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Ambassador Wolves * Photos, videos, webcam, chat


Ambassador Wolves

Photos, videos, webcam, chat

The International Wolf Center maintains a live wolf exhibit at Ely, Minnesnowta
I began this blog in January 2014 on a day its snowing in the wolf enclosure.
Links to Photos, videos, logs, live cam

Live wolf cam
The cams give us about 20 minutes then automaticly end.

WOLF CHAT is tricky
There is a chat for wolves without a video.
There is video of the wolves without chat.
BUT we are in luck.  We can pop the chat stream OUT (find a paper clip and click on it),
collapse that window, and watch the wolves on the cams link.
Since there is both a SS and a chatroom, see both.
Here is the link for CHAT  (no video, chat only)

Wolf Center staff provide weekly updates on the physical and behavioral observations of our ambassador wolves along with an image depicting their behaviors. Each ambassador wolf has their own wolf log page that you may view by clicking on the face of the wolf you would like to learn more about.  You may also explore the archived logs organized by month and year to learn more about the history of each wolf.

The Exhibit Pack refers to the wolves in the main enclosure. Members of the pack may vary
as wolves age and new wolf pups are socialized and added to the Exhibit. Currently, the
Exhibit Pack consists of Aidan and Denali, two northwestern gray wolves, born on April 27, 2008
and Luna and Boltz, believed to be great plains gray wolves born in March 2012.

The Retired Pack has been in existence since 2002.
In the wild, wolves have the freedom to leave their pack or disperse. In captivity, managers have to make that decision for the wolves.

Wolves videos

Defending food - with sound

Yellowstone Wolfpack video
This is a good BBC documentary of the lives of a wild free wolf pack

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Aidan is the Dominant male of this pack.

Each wolf in the Exhibit and Retired Pack will have weekly updates posted to reveal their individual personalities and the dynamics of their respective packs, please check the individual logs for details.

Aidan and Denali were born on April 27, 2008 and joined the Exhibit Pack August 2008.
Aidan was the more submissive of the two pups during the first few years of his life.
Aidan took on a higher ranking role and was the leader in the introduction of the 2012 pups, Luna and Boltz. Aidan continues to guard the 2012 pups and is quick to show them both dominance and social interactions.

Dominant Pair Bonding
January 20th, 2014 - Aidan and Luna
pair up when it comes to dominance, but Luna is not quite the roll on the ground pack mate seeking to form a social bond.  Aidan seems to know when to interact, and when to to let the rest of the pack mates wrestle.  Aidan has complete control of the pack without any indication that he is being tested by Boltz or Denali.  

We acquired Luna, the big black wolf, as a 20 day old pup.
Luna is representative of the Great Plains subspecies.
Luna was introduced to the Exhibit Pack with Boltz on July 30th.
As a female pup, Luna will not be as involved in dominance rank order issues with the males, but certainly shows her own status as the lone female in the pack.

January 20th, 2014
Luna has taken to the role of the dominant female
and she shows no hesitation to assert her status.  
Luna is probably the most active pack member in the Exhibit Pack.

This male pup joined the Exhibit Pack on July 30th, 2012
and was originally nicknamed Bolts for his characteristic of bolting through the wolf yard and open gates to gain access to the shared fence line with Aidan and Denali. He is approximately 8 days older than Luna.  Boltz is representative of the Great Plains subspecies.

Aidan and Denali were born on April 27, 2008 and joined the Exhibit Pack on August 4th, 2008.  Denali was fairly immune to dominance rank order. He was more prone to social engagement and avoided interactions that related to dominance.
Since the introduction of the 2012 pups, Luna and Boltz, Denali continues to be food possessive and socially engaging with the pups, but doesn’t show them much dominance.

January 20th, 2014
Denali is the largest wolf
in the Exhibit Pack, but he is the least likely to start any dominance, of course, unless it’s over food.  Denali seems to avoid conflict.

Wolf photos - click to read info on each wolf

January 20, 2014
White wolves were sleeping inside den when snowing, later went on patrol then stood on top of den.
I have to wonder if the 2 white wolves are bored.
The younger wolves were bounding around.
Crows in the pen.  White wolf chased one who teased him.
I see they are howling, but there is no sound.

January 21, 2014
About dawn cams did not work.
8.00 am  White wolf lying on top of den, one inside - crows eating in wolf pack area
 the pack chased them off, so a bunch of crows teased the white wolves

January 23, 2014
8.00 am  It looks like wolves have been fed, but I missed it.  Crows scavening.
A chunk is lying outside white den and one of the pack is carrying a chunk
What is inside white den?  The white wolves are 2 males.
That big black wolf female LUNA is a beauty!

January 24, 2014
Its snowing AGAIN.  It seems to snow during the night every day!
6.52 am sun splashed thru the trees, wolves eyes glowing.
7.00 am  the pack trots into view  -  white wolves are snoozing
7.10  -  3 humans in white wolf den
  It appears each of the white wolves has his favorite human.
7.38  Now the people are in the pack's pen - rakng straw
8.25 am it appears they are all howling - no sound, I'd love to hear it

Jan 25
4 am  snowing again!
In the afternoon the sky is blue and sunny

January 27th, 2014  wolf log

Luna – Queen of the Hill
We had some snow removal on the Center’s building roof that created an excess amount of snow in the Wolf Exhibit.  This required a bobcat with a bucket attachment to move the snow away from the building and resulted in several huge piles of snow.  All the wolves climbed on the piles, but Luna seemed to take advantage of the addition to her height.

Aidan - The Influence of Direct Stares
Aidan looked quite relaxed on the snow pile and it appears to be true, the dominant wolves tend to utilize the height advantage.  We have also noticed some interesting facial expressions from Aidan, specifically after the yearlings display high energy juvenile behavior.

Jan 31
Luna appears to be in heat.  She was romping with one male, then Aiden demanded submission from that male.
Boltz is definitely submissive, he was on his back.
I didnt watch long.

February 14th, 2014  wolf log

in a Moment of Rest
Aidan is the barometer of the pack.  If he can rest, we know the pack is calm.  The winter hormones seem to always have a slight tendency to increase the intensity, but despite continual sub-zero days, the pack remains very social.  While we had hoped for stronger pair bonding between Aidan and Luna, the issues is less likely with Aidan than with Luna’s intense possession and guarding of food.  We continue to work on Luna’s diet as we know it has a direct impact on Aidan’s rest.

Luna – An Example Of Resilence
Luna is a great example of resilience. Despite all the issues she had as a pup, she is active, agile and tolerant of the sub-zero winter.  Her resilience doesn’t end with the cold nights and a leg issue, she shows resilience in her ability to control wolves 30 – 40 pounds larger with a a direct eye stare, a lunge and a growl.  Yet, when the mood is right, she’s tail wagging and greeting with the pack.

Denali – The Lower Ranking Brother
In the wolf world, size does not equate to dominance and Denali demonstrates this well.  This winter, as Luna and Boltz matured, Denali could have clearly established himself over Boltz.  But, he spent the winter socially engaging as if he were a pup mate, not an older pack mate.  Where Denali is concerned, the only thing worth having a dominance struggle is over a deer leg or a beaver carcass.

Boltz – When Opportunities Exist
When Boltz has an opportunity to make a few status point, even if it’s over the pack leader, the young adult behavior stimulates him to take the opportunity.  These opportunities exist when Aidan is in a strong social mood and displays a snowplow in the fresh snow.  A snowplow involves rolling on the ground and pushing your nose through the powder snow.  But, this is a vulnerable position if there’s a young adult close by.  When Aidan is on his back, the opportunity exists for Boltz to show some status and as this photo shows, he shows some intensity.  But, Aidan is strong and confident, a quick snarl and some forward motion reminds Boltz that it will be a few more years before he can attempt the pack leader role.

March 25th, 2014  wolf log
March 22 I had only seen 1 white wolf, the other is gone.  Finally they blogged it.
Every morning I see Shadow howling, he is lonely.

Retired pack

Malik, the white wolf
Born May 8, 2000 - Died March 2014  Retired November 2009
After this log, Malik will transition to the Gone but Not Forgotten Pack.  
We have lost a great pack member who looked for the perfect opportunity to steal a hat.  
Malik made his final journey to the University of Minnesota Diagnostics lab for a necropsy.
We will miss Malik dearly and are grateful to all the people who have sent words of support.

We are very aware of the impact Malik’s loss may have on Shadow.
We know his howling has increased and he has been very quick to howl when staff leave.

I thot this wolf was dead but he is still living
Born on May 5, 2004

Grizzer – Strong Communication With Malik
March 25th, 2014
 Malik had a strong connection with Malik.  
Beginning March 17th we saw a daily/evening pattern of Grizzer howling in response to Malik.  
These howls were the subuded, low throated tones of an animal after a change or a loss of packmate.  
Maybe Grizzer knew things before humans did.

Mar 31, 2014
Shadow is howling

April 2014
Malik, an Arctic subspecies of the gray wolf, born on May 8, 2000, was euthanized after a short physical decline identified by staff.  A complete necropsy was done and his decline appears to have been caused from a ruptured mass in his abdomen and a mass on his kidney.  
He was euthanized less than 2 months prior to his 14th birthday.

Wolf logs

Live webcam

Shadow was euthanized on July 2, 2014. Forum Index -> Misc
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