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Americas collapse is inevitable


Americas collapse is inevitable

In my opinion, the collapse of America occurred before 2008 when Barak Hussein Obama usurped the whitehouse.

We are Living on Borrowed Time
Pastor Robert Jeffress
I believe Americas collapse is inevitable.
Robert Jeffress is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. The sermon is based on his book, Twilight's Last Gleaming, published in 2011.  

Implosions begin with a series of seemingly unrelated explosions, followed by a pause, and then a sudden collapse.
When demolition people take down buildings, they explode the dynamite, there is a pause, and then the law of physics will take over.
Without those foundational supports, the buildings will fall in on themselves under their own weight.

4 Explosive Decisions

The last 50 years U.S. Supreme Court has made 4 explosive decisions that have so weakened the moral and spiritual structure and foundation of our country that our inevitable collapse is certain. Right now we're simply living between that time of the explosions that have weakened our basic foundation, and the coming implosion.

Explosion / Decision Number 1

Supreme Court case in 1962 that removed prayer in the public schools
A simple 22-word voluntary prayer was deemed unconstitutional. And of course, it is from that decision that all of the other court decisions cascaded concerning prayer, showing government is not neutral toward religion, but rather is hostile toward it. And government is especially hostile toward the Christian religion.

Explosion Number 2

1980 decision stopped the posting of the Ten Commandments in public schools
The Court said:
If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effect at all, it will induce the school children to read,
meditate upon, perhaps venerate and obey the Commandments. This is not a permissible state objective under the establishment clause of the First Amendment.
In other words, if we post the Ten Commandments, children may actually read, venerate and, heaven forbid, obey them!

Explosion Number 3

1973 Roe-Wade decision to kill babies in a cruel procedure called ABORTION, which is the slaughter of unborn babies

Explosion Number 4

struck down Sodomy laws, loosing the homosexual curse upon the USA.

America's Demise is Inevitable
Our Chat With Robert Jeffress After Sunday's Sermon

US Supreme Court raping AmeriKKKa!


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Dhimmitude, Islam conquored America, Christians a THREAT

The ENDA of Christianity

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