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56 dead in Russian airliner crash

56 dead in Russian airliner crash
Nov. 17, 2013
A Russian passenger airliner crashed Sunday night while trying to land at the airport in the city of Kazan, killing all 50 people aboard.  The Boeing 737 crashed about 7:20 pm local time (10:20 a.m. EST), an hour after taking off from Moscow.
Reports said the plane appeared to lose altitude as it was making a second landing attempt, crashing and catching fire.
Kazan is 450 miles east of Moscow. Weather in Kazan was reported to be light precipitation and winds of about 8 meters per second (18 mph).

A journalist who had flown on the same aircraft from Kazan to Moscow earlier in the day said that the landing in Moscow had been frightening because of a strong vibration during the final minutes of the flight.

Russia has seen a string of deadly crashes in recent years blamed on aging aircraft, poor crew training, crumbling airports, lax government controls and widespread neglect of safety in the pursuit of profits.

Somehow I am thinking of the 2010 crashassination of the Polish president and his leaders.


Boeing nosedive in Kazan captured as crash causes debated
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