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An interesting word from 5 years ago!

I found an interesting note while having a clear out of a box full of papers, Dated 08/31/2007
Lord what will happen to the UK?  "The UK's influence in the world will continue to decline and the UK will continue to be subservient to Brussels, but only for a short time more.
"The Conservatives shall win the next election and begin to address the imbalance with Europe.  The USA will continue to try to rule and influence the world but an alliance shall soon threaten the USA' dominance in all areas, the middle east shall continue in violence, Iraq shall also spiral violently out of control.
Iran shall be laid waste soon, few cities will remain untouched, Israel and the US will make joint strikes on Irans nuclear facilities and great fear and danger shall grip the world, but this will not translate into world war 3 as feared, this event will happen from a completely different direction."
Are we near WW3 Lord?
No some years away, Russia's territorial claims shall escalate with the USA, a limited nuclear exchange between them will occur, but a potential total catastrophie shall be avoided by the intervention of China, world markets will oscillate sometimes wildly gaining, then losing.
It is interesting as having just found this word some five years down the line, it is interesting to note the Conservatives have come to power all be it with such a poor majority that they have had to make a deal with the liberal democrats! Also a very large anti EU back bench movement within this government is calling for a referendum on the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, even in Europe people are openly talking what if the United Kingdom should leave the EU.
I felt that if Barack Obama, should be re-elected then no way would there be a joint US/Iraeli strike even contemplated on Iran, the Russia word about territorial claims I find awkward as I cannot think ahead to what territorial claim could make two superpowers come to a major nuclear incident, I have to admit to not being very keen on the more war like parts of this word, but I offer it for prayer and reinterpretation.
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