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9.7 quake coming to West Coast on Oct 3rd 2013?

This is probably another false flag; however this article claims 3 separate sources have been given the same thing.

Net rumors of a major catastrophic quake coming in the area of Puerto Rico also.
These are the LAST DAYS and the bible says earthquakes.
Luke 21, Matthew 24, Revelation


Internet rumors

Still only rumours, nothing ever eventuates from them.

See how certain people were with the Syria thing that this was definitely it, WWIII was beginning, yet still another false flag.

I do not feel right about the 9.7 on Oct 3rd. It doesn't resonate with me. Other things must happen first, it's too much too soon.

Paid government agents - or agents of satan, to put it another way - create false words with false confirmations. This is to make the Christians weary of these words so that when real ones come, they will be skeptical.

We have mainly only seen the false watchmen until now. The true watchmen are yet to rise.

Man will do what man can - only if GOD permits -
and I KNOW GOD is really sick of seeing whats going on!
Unholy as I am - I hate whats going on!

So clearly the answer to the question is NO. Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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