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Ameristan to Outlaw Christianity

Ameristan to Outlaw Christianity
July 15, 2014  
This is scary but no surprise.  We now live in an Islamic nation.
Yes - this is now Ameristan.
All pretense has been dropped, and the anti-Christian left hatred for liberty, our First Amendment and Religious Freedom is now on full display.
After the Supreme Court recent Hobby Lobby opinion, I observed that the left is having an utter meltdown over having one a small measure of control over others wrested away.

Demoncrats in Congress have a legislative Hobby Lobby fix that stands zero chance of passing and would be struck down as unconstitutional even if it did, and The ACLU withdrew support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because it does not adequately outlaw the practice of Christianity.

Evil or Very Mad    The Hobby Lobby fix
Evil SINator Harry Reid fumed he will ensure that women lives are not determined by 5 white men. To which Justice Clarence Thomas replied, Say what, honky? Forum Index -> America NEWS
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