  18, 2016
 -  Stay there!  Obama is exerting an unwelcome pull on a 6 day trip that includes stops in Britain and Germany.  Obama wants Britain to stay in the EU, Brits say - shut up Obama!  Butt OUT!  Obama suggested that Britain and France have been free riders in NATO’s air campaign in Libya, leaving the United States to bear most of the military burden.  Sounds as if Donald Trump has pushed Obama to verbalize that much.   Laughing

Drone crashes into jet
April  17, 2016
-  Drone crashes into packed British Airways passenger jet as it comes in to land at Heathrow Airport.  The 132 passengers were unaware of the drama after the pilot landed safely.  The aircraft was examined by engineers and cleared for its next flight.  It is thought to be the first time in the world a drone has crashed into a commercial jet during landing.

CHINA rejects USdollars
April  17, 2016
-  China is refusing to make its new gold-backed Yuan, convertible from or to US Dollars. The new Yuan will be introduced  April 19.  (Chance?  April 19th is an occult, evil date)  China has been amassing gold for years.  The US Dollar is backed by nothing.  Nations will be free to dump USdollars, but not for the gold-backed, Yuan.

Freep Comments

If true, this is bad.  If you want to transact in Yuan, you have to buy Gold or Silver to convert to Yuan.  IMHO, this will force a price reset for precious metals.  ALSO, Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell off their US holdings.

CHINA economy affecting world markets

CASHLESS society

America's Golden Calf is Coming Down!
David Wilkerson prophecy



IDF drill, Golan, Galilee, Jordan Valley
April  18, 2016  
-  Bibi is in Russia during the Passover!  Odd.
The IDF exercise followed the Cabinet meeting on the Golan.  The drill is mainly intended to prevent a possible attack by ISIS, Syria, Iran or Hizballah during Bibi Netanyahu’s discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin April 21 in Moscow.

Fighting in the Israel, Syria, Jordan triangle between ISIS (Syrian rebels) and Palestinians (Yarmouk Syria brigades).  The battles are across from Israeli Hamat Gader, south of Galilee, which is the reason why the exercise is also being held in the Jordan Valley.   Jordan special forces are participating to uproot ISIS from the Israeli and Jordanian border areas.

Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu going to Moscow April 21 to see Russian President Vladimir Putin in a battle over the future of the Golan Heights.  It is interesting to note instead of seeking support from the USA, Bibi seeks help from Russia.  Russia may have its eye on the Golan OIL.

Evil or Very Mad   US resident Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to support the return of the Golan to Syria. The proposal being drafted at the Geneva conference.
Israel captured the Golan from Syria after the Syrian army invaded Israel.

IDF planes, vehicles and troop maneuvers in Golan Heights, Jordan Valley and the
Sea of Galilee in general preparedness exercise to continue throughout Passover week. (til April 30)

Golan Heights will forever remain part of Israel
In special government meeting in the Golan, Bibi vows to keep the area under Israeli rule and promises to aid in its development.,7340,L-4792587,00.html

Golan Heights

UNESCO LIES, rewrites Bible history
April  17, 2016
-  UNESCO is irrational!  UNESCO resolutions are insane!
Jews dwelling in their own God-given war-won land of Israel is NOT an 'occupation.'  The land does not belong to USA or Russia to give to the enemies of GOD.    Israel will never surrender Golan!  It'd be SUICIDE!

UNESCO sticks its finger in God's Eye and calls Him a liar!
I will be interested to see what God does to UNESCO.
One Day HE will personally kill all Arab Muslims when they attack Israel.

Palestinian state calamity

UN news

Evil or Very Mad   New Gaza-Israel attack tunnel
IDF uncovers Hamas terror attack tunnel dug from Gaza into Israeli territory of Eshkol regional council.  The shaft was discovered in Israeli territory, a few dozen meters from the fence bordering Gaza.  The tunnel is designated for a strategic Hamas terror attack.  Hamas burrowed in to attack Jewish civilians near the border. (very possibly this week)

Gog Magog, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 13

Trouble on all Israel's borders
Israel has several biblical wars ahead of them.  
Which will play out first?
GOD gave Israel MORE land than they have now - not less.

Palestine flag

The Satanic non-state of Palestine
April  19, 2016
-  Palestine hopes a French initiative will force Israel to suicide.  However, Israel seems unwilling to commit suicide by shrinking to their original 1948 borders.  Palestinian devils want all Jews dead, they dont want peace.
Article badly written, I re-wrote it.

Golan Heights not part of Israel
April  19, 2016
  -  The United States and Germany both criticized Netanyahu’s declaration that the Golan Heights will forever remain part of Israeli sovereignty.  Evil Obama does not consider the Golan Heights to be part of Israel.

Jerusalem terror bus bombing
April  19, 2016
-  A man wounded in Jerusalem bus bombing remained in life-threatening condition, while 11 others were still hospitalized.  He is in unstable and life-threatening condition.

EviL CNN called it a bus fire - never mentioned the Muslim terrorists

Evil or Very Mad   Damned Philistines!
April  18, 2016  
-  Palestinian attacks hits buses in Jerusalem.  2 bus explosions injured 21 people, 2 seriously.  Nails and ball bearings penetrated bodies.  The bomb placed in the rear of the empty bus detonated inside the bus.

Evil or Very Mad  UNESCO claims the bomber was just defending his land.
Its Passover prep week - and the
demon Muslim Palestinians are driven to kill Jews!

Passover begins April 22, ends April 30, 2016
YESHUA, Jesus the Christ died on Passover, NOT 'easter'

     U. S. A

April 19 in history

April 19 - a very bad date in history.  Hellary Clinton gave the OK for the massacre at the Waco Branch Davidian compound.  It was always an evil idea!  Those 76 dead are only 1 Hellary murder.  There were people murdered by Hellary Clinton before that - and since - namely - Bengazi!

Some say April 19 is Adolf Hitler's birthday.
The Oklahoma City Bombing April 19, 1995, the first day of the battle of Lexington and Concord which kicked off the American Revolution April 19, 1775.
Apr 15, 2013 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombing suspect received his US citizenship on September 11, 2012.

April 19 Waco, Boston, Oklahoma City bombings

Very Happy    Calipornia Gonorrhea
April  20, 2016  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!
 -  Gonorrhea up in California especially among Sodomites.
This is GOOD news!  Rates of gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease, are rising sharply in California, especially among rump rangers.

Actress Doris Roberts dies
April  18, 2016
 -  Everybody Loves Raymond TV star Doris Roberts died in her sleep at age 90.  Award-winning actress was best known for playing the tart-tongued, endlessly meddling mother on the TV show.  Everybody loved Doris Roberts.  Doris Roberts won 4 Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Marie Barone.

She was SO over-the-top obnoxious on that show!  She played on other TV shows too.
RIP Marie Barone

Panama Papers paint Clintons
April  18, 2016
 -  Some donors to Clinton foundation used the Panamanian law firm for offshores.
Connections come from the more than 40 years Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent in public life looking to hide their wealth.  Clinton Global Initiative, billionaire Marc Rich who Bill Clinton pardoned in the final hours of his presidency.

Hillary Clinton recently blasted the hidden financial dealings exposed in the Panama Papers, but she and her husband have multiple connections with people who have used the besieged law firm Mossack Fonseca to establish offshore entities.

Panama Papers

Clintons have always been huge liars, no shock

The govt will one day be corrupt and filled with LIARS,
and the people will flock to the ONE who tells the Truth!
-  Thomas Jefferson




China buying Australia too
April  20, 2016
 -  Australian ranch sold to Chinese investors.  Military base?
Under Obama, the Chinese have purchased more oil royalty in the US than ever before. Chesapeake oil is in bed with Obama selling these royalties. Now lo and behold, the US can now ship natural gas out of it's borders and overseas.  It is the Chinese pulling the strings.

Chinese pulling the strings in Oregon and Utah where the BLM are killing white ranchers and stealing their land. Harry Reid and his son are waste deep in murder.

ISIS attack Italy, Spain, France
April  20, 2016
-  ISIS plotting attack on beaches in Italy, Spain and France this summer.  They will come up from Libya and plant explosive devices on the beaches, open fire on tourists and then on the security and medics who rush to the scene.  - DEBKA

This is an old plan which also involves killing this frankenpope.
It will be interesting if this Evil devilpope is wounded
and appears dead but returns in 3 days.

    PROPHECY in the NEWS

Revelation 13 *  FALSE RESURECTION!
I saw rising out of the sea a beast having 10 horns, and 7 heads. It was like a leopard, and its feet like a bear’s, and its mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon (Satan, Lucifer, the devil) gave it his power, throne, and great authority.  And one of its heads was as if it had been slain to death. And its wound of death was healed.

This may NOT mean a man appeared to be killed.
It may mean the OLD Roman Empire ceased.
This evil frankenpope is the new unholy Roman empire.

Jesuit pope Francis

Vatican, pope

Pope Malachy - popes prophecy
Petrus Romanus, antichrist

It is said inside pope crown is 666  
there is a UN assembly seat #666 no one ever sits in


     U. S. A

Trump triumph in New York by 61%
April  20, 2016
-  Donald Trump has 844 delegates.

Donald Trump Victory speech
April 19, 2016   New York

Very Happy  New York New York!

I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall
and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land
so I would not have to destroy it.  Ezekiel 22:30

Donald Trump will head next to Indiana and Pa.

Evil or Very Mad   Cruz seeks to steal half of Pennsylvania's delegates
Ted Cruz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trailing Trump by 30 points, stealing a majority of Pennsylvania delegates even if he comes in last place with Pennsylvania voters!
Lyin Ted Cruz 3rd in NY   Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Very Happy

The secret skill

Situational awareness can save your life, we NEED that NOW!
Observe, Orient, Decide, Act
Pay attention to your environment.
Sharpen your 5 senses plus your intuition (6th sense).

Situational awareness is being cognizant of what’s going on around you.  In a dangerous situation, being aware of a threat seconds before everyone else can keep you and your loved ones safe.


Iran parade revealed its not war ready
April  20, 2016
-  The parade showed fighting forces are tired and worn out after 3 years of fighting.   GOOD.  So far Iran has NOT recovered all of its frozen assets from US and European banks.  GOOD.  0bama is having trouble with US Congress.  Haha!  Some are concerned with the election.

Passover begins April 22, ends April 30, 2016
YESHUA, Jesus the Christ died on Passover, NOT 'easter'
'easter was the wrong date!


Evil or Very Mad    RNC said Donald Trump would never be on "our ticket."  RNC chairman Reince Priebus overheard saying the GOP's voting machine had been purposely rigged to keep Donald Trump under 50%. Lewis said he recorded the  conversation, but the mainstream media is refusing to run the story.
THIS is FALSE, traces to a Soros website in Macedonia

Tennessee to sue Feds
April  20, 2016
-  Tennessee will sue the federal government over its refugee resettlement program on Tenth Amendment grounds. The State Senate passed a resolution authorizing that lawsuit in a 29 to 4 vote one day after it passed the Tennessee House by a 69 to 25 margin. TN struck a blow for Liberty by finally adopting SJR467!

Donald Trump rally today
April  20, Wednesday

2 pm Indianapolis Fairgrounds

6 pm  Maryland

Popo Volcano blows in Mexico
April  20, 2016
-  Mount Popocatepetl in Mexico roared to life in spectacular fashion.  The eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl took residents by surprise.  Considering the strong earthquakes in Ecuador, Japan and what has been happening at Yellowstone over the past week, I believe that there is great reason for concern.
(see previous Zionscry page for earthquakes)

Popo blows video

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano




Revelation 13

Soros spy changed Colorado GOP rules

Steve House changed the Colorado rules.
Steve House does not exist.
Steve House is a phony identity for a George Soros spy, plant, who changed the rules to give all delegates to Ted Cruz - without a vote.

George Soros, kontrollaholic globalist billionaire
Meddler in chief

George Soros may be one of the heads of the Revelation 13 Beast(s)

RNC Reince Priebus wants Steve House to produce papers, records of his existence, but he's like Obama - appeared outta nowhere with no trail - HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS - and he stole Colorado.  This page has a copy of the letter that RNC chair Reince Preibus sent to Steve House

I have a friend I will call 'V' - here is their report -
I have the 24 names of the Colorado GOP Executive Committee that voted for the GOP Rule Change last year. (in summer 2015 after Donald Trump announced he would run for U.S. President.)

This Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House seems to be a ghost - no background anywhere. I cannot find any financial information, employment information or education history AT ALL!

For someone who has a 30 year background, I cant find anything on him, he is a ghost like he never existed until he came to Colorado - and he is the one in the middle of the whole mess that took place during the GOP caucus etc.

Steve House strikes me as a possible faked identity.
He does show a connection to Obama Hawaii and is inviting all of the Gays to come to Colorado to attend a future meeting.

I did find evidence that Reince Priebus has asked on numerous occassions for Steve House to provide proof of his identity and financial records including proper paperwork that has not even been filed at all with the GOP, and Reince has not recieved the information as of yet, no verification has been done or background on him has been verified.

Steve House needs to be brought up for proof of his identity and his background needs to be verifiied because it is looking like Steve House might be embezzling money from the GOP.

Steve House was in the middle of many instigations that were brought against long time republican delegates.  He has stirred up trouble all over the place, even at the radio stations regarding censoring information in the GOP on radio causing people to walk away from their jobs.  It is House, he is the ghost, everyone else is legit.
End 'V'

     U. S. A

Washington state nuclear leak
April  21, 2016
 -  Nuclear leak at Washington Hanford Site is CATASTROPHIC, former worker claims, as 8 inches of radioactive waste escapes core of tank.
  Tank has two shells; a crack was spotted in the inner one in 2011
  Now that crack has widened, spilling waste into the gap between the shells
  It happened after attempts to pump the waste out of the tank
  The double-shell tank can contain up to a million gallons of deadly waste
  It was supposed to be the safest possible container for radioactive liquid
  The Hanford Site provided plutonium for the first atomic bomb

Concern of large California - Nevada border Earthquake
April  20, 2016  
-  Professionals are holding a conference this week, and making public new research regarding the building threat of a large seismic event at the California / Nevada border.

After the large strong quakes in Japan and Ecuador, land movement and volcanoes, Dont ignore this.
Using various means, globalists can and do cause earthquakes for nefarious reasons

Franklin Graham is touring USA in 2016 holding prayer rallies in each state.
My pastors went to our states gathering with him.  They said it was excellent!

Muslims own the WSJ
April  21, 2016
 -  WSJ runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide.
The Wall Street Journal ran a full-page ad containing links to a Turkish project that denies the Armenian genocide – the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million people by Ottoman Turks.
Americans have seen many false stories in the WSJ.  Untrustworthy!

Avi Lipkin's family is Armenian.  They fled the Turk genocide!
Youtube Avi Lipkin


April  20, 2016  -  The Treasury Department said Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20, and there are other bills getting big changes too. This was born out of the planned parenthood slaughterhouse for babies.
Maybe on the new bills will be - In gov we trust!  This is an EVIL CHANGE!

Harriet Tubman on $20 bills

Just give her her own $25 bill - dont curse everyone with her on $20s!
Evil or Very Mad  Exclamation


Elizabethkingia disease
April  21, 2016
-  Illinois residents infected with Elizabethkingia infection.  6 died, but it is not clear whether the bacteria was the cause or a contributing factor. All of the people who died also had unrelated, severe health conditions.  Most of the people infected in Illinois were over 65 years old.  Elizabethkingia anophelis commonly is found throughout the environment, including in soil, river water and reservoirs.

Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan
Elizabethkingia rarely causes infections in humans, but lab testing has revealed that the bacteria has stricken numerous people in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Elizabethkingia often manifests as meningitis in newborns, and meningitis and blood or respiratory infections in adults with compromised immune systems.

Symptoms of the infection can include fever, shortness of breath, chills, and swelling and redness of the skin.

Elizabethkingia meningoseptica disease



Mexico oil factory blast
April  21, 2016
 -  Mexico oil factory blast: 3 dead, over 100 injured, hundreds evacuated as huge toxic cloud released.  Pemex oil facility in the Mexican port city of Coatzacoalcos, which triggered a massive fire sending out a toxic cloud. Hundreds of people in nearby areas have been evacuated.

Israeli-Russian jets clash over Syria
April  21, 2016
 -  A near clash between 4 Israeli F-15 fighters and two Russian Su-30 jets over Syria.  The Israeli warplanes flying from the Mediterranean approached Russian airbase near Latakia. The Russians feared the Israeli planes would fly over the base, scrambled 2 fighters. Russian S-400 antiaircraft missile batteries guard the base.  Both jets turned back. Russia has advanced attack helicopters in Syria, the understandings between Jerusalem and Moscow are not in line with the new situation.

Netanyahu heads to Moscow
April  21, 2016  DEBKA
-  Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu heads to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting's agenda is to include coordination between the militaries of the two countries, especially their air forces; the Syrian peace talks; Russian arms sales to Iran; and prevention of the transfer of advanced weapons to Hizballah. The prime minister will be accompanied by his military secretary, Brig. Gen. Eliezer Toledano, and the commander of the air force, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, among others.

I expect Bibi to give Vlad an earfull not to steal Golan and its oil from Israel

Russian subs may cut U.S. underwater cables
This threat has existed for at least a couple years.  Its a plan which has been tested.  
A strike in October would give 0bama a reason to cancel the elections and declare martial law.


China chemical fire
April  22, 2016
-  Another huge explosion and fire at chemical facility in eastern China.
A chemical storage in eastern China’s Jingjiang province, caused a massive blaze. The factory stores 42 reservoirs of chemicals and petrol.  PHOTOS, VIDEO  Bad fire August 2015 also

   Rio Olympic bike path collapses
April  22, 2016
-   A new elevated bike path project of the August Rio de Janeiro Olympics collapsed, killing 2 people.  The Zika virus began here.  Poor ticket sales and budget cuts amid Brazil's worst recession in decades.
Its hard not to laugh when I see the photo
April  21, 2016 -  Rio Olympic flame lit
olympics are one form of Satanism.

Very Happy   India *  Hindus turning to Christ
April  22, 2016
 -  Hundreds of Hindus who were fiercely antagonistic toward Christianity have been turning to Christ in eastern India.  Christians fled murdering Hindus to the jungles where now many Hindus are encountering the Lord.

New Russian ICBM replaces Satan
April  22, 2016
-  Hypersonic cruise vehicle warhead for future ICBM successfully tested in Russia.
I think China has had one over a year now.  The new warhead is for the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM, Sarmat is meant to replace the R-36M missiles dubbed “Satan” by NATO.

April  22, 2016
-  Ten Muslims prematurely detonate making bombs inside Mosque.  At least 10 Muslim terrorists were blown up by their own explosives in southeastern Ghazni province in Andar district.  The officials further added that the explosives went off prematurely, leaving all 10 terrorists dead.

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper;
And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
And their vindication is from Me, declares the LORD.
Isaiah 54:17

Donald Trump, God's choice
Donald Trump is God’s man chosen to pull America back from the cliff.
The church is NOT doing its job, so GOD raised up Donald Trump.
This is excellent.  We are to discern at all times, but this sounds good to me.
He said Trump will appoint 5 to the USSC

I have heard before that Donald Trump God’s trumpet
If this prophecy is accurate - a scandal like a nuclear BOMB is about to hit the NWO - globalists.

I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall
and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land
so I would not have to destroy it.  Ezekiel 22:30

Oklahoma decides to return 10 Commandments
April  22, 2016
-  All those earthquake shaking some sense into them!
Oklahoma voters will decide in November whether to abolish an article of the state constitution so that a Ten Commandments monument can be returned to the Capitol grounds.  June 2015 a 6-foot-tall granite Ten Commandments monument was removed from the Capitol grounds.

Oklahoma news

If America ceases to be GOOD, she will cease to be great!

Evil or Very Mad   Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes in 2017
April  22, 2016  -  Single payor aka KONTROL was always the evil intent
Amid rising drug and health care costs health insurers predict substantial increases next year in Obamacare premiums and related costs.

Donald Trump for U.S. President!



Damascus assassins
April  22, 2016
 -  Assassins operating in Damascus, terrifying senior officials: sources
Assassins are operating in Damascus to kill senior figures of the Assad regime and sow fear and panic among others.

Exclamation   Russia fired on Israeli jets
April  22, 2016
 -  Russians fired on Israeli Air Force jets twice.
There was no indication that any Israeli planes were hit, nor were any dates given.  The incidents were the reason behind PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow to meet with Putin and Russia’s defense minister.

Netanyahu, Putin meet in Moscow
April  22, 2016
 -  Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu flew back to Israel after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The Russian leader greeted the prime minister warmly, expressed best wishes for the upcoming Passover holiday and admitted that the situation in Syria is complicated.

Bibi emphasized the need for maintaining the coordination between the two air forces, preventing Hizballah from obtaining advanced weapons, and preventing terrorists from opening a new front against Israel from the Golan Heights.

Golan Heights is a red line
April  22, 2016
-  Benjamin Netanyahu repeated to Putin in Moscow what he had said earlier -  the Golan Heights will always remain part of Israel.  Israel cannot return to the days when towns were shot at from the Golan Heights.

Israel arrests suspected accomplices of Jerusalem bus bomber
Israeli security forces arrested several Hamas from the Bethlehem area who are planned  bombing of a Jerusalem bus.

Joyous Passover!
Passover begins at sundown Friday, April 22, ends April 30, 2016.
Jews celebrate God's deliverance from their bondage in Egypt.
Christians celebrate our deliverance from SIN by the death of Jesus Christ, God's perfect Lamb - and His resurrection!
Easter is a false date in 2016
YESHUA, Jesus the Christ died on Passover, NOT 'easter'

On this first full day of Passover
Special message for the Passover holiday
Rabbi David Lau, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel

Rabbi Lau hailed the Passover seder meal as "the night of the birth of the nation of Israel," and referenced a midrash (exegesis) of the Jewish sages saying Yakov (Jacob) prayed on the night of Passover because it is a special time of connection for the soul with the nation of Israel and with God.

He spoke about the first Passover night during the plagues before the exodus occurred, noting the similarities to the seder today. He imagined a father telling his children that night, "remember how Yakov came down to Egypt, and we came here and at the beginning it was okay, and then a new king arose and the difficulties started."

That somehow reminds me of Obama, the new king that brought harm to Christians in America.  Will Donald Trump be our Moshe - Moses?

some Jewish history and an ATV tour

King Herod
King Herod had a problem: Nobody liked him.  Handpicked by the hated Romans to rule the land of Israel, and so paranoid that he kept murdering his loved ones, Herod had done his best to win over the Jews in his kingdom.  He had even built a temple that “appeared from a distance like a snow-clad mountain; for all that was not overlaid with gold was of purest white.” (Josephus Flavius in Wars of the Jews.)

The Sanhedrin (council of Jewish sages) claimed that he wasn’t even Jewish – even though his family had converted during the time of the Maccabees. And when there was a problem, the Jews listened to the Sanhedrin, and not to their king.

Jerusalem had grown so fast that there was never enough water to provide for her residents, and to supply the pilgrims. The gardens were drying up and the Temple priests were desperate for enough water to carry out their rituals.
So Herod gave the city water, hoping Jews would will start listening to him.

Herod chose an area in the Judean Mountains – today’s Etzion Bloc (Gush Etzion) – for his project: Located high above Jerusalem, it got plenty of rain and snow every year, and was filled with springs. And that is how, 2,000 years ago, the Biyar Aqueduct was born.



Passover security
April  23, 2016
 -  Israel closes off entrances to West Bank and Gaza citing security fears for the duration of the Jewish holiday Passover.  The main reason is the Hamas terror attack on a Jerusalem bus this week.  The Palestinian terrorists bombed bus that wounded 20 people in Jerusalem.

Laughing   IRAN FAILS
April  23, 2016
 -  Iran fails to put satellite into orbit.  Iran attempted to launch a satellite into orbit using one of its Simorgh ICBM but failed.  The missile carrying the satellite failed to reach the atmosphere, fell to earth and crashed.  The Iran attempt occurred the day before Obama arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Exclamation    WHAT!??   Question
United States to buy heavy water from Iran
April  23, 2016
 -  Republicans outraged after Obama said USA is buying 32 metric tons of Iranian heavy water, a key component a nuclear reactor.  The sales agreement signed in Vienna by officials from the six countries that negotiated the nuclear deal.

The heavy water will be stored at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and then resold on the commercial market for research purposes.  Heavy water is not radioactive but has research and medical applications and can also be used to produce weapons-grade plutonium. Under the nuclear deal signed with the West last year, Iran is allowed to use heavy water in its modified Arak nuclear reactor, but must sell any excess supply of both heavy water and enriched uranium on the international market.



North Korea launches missile from submarine
April  23, 2016
-  North Korea appeared to have launched a missile from a submarine off its east coast.  It flew only about 30 kilometers (17 miles).

Evil or Very Mad   Evil Obama Threatens England!
Tells Britain BREXIT -  EU Exit - will put them at the back of the line in US Trade Deals.  Tells Cameron the EU are the big guys.

Obamas visit Windsor Castle
April  23, 2016
 -  US resident Barack Obama and his mate visited Britain's Windsor Castle to congratulate Queen Elizabeth on her 90th birthday. The Obamas queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, met them when their helicoper landed on the lawn next to the castle.
Tragicly, Obamas headed back to USA.

He flew to Arabia and stopped off in Britain.

Mexico * 2 more rivers disappear overnight

Climate religion * Urf Day
April  23, 2016
 -  Science has taken a back seat at the United Nations.
On Earth Day 2016 there is a frenzy about how our Earth is going to become uninhabitable due to climate change.  O gimme a break!  IDIOTS!  With Obama set to commit the U.S. to the Paris climate agreement, it is obvious that science has taken a back seat at the United Nations.  The environmentalists (witchcraft) and politicians who make up the U.N.’s climate panel recruit scientists to research the climate issue. And they place only those who will produce the desired results. Money, politics and ideology have replaced science.  A U.N. official admitted that the U.N. seeks to redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy saying
global warming “is my religion.”

Climate change hoax

NWO global govt causes volcanoes and earthquakes by various means.
They can intensify and steer a tornado or hurricane

     U. S. A

Pitbull kills baby
April  23, 2016  
-  A 3-day-old boy was mauled to death by the family dog while they were in bed with the child's parents.  The parents were in bed watching TV with their newborn son and dog when the mother coughed. The coughing startled the dog and it bit the baby.

The parents pulled the dog off and took their only child to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  An autopsy is underway to determine the cause of death.

Animal control officers took the male American Staffordshire (pitbull) into custody. It will be held in quarantine for 10 days to determine whether it has rabies.
It will be up to the owners to decide whether to reclaim the dog.

Ban all pitbulls!

Ohio *  8 fatally shot
April  23, 2016  -  Rhoden
family of 8 shot in the head execution-style 80 miles east of Cincinnati.  There may be more than one killer.  Some of the victims were in bed, indicating they were shot while they were sleeping.  Surviving children taken to a safe place.

Georgia shooting, 5 dead
April  23, 2016
 WJBF  -  2 dead from one location, 2 dead from the other and one dead at Augusta University.  50 year old black male Wayne Anthony  shot and killed 5 people during two separate shootings as part of a domestic dispute in Georgia.  He was found dead in his home of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

We cant stop bible prophecy from being fulfilled,
but perhaps we can slow it down - again.

Harriet Tubman
April  23, 2016
-  The U.S. Treasury has decided to replace former President Andrew Jackson with Anti-slavery crusader Harriet Tubman on the U.S. $20 bill, and will put leaders of the women's suffrage movement on the back of bill.  Tubman led many slaves to freedom and actively supported the Union Army during the American Civil War.

They claim Tubman was a Christian, member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
She helped the indigent, sick, poor and elderly and had visions.
Tubman transported hundreds of slaves to freedom.

Federal government and mainstream media continue attempt to fuel race war

If Tubman was a Christian, she would NOT like how her name, face and reputation are being used now.  I have no idea if Tubman was a real christian or not, but her name is now being used to intensify race-hate and slaughtering babies.  Planned Parenthood compares abortion to slavery.
King Herod Obama putting Tubby on $20 bills is promotion of slaughter of babies

There is no comparison between abortion and slavery!
Another Obamalie

Chemtrails in Florida
A bizarre wave form appears to be attacking New York city. I see light rain on radar.

Weather wars
April  23, 2016
-  Americans who know are ridiculed by those who are sleeping.  Chemtrails, weather modification goes back many years.  The US Air Force has the document on their own website about weather modification by governments. Ultimate Weapon of NEPHILIM (Fallen Ones) and their human puppets to destroy mankind.



Fallen ones, Merovingian illuminati Bloodline, NWO



Here are NY and Florida news links if anyone wants to follow up in coming days/ weeks to see if anything unusual comes of this

Ancient spirit wars return
April  23, 2016
 -   The oldest ancient Egyptian Demons found. The oldest depiction of one of the most fearsome demons in ancient Egypt was recently discovered. The modern world is oblivious to the reality of spiritual warfare; even though every aspect of reality is manipulated by what goes on in the invisible. The depiction is a large bird with a black feline head, and was the guardian of a fiery gate.

2 others are pictured as a dog-like baboon, and one depicted as unspecified figure with human head. They appear as guardians at the entrance of a temple with other demonic entities. The texts link this building to the moon god Thoth (another name of baal) and the bark of the sun god.

The temple of baal (blood, child sacrifice aka abortion) was just recently put in London and scheduled to visit New York.  The Palmyra arch was / is the entrance-way to the temple of baal. An arch by any other name is still demonic, a portal for demons.

Hebrews 10:19
(Animal) offering for sin is no longer needed.  Therefore brothers,
have confidence for entering the holy places by the blood of YESHUA (Jesus)

1 Peter 1:2
To those who reside as strangers, who are chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with His blood: May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure.

Holy of holies
Enter by the Blood of the Lamb

Holy of holies - this is beautiful, restful


West will collapse without Christian Revival
April  23, 2016
 (edit)  -  Radio giant Michael Savage issued a dire warning.
Unless Christianity receives a new enthusiasm that sweeps the Western world, and Christianity itself rises up against the forces against it, the entire West will collapse in your lifetime.  (I posted yesterday an audio prophecy this will happen.)

Savage has long warned that the West is imperiled by Muslim savages from without and secularists within.

Anyone sees what’s going on in Europe (Muslim rapefugees), and they say that we’re not far behind.  Europe Islamization - EURABIA - and the rapid moral decay bedeviling the entire West.

President John Adams issued a warning in 1798, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
Prior to around 1960 America WAS a Christian nation.
The Crusades saved Christianity.

NO, Michael is NOT a prophet.
He is wrong on some critically important issues of Faith.

When Christendom Pushed Back against murdering Muslims

Donald Trump warning to Americans
He's right.  His snake essay warns taking in Muslims will kill us.

RFID Microchip Implants
April  23, 2016
-  No more house keys, car keys or airport boarding passes. Now a microchip injected between your thumb and index finger is just about all you require to identify you positively and replace all of your secure access needs.  

Microchipping of humans with implants is snowballing across the world.  There seems to be no stopping this fad.
Its all about security, access, and identity, controll.

RFID technology allows a door to open when you swipe your work ID against a scanner.
The chipping is entirely voluntary and, according to the manufacturers, completely safe.  EXCEPT - THEY ARE NOT SAFE!

666, Bitcoin, Mandatory chip everyone in ObamaCare

Scientists Push To Implement Edible RFID Tracking Chips in Food

Biometrics, Human Chipping, National ID card

     U. S. A

Abortion clinic nurse nightmare
April  24, 2016
-  A nurse recounted a nightmare she was having of stuffing a baby into the mouth of an antique vase. (back into the womb?)  The baby was looking at her with a pleading expression. Her dream shows that unconsciously the act of abortion was experienced as an act of murder. Well DUH!  You slaughtered an innocent child God created!

Abortion is blood sacrifice to Satan

Killing innocence


Prince found dead in elevator
Diagnosed with AIDS
April  21, 2016  -  Overdosed singer purple Prince
found dead at age 57 in an elevator at his estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota.  Prince spent $40,000 at a time on 6 month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches - highly addictive opioid pain killers - for 25 years.  Prince was found dead just days after he overdosed on the opiate Percocet

Was Prince an Illuminati blood sacrifice?  
Was Prince an Illuminati occultist. He was a Jehovah’s Witness. (a CULT, NOT christian.)
prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol[/b] he called a "Love Symbol" which was a mash-up of the gender symbols for man and woman.
Sounds like he was queer, a buttt humper

Prince was cremated with a small, private service for family, friends and musicians. The cause of his death is still unknown and the results of autopsy could take 4 weeks.

Passover miracle
April  24, 2016  -  New York City family saved from carbon monoxide leak.
Extended family of 24 awoken after first Passover Seder to carbon monoxide alarm.
They went to the hospital.

Family matriarch Linda called it a Passover miracle.
The leak appears to have been from the oven, and ComEd officials arrived to repair it Saturday night.  The first night of Passover is called the Leil HaShimoreem, the guarded night.  It means the night we are watched over.


ISIS captures part of Deir ez-Zor
April  24, 2016
 debka  -  ISIS captured the Sinaa neighborhood of Deir ez-Zor from the Syrian army this weekend. Syrian soldiers who were caught by the ISIS forces were hanged.  Deir az-Zor is battle for control of eastern Syria and the main roads leading to the Euphrates valley and Iraq. The Russian air force is making great efforts to stop ISIS in eastern Syria and prevent the collapse of the Syrian forces.

ISIS downs Syria, captures pilot
Apr 22 ISIS
captured the pilot of a Mig-23 jet  which crashed southeast of Damascus.  ISIS claimed they shot it down.  The captured pilot is Azzam Eid from Hama.
I am NOT sure this is true - only CNN reports it

Anti-Aircraft missiles for ISIS
Obama may provide his ISIS terrorists with MANPADS - shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weaponry.  MANPADS could blunt the devastating toll Russia and Syria jets and helicopters are taking on ISIS (rebels).

Assad wont move to Iran
April  24, 2016  debka
 -  Iran said they had offered Syrian President Bashar Assad the option of moving with his family from Damascus to Iran, but Assad responded that his family would remain in Syria.

Iran ICBM not for satellite
April  24, 2016  
debka  -    USA not sure that Iran's April 19 launch of Simorgh missile was for putting a satellite into orbit, as Tehran claims. They said it may have been intended to test the third stage of the ICBM and that the Iranians had no intention of launching a satellite.
US defense officials view the launch as a partial success.
This sounds like obama covering Iran's butt from shame.

Iraq Suicide attacks
April  24, 2016
-  Suicide attacks in two Baghdad suburbs killed at least 14 people and wounded dozens.  A suicide car bomb struck a checkpoint in Hussainiyah killing six civilians and four soldiers, 28 other people were hurt. Meanwhile, a suicide car bomb struck a passing military convoy at around the same time in the southern suburb of Arab Jabour, killing four soldiers and wounding eight others.,7340,L-4795478,00.html

Meddling Obama - again
April  24, 2016
 -  resident Barack Obama told Britons to heed PM David Cameron’s call to stay in the European Union.  Obama said Britain’s power is amplified by its membership in the EU, not diminished. He threatened the U.S. would not rush to write a free trade deal with Great Britain if it voted to exit.

Because of all their wickedness, I hated them.
Because of their sinful deeds, I will drive them out.
I will no longer love them, all their leaders are rebellious.
Hosea 9:15

Romans 1:29
They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.

Vote trump!

God has a habit of calling and using the unlikely: Noah was a drunk, Abraham was too old, Jacob was a liar, Leah was ugly, Joseph was abused, Moses had a stuttering problem, Gideon was afraid, Samson was a womanizer, Rahab was a prostitute, David was an adulterer and a murderer, Elijah was suicidal, Jonah ran from God, Naomi was a widow, Job went bankrupt, Peter denied, the Disciples fled, Martha worried, the Samaritan woman was divorced, Zacchesus was too small and Lazarus was dead!

Churchill 2016
April  23, 2016
-  The Intellectual Case for Donald Trump
Donald Trump is the Culture Warrior the USA NEEDS!
Trump represents the first candidate for whom success could only come after a culture war apocalypse.  Trump is NOT a fogie.

A candidate like Donald Trump should be impossible. A loud, unscripted candidate with exceedingly flexible positions on many hot-button issues.  An utterly inexperienced politician, who describes our rights and privileges as particular to us as Americans rather than universal moral mandates.

But Trump's disqualifying attributes have proven to be the basis for unexpected success.
For decades the GOP has ceded American culture to the Left, anti-Christ.
The culture has moved Left very quickly.  (Not really, it began in 1960)

The globalist have stolen our borders, our language and our culture!
We should NOT need to press 1 for english in America

Donald Trump for U.S. President!


Magnetosphere collapsed
April  24, 2016
 -  Earth magnetic field has been weakening.
Earth Magnetosphere collapsed in Space for 2 hours - on Earth Day April 22, 2016 - around the entire planet. The magnetosphere is what protects earth from solar winds and some radiation.

The sun emits a solar wind. This continuous flow of plasma, comprised of mostly electrons and protons, with an embedded magnetic field, interacts with Earth and other objects in the solar system.

Polar shift, wander, magnetic north (anomaly)
Pole drift, magnetic north moved

     U. S. A

Train stuck in DC underwater tunnel
April  24, 2016
 -  Two Washington DC Metro stations were evacuated after reports that an explosion in a mechanical room had caused a fire and heavy smoke.  154 people stuck on Red Line train in underwater tunnel to DC.  People reported hearing blasts and seeing flames and smoke underground.

Washington Metro system came under fire in Congress for its dysfunction, a train with 154 passengers aboard lost power and became stuck in an underwater tunnel outside the Rosslyn Station.  The train is one of the new 7000-series cars that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) introduced in September 2015.

REMEMBER Mar 16  Washington, D.C. Metrorail to shut down for emergency inspections.

Kansas *  4 federal agents shot
April  24, 2016
Topeka  -  Federal agents shot in motel stand-off with black most-wanted armed robber as he sets fire to building and escapes.  Four federal agents raided motel in Topeka at 10 pm on Saturday.  Gunman exchanged fire with cops, and witnesses heard around 50 shots.  4 federal agents from the U.S. Marshals and FBI were shot and taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Suspect is black man Orlando Collins.

Exclamation    ISIS OIL  SOLD in USA!!   Question
April  25, 2016
-  Dr. Grantham tells how ISIS Oil sold in the USA
The US has been openly supporting Muslim terrorists since the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. We built and supported Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Chechen Rebels. ISIS is America’s baby. We drop food, arms, and vehicles for them, and buy the oil they sell to keep them in cash. The Muslims are the mercenary army of the Iran/US Axis of evil - and Imam Barry Obama.

Obama created ISIS

Dhimi USA

Arizona inferno
April  25, 2016
 -  One firefighter and 3 police officers were injured as they tried to contain an inferno at an unfinished Arizona apartment complex.  About 60 people were evacuated from the area.  The 5 alarm fire began at an apartment complex under construction and spread to a home nearby.  The complex was made up of 7 - 3 story buildings. Most of the complex had collapsed.

EMP alert * 2 N Korean satellites orbit over U.S.
April  25, 2016
-   North Korea now has two satellites orbiting over the United States capable of performing a surprise EMP - electromagnetic pulse attack able to evade U.S. Defenses.  It would knock out the national electrical grid system and all critical infrastructures that depend on it.

THIS particular warning may NOT be valid
However the EMP threat is real

Millions could die

I saw the Tribulation - vision

At some point the U.S. govt will knock out the power grid.
This has been planned for many years.
They will blame North Korea - or someone else.
Possibly they will do this before November 2016



Austria elections lean Nazi
April  25, 2016  -  FPO is the Nazi Party
.  Austrian Nazi candidate ahead in presidential vote.  The anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPO) made huge gains in the Austria’s presidential vote.  This sounds like primaries in the USA.  FPO Norbert Hofer won 36%.

The FPO’s entry into government in 2000 under its late party leader, Jorg Haider, sent shockwaves throughout Europe.  Haider had been accused of harboring Nazi sympathies in the early 1990s, when he praised the Third Reich.
Over 30% of voters support the Nazis.

A 4.1 earthquake occurred today in Austria.
I do NOT recall any quakes here in the past.

Evil or Very Mad   DO NOT CALL NAZISM 'far right' - its ULTRA LEFT - EVIL!
Nazism has been gaining worldwide - in Ukraine, Sweden, Norway etc - and even in the USA - with the rise of Islam.  Nazi-Islam are twin evils.

The rise of NazIslam *  Islam-Nazism

Islam is part of Nazism

Ukraine Jewish Prime Minister
April  25, 2016
-  Ukraine parliament approves Volodymr Groysman, first ever Jewish Prime Minister.  He is also the youngest person to have the job.  The 38-year-old lawyer went from a small city mayor to Ukraine's premier over 2 years,  during which he formed a close relationship with President Petro Poroshenko.  Groysman is son of Jewish parents from Vinnytsia, the western Ukrainian city that elected him mayor in 2006.

Poroshenko is Nazi - so I dont know how good this is

Fighter jets shot down MH17
April  25, 2016
-  Malaysia Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine by another plane - not by an air-to-ground missile.  Nearly 2 years after Malaysia Airlines plane plummets over Ukraine, witnesses now say they saw it shot down from the air.

7 of 100 witnesses said they saw or heard a fighter plane just before the Boeing-777 plummeted out of the sky in July 2014.  2 fighter jets took it down, one with an air-to-air missile, and one with a canon.

Malaysia Flight 17


This is exactly what I always believed!
I NEVER believed Russia would shoot it down!



Russia wants Israeli gas
April  25, 2016
 -  Russia is seeking to enter the Israeli natural gas industry.
Putin wants to take part in the development of the Leviathan gas reservoir.  In February 2013, the Russian national gas company Gazprom signed a memorandum of understanding to buy gas produced from the Tamar reservoir through a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility.  The project was never implemented.

Russia did not give up, however. Gazprom negotiated for months to buy up to 30% of the Leviathan reservoir.  South Korean company Kogas, Chinese company CNOOC, and Australian company Woodside expressed interest also.  Gazprom has apparently submitted the highest bid.

Israeli gas

Exclamation   US to deploy 250 more troops to Syria
April  25, 2016  -  The US will significantly increase its military presence in Syria by sending 250 soldiers to organize, train and fight with ISIS.

Islamic Nations meet over Israeli Golan Heights
April  25, 2016
 -  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called an emergency meeting at its headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia regarding the Israeli Golan Heights.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nitanyahu states the Golan Heights will remain Israeli territory forever.  Israel won a war Syria started - it belongs rightfully to Israel.

The USA with Russia and all of the muslim nations in the middle east are now plotting to bomb Israel if they refuse to sign the two-state agreement to give up their Goland security.

Gog Magog, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 13

GOD will destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem.

All the nations of the earth will gather against Jerusalem.
Then the LORD will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness.
The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the LORD of hosts, their God.

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
because they scattered my people among the nations and
divided up MY land.  Joel 3:2

The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.  Daniel 11:32

   Armenia *  Bus Explosion in Yerevan

April  26, 2016
-  A bus explosion in Yerevan, Armenia killed at least 3 people and injured 7.  The explosion occurred in downtown Yerevan and could be heard from miles away. - DEBKAfile


* As of posting, cause unknown

     U. S. A

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  
Joshua 24:15

New Benghazi Documents
April  25, 2016  Judicial Watch  
-  New Benghazi Documents Reveal Hillary Clinton ‘Call Sheet’ September 11, 2012.  Judicial Watch released new State Department Hillary Clinton documents that contain a “call sheet” background document for Clinton that called the Benghazi attackers “armed extremists.” The documents also include a copy of Hillary Clinton’s schedule that shows she met with then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice and attended a meeting in the White House situation room before the arrival ceremony for the remains of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

The documents detail that Turkish officials provided intelligence on the attack and offered to “shelter” Americans in the Benghazi residence of the Turkish Consul General. The documents confirm Obama relied upon Turkey to be the “protecting power,” safeguarding the lives of Americans in Libya.

BENGHAZI Libya Coverup, Select Committee

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn addresses Congress
April  26, 2016  
-  Rabbi Jonathan 'Harbinger Man' Cahn to address this year’s “Washington: A Man of Prayer” event on Capitol Hill April 27th.  At the 2015 event he spoke on the theological implications of redefining marriage, just before the U.S. Supreme Court decided to impose queerage on the United States.

America is at a critical point.
America is calling evil good and good evil.
America has exchanged Light for Darkness by rebelling against God and inviting divine judgment.

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

Year of the Shemitah

Avi Lipkin Prophetic views

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

Arizona Earthquake swarm
April  25, 2016
-  USGS said the area has several active faults and that its geologic features suggest there could be other faults north of here. The largest in the swarm was a magnitude 3.4 on April 8. There has been a swarm of 21 quakes along the Arizona-Nevada line south-southwest of Littlefield, AZ, close to southwestern Utah.

Arizona Earthquakes

Potty wars

Romans 1
For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions.
Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.
Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another.
Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received (AIDS and other STDs.)

April 2016  After I saw news that NASCAR  -  NASQUEER -  favored penisis in girls bathrooms, I combined 2 NASCAR threads into one.  I never knew these drivers are queers!  Over the past week I have found out NASCAR fans are aware of this filthy sin.  
Levitus 18

   Target promoting potty PERVERSION

April  23, 2016  Target Potty Boycott -
 Target's new bathroom policy threatens the safety of women and children!  After Target announced that its stores will allow men to use women's bathrooms and dressing rooms, 160,000 people signed onto an American Family Association boycott.

Target's policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. And with Target publicly boasting that men can enter women's bathrooms, where do you think predators are going to go?

This insanity is all about PERVERSION
There are a lot of stories of perverts peeking and taking photos in dressing rooms, bathrooms at Targets across USA.  The perverts DO NOT WANT unisex bathrooms, they WANT to prey on the innocent.  
I am warning ladies never shop there alone.  Take someone to stand guard outside.

Transgenders Can Use Any Bathroom They Want in TARGET

NBA full of queers
April  24, 2016  -   Time to boycott the NBA!
 The NBA must be full of queers or the NC law which corresponds to GOD's Law would not annoy them!

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said North Carolina MUST change its law mandating people use only public restrooms corresponding to their biological sex in government buildings.
REMEMBER - Obama and his 'mate' are queers.

pekka chekkas
April  23, 2016  -  Politicians Respond.  People are not pleased that Target is allowing men and women to use whichever bathroom they want. Of all the reactions I’ve seen to it, “I won’t be shopping at Target anymore” is at the top. Boycott is now the name of the game, and it’s not just Target’s former customers that seem to be calling for it.

CLOSE your Paypal account
Keep penis's out of girls bathrooms!

Pee problems in Pekkaville

Beast Education
Common Core, Schools, Universities

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

SIN Transgender = protected class in USA, bathrooms

Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God,
He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done.
They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.

No one is established by wickedness, but the root of the righteous will never be moved.
Proverbs 12:3

Because of all their wickedness, I hated them.
Because of their sinful deeds, I will drive them out.
I will no longer love them, all their leaders are rebellious.
Hosea 9:15

Where are all the - MEN!!!??
Has God given up on America?  
Apparantly so.



Target stock is down
April  30, 2016
-  Target’s Stock down 5%, Brand damaged by Public Rebuke to permit penises in girls bathrooms.
Target’s stock price and its favorability among shoppers are crashing as the normal public rebukes them for mixed-sex changing rooms and bathrooms.  That’s a huge loss, costing shareholders roughly $2.5 billion in company value.

One rape and Target is finished
You do NOT help biz by going queer and promoting pedophelia!


    When the soul enters the baby!  Very Happy  

April  26, 2016
-  Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins, when sperm meets egg, the soul enters the baby.  Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.  An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.  Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.

And God said, ‘Let there be Light
Genesis 1:3

UN takeover of America
April  27, 2016
-  If elected, Hillary Clinton will help the United Nations disarm the American people using executive orders to ensure gun control.  The US military Oath Keepers would never disarm or fire upon law-abiding American citizens, but the United Nations would.

Global government (the 666 Beast system of Revelation 13) is clearly coming together.  The UN is leaving their mark on everything that is going on in the world, from 'climate change' to foreign troops on US soil.

Muslim terrorists are receiving training at US military bases.  ISIS was trained and armed by the USA in November 2014 at a military base in Jordan.  ISIS refugees are in this country, both legally and illegally, a 'trojan horse invasion' of America.

Revelation 13

Its been happening for several years.  Its not 'coming,' it is nearly accomplished.

The federal reserve collapsing
April  27, 2016
 -  The federal reserve is NOT Federal, its a PRIVATE bunch of bankers.
Obama and Biden held a secret meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and exchanged notes about the economy.  This meeting at the White House followed an emergency secret Federal Reserve Board meeting. The Fed then held another secret meeting to discuss bank reform. These secret meetings come on the heels of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's estimate that first quarter GDP growth was .01 percent, dangerously close to the official definition of recession.

Federal Reserve

Bank failure, scandals, LIBOR Gold
The Federal Reserve is complicit in this scandal.

Banking enters the new world order

Treasury confirms deadline for raising debt limit

USA credit rating LOWERED

U.S.A. Wall Street Stock Market, Baltic Dry

USA ECONOMY, credit rating

Shemitah 2015 * what happened?

Banker suicides
Assassinations by 'suicide'


Health  NEWS    

Monsanto new POISON
April  28, 2016
-  Monsanto announces new technology to make its GM crops more pest resistant.  This is one of the CAUSES of the virus they are calling Zika virus, released in east Brazil months before deformed babies born.

Monsanto to face tribunal in The Hague for damage to human health

Monsanto is poisoning both people and wildlife
GMO, Geneticly modified crops, Monsanto poison crops
Zika virus, MONSANTO not mosquito
Zika virus spread by GM mosquitoes

St. Louis, Missouri is one of Satan's headquarters


5.0 earthquake France
April  28, 2016
-  A magnitude 5.2 earthquake scale struck France’s southwestern Atlantic coast near La Rochelle, the largest mainland quake in 2 years.  It lasted about 15 seconds and was felt as far north as Nantes.  Earthquakes between levels 4 and 4.9 typically cause minor breakage, while incidents between 5 and 5.9 tend to cause some damage to weak structures.
The quake caused buildings to shake.

A 4.4 earthquake struck Austria April 27.

5.5 earthquake S of Taipei, Taiwan
April  28, 2016  -  Taiwan earthquake swarm

I see several quakes just rattling away near Taiwan.
As always, the USGS records the magnitude lower.  It govt, it lies.
EMSC calls Taiwan a Province of China - its NOT.


Assembly adopts resolution to sanctions on Russia
April  28, 2016
-  French MPs voted in favor of a resolution to lift the EU-imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and the reunification with Crimea. The document is non-binding.  France will not extend the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU.

Shocked   Canada *  CN Rail bridge fire
April  27, 2016  -  WOW!
 This is a showy fire!  A massive fire in Canada has engulfed the CN Rail trestle bridge in Alberta.  It is the 17th suspicious fire in a week.  The fire destroyed the bridge and could have been set deliberately.  Witnesses indicated people were in the area at the time of the fire.  Nearby businesses, schools and a trailer park with 38 homes were evacuated.

Kerry offshore investments
April  26, 2016  -  SecState John Kerry
and his wife have millions invested in offshore tax haven hedge funds.  John Kerry and his wife liberally use offshore tax havens mainly hedge funds in the Cayman Islands.

Panama papers

Antarctica lake could hold prehistoric life


Question   Israeli arms seized
April  28, 2016
 Breaking -  Assad's military claims to have seized Israeli arms shipment in Syria.
Syria claimed they had ambushed and captured vehicles packed with Israeli weapons. The weapons and ammunition, mines, RPG rocket launchers, and hand grenades, were marked with Hebrew writing.  The vehicles were travelling near the Druze city of Swaida.  This report is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the Syria war that involves the USA, Russia, Syria, Iran, Hizballah, Jordan, Israel, and ISIS (Syrian rebels).

Syria *  Aleppo bombed
April  28, 2016  - ISIS killed 4
 in Aleppo in government-held areas.  One regime strike on ISIS-held Sukkari neighborhood hit a hospital, another strike hit a block of flats close to the Al-Quds hospital.

I do not lay blame same day.  The TRUTH tends to take much longer, so WHO is guilty is NOT what is first reported all the time.  Its WAR, innocents get killed.  Muslim terrorists USUALLY use hospitals and schools to FIRE on their enemies.  DONT be quick to issue blame!


Iran cyber attacks Western infrastructure
April  28, 2016
 DEBKA  -  Iran cyber warfare experts have increased operations.
The hacker called “Rocket Kitten” lead directly to Iran, the computer control system in Central Europe.  Many hackers targeted Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel,  aimed at preparing for future attacks on  targets such as power stations, dams, airports, seaports and factories processing dangerous materials.

Israeli Temple Mount
April  28, 2016  
-  Israel Police escorted people to the Temple Mount.
Police had to move Palestinian devils who were chanting ‘Allahu Akhbar.’  A number of Israelis and Palestinians were detained for violating the site’s regulations since the first day of Passover. The clashes were reported when Israeli settlers tried to sacrifice a goat.  Police arrested several people.  PM Netanyahu said Israel would heighten security around the site during Passover in order to prevent Palestinian riots.

Religious Zionists yearning for a Third Temple
Israeli activists walk a fine line between peaceful protest and provocation
Evil or Very Mad   Palestinian devils love to ruin Jewish celebrations

US Sinai pullback payback for islands handover
April  27, 2016
-  The US withdrew its forces from the Sinai Peninsula in retaliation for Egypt’s transfer of sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.  Obama protested not being consulted.  O poor whiny baby!
US claims Egypt is on the verge of a revolution against al-Sisi.
Nice MAP

10-year-old reports man in girl’s restroom
April  26, 2016
-  Its against the law to film people in the nude against their will.
Opponents of North Carolina law are all pedophiles.  Pennsylvania man arrested for taking photos of a 10-year-old girl in a public restroom.  He was found hiding in the stall of the women’s restroom.  When police looked at the images on his cell phone, they found pictures of young girls.

This Evil is what NBA and NASCAR and Target want?!  OUTRAGE!

Bathroom wars

GOOD GIRL for reporting that evil piece of filth

Queer purple Prince had AIDS

       U. S. A

TRUMP WON BIG in all 5 states April  27, 2016  
Donald Trump Delegates 950
Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island

California, here comes TRUMP!
April 28 Donald Trump rallies

noon  Trump in Evansville, Indiana

9 pm Trump in Costa Mesa, California

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

Donald Trump, GOD's man!
Donald Trump was born on Flag Day, June 14th.  
I looked for someone who would build up the wall .  Ezekiel 22:30

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Isaiah 54:17

GOD has set before Donald Trump an open door which no one can shut.  Revelation 3:7  

Donald Trump 50% support nationally  from Republicans and Republican-leaners

This election boils down to one question
Which of the candidates is more likely to
STOP the stench of corruption coming out of Washington?
ONLY Donald Trump.  ALL the rest are PART of the corruption!


7.0 earthquake Vanuatu April  28, 2016
Vanuatu tsunami threat over after big earthquake hits islands
We really felt the shake because it was so shallow, but all we lost was a vase and some flowers.  There was just a small wave.

2  large Pacific Earthquakes
April  29, 2016
 -  Two large M7.0 + M6.9 Earthquakes struck back to back across the Pacific.  A 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Central America / Mexico.  That followed a 7.0 in the West Pacific a few hours later.  The past 2 weeks, M7.0 earthquakes struck the West Pacific then the East Pacific.  Just over a week ago, Japan was struck by a 7.5 earthquake then Ecuador was struck by a 7.0 earthquake several hours later.

If you wonder why the USGS lies, remember, the G is for govt.

Earth watch * Quake forecasting

Vanuatu quakes

U. S. A


Target stock is down
April  30, 2016
-  Target’s Stock down 5%, Brand damaged by Public Rebuke to permit penises in girls bathrooms.
Target’s stock price and its favorability among shoppers are crashing as the normal public rebukes them for mixed-sex changing rooms and bathrooms.  That’s a huge loss, costing shareholders roughly $2.5 billion in company value.

One rape and Target is finished
You do NOT help biz by going queer and promoting pedophelia!

Bathroom wars

Open the Door to Christian refugees
April  29, 2016
 -  Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas told the Sinate Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.  Yet, even as they face genocide at the hands of ISIS, Obama allows very few Syrian Christians into the United States.  Obama only wants ISIS allowed in USA.

Dhimmitude * Dhimi USA, refugees, ISIS

Defeating Hamas -  in America
April  30, 2016
 -  Caroline Glick
Activists from US coast to coast parrot the same lies, employ the same tactics on campus after campus.  To defeat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel, it is first necessary to understand it.

The BDS campaign is an extraordinary phenomenon.  Activists seek to silence pro-Israel voices and destroy general public support for Israel in America.  And they seek to make Jew-hatred socially acceptable.  SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) is the central engine of the BDS movement.

Read this article.  If Donald Trump is not President - Islam will defeat the USA - it has already.  Not much AMERICA left - except at Trump rallies.

CAIR, #BLM, Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas ISIS terrorists

Dhimmitude * Dhimi USA, refugees, ISIS

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

This election boils down to one question
Which of the candidates is more likely to
STOP the stench of corruption coming out of Washington?
ONLY Donald Trump.  ALL the rest are PART of the corruption! Forum Index -> ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis Page 1, 2  Next
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