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AEF   American Eagle Foundation
Eastern Tennessee near Dollywood
AEF has a SS and chatroom

Pic on right taken May 3 - newly hatched

The more I hear about the AEF setup the more I am uncomfortable with it.

April 27, 2013 exchange
AEF put an eaglet in a foster parent nest to be raised.
I asked where that eaglet came from, couldnt the parents care for it?

bluemeanie said
The eggs are hatched in an incubator and given to parents with a higher success rate

My question
so you have nests where eagles are like chickens, they produce eggs that AEF takes and gives to other eagles in their controlled enclosures.
I asked how many of the eagle eggs they take from the parent and put in incubator hatch, and they didnt know.

They call eagles *unreleasable* yet they have full flight and are not injured.
I need to observe more.


Lee Greenwood & Eagle 'Challenger" at High Point University 2008 (AEF)

Dolly Parton Releases Bald Eagle "Liberty" (AEF)

Escape and Capture of AEF Bald Eagle named Volunteer
The Entire Story
 I found this sad, that they caught him.
During a storm in September 2011, a tree in the Bald Eagle aviary at Dollywood fell over, ripping a hole in the netted ceiling of the aviary. Bald Eagle "Volunteer" discovered the hole before his human caregivers, and made his escape, leaving "Hero" his mate of 22 years behind. For three weeks and 2 days, caregivers from the American Eagle Foundation searched for Volunteer, responding at all hours of the day and night to sightings of Volunteer, called in by people in the area. Finally, on Sunday morning, October 4th, Volunteer was safely captured and after getting a clean bill of health (altho underweight), was reunited with Hero.

AEFeaglet release 2012

Splish splash I was takin a bath!
Female AEF eagle

Amazing Free-Flying Bald Eagle "Challenger" (AEF)

Bald Eagle PSA By Dolly Parton (AEF)

Life is hard but God is good  song

From what I have observed, a lot of cam people who run the chatrooms are anti-Christian and some are just crazy!
Wildlife cams is NOT the real world.  Some mods and many of the guests are nice.  
Someone typed in red and I said hi red, and I was threatened by one of the moderators for that cam!  Thats insane!


May 2
Both eggs hatched today, first in the morning, 2nd in the evening.

Once again, moderators equate *respect* for AEF leaders with WORSHIP.  That is IDOLATRY!

I made a comment that the hatching eagle egg was in pieces and got banned.
I guess that was inevitable.

ONE mod is nice there at AEF

May 5, 2013
AEF increasingly seems like a zoo.  I dont think its kind to keep bald eagles for breeding purposes.
As soon as the 2 eaglets on cam were born they began asking for donations.
They take the eaglets away from the parents out to a lake to release them.
In nature the parents continue to feed their young after they fledge for maybe 6 weeks.

AEF fear of eaglets seeing humans is absurd.  Eagles in the wild see humans.

Its just plain cruel for their man made nests to have such high rails.
And they are close by each other.  The eagle has about a 2 miles territory, not a 2 foot distance from another breeding pair.

AEF has video archives, but edits out the parts I want to see
such as them taking the eaglets from the nest to let them loose miles away - alone.

AEF is a zoo.
The beautiful proud free flying symbol of America would be better off dead.
Their eagles are imprisoned.  They are not free.
What few Americans realize is that since 2008 we too have increasingly lost our freedom.

Raptor Resource Project

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