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33AD - 2015

While I was researching marriage symbols related to the Bible...
I discovered interesting information how closely western passion
week in 2015 equates to passion week in 33AD.

Friday April 3, 2015 - Passover begins at sundown
Friday April 3, 33AD - Date assumed to be Christ's crucifixion
Friday April 4. 2015 - lunar eclipse [not visible in the Holy Land.]
Friday April 3, 33AD - lunar eclipse

Sunday April 5, 2015 - Western Easter Sunday.
Sunday April 5, 33AD - Assumed date of Christ's resurrection

Also interesting... this year Orthodox Pascha is April 12 -
the 70th anniversary of Truman taking power, the only
world leader to use a nuclear weapon in war... twice.

Palm Sonday, Easter, Passover

* January 2016  I tweeked this thread

The early church held vigil for Jesus' second coming every Easter Eve until midnight...  
midnight being the arrival of God on the first Passover in Egypt... and the arrival
of the bridegroom in Jesus' parable of the 10 virgins.


" In the primitive church, it appears from Lactantius and Jerome there was a universal expectation
of the second coming of our Lord on this night, and the early Christians therefore prepared themselves
for the advent, watching until midnight, which was about the hour of His resurrection "

" Jerome assigns as a reason for the congregation not being dismissed on Easter Eve till after midnight,
that even as the Paschal deliverance of Israel took place at midnight (Exod. xii. 29) it was the expectation
of the church, according to apostolic tradition, that Christ would return to accomplish the redemption
of His church and triumph over her enemies at the same hour.
That hour being passed, the awe with which
the Lord's coming was anticipated being relieved, the Easter Feast was celebrated with universal joy
(Hieron. In Matt. xxv. 6). The same belief is mentioned by Lactautius (ie. Inst. vii. 19), when he speaks
of the night being passed in watchfulness on account of the coming of our King and God. "

" The ceremony may be described as being in its nature a rubrical ceremony as distinguished from a 'mystery,' or ' miracle play;' but there was also a performance permitted (though not enjoined), and regulated by certain quasi-rubrics, which can scarcely be distinguished from a ' mystery.' Different places had their several customs, and the office-books of some of them contain fuller rubrics than are found in others; while a notice of what was enjoined in other countries throws a light on what was done in England. It will further be seen that there existed no rigid rule of uniformity. The ceremony may in general terms be described as the deposit on Maundy Thursday of the consecrated Host and the Crucifix from the High Altar in a place apart, where it remained concealed for a time (the spot being carefully watched and guarded), in signification of the deposit of our Lord's body in the grave; partly also from an ancient belief that His second coming would be on Easter Eve, on account of which St. Jerome conceived that the people should wait in Church until midnight for Christ's appearance. The ceremony was called in England the 'making of the sepulchre,' and allusions to it are numerous. The earliest English authority is as old as the Saxon times, and there are proofs that it lingered in some places down into the reign of Elizabeth. "

Russian/Eastern  Orthodox Pascha is calculated similar to western Easter...
after the Spring equinox... after the first full moon... but the Orthodox method
also uses the Julian calendar [calendar in use in Jesus' time.]

Western Easter [April 5] was the day after Passover [April 3/4].... but here is
the interesting part... according to Leviticus 23:6... Passover is seven days...
the seventh day being April 10... but most jews today observe 8 days, April 11...
the day before Orthodox Pascha, April 12.

"Pascha" which is what Orthodox call their Easter means Passover.

I am also interested in April 12 because it is the 70th anniversary of Truman
coming to power... Truman, the only leader to use a nuclear weapon in war... twice !!

Because of the difference in calculating Orthodox Pascha...
sometimes it falls on the same date as western Easter...  
as it did last year... sometimes it is delayed.

The analogy of this year's delay of Orthodox Pascha...
and the delay of the bridegroom in Jesus' parable of
the 10 virgins... has not escaped my attention.

Lets have ONE global date for Easter
Archbishop of canterbury wants a unified date.

Why not just use GODs date - Passover.
That is when Jesus Christ died - as God's Passover perfect Lamb.
Why paganize it?

Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot

Passover, Crucifixion, blood moon (locked)

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