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AirAsia plane crashes into Java Sea

Air Asia QZ 8501 - crash or bomb?
Air Asia flight bound for Singapore lost contact with air traffic
December 28, 2014
- An AirAsia plane travelling from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore has lost contact with air traffic control on Sunday morning.
QZ 8501 has 155 passengers and crew on board, including one Singaporean, one British, one Malaysian, three Koreans and 149 Indonesians, according to Indonesia's Transport Ministry.

"AirAsia Indonesia regrets to confirm that flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore has lost contact with air traffic control at 07:24 hrs this morning,'' said an airline statement.
"At the present time, we unfortunately have no further information regarding the status of the passengers and crew members on board.
"Search and rescue operations are in progress and AirAsia is cooperating fully and assisting the rescue service,'' said the airline.

The Airbus 320-20 took off from Surabaya at 5.20 am local time on Sunday and was scheduled to land at Changi Airport at 8.30 am, according to Metro TV. Transport Ministry official Hadi Mustofa told Metro TV that the plane lost contact somewhere between Kalimantan and Belitung island.

Mr Tatang Zainudin of Indonesia's national search and rescue agency told MetroTV that the pilot might have faced extreme weather condition.
The Straits Times understands that Singapore's RSAF will be dispatching a c130 to look for the missing plane.
AirAsia has established an Emergency Call Centre for family or friends of those who may have been on board the flight. The number is +622 129850801

I personally believe the Muslim pilot killed them.
1/3 of the passengers were Christians.

Indonesia news
Other planes have gone down here

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


AirAsia jet disappears over Java Sea
December  28, 2014  -   Flight 8501 / QZ 8501
from Indonesia to Singapore loses contact with 162 aboard.  Flight 8501 Airbus 320 requested deviation due to Heavy thunderstorms in area, then communication with the aircraft was lost.  It had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact.
This is the third air incident connected to Malaysia this year, 2014.
Weather conditions were poor in the search area.
A British national was on board missing AirAsia flight QZ8501,7340,L-4608416,00.html

The Airbus A320 disappeared midway into the 2 hour flight and no distress call was issued.
(Strains of 'The Minnow had been lost on a 2 hour tour' float thru my head.)

Bad weather

I thot the US military hijacked MH370 midflight and took it to Diego Garcia.
Same story?  But why?  Test subjects?  For what?  One passenger the target?

Malaysia Airlines, lost two aircraft this year.

Flight MH370
went missing on March 8 on a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board and has still not been found.

MH17 shot down over Ukraine, most probably by a Kiev fighter jet.


Australian plane spots objects in sea
December  29, 2014  
-   CNN Breaking news update 4:42 a.m. ET
Indonesia cannot confirm that any objects from Flight QZ8501 have been spotted.
Search suspended, bad weather at sea.

Australian plane spots objects in AirAsia search area.
Search and rescue chief believes the plane is at the bottom of the sea.
An Australian search plane spotted objects hundreds of miles away, but it was too early to know whether either was connected to the missing aircraft.,7340,L-4608830,00.html,7340,L-4608891,00.html

Shocked     Al-Qaeda urges attacks on Western airlines,7340,L-4608854,00.html

-   Muzzimz bombed it - boom - gone
-   CIA bombed it - ditto - gone
-   Its in the sea - crashed
-   It was hijacked to Diego Garcia like MH370
-   other

Plane found
December  30, 2014
-  Indonesia confirms debris found in Java Sea from missing AirAsia jet.
Red and white debris sighted off Kalimantan is probably from AirAsia jet, official says.

40 Bodies found
December  30, 2014
-  At least 40 bodies have been recovered from the sea in the search for missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501.  The bodies were spotted along with debris floating in the Java Sea off the Indonesian part of Borneo, in one of the search zones for the plane.
There has been no official confirmation that the remains come from the plane.

Indonesia reports objects found during aerial search for missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501.
Ships en route from China and Japan.,7340,L-4609255,00.html

Indonesia  recovered several bodies floating in waters near Borneo island.
The bodies, swollen but intact, did not have life jackets on.,7340,L-4609310,00.html

Shadow of a plane seen at bottom of Java Sea,7340,L-4609358,00.html

Exclamation    How can GPS lose a jet?
Critics ask how AirAsia jetliner went missing off Indonesia coast in age of GPS
Air travel advocates are demanding global aviation authorities explain how an AirAsia jetliner with 162 people aboard got lost at a time when satellites monitor society's every move.
It should be impossible for an airliner to go missing!

Exclamation Question AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared
December 29, 2014
Fernandes decision to dump the shares less than a week before AirAsia Flight QZ8501 disappeared over the Java Sea prompted some to speculate that he may have had prior knowledge of the incident.

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings just days before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501. On December 26, the Malaysian Insider reported that Fernandes had sold a total of 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, with 850,000 shares being dumped on December 22, and the other 94,800 being sold the day after.

Life jacket on one victim (proven false later)
December 31, 2014
- AirAsia victim with life jacket raises questions about plane's last moments.
A body recovered from the crashed AirAsia plane was wearing a life jacket, raising questions about how the disaster unfolded. Rescuers believe they have found the plane on the ocean floor off Borneo.,7340,L-4609741,00.html

Unbelievably steep climb before crash
December 31, 2014  Investigators piecing together what led to the AirAsia Flight 8501 disaster discovered radar evidence indicating that the plane made an "unbelievably" steep climb moments before the crash.

"So far, the numbers taken by the radar are unbelievably high. This rate of climb is very high, too high. It appears to be beyond the performance envelope of the aircraft."

One of the bodies recovered was wearing a life jacket, but later took back the claim.
It seems all the wreckage found has drifted more than 50 kilometers (31 miles) from yesterday's location.

Surabaya Manwar Sharon Church lost 40 members in the crash. On Wednesday, around 100 relatives gathered for a prayer service in an hall at the Surabaya airport where the Rev. Philip Mantofa urged the crowd to hold onto their faith, despite their pain.

The Plane Had Terrorist supporters aboard.
Adding to the mystery of Flight QZ8501 is a post on a Chinese forum
predicting that a plane will be disappearing from AirAsia's fleet was posted 13 days before the civilian jet crashed
"The International Black Hand" is behind the plane disappearances.

Question AirAsia license in Indonesia might be revoked.
January 3, 2015
- AirAsia QZ8501 might NOT have had permission to fly on Sunday, its flights on this route had been officially suspended for that day of the week since October.
"We will also investigate the party that gave permission to AirAsia to fly on that day."
Search teams have discovered two large parts of AirAsia QZ8501, and 30 bodies of victims have been recovered, Indonesian search officials said.

46 Christians on flight
1/3 of the flight were people from the same Christian denomination.

Christian Missionaries family aboard

So now its appearing to me a Muslim pilot knew IN ADVANCE he would kill Christians in a suicide flight.

Tail of AirAsia plane located
January  7, 2015
 -  The tail of missing AirAsia Flight 8501 has been located in the Java Sea.
The tail houses the cockpit voice and flight data recorders (black boxes) which could give investigators clues as to the cause of the crash.
It was found in a secondary search area.
The Airbus went down Dec. 28, halfway through a two-hour flight.

AirAsia Black Boxes Found
January 9, 2015
- Searchers detected pings from the black boxes of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 in the Java Sea.
Pings from the data recorder, cockpit voice recorder detected.
This data is crucial in any air crash investigation, and often reveals the true causes of any air mishap.
Divers to lift the tail section out of 100 feet of water.

AirAsia plane tail lifted from seabed
January 10, 2015
- The Indonesian navy has retrieved the tail of the AirAsia plane from the seabed that crashed two weeks ago. It was upside down and partially buried off the coast of Borneo. They are also searching for the "black box" flight recorders, which officials believe have been separated from the tail section.

Did an explosion cause AirAsia jet crash?
January 12, 2015
-  Indonesian navy divers retrieved the black box flight data recorder from the wreck of an AirAsia passenger jet.  One official said the plane probably exploded before hitting the water and another disputing that theory.  They pulled up the black box flight data recorder.  The second so-called black box, containing the cockpit voice recorder, is located about 20 meters away from where the flight data recorder was found, but divers have not yet been able to get to it.

Supriyadi said the wreckage indicated that the plane likely "experienced an explosion" before hitting the water due to a significant change in air pressure.  He said the left side of the plane seemed to have disintegrated, pointing to a change in pressure that could have caused an explosion.
Fishermen in the area had reported hearing an explosion and saw smoke above the water.
But another official disputed the likelihood of a blast.

Divers recover AirAsia black box flight recorder
January 12, 2015
- Indonesian divers have retrieved the flight data recorder of crashed AirAsia Flight QZ8501. They believe they have also located the cockpit voice recorder, the second part of the so-called black box, but divers have not yet managed to reach it.

AirAsia cockpit voice recorder retrieved
January 12, 2015
-   Divers retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the wreck of AirAsia Tuesday.
The cockpit voice recorder records conversations between the pilots and with air traffic controllers.
It was found close to where the flight data recorder was recovered from the bottom of the Java Sea.
The cockpit voice recorder is on board an Indonesian navy vessel.
Investigators may need up to a month to get a complete reading of the data.

AirAsia plane fuselage located
January 14, 2015
- The main body of the crashed AirAsia plane has been located and photographed in the Java Sea. The words painted on the side of the wreckage confirmed the plane was flight QZ8501.
Dozens of bodies have been found but many of the passengers and crew are thought to still be inside the plane, which made finding the fuselage so important.

Anyone else find it odd none of the radio-TV yakkers mentioned a bomb or shot down?  or a Muslim suicide pilot?  We seem to have worldwide protection of Islamic terror.
The pilot PROBABLY blew the plane up - and it was planned - JIHAD MURDER

ALLAHU AKBAR!  Last word on AirAsia Flight 8501
January 15, 2015
-  Investigator Nurcahyo Utomo, expert examiner blackbox recording of NTSC was assigned to check the recording of conversation of Air Asia QZ8501 Captain irianto.  Utomo knew the pilot.  According to Utomo, the last words heard from the black box recording is ''Allahu Akhbar.
The words that make me cringe

Freep hyper-denials
The contents of the QZ8501 CVR has NOT been released to the public.

AirAsia plane, crash or bomb?
Last words of pilot - Allahu Akbar!


CEO sells Air Asia stock day before crash.
No final transmission.
Plane was not permitted to fly that day.
1/3 of the passengers were Christians.

It was known about in advance - planned

AirAsia QZ8501
January 25, 2015  
-  Indonesia claims AirAsia flight QZ8501 fuselage may be too fragile to be lifted, it kept breaking into pieces.

AirAsia Still sounds to me like a Muslim premeditated JIHAD MURDER!

AirAsia captain left seat before jet lost control
January 31, 2015  -  The captain of the AirAsia jet that crashed into the sea in December was out of his seat conducting an unorthodox procedure when his co-pilot apparently lost control, and by the time he returned it was too late to save the plane.  Maintenance problems on the Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC), and the way the pilots reacted to them, were at the heart of the investigation.
After trying to reset this device, pilots pulled a circuit-breaker to cut its power.

Details emerging of the final moments of Flight QZ8501 are likely to focus attention partly on maintenance, procedures and training.  The Airbus A320 jet plunged into the Java Sea while en route from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore on Dec. 28, 2014 killing all 162 people on board.,7340,L-4621211,00.html

AirAsia pilots cut power to a critical computer
AirAsia has refused to verify reports the pilots on board QZ8501 cut power to a critical computer system before the A320 plunged into the Java Sea.

AirAsia Black box reveals warning alarms were screaming as plane went down
The contents of the flight data recorder and black box are still undergoing analysis and an official cause of the crash has not yet been revealed.  But Fairfax has reported people close to the investigation have claimed the pilots cut power to the computer systems in order to fly the plane manually, after striking severe weather.
What happened next is thought to have resulted in the crash, with the aircraft placed into a steep climb which led to its stalling.  Airbus advises against disconnecting power to computer systems because they are closely interconnected.

FAC - multiple failures assist?

Air Asia flight forced to turn back
February 8, 2015  
-  The pilots of Air Asia Flight D7172 from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah were forced to abort and turn back to Malaysia Sunday.  One of the auto-thrusters was not working properly.  
Jeddah is on the coast of the Red Sea of western Saudi Arabia.

This is ANOTHER flight, but AirAsia Forum Index -> World NEWS
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