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4 eagles killed in Virginia

4 eagles killed in Virginia
March 13, 2013

Hunters please bury guts so birds dont eat lead and die.
Use non-lead ammo if possible.
4 bald eagles were killed by lead poisoning on the Eastern Shore.  One was still alive but weak.  ( Bald Eagle #13-0174 )
All of them were taken to Wildlife Center of Virginia
4 eagles dead, 1 sick lead poisoning - they eat remains of what hunters shoot.

Bald Eagle #13-0174
On Saturday, March 9, an immature Bald Eagle from Virginia’s Eastern Shore was brought to the Wildlife Center.  The volunteer transporter also brought four dead eagles from the same rescue site.
The unusual circumstances surrounding this eagle’s rescue are being investigated by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Law Enforcement.  The Center collected evidence and is cooperating with the authorities in this investigation.

The immature Bald Eagle, likely a male, was admitted as patient #13-0174.  Dr. Dana Tedesco, the Center’s veterinary intern, examined the bird when it arrived.  The eagle was quiet,  and while the bird was standing in its transport enclosure, its head was drooping.  Dr. Dana performed a physical examination, radiographs, and initial blood work, which included a lead test.  The results came back at 0.27 ppm – an elevated, but not yet critical level of lead, but one that warranted treatment.  Chelation therapy was started.

On radiographs, Dr. Dana was able to see multiple metal fragments in the bird’s digestive tract.  To avoid a continued leaching of the lead into the eagle’s bloodstream, Dr. Dana formulated a “Metamucil slurry” tube-feeding plan so that the metal fragments will quickly move through the eagle’s system.  

Since beginning treatment, the eagle has been a little brighter and more alert.  Additional radiographs will be taken on March 12 to check on the status of the fragments.  An additional lead test will be performed on March 13.


eagle 174 appears to be 3 years old

This is the animal hospital which raised Nixy and her 2 siblings after their Mom was killed

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