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Afghanistan (Jews, ISIS etc)

ISIS-DAESH in Afghanistan South Asia
February 2, 2015
 -  The ISIS terrorists are expanding operations to Afghanistan.
There is evidence of a connection between ISIS and the Taliban.

ISIS heartland is Iraq and Syria, but it is building a presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
ISIS has named Pakistani Taliban commander Saeed Khan a regional leader for South Asia.

Shocked  A heavy concentration of Jews is in Afghanistan and Pakistan!
They trace their ancestry way back but must appear as Muslim for their safety.

I have 2 other threads and I dont want to combine

Afghanostan War is Obama's Viet nam


LEVANT WAR * Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Sinai, ISIL, ISIS
February 2015 it appears ISIS is moving into Afghanistan

Taliban are Deobandi Sunni Muslims
Deobandi is like a weird mix of Salafi and Sufi.  They hate Shia

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Afghanistan landslide
April 28, 2015
-  A massive landslide kills 52 in northeastern Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province.

NEPAL earthquake

I wonder if that landslide in Afganstan was result of Nepal quake.
Afghanistan is west of Nepal, with Pakistan in between.
God is shaking Earth

Afghan govt. to meet Taliban in Qatar for talks
May 2, 2015
-  A delegation from the Afghan government heads to Qatar for a meeting with Taliban.
A Taliban official in Qatar said some Pakistani officials would also be present.
REMEMBER - Obama sent the 5 GITMO Talibrains to Qatar - where they are free to go anywhere!  
These 5 are hardened terrorist leaders!

5 Talibrains traded for traitor Bergdahl

Obama gave the Taliban 5 of its brains to plan more terrorism!
Evil or Very Mad

Afghan parliament bombs
June 22, 2015 -  Taliban
explode several bombs in Afghan Parliament in Kabul with politicians inside.  4 explosions shook the Afghan parliament in Kabul followed by gunfire.  The Taliban took credit.
Gunmen attacked the building. It was unclear if the other explosions were caused by bombs or grenades. The attack occurred as the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was about to introduce his nominee for defense minister.  The timing of the attack was intentional.
Taliban attack on the Afghan parliament in Kabul has ended with all six gunmen killed

Afghanistan Blast targets NATO convoy
June 30, 2015
-  Suicide truck bomb kills 2, wounds 40 in Afghanistan. Bomber detonated at the gate of police headquarters.  A suicide bomber attacked a convoy of foreign troops serving with NATO near Kabul Airport, close to the US Embassy and Supreme Court.

Mullah Omar - uh - 'dead'
July 29, 2015 -  Taliban leader Mullah Omar dead
Afghan, Pakistani govt sources report the death of the Taliban commander, Mullah Mohammad Omar.
'Mullah' is a title like pastor, Imam.  The Afghan Taliban are not divulging any information.
Maybe, or maybe not.  These terrorists are declared dead then re-surface a few months later.
BBC calls him 'dead' - they doubt it too.

The Mullah Omar myth
July 30, 2015
-  Mullah Omar may never have existed!
Whether or not Mullah Omar is dead or alive, his long absence from public view is posing a growing threat to the strength of the Afghan Taliban.  Taliban acting commander Akhtar Mohammad Mansour.  The Taliban are facing a growing challenge from ISIS and their Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

HUGE explosion rocks central Kabul
August 7, 2015 -
 Truck bomb exploded next to an Afghan army compound, killing several and wounding 400, most hit by flying glass.  Most of the victims are civilians.  No one claimed responsibility.  Taliban are suspect.

Taliban bombings kill cops in Kabul
August 8, 2015
-  A suicide bomber killed dozens of police cadets at a Kabul academy and hit near the airport in a wave of attacks that began with a huge Kabul truck bomb. The Taliban took credit.  The demon bomber wore a police uniform and detonated among students.  -

44 dead, hundreds wounded in separate attacks, including bombings at US base and Kabul Police Academy.  Its the deadliest day in the Afghan capital since the NATO combat mission ended in December.
This marked a serious breach of security.

US military confirmed that a US service member was killed in an attack on NATO in Kabul Friday.
You can thank Obama who released 5 Talibrains from GITMO.


April  22, 2016
-  Ten Muslims prematurely detonate making bombs inside Mosque.  At least 10 Muslim terrorists were blown up by their own explosives in southeastern Ghazni province in Andar district.  The officials further added that the explosives went off prematurely, leaving all 10 terrorists dead.


Afghanistan *  2 NATO soldiers killed
May 8, 2016
 -  2 service members from Romania killed in attack on Afghan base by men in Afghan uniform.  Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack near Kandahar.  Damned Obama needs to allow our guys to keep loaded weapons - and shoot the Muslim bastards.

Afghanistan road accident kills 50
Buses collide with fuel tanker in Afghanistan's Ghazni province killing at least 50 people

Afghanistan *  Kabul suicide bombing
May 25, 2016
DEBKA  -  More than 10 people were killed and dozens of others were injured in the Afghan capital Kabul when a suicide bomber blew himself up next to a bus carrying court employees. The attack occurred hours after the Taliban announced the death of its leader Mullah Mansour in a US drone strike in Pakistan, and the appointment of Haibatullah Akhunzada to replace him.

Afghanistan should be rich!
June 6, 2016
-  But Afghanistan is too corrupt.  Lapis should be a powerful resource for development.  The lapis lazuli gemstone is one of Afghanistan's greatest treasures.  Profits from lapis trade are funnelled into politicians pockets instead of going to the people.  Lapis is a major source of income for the Taliban.

Lapis is a vivid dark blue, often flecked with specks of pyrite (fool's gold) which sparkle like tiny stars.  The greatest reserves of this blue treasure are in Afghanistan, where it has been mined for 6,000 years.

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone prized since antiquity for its intense colour.  At the end of the Middle Ages it began to be exported to Europe, where it was ground into powder and made into the expensive blue pigment ultramarine.

Afghanistan, 60 dead in attack
July 23, 2016
-  Death toll in Kabul 61, with 200 injured.
ISIS behind an attack on a protest march in Kabul.
At least 3 suicide bombers in the rally. The first detonated an explosives vest, the second was killed by police, while the third had a defective explosives vest. The fate of the third attacker is unknown.

Taliban Kabul bomb attack
Aug 1, 2016
 -  A Taliban truck bomb exploded outside Northgate Hotel used by foreigners in Kabul, ripping a deep crater in the ground, causing few casualties.  Attacker was killed after detonating his vehicle and 2 were killed by police. One police officer was killed and four were wounded.  Explosion took out the city’s electricity.

ISIS claims U.S. weapons in Afghanistan
Aug 7, 2016
 -   Islamic State released photos showing weapons and equipment that belonged to American soldiers and were captured in eastern Afghanistan.  The photos show an American portable rocket launcher, radio, grenades and other gear not commonly used by Afghan troops.

This is how Obama-Hellary continually supply ISIS.

Did ISIS kill Kabul  U.S. commander
Aug 15, 2016
 -  ISIS claims they assassinated US military commander and 2 Afghan officers in Kabul.  NATO  said no one was killed in the attack.  Several ANA members were wounded.

To me from a vet
Aug 9, 2016  
-  - Afghanistan became Obama's war.  Democrats are too stupid to understand history or even recognize reality.  Obama purposely drops supplies to ISIS.  Military troops know it, the Pentagon knows it, ISIS knows it.  Our media ignores it.  Just like they still say weapons of mass destruction are not in Iraq.  2 large stockpiles were found and were guarded until Obama pulled our soldiers off.

Oct 20, 2016
 DEBKA -  A terrorist in Afghan army uniform kills 2 Americans at base near Kabul with an automatic weapon.  3 others were wounded.  Chances are it was a USA weapon.

27 killed at Kabul Shiite mosque
Nov 21, 2016  Afghanistan
 -  A suicide bomber kills 27 and injured 80 people inside Shiite mosque, Kabul.  An explosion at the crowded Shiite Baqir ul Olum mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, Taliban denied responsibility for the attack. hmmmm

Bombings in 3 cities kill around 50
Jan 11, 2017  
-  Twin bombings outside the Afghan parliament in Kabul. Most of the victims were civilians including parliament staff.  Reports spoke of a suicide bomber on foot followed by a car bomb.

Taliban Muslim terrorists bombings across 3 Afghan cities including Kabul killed around 50 people and wounded 100 others.  A sofa detonated inside the governor's compound in Kandahar during a visit by the UAE ambassador to Afghanistan, who escaped the attack with injuries.  5 UAE officials were killed.  US-backed forces are fighting Taliban.


Afghanistan Work accident
Jan 19, 2017  
-  Taliban Bomb Maker Accidentally Blows up himself and 4 sons.  Hahahahaha!

Afghanistan *  ISIS bombs Kabul hospital
Mar 9, 2017  debka
-  Over 30 killed in ISIS attack on military hospital in Kabul.  ISIS gunmen disguised as medical staff attacked a military hospital in Afghanistan's capital, leaving 30 people dead and dozens injured. The assault started with a suicide bombing at the back of the hospital and then continued with gunmen opening fire inside the building. Afghan security forces fought the gunmen for hours. The hospital is located across the road from the US embassy.

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