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GOP 2016 hopefuls in New Hampshire
April 19, 2015
-  Ted Cruz said, "The way to defeat ISIS is simple, we destroy them."
Carly Fiorina, "The world is a more dangerous and more tragic place when America is not leading.  And America has not led for quite some time."

Rand Paul lashed out at military hawks, favors a smaller U.S. footprint in the world.

Mike Huckabee said he has already “survived the Clinton political machine” and would like a chance to try again.  "I know the Clintons all too well, and lived to even tell about it."

John Kasich asked voters to hold off committing to a presidential candidate while he decides.

Donald Trump proposed sending Wall Street negotiators to handle diplomacy.

Bobby Jindal advocated school choice.  He is critical of Commie Core curriculum from HELL.

Jeb Bush said, "Our enemies need to fear us."

Scott Walker

Carly Fiorino

Ted Cruz

Rand Paul

Jeb Bush
Born John Ellis "Jeb" Bush February 11, 1953

Bill and Hellary Clinton

Hellary Clinton emails, Bengazi

Star Spangled Banner
Full Version with Lyrics on Screen  
THINK about these words!

Jerry Golden's vision

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis




Evil or Very Mad     Jeb And Hillary:  The Worst of Evils
By Chuck Baldwin April 23, 2015 - I pulled excerpts

Bush and Clinton families were political adversaries is a façade, they are “best buds.”
Does anyone in the country want to see another Bush vs. Clinton presidential race?
If they do, they have a death wish for America.

Bushes and Clintons are an international Crime Family, all belong in prison.

People talk about the “lesser of two evils.” Well, folks, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the worst of evils. Both of them are owned by the international elite who are hell-bent on destroying capitalism, constitutional government (sorry Chuck 0bama destroyed that) and USA sovereignty.  (0bama destroyed that too)   There is no substantial difference between them.  Between the two, Jeb is probably more dangerous.

Jeb Bush knows where the bodies are buried. He knows every skeleton in every closet in Washington, D.C.- and in foreign capitals.  If Jeb Bush is elected President of the United States, he will make Barack Obama's terms in office look downright benign by comparison.

However, the global elite do not always get their way. Jeb’s nomination is far from locked up. He is almost universally despised among grassroots conservatives. His support for amnesty for illegals, Common Core, Loretta Lynch, have raised major red flags with genuine conservatives.   Can we rise up against Bush in sufficient numbers to derail his candidacy?

Thus far, the only two Republican candidates who are outside the blessing of the global elite are Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

New World Order globalists have been active in many presidential administrations, beginning with Abraham Lincoln.

There is a rumor that Chuck Baldwin has abandoned / cursed Israel
If true that'd be more than sad.

Ted Cruz says what Americans long to hear - but - is it an act?
Rand Paul's horse stumbled out of the gate

I like Walker and Carly

Alternative to HELLary
Is there a serious contender to the old grey mare?  YES!
Martin O’Malley is personable and with a ready smile, a former 2 term mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has not made party comfortable with her.  Democrats are behind a challenge to her.  LOL!  There is too much suspicion of Clinton on the left, and too much history to allow progressives to embrace her.

Martin O'Malley 2016
May 15, 2015
-  Martin O'Malley is getting bolder, and that's a problem for Hillary Clinton.
Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley plans to make an announcement about his political future May 30 in the devil's town of Baltimore.  O'Malley is expected to run for the Demoncrat nomination.

SDA Ben Carson became Republican in 2014
October 13, 2015
Dr. Ben Carson officially joined the Republican Party on HELL-oween 2014.
Carson was formerly independent.  Other records show Carson was also registered as an independent in Maryland.  Carson never voted in any primaries.

Dr. Ben Carson presidential campaign announcement will call for America to “heal, inspire and revive” after 7 hellish years of Barack Hussein Obama.

Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist - a cultist
SDA, Seventh-Day Adventist and JW are CULTS, NOT Christian
There is NO SALVATION from HELL in a CULT

Carly Fiorina
May 3, 2015
-  Carly Fiorina is set to announce her candidacy for the presidency as a Republican, making her the only other woman in the race besides Hillary Clinton.  Fiorina has scheduled a town hall online via Periscope where she’ll take questions.  After that, she embarks on a tour of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Donald Trump is in

Louisiana Bobby Jindal
June 24, 2015
-  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to run for president in 2016.
I like the guy but there are too many now and they already decided on Jeb, regardless what voters want.

Scott Walker
Scott Walker claims to be pro LIFE like GOD is.
Walker is the son of a minister.
Walker signed a bill that required women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion.
Walker will announce Monday July 13th that he's running for U.S. president.
He will sign into law a 20-week abortion ban.

Gov. Scott Walker defeated public-sector labor unions.  Now he is staring down college professors.
The clash of values echoes in his campaign, built around his image as a fighter for conservative causes who has won key battles.

The University of Wisconsin is a liberal bastion of evil.
The lines between the conservative governor and his liberal opponents are sharply drawn.

UNIONS - Greed in kontrol

ABORTION is killing innocent
Thou shalt NOT MURDER INNOCENT is one of the 10 Commandments of GOD!

EDUCATION in the U.S.A. is brainwashing into communism, NWO, globalism, the 666 beast system

Scott Walker

Donald Trump - HERO
Trump is #1 in polls.
Donald Trump making FOOLS of all others
Nobody wants to talk about immigration and crime
July 12, 2015
-  Donald Trump did not back down from controversial statements he made about immigration from Mexico. Mexico is sending people to the U.S. that Mexico doesn't want.  Its a FACT!
Imama Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine are getting very nervous.

We have to take back the heart of our country!
Trump repeatedly referred to illegals as killers and rapists - they ARE, its a FACT.

Presidential candidates scramble to craft new messages
Jose Garcia wants Donald Trump to know he's dead wrong about Mexican immigrants bringing a wave of crime to the United States.  Donald didnt say immigrants, he said ILLEGALS - and using the 2 words together confuses the issue which is not confusing at all!!
Some Republican presidential candidates are foolishly blasting Trump, claiming his views are way out of the mainstream of what most Republicans think.  But Ted Cruz salutes Trump as do Ben Carson and Rick Santorum.

Hillary ISIS/ISIL Clinton will always be remembered for setting up our Benghazi American Consolate for an ASSASINATION HIT on our US Government Personnel, in conspiracy with Obama and Egypt president in 2012 Morsi.

Donald Trump

July 12, 2015
-  GOP Candidates Blast Supreme Court.
Republican presidential candidates courted pro-LIFE.
Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson courted social conservatives gathered in New Orleans for the National Right to Life Convention. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal addressed the group, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush submitted video messages.  Carson, Perry and Rubio each called the ultrasound the best argument for the anti-abortion movement.

BABIES are from GOD

Scott Walker

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

Carly, Walker, and Cruz
July 26, 2015
-  Three Republican candidates had very good weeks.
Conservatives with the ability to lead confidantly without being obnoxious.

Carly Fiorina
Carly’s ability to handle the press and make a name for herself continues.  Mainstream news outlets pretty much ignored the vile Planned Parenthood baby-selling story, Carly Fiorina, however, did not ignore the issue.  The more people see her in action, the more they like her.

Scott Walker
Scott Walker held his ground on illegals and spoke for most of us on the Iran deal.

Ted Cruz
Cruz is a great debater and this week he challenged Majority Leader Mitch 'hopeless' McConnell as too willing to cozy up to Demoncrats and ignore the election promises made to Republican voters.  Cruz said Mcconnel is just like Hairy Reed.  TRUE!

Scott Walker

Cruz, Fiorina, Trump saving Republicans
July 30, 2015
 Townhall  -  Donald Trump put the GOP on life support, as has Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.  They are connecting directly to the people.  Trump is giving Americans an audience we wouldn't have otherwise. Many liberals are listening to conservative ideas that have been ignored or filtered by the media until now.  Trump is speaking truth, people are paying attention - to Cruz and Rubio as well.  Cruz and Fiorina particularly, have wisely capitalized on the Trump phenomena to showcase their own skills.

Carly Fiorina took on Jake Tapper of CNN regarding Planned Parenthood.
Ted Cruz displayed why he's a formidable candidate by creating a spontaneous debate with Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin. In both cases, Cruz and Fiorina framed the debate on their terms.

Take Carly Fiorina's appearance on CNN for example. After being asked by a biased Jake Tapper whether or not she agreed with Hillary Clinton that Governor Scott Walker's bill banning abortions in Wisconsin after 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape and incest was extreme, she refused to take the bait. Instead she did framed the argument on her terms. She didn't allow the left to define her.

Ted Cruz spoke at a CWA rally and beat the left at their own game!  Rather than speak over the rioting left, he invited the leader to debate him on the merits of the Iran nuke deal. She accepted his invitation to engage in civil discourse.  Cruz remained quiet until she finished. When he was interrupted by the rioters, he reminded them that civil discourse requires both sides listening.  When Medea called opponents of the Iran deal "religious zealots" Ted Cruz scolded her for using divisive intolerant language and admonished her to follow proper decorum by not calling names.  He then eviscerated her premise that Obama's deal with Iran would bring about peace in the Middle East.  Cruz used her own arguments against her. Additionally, notice he didn't censor the left despite them attempting to censor him.


Ohio Gov. John Kasich is in the race

July 30, 2015 -  Rep. Trey Gowdy noted that Trump is 100% correct about crimes committed by illegal aliens and its time for all candidates to step up to defend Americas sovereignty!

When Donald Trump bought Mara Lago, he opened it up to Jews and blacks, who had been forbidden before.

VP Joe Biden
July 13, 2015
-  Vice President Joseph Biden has thrown himself back into his work after the death of his son.  Biden has not announced his 2016 intentions, but the 72 year old Biden has not ruled out running for president.

Should we take Donald Trump seriously?
August 4, 2015
-  Will he be done in by his own hubris.
He certainly is entertaining, and in many ways even refreshing.
The refreshing part about Trump is his unscripted answers to reporters’ questions.
Trump says Saudi Arabia without USA is gone.  That may be correct - Iran wants Arabia.
Trump says many Mexican border crossers are killers and rapists.

Sarah Palin said Thank God Donald Trump is Running!
Trump said he would love to have Sarah Palin serve in an official capacity in his Presidency.
Sarah said Trump is calling it like it is as he is not a politician.

He’s gonna tell the truth and not couch all of his answers with some poll-tested, kind of namby pamby, vanilla flavored answer to anything. He’s going to be candid and he’s going to be candid and tell you what he thinks, what his solutions are and that’s so refreshing in politics.  He’s bringing issues that need to be talked about to the forefront of national debate.
I thank God that he’s running. He’s stirring it up. He’s coaching, he’s educating the other candidates.

Donald Trump has taken the lead in the New Hampshire Primary race. This marks the first time that any Republican candidate has held a lead there.

God bless Donald! He is teaching gop candidates how to run for office! Those in power go to DC - and FORGET - WE THE PEOPLE! We have no voice in congress!

Republican debate August 7, 2015

Its an indisputable FACT they were ALL out to DUMP TRUMP
There are rumors Bill Clinton had called Donald Trump and told him to run.  Bill and Hellary are good friends with the Trumps.

Megyn Kelly asked Trump an unfair question about Donald called fat women fat in tweets.  COME ON!  She didnt ask that of ANY other man!!  AND - where is the balance?  Who has asked Obama if all his statement favoring Muslims over Americans is presidential!?

Donald Trump refuses to pledge not to run as 3rd party candidate.  GOOD!,7340,L-4688467,00.html

Trump loses, Rubio, Cruz triumph
LOL!  I have lost a LOT of respect for fox!  They are as kontrolled as the others.
Lets see what the people say.

Carly Fiorina wins with over 80%
August 7, 2015 -  Carly was fantastic!  She out-shone them all hands down!
And fox chose NOT to include her with the guys!  SHAME on fox!  They put her with the no chance group.

no losers?
I disagree!  Fox put some losers in the prime slot!

Here are HUNDREDS of pages of - we the people - who posted their reactions LIVE - during the debates.  Its a lot more honest than anything you'll hear on TV or radio.

Talk radio should be good today
RUSH, Savage, Levin

The fox moderators asked if Trump'd run 3rd party - as the FIRST question, knowing it'd kill Trump.

Trump blasts stupid US Government

Trump blames political correctness for poor state of the USA.
He criticized the American government as stupid.  (I'd say Evil)
The Mexican government is much smarter, they send their bad ones to USA, they don’t want to pay for them.

Trump lashed back at criticism over his remarks about women.
He doesnt have time for total political correctness. And this country doesn’t have time either.

Senator Ted Cruz pledged to rescind the Iranian nuclear deal at the first possible opportunity, and every illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by Barack Obama.
Cruz would instruct the Department of Justice to open an investigation into videos and prosecute Planned Parenthood for any criminal violations.  Cruz said he would finally move the U.S. embassy in Israel to its capital - Jerusalem.  GWBush also promised to do that - and didnt.

Jeb Bush on the US war in Iraq said it was a mistake.
Then he credits Barack Obama for lessons learned!  What a dolt!

RedState gathering

Host  -  RINO Erick Erickson
EWErickson is leaving RedState
GOOD, he is no conservative!  He's just another NWO shill of the Beast

Jeb Bush Gets Applause
August 9, 2015 NY Times
-  Jeb Bush was overshadowed in Ohio Aug 6, but Aug 8 in Atlanta he came across as having tamed his wonkiness, and defending  unpopular positions.
I say get lost Jeb.  When NYTimes likes you, you aint conservative!

Jeb Bush cheered at RINO State, them people are not conservatives.

Erick Erickson’s not a conservative; neither is Jeb Bush.
Trump SHOULD consider it an honor to have been DISINVITED by this fraud.
Ericsson continues to plumb new depths of RINOness. I think even less of Erickson now than I did last week.

Trump-Kelly duel
Op-Ed: Megyn Kelly dueling Donald Trump.
I wrote that Donald Trump lost Aug 6 Fox News GOP Debate.
Emails started coming in saying Trump was the winner by far.
Hundreds of messages came in. Megyn Kelly tried and maybe she tried too hard. Yes, she went after him in what amounted to a duel.

She went after him all right – and now people are saying SHE lost the debate.
She was the big loser, they say, for drilling him -- and drill him she did. Yes, she did single him out.   Thousands in Tweet-world want her fired from any future debates and plenty more want her fired from Fox, period. Some want the network fired.  When The New York Times congratulates Megyn Kelly it means she did Liberal Media a favor.

Did anyone pay attention to Carly Fiorina?  She won the earlier debate hands down.
She said that her first phone call as President would be to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to assure him of America’s full support.  That’s called straight talk. Some may have forgotten what that sounds like.

Gov. Scott Walker at Redstate
Gov. Scott Walker had multiple standing ovations at RedState Gathering.  He slammed Hillary and the Iran deal.  Gov. Scott Walker was the last candidate to speak before host Erick Erickson wrapped things up for the day.


Gov. Scott Walker stepped in to keep the peace when Fox News Bret Baier was attacking Trump.
Walker responded, “we should be talking about Hillary Clinton, because everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton touched is more messed up today than before'' she and Obama took office.
Trump agreed.

Fiorina impresses everyone  -  Cleveland debate Aug 6 began the Carly Fiorina surge and the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.  Fiorina totally dominated the early debate of 7. She displayed an impressive breadth of knowledge of the issues, a precision of language, and showed no hesitancy to throw an elbow.  She credited Trump with tapping into a deep vein of American anger: "Americans are sick of politics as usual."  Among those watching that debate, Fiorina was the unanimous winner.

Carly Fiorina

2016 Campaign Trail


Rand Paul steps in it
August 9, 2015
-  Kentucky senator Rand Paul still attacking Donald Trump.  Rand Paul is a bit of a jerk, like Rick Perry - what izit with the RPs?  Rand Paul telling conservatives in South Carolina that they were kidding themselves if they bought Trump's platform.  Rand attacked Donald Trump for being a Democrat before he was a Republican.  MANY Americans are in that boat today!!  The post-Obama switch!

Rand Paul is NOT his dad, Dr. Ron Paul.
Rand is a loose nut

Redstate Erick Erickson

The REASON there is such support among
- we the people - for Donald Trump is -
-  he is SAYING what we are thinking!  
Fox / Megyn Kelly shutting Trump down
Fox is telling - WE THE PEOPLE
- to

Rick Perry quit paying his staff.  He's DONE. good
He is an arrogant nothing - didnt come off well in Fox Aug 6 2015 debate

Fox News tried to torpedo Trump and failed
August 11, 2015  Rush Limbaugh
 -  Fox News moderators got orders from Republican donors to take out Donald Trump Aug. 6th.  The very first question from Megyn Kelly to Trump was his name calling - no mention of their attacks on him or how old the fight was - or whether or not Trump said it.  Trump was clearly caught off guard.  Limbaugh said its doubtful Trump writes all the tweets that turn up in his Twitter account, but he does know that Trump does not use a cell phone or email.

Trump wins Fox war
August 11, 2015  Breitbart
 -  Fox News (FNC) backs down under criticism from Donald Trump and others, and asks Trump back.  Roger Ailes, the president of Fox News, called Trump personally, assuring him that his network would be fair after what many saw as a questionable performance in Aug 6 debate in Cleveland, Ohio, by anchors Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. Fox ganged up on Trump, asking him questions that crossed the line.

Many on social media and talk radio were blasting Fox.
Bogus story. They were never feuding. Fox got great ratings.
Entertainment for the sheepl - its Jeb Jeb Jeb  ....  *gag*

Michael Savage blasts Fox / Megyn 'mayhem' Kelly

Mark Levin rips Megyn Kelly on Trump

Trump up, Bush and Walker Down
August 10, 2015  monkey poll
-  NBC News and Survey Monkey found Donald Trump in first place with 23%, Ted Cruz #2 at 13%, Ben Carson #3 with 11%, Marco Rubio tied for fourth place with Carly Fiorina at 8%. Jeb Bush and Scott Walker dropped to 7% each.

Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist - a cultist

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a strong advocate of a move to defund abortion service provider Planned Parenthood in the Senate

Carly Fiorina accepts the catastrophic global warming HOAX.  She is a global econimist, to hell with America. She is a John McCain supporter who worked on his 2008 campaign.

2016 Campaign trail


Rick Perry
Chris Christie
Jeb Bush

Donald Trump a divine warning
Christian minister Jeremiah Johnson in Lakeland, Florida suggests that God is using Donald Trump as a divine instrument.  Johnson was praying several weeks ago “when God began to speak to me concerning the destiny of Donald Trump in America:”

GOD said, “Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. Trump does not fear man nor will he allow deception and lies to go unnoticed. I am going to use him to expose darkness and perversion in America like never before, but you must understand that he is like a bull in a china closet.  

I will use the wealth that I have given him to expose and launch investigations searching for the truth.  You must listen to the trumpet very closely for he will sound the alarm and many will be blessed because of his compassion and mercy. Though many see the outward pride and arrogance, I have given him the tender heart of a father that wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy, to the foreigner and the stranger.”


Ohio Gov. John Kasich: liberal  
August 16, 2015
-  Kasich’s polling average is about 4%, unchanged since the debates.
The only people who stand to lose votes to Kasich are Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Chris Christie.
Kasich’s fundraising is weak and he may drop out and endorse Bush.  Gov. John Kasich promotes his expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare, shows little appetite for fixing the same-sex calamity.

Dont be fooled
August 16, 2015
- - Battlefield America: The War on the American People.
Being an American citizen is much like playing against a stacked deck: you’re always going to lose. The game is rigged, and “we the people” keep getting dealt the same losing hand.  The people dealing the cards only concern is to maintain their power and control over the citizenry, both demoncrat and republicans, the shadow government.  Politics is a game, a joke, a hustle, a con, a distraction, a spectacle, a sport, and for many devout Americans, a religion.

GOP learn wrong lessons
August 18, 2015
- -  Donald Trump is entirely the fault of a GOP establishment that lied to conservatives and refused to do what it promised it would do. Trump is a finger to the GOP who treated We the People like dirt.

Donald Trump is the public voice of We the People!

Hillary will NOT be the nominee
August 18, 2015
-  Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich predicted Hillary Clinton will not be the Demoncrat nominee and that Republicans should worry about Bernie Sanders.  (I dont think Bernie's a threat)  Gingrich said he wouldn't be surprised if John Kerry runs after he collects his Nobel Peace Prize for the Iran deal.  (GOD FORBID!  But they DO give the Nobel to terrorists.)

Will Hellary's body turn up in a park or river?

Scott Walker's bomb
August 18, 2015
-  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made no friends with the RINO GOP establishment, going where RINOs Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham or Chris Christie would probably never go.  Appearing on the Glenn Beck radio program, Walker told Beck that Mitch McConnell is part of the problem, citing broken GOP promises regarding Obamacare and funding Obama’s illegal amnesty.

We were told if Republicans got the majority in the Senate, there would be a bill on the president’s desk to repeal Obamacare. It is August. Where is that bill?  We were told they’d do something about illegal immigration.  The frustration with broken promises by GOP leadership is why non-elected candidates are surging in the polls.  People are sending a very clear message.
You can always count on good comments on freep.

Gov. Scott Walker talks Immigration, GOP Establishment, ISIS with Glenn Beck [VIDEO]

Question    TRUMP- CRUZ 2016
August 19, 2015 -  Donald Trump has met Ted Cruz several times - and met Cruz father also.
They are holding joint events and talk on the phone.  Senator Ted Cruz has been developing Trump’s support and their aides are discussing joint events.
Cruz has declined to criticize Trump.
Cruz is a a strong contender for Trump supporters looking for a new candidate to support.

Donald Trump was asked how he views Hellary now.  He said -
It's from one to 20 years in prison for what she did!

General Petraeus life has been destroyed for doing 5 percent of what
she did.
Hillary has problems far greater than the nomination. If you look at what's going on with the emails, it's Watergate on steroids.  Watergate was about the cover-up more than the act.  This could go on for years.  You can't have a nominee who is under investigation.

Biden meets with Warren in Washington
August 22, 2015
-  VP Joe Biden met privately with Elizabeth Warren on Saturday in his residence at the Naval Observatory.   The vice president arrived in Washington, even though his official schedule said he was planning to spend the weekend at his home in Delaware.

Caroline Kennedy
JFK daughter, the real candidate?

NO!  To Ben Carson
August 25, 2015
-  Keep Ben Carson away from the White House.
I would not trust Ben Carson with the Oval Office or a Cabinet post either.
Carson is either naïve, clueless, or he secretly supports an agenda to racialy divide America.

Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist - a cultist

Trump, Cruz anti-Iran rally on Capitol Hill Sept. 9
August 30, 2015 [/b]-  Ted Cruz, keynote speaker, invited Donald Trump.
Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump hosting a rally on Capitol Hill on Sept. 9 to protest the nuclear deal with Iran.

Tea Party Patriots will be staged on the West Lawn of the Capitol.  They organized protests at 185 different local congressional offices across the country recently.
Congress will return on Sept. 8.

Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are teaming up in opposing the Iran nuclear deal.  Cruz invited Trump to Washington DC September 9 for a rally against the deal.  They are set to appear at an event organized by the Tea Party Patriots.
The organizer doesnt care if he sucks the air out of the room.  LOL!

I have an acute case of PIST-AWF -
Post Islamic Stress Trauma with Apologetic White House Fatigue

2015 August 29 is a full moon - then Sept 28 is the last BLOOD MOON in the series of 4 (called a tetrad)

August 28, 2015 -  Pastor-Rabbi Jonathan Cahn covers BLOOD MOON, Harbinger, Shemitah.
He beautifully explains how integral Christianity is to the old testament, and how perfectly YESHUA, the Lord Jesus Christ, ties the old into the new.
The new is in the old concealed, and the old is in the new REVEALED.
Yeshua is the Lamb of GOD.  John said - BEHOLD THE LAMB.
He was crucified at the exact TIME on the same DAY that Jews were killing their Passover lambs.
NEVER EVER say 'easter' - that is one of the names of Satan!
Only celebrate Passover's resurrection Sonday!

Warning to America - Shemitah and Judgement

CNN censors Carly Fiorina
August 29, 2015  -  Sept. 16
CNN has a prime time candidate debate.
They have NOT included Carly Fiorina - so far.
Hellary Clinton is most likely terrified of another woman.
They don’t want anyone to see a woman to use as a comparison with Hillary.
Carly is strong, smart, competent, well spoken, honest (probably), and would make Hillary look dreadful.
CNN is the Clinton nooz net and obeys whatever Clinton dictate.
They don’t want anyone to see a woman to use as a comparison with Hillary. I’m not for Fiorina, but she’d make Hillary look dreadful — strong, smart, competent, well spoken, honest (probably),

What happened to Scott Walker?
August 31, 2015
-  The author of Unintimidated is intimidated by Donald Trump!

Carly Fiorina - just another Hellary Clinton!
September 2, 2015 Shoebat
-  Carly Fiorina dealt with Iran while CEO of Hewlett Packard, and she admires Ottoman Empire.  Fiorina unfit for President.  Carly Fiorina’s illegal dealings with Iran, during her tenure as CEO of HP.  Hewlett Packard had been selling its printers in Iran through a subsidiary company in Dubai, despite the fact that a trade embargo had been in place against the Iranian regime since 1997.  Fiorina claimed no knowledge of sales were coming from Iran, despite having been HP CEO while it was happening.  An investigation proved that Fiorina did know.

Carly Fiorina will join next Republican presidential debate Sept. 16 on CNN.

Donald Trump hates Islam - GOOD!!  A MAN!
Sept 2, 2015 Shoebat
-  Even back in 2011, Donald Trump spoke against the Muslim problem in America.
Donald Trump takes no prisoners when he addresses the Muslim issue, even mentioning the fact that there is whole lot of hate in the quran.

Donald Trump was the only one in the fox debate fighting against Muslim persecution of Christians.
Trump's response to Jeb Bush seals the deal for my vote for Trump as President telling jeb that “We have no time for tone when Christians are getting their heads chopped off”

Willard Mutt Romney - AGAIN???  
September 1, 2015
-  As unbelievable as it may seem, the GOP is considering running this loser again in 2016

Exclamation  Question

CNN charging 40 times normal rate for GOP Debate Ads
CNN audiences have been pathetic for years. Only captive audiences in airports watch. And even at extremely low ad rates they have trouble selling commercial spots.
But this is their one chance to cash in.

Shocked    Hellary desperate     Laughing
September 8, 2015 -  Hillary loyalty pledge
Taking a cue from Chairman Mao, Hillary Clinton is asking voters to sign a loyalty pledge promising to vote for her in the upcoming election. The whole thing reeks of desperation.

Hillary Clinton is crashing fast
September 7, 2015
-  Two state polls show Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary by 11 points in New Hampshire.  Clinton is even losing to Jeb Bush, who has failed in his own party! hahaha Joe Biden fares better against both GOP candidates in both states.

Jeb down, Donald up
New polls from NBC New Hampshire and Iowa show Donald Trump is 29% - winning, and Jeb Bush down.  Bush’s position in Iowa has deteriorated significantly to 6%.  Fox news always put Jeb higher than reality.  The American people do not like jeb.
New Hampshire is a must-win-state for Bush to be able to get the nomination.

Trump has essentially ended chances for Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham and Scott Walker, Sen. Rand Paul  and Sen. Marco Rubio

Bill Clintons basturd son  
Bill Clinton had an affair with a prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Bill Clinton is the father of her 13-year-old illegitimate son Danny, and Danny looks like Bill!

Rick Perry drops out of US presidential race
Sept 11, 2015
-  Perry is the first major candidate to bow out, leaving the field of Republicans at 16 candidates, just days before the next GOP debate.

CNN GOP debate Sep 16
Sept 15, 2015
-  CNN carries debates Round 2 Wednesday in Simi Valley, Calipornia.
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and (yuk) Chris Christie.

An earlier debate at 6 pm ET will feature Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal and George Pataki.  I wish Christie was here, that nauseating pig has no chance.
Rick Perry dropt out.

TONITE Wednesday
G.O.P. Debate *  CNN wants a bloody WAR
Sept 16, 2015
- CNN hosts the second candidate clash and wants the candidates to engage with one another in person and on camera.  This interaction differs from the approach taken by Fox News.

GOP WAR Sept 16, 2015
Drudge poll

-  TRUMP  60.95%
-  FIORINA  15.85%
-  CRUZ  5.23%
-  RUBIO  5.11%
-  PAUL  4.44%
-  CARSON  3.85%

Iran, Russia, Planned Parenthood, immigration, casinos in Florida.
I didnt watch most of it, just clicked in for snatches then out.  I'm no baby-sitter.
Again they attacked Donald Trump - it looked like kindergarten - it was DISGUSTING!
Yes you did!  No I did!  Well your mother!  Take your sandpail and GO HOME!
Kasich chimed in with the equivalent of y'all shup up, our real enemy is Hellary.

I give the night to Huckabee!  He was off to the side but made a great, passionate speech!
Mike Huckabee slammed Federal judge Bunning for jailing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, saying the U.S. has made religious accommodations for the Muslim cult, but Davis is facing a “criminalization of her Faith.”
Who looked most PRESIDENTIAL?  Huckabee.

Jeb challenged Trump on casino gambling in Florida.  IDIOT!
Florida has lots of casinos - they call them - cruise ships!  WHO CARES?
I was NOT impressed with Trump, and I LIKE HIM!  He really looked like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Carly was excellent but that doesnt mean I'd vote for her, I just like her in the race.

Carly Fiorina Leads, Donald Trump shrinks

Donald Trump came under attack from all sides

Carly had a terrific night.

John Kasich

Story behind Trump's Florida gaming
-  I still dont know.
Trump didnt give Jeb Bush money, but Jeb accepts Soros money.
Jeb asked about Donald Trump’s statement that politicians could be bought.
Donald Trump He wanted casino gambling in Florida, gave me money, Bush said.
Trump denied it.  BUT Trump’s interest in getting Florida’s gaming industry has been documented.

Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton, is responsible for questions about Obama’s birthplace.
In 2008 Clinton implied that Obama was a foreigner.

Ben Carson wants no Muslims in White House
Ben Carson said a Muslim should not be president of the United States, whoever takes the White House should be “sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran.”
Carson would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.
A Muslim would be unfit to serve as commander in chief.

Sharia is inconsistent with the US Constitution.
Carson mentioned "Taqiyya," a practice in which a Muslim can mislead nonbelievers about the nature of their faith to avoid religious persecution.
Taqiyya lets Muslims lie.  (like Obama, who lies ALL the time.)
Carson declined to criticize Trump.

Obama IS Muslim - and destroying America - WHY would Trump correct FACTS?  That's media's job!  They buy THE LIE!  2 Thesselonians 2

Scott Walker Quitting Presidential Race

When sharks attack!
Sept 22, 2015
-  GOP candidates scramble to win over Scott Walker supporters.
Republican rivals are bragging about who from Walker’s team they had won over.
Walker urged others to quit, too, suggesting a smaller pool of candidates would be better.

Reasons Walker quit
Same reasons Rick Perry was forced to quit.
They are all overshadowed by Donald Trump.

Rafael Cruz Talks ‘Church and State’ with V.I. Delegates (U.S. Virgin Islands)

Jeb Bush should drop out for the good of the Republican Party, but unfortunately he has MONEY to keep boring us

The entire presidential campaign is nothing but a circus.
The possibility is very high that this evil frankenpope and b hussein obama are the 2 beasts in the Revelation.

I liked Walker. I think he would have been a good President .
The media ignored Walker.  They call the shots.
Trump is coming for them, and they are terrified.
Donald Trump is the only one who is NOT a pander bare.

Cruz gets Walkers people
Sept 22, 2015
-  2 Walker leaders in Georgia joining the Cruz campaign to help organize the state for Cruz.
Thompson is the former co-chairman of the Atlanta Tea Party.  Little served as Mitt Romney and Herman Cain’s Georgia state co-chair in 2012.

Donald Trump leads BIG in Iowa
Sept 23, 2015
-  Donald Trump grows Iowa lead as 69% agree Obama is 'waging war on Christianity, 3 in 10 think Islam should be OUTLAWED.  Only 3???   Donald Trump leads, followed by Ben Carson then Carly FIorina.
Donald Trump carried a Bible on stage in Des Moines and sat down for an interview last week with CBN.  Jeb Bush most UNfavorable!

Marco Rubio ahead of Jeb in Florida  
Sept 23, 2015
-  Hahahahahahaaaa!!!!    Marco Rubio has overtaken Jeb Bush among Florida Republicans.
Rubio is in second place Jeb Bush is in third place.
Donald Trump is in first place among Florida Republicans, as he is nationally.
Trump had 31% of the Republican primary vote. Rubio was second with 19% and Bush 11%

Why Trump battles Fox News
Sept 25, 2015
-  Donald Trump is campaigning against enemies of the U.S.A.
Donald Trump is advocating for us, he’s representing the interests of all of us who are sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated.  When Trump shows up to the White House, there won’t be anyone in DC who doesn’t know exactly why he’s there.  If victorious, Trump will carry the boldest mandate EVER.

Donald Trump has put sunlight on issues and taking firm stances that all others have lied about for years.  He is waging war against the entire GOPe apparatus and the lying media empire.

Donald Trump is taking on all the Decepticons simultaneously.  Fox News Roger Ailes and Mitch McConnell carry the same ideological character trait, deception.  Neither can be trusted. We are all witnessing the 2015 reality of Mitch McConnell’s untrustworthy legislative behavior (lies).

Marco Rubio only single digits
Sept 25, 2015
-  Rubio is only 9%, way behind Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  Carly Fiorina is also only 9%, Ted Cruz is 8% and Jeb 7%.  Only 16% of Republican voters think they are acceptable candidates for the presidency.   Fox has promoted Jeb and Rubio aggressively.  Why?

GOP Change Primary
Sept 26, 2015
-  GOP is seeking to usurp the conservatives to nominate Jeb Bush, their choice, NOT ours!
Rubio and Fiorina are only in place to dump Trump, then they can back Jeb.
The NWO wants another Clinton-Bush ticket - regardless how much AMERICANS hate both.

Zogby poll Sept 27, 2015  shows
Donald Trump leads at 33%
#2  Ben Carson at 13%
All others single digiits

My understanding is that the GOP party heads - evil plotters-
are arranging for jeb to run - regardless true Americans DONT like him.
2016 another Mcain - in vain

Mitch McConnell pushed to resign as Sinate Majority Leader
Sept 28, 2015
-  With John Boehner departing, we want to be rid of Harry Reid twin - Sinate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  The true Americans NEVER wanted McConnell (twin of Harry Reid) or Bonner in the lead chairs!

the base is leaving our party
WRONG!!!!  The GOP party left its base!!!!

Rand Paul death watch
Sept 28, 2015
-  Rand Paul might be the next Republican candidate to drop out of the race. GOOD.

At home with Donald Trump family
Sept 30, 2015
-  Sitting down for an interview with PEOPLE in his office at Trump Tower, Donald Trump is charming, candid – and very confident.,,20956191,00.html

Trump 26% in NC
Sept 30, 2015 -  North Carolina
-  Rand Paul and limpdick Lindsey at 0%.
Donald Trump is holding his ground with 26% to 21% for Ben Carson, 12% for Carly Fiorina, 10% for Marco Rubio, 9% for Ted Cruz, 6% for Mike Huckabee, 5% for Jeb Bush.

I seriously doubt Carson is that high!
Trump's favorability rating with voters is rising.
Jeb Bush is crashing.  GOOD.  GO AWAY JEB!

Ted Cruz is NOT dropping out - that is a BORG media wet dream.

Biden calculating running
October 6, 2015
-  Biden himself leaked word of his son's dying wish to Maureen Dowd, he is calculating.  Beau supposedly said the White House should not revert to the Clintons again.

Old and sick Hellary Clinton
October 7, 2015
-  Old and sick media are propping up old and sick Hillary Clinton.
Media kingpin Matt Drudge railed against Demoncrat Hillary Clinton’s health and politics, saying he was worried the nation would end up with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar.
Drudge slammed the media for propping her up.  She’s not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things, Drudge said, chiding NBC for giving her endless hours of airtime.

Exclamation    Matt Drudge unleashed!

Shocked  Exclamation

Donald Trump interview October 6, 2015 with Michael Savage

Good interview, and lots of detail on the mideast.
Mes-Aynak, Afghanistan’s biggest copper mine being worked by the Chinese.
Trump speaks from his mind, not a cue card. He does not avoid answering a question directly.
Trump talks to Michael directly. This is not a CNN or Fox type interview.
LOL - Savage is mighty direct himself!  Like me!
Great comments on freep link!

Taliban are Deobandi Sunni Muslims
Deobandi is like a weird mix of Salafi and Sufi.  They hate Shia

Donald Trump

Radio talk shows, Michael Savage

Paul Ryan pushed for Speaker's chair
October 9, 2015
-  House Majority Leader from Calipornia, the liberal Kevin McCarthy decided not to run for House speaker amid scandal of his affair.  Will former House speaker Newt Gingrich run?
McCarthy’s sudden departure from the speaker’s race left everyone wondering why.
McCarthy’s private life had been circulated to House members. He is having an affair with a congresswoman.  At least its not a man!

Newt House speaker again!?
Maybe this is a time for Newt Gingrich to come back with a flurry of ideas and a new contract that would advance a conservative agenda that would help the country solve these horrible problems.

Demoncrat Debate in October 13 in Las Vegas
Demon Debate with or without Joe Biden. Democratic presidential primary debate 2 hours, 5 candidates.
CNN Queer Anderson Cooper to moderate.

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Former Md governor Martin O'Malley severed ties with Michael Teegarden, the chair of his election effort in Virginia after Teegarden was arrested on child pornography charges.  Teegarden faces two counts of felony possession of child pornography.

Ben Carson became Republican in 2014
October 13, 2015
Dr. Ben Carson officially joined the Republican Party on HELL-oween 2014.
Carson was formerly independent.  Other records show Carson was also registered as an independent in Maryland.  Carson never voted in any primaries.

NO!  To Ben Carson
Keep Ben Carson away from the White House.
I would not trust Ben Carson with the Oval Office or a Cabinet post either.
Carson is either naïve, clueless, or he secretly supports an agenda to racialy divide America.

Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist - a cultist
I wonder if Carson voted for obama - highly likely

     Demoncrat debate October 13, 2015

There is no STAR on the stage
*Jim Webb shut down Anderson Cooper.
Webb said he is where the Demoncrat Party traditionally has been. (aka WAS years ago)
The Democratic Party was the party that gave people a voice, who otherwise had no voice
in the corridors of power. And that is not determined by race.  Sounds like *Jim Webb was the star.

Media went after GOP like pitbullz but zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Dems.
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb, 5 Demon-crats 'debated' October 13  in Las Vegas.  Major snoozefest.

Hillary Stammering, Pausing, Brain Freezes - Can Anyone Imagine President Hillary?
Hillary comes off as just an awful candidate tonight. She can barely speak two sentences without a pause. It's a mystery that 40% of Americans take her seriously. She is already showing early signs of going senile. Conservatives would easily choose Sanders or Biden over her.

So who won the Democrat debate?  Donald Trump

10 Best Trump Tweets from Debate October 13, 2015
Donald Trump live-tweeted the Dems debate

Sorry, there is no STAR on the stage tonight
O'Malley, as former Mayor of Baltimore, has very little chance.
Can anyone imagine Chafee as president? No way.
Sanders said only black lives matter
All are very scripted and rehearsed, 2 should not be on the stage.

The trade deal is a disaster, (Hellary) was always for it!
Putin is not feeling too nervous or scared.
Get rid of all these commercials.
The hardest thing Clinton has to do is defend her bad decision making including Iraq vote, e-mails

DONALD TRUMP won Dem debate
CNN political debate was intended for the Demoncrats, the best line of the night came from Trump.

Donald Trump stole the show with a perfectly-timed tweet explaining that Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee spent their night talking about the all the free stuff they were going to give away, including ObamaCare benefits and tuition breaks for illegals, without once mentioning what they would do to make conditions better for U.S. military veterans.

Amid the Obama VA scandal, waiting lists which have left veterans dying while the government they served denied them medical care, has been scant, and the agency has seen no substantial reforms. Trump has made veterans’ care a major talking point in his stump speeches.

So Trump tweeted: ''Notice that illegals will be given ObamaCare and free college tuition but nothing has been mentioned about our VETERANS.''  It was the best line of the night by far.
Time declared that Trump won Twitter during the debate.

October 17, 2015 -  Bye bye!  Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, (who??) Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum edging toward financial crisis.

GWB dont like Ted Cruz
October 20, 2015  FAMILY HONOR
 -  Former President George W. Bush ripped into Texas Senator Ted Cruz at a weekend gathering of donors to his brother Jeb's presidential campaign.  GWB said of Cruz, I just don't like the guy, at the event in Denver.

Bush said he did not like Cruz's alliance with Donald Trump.  He said he found it 'opportunistic' that Cruz was sucking up to Trump.  The first words out of GWBs mouth Sunday were that Jeb is going to earn the nomination, win the election, and be a great President.  Jeb Bush is polling in single digits, and he has cut back on campaign spending.
Cruz said its no surprise that President Bush is supporting his brother.

Ted Cruz response to W’s criticism was classy. He essentially said that he worked on W’s campaign in 2000 and he met his wife Heidi while doing that and that he is grateful to W.

Donald Trump saw terror threat a year before 9/11
October 19, 2015 -  Trump wrote in 2000
-  I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the (1994) Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.

Trump predicted a major attack on an American city that would involved weapons of mass destruction will be carried into a major American city and detonated.
Trump added that even if the U.S. mobilized, we probably wouldn’t be able to stop most attacks.
Duduman, Wilkerson and Gruver all saw this too.

In 2000, Donald Trump wrote extensively of the terrorism threat the United States was facing.  He said an attack on a major U.S. city was not just a probability, but an inevitability.  Trump even mentions Osama bin Laden by name.

Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

Jeb cuts pay for staffers
October 23, 2015
-  Jeb's advisers, under pressure from their donors and from falling and stagnant poll numbers, came to the conclusion that a course correction was essential.  Jeb Bush is slashing pay across the board, removing some senior staff from the payroll, parting ways with some consultants, and downsizing its Miami headquarters.  The campaign is also cutting back 45 percent of its budget, except for dollars earmarked for TV ads.

October 25, 2015
-  Jeb Bush's own arrogance killed him.  His utter contempt for the traditional GOP voters.  His support for Commie Core in schools - which CHANGES the history of the USA!  There is still leftover contempt for 43 in the media.  Conspiracists know the NWO globalist elite wanted another Bush-Clinton ticket.  Dear Lord Jesus Christ PLEASE PLEASE indict Hellary!  I cant stand the thot of her bald faced LIES any more!

October 26, 2015
twitter  -  Ford Motor to cancel plan to go to Mexico and stay in U.S.A.  Trump accomplishment?  Is ford forcasting a Trump win?
If they believe there will be a President Trump that’s more business friendly.
Trump isn’t even President yet and he’s already accomplishing more than Obama.
I bet the Unions are happy too since this will mean more Union jobs.

Crazy thing is - GM workers threatened to STRIKE, to CURSE their employer.

Forget Carson, he is as phony as a $3 dollar bill
Carson became GOOP on October 31, 2014 - HELLoween!
He believes in withholding care from elderly who need care, stating he thinks there should be a Death Panel of docs who decide which elderly get treatment and which dont.  Carson likes Obamadontcare!

He believes in amnesty

He’s anti-War (being a 7th day Adventist)
SDA, Seventh-Day Adventist and JW are CULTS, NOT Christian
There is NO SALVATION from HELL in a CULT.

He’s for gun control, a panel should decide who can own guns
A panel of what - Muslims?

October 27, 2015 -  Da fix iz in!  Paul Ryan is Boner II.

Paul Ryan and his friends have scheduled a Speakership election victory party for Thursday evening, even though he has not won the floor vote.  The invitation was sent to schedulers in all House Republican offices.

Daniel Webster is still running for Speaker!!
Webster is committed to governing in a principled, member-driven manner.
TEA party not dead, we are waiting


Book Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture.
Dr. Michael Savage discussed Stop the Coming Civil War.

We’re down to the wire.  What do we do about a rogue government?
More Government, zero representation.  It is a government unto itself.  It doesn’t represent the people.  In the last chapter Savage lists a 40 point plan for how to get America back to to its founding principles and rid itself of leftist ideologies.  Americans have no idea about the Muslim invasion.  They have no idea about the rogue government.  They have no idea about Barry in the White House.

Trump debates the RINOs tonite on CNBC
October 28, 2015  GOOPIES
 -   There will be 10 candidates on stage in Boulder, Colorado -
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, jeburrito, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Chris YUK! Christie

Gowdy to nominate Ryan for Speaker
October 28, 2015  GOOPIES
 on  thehill  -  The ultimate betrayal!  Everyone is a sellout!
Trey Gowdy plans on nominating Paul RINO Ryan as the next Speaker of the House.
Paul Ryan and Daniel Webster are running for speaker.  Full House vote Thursday.

They are drawing a lot of 'favorites' of mine to speak out in favor of Jeburrito.  dang

Dr. Ben Carson is SDA, a Seventh Day Adventist - a cultist
SDA, Seventh-Day Adventist and JW are CULTS, NOT Christian
There is NO SALVATION from HELL in a CULT

Exclamation  Exclamation

GOOPIES  DEBATE in Boulder, Colorado
Drudge poll - TRUMP, CRUZ, RUBIO take the lead


CNBC featured multiple questions framed as personal attacks on the candidates.
It was a verbal shooting gallery set up by CNBC.

Ted Cruz told CNBC - The questions that you have asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people do not trust the media.  This is not a cage match.

LQQK at the CNBC questions!
Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain?
Ben Carson, can you do math.
Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen?
At that point, the audience burst into applause.

Contrast with the Demon-cratic debate, where every fawning question from the media was: Which of you is more handsome and wise?

10 GOP candidates
Trump is the clear winner, the loser is CNBC, Boulder, Colorado.
GOP candidates took issue with the questions from the inane moderators.
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina,
Chris Christie, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.
The debate was moderated by CNBC Carl Queertanilla, Becky notsoQuick, and John Harweird.
Jeburrito wants regulate aka CENSOR the internet!

Donald Trump boasts about limiting the debate so we can get OUTTA HERE!

Senator Ted Cruz lightning counter-attack on the snarky CNBC drone and changed the trajectory of the entire debate.  Cruz is a MAN!

Biggest loser - NBC

Donald Trump criticized gun free zones as being “target practice for the sickos and for the mentally ill.”

Jeb’s dead, Adios Amigo
The Bush hit on Rubio was obviously premeditated, so it wasnt a mistake. It was a revealing measure of Jeburriots tactically incompetent judgment. Whiner Jeb Bush attacked Rubio from a position of weakness. I’m a constituent and you’re not doing your job for me.  WAH WAH WAH!  He looked like a disgruntled employee, not a leader.

Whiny Jebby attacked Rubio after Rubio just came off of an answer where he beat the snot out of the CNBC moderators. Bush had no ability to read the scene and understand it.
In sum: Bush’s attack on Rubio was both a tactical and strategic failure. His campaign is cooked.

Jeburrito Bush kiss of death, caught in a vacuum of viability.
Jebby is a whiny clown!

CNBC moderators repeatedly booed!
October 29, 2015 -  NBC moderators questions downright insulting!  Loaded, worded to denigrate the candidates.  No wonder Ted Cruz got a big cheer from the Boulder audience when he attacked the questioners.

Sean Hannity slammed CNBC debate moderators, saying
The debate was an encyclopedic example of liberal media bias.

Republican debate runs off the rails as EVERYONE hammers CNBC moderators.

GROWN MEN!  Obama's lapdawg media do a lapdance.  
NBC should be ASHAMED! NO ONE should be surprised.  
The GOP never should have considered giving NBC the (cough) debates!

CNBC wont moderate another debate
October 30, 2015
-  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said CNBC wont mod again.
He praised all the candidates for not taking the moderators bait, and praised Cruz for criticizing the moderators.  Priebus guaranteed NBC isn’t hosting and moderating another debate with our candidates.

The Republican party died in 2004.
America died in 2008.
Poll: John Bel Edwards leads David Vitter in gubernatorial runoff

A new independent poll out in the Louisiana governor’s race shows Democrat John Bel Edwards with a strong lead over Republican David Vitter with less than three weeks until election day.

The poll, conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling for Nexstar TV stations, including WVLA-TV out of Baton Rouge, puts Edwards at 52 percent in the Nov. 21 runoff, to Vitter’s 32 percent. Sixteen percent of those surveyed said they remain undecided.

Edwards, a state representative from Amite, and Vitter, a U.S. Senator from Metairie, came in first and second place, respectively, in Louisiana’s Oct. 24 primary. Because neither got more than 50 percent of the vote, the runoff will decide Gov. Bobby Jindal’s successor.

The poll found Edwards pulling in 41 percent of the white voters surveyed and 24 percent of Republicans. It also found him leading all areas surveyed, except Alexandria.

JMC surveyed 600 likely voters Oct. 28-31. The margin of error is 4 percent.

The poll lines up with internal polling in the days after the primary and a recent poll commissioned by the anti-Vitter GumboPAC. That poll, conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, had Edwards leading Vitter 52 percent to 40 percent, with 7 percent undecided.

The Louisiana Dem candidate(Edwards) is a ROMAN CATHOLIC! Surprise!

This is one of the graineries of Egypt

Ben Carson is nuts!
Nov 6, 2015
-  Pyramids were tombs for pharoahs.
Graineries were not even similar.

Genesis 37  *  Story of Joseph

Hillary Clinton’s name wont be on any Ballot
Nov 7, 2015 -  Judge Andrew Napolitano
said Hillary Rodham Clinton name will not be on the ballot in 2016.  Hellary's political problem is one of credibility.   (The lack of it!)

We already know that the FBI has been investigating her for espionage (the failure to secure state secrets), destruction of government property and obstruction of justice (wiping her computer server clean of governmental emails that were and are the property of the federal government) and perjury (lying to a federal judge about whether she returned all governmental emails to the State Department).

Hellary had Gadhafi killed.  BAD IDEA!
Now, she has  misled Congress because of her deceptive testimony to the House Benghazi committee.  Hellary Clinton armed the Libyan rebel groups (ISIS).  In violation of federal law she authorized the shipment of American arms to Qatar, knowing they'd be passed off to Libyan rebels (al-Qaida-ISIS).  When asked about this, she said she knew nothing of it. The emails show Clinton not only knew, she authored it. She lied about this under oath.  Hellary Clinton broke Libya!

Obama vetoed hiring Sidney Blumentahl at the State Department, so Hellary had the Clinton Foundation pay him a larger salary to be her silent de facto adviser.

Napolitano said it is difficult to believe that the federal prosecutors and FBI agents investigating Clinton will not recommend that she be indicted. Inexplicably, she seems to have forgotten that they were monitoring what she said under oath to the Benghazi committee. By lying under oath, and by misleading Congress, she gave that team additional areas to investigate and on which to recommend indictments.

Has Judge Napolitano considered the massive corruption in the government that has allowed a known usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, to stay in office for 7 years.

LOL!  Freep Opinion:  Warren/Castro 2016


GOP Tuesday debate
9 pm EST Tuesday Nov. 10  Milwaukee Wisconsin
Donald Trump; Ted Cruz
; Carly Fiorina; Marco Rubio;
John Kasich; Rand Paul, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush

TONITEs FBN debate is about Jeb Bush
Jeb has appeared passive and unimpressive.  Charles Krauthammer said the Fox Business Network debate is about one thing; Jeb Bush.  He's had 3 bad debates - one more, and he'll be dead man walking.  Bush's low poll numbers and his lack of a spark are evidence of a downward spiral.

Jeb would kill baby Hitler
Then that mean he'd kill all Muslims because every one is another nazi - same kill-Jew-hate!

Hillary running to stay out of Jail
Nov 10, 2015
-  Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton in running for president to avoid going to jail.  People are in jail now for doing 5% of what Hellary did and the Demoncrats are not gonna to prosecute her, and it’s frankly a disgrace.  If we had honest government, Hillary wouldn’t be allowed to run!

General David Patreaus got two years probation for sharing classified information with his mistress.  What Hillary Clinton did is so much worse.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were the winners
polling at nearly the same %

GOP debate, Nov 11, 2015 reviews

TPP Trade Deal
My hero!  Donald Trump is the roadblock to the Beast!
TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade deal - *immigration is the #1 concern underlying further economic issues however, few people recognize that immigration is actually part of the TPP construct.
Globalists, via Wall Street international financiers, are determined to get TPP passed into law. Few of the GOP candidates stand in the way; Donald Trump is the primary roadblock to the current globalist goals.

Yayy Donald!!!
* immigration is a trap word.  In the past, legal immigrants were a blessing to America.  However, since 2008 they are Muslim killers or lazy gimmes who suck on the American welfare system.  Thousans of Muslims were also brought in by Bill Clinton to suck the system.

Let Big Banks Fail
Princeton debate champ Sen. Ted Cruz  responds how he would handle a banking crisis.
The 0bama government treats some banks as too big to fail, Cruz said he would let them.
Cruz  identified $500 billion in specific budget cuts, including axing whole federal agencies - the IRS, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, and H.U.D.
Woo hoo!  GO TED!

Winners & Losers
Cruz solidified his position as the candidate who can go all the way.
Rubio was a winner
Trump had bad moments but has become a better candidate.
Rand Paul, had a good night, but it doesnt matter.
Ben Carson was often weak.

Carly Fiorina had some of the best answers of the night. But she didnt shine the way she has in past debates
in part because her competitors were so much better.

Biggest loser - Kasich.  He came across angry, obnoxious, condescending and unprincipled.
Thats a very accurate description - he is a tool of the Beast

Biggest loser politically: Jeb Bush. Jeb could NOT outshine Rubio.
By the second half he grew more incoherent.

Laughing   LOL!   Laughing
John Kasich is JERK!
He tried to dismiss Donald Trump as a kid.
Kasich was condescending and rude to Trump.
But Trump threw it back in Kasich's face.

Trump talked about Eisenhower and immigration, pointing out that everybody liked Ike and this is what Ike did. He then dismissed Kasich's economic success as not a product of Kasich's genius, but of finding oil in the state. Kasich came unhinged. He had the irritating feel of a hemorrhoid on the butt of humanity and Trump gave Kasich no latitude.

It was dazzling, put Kasich in his place, and was a sterling moment for Donald Trump. I found myself cheering Trump at the moment. It was awesome.
Kasich was annoying, he got into it with Ted Cruz, and Ted embarassed him.
Cruz knows what works and what doesnt.

Donald Trump stood by his position that the US must deport all 11 million illegals and build a wall on the US-Mexico border. He said - We are a country of laws. We need borders.
Marco Rubio had another good night. Rand Paul probably had the best 2 hours of his campaign.  Ben Carson escaped unscathed. Jeb Bush strategy was to turn any answer into an attack on Hillary.

Ted Cruz delivered a rousing monologue that bashed liberal media elites.
For those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally, and we should enforce the law, we're tired of being told it's anti-illegals is offensive.  (The immigrants are largely ISIS who want to kill us!)

Another Fox SHAM!  Bias!
It was almost an hour before Cruz was asked a question at all.
I can see that the fox bias is to give time to Kasich and Bush.

This was a Fox debate, and Kasich is one of their guys.  They like him. I dont.
I saw an online poll where anyone could vote giving the debate winners to
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz

Trump Was Right About TPP Benefiting China
Nov 12, 2015 -   This is interesting
.  Donald Trump is always several moves ahead of the competition.
Donald Trump lambasted the Trans-Pacific Partnership, contending that China would use it to take advantage of everyone.  The ignorant and uninformed claimed that China is not part of the deal.

But Trump never suggested that China was part of the TPP, only that they would come in through the back door of the agreement. And he was right.  The TPP does indeed allow China and other non-members to reap benefits from the deal without having to abide by any of its terms.

APEC Asia-Pacific Summit * TPP

Jade Helm, Bundy

Ben Carson railed against the media for attacking him at every turn and then letting Hillary Clinton completely off the hook when she lies constantly!  So does Barack Obama!  Mediafails to examine Hellary Clinton’s inconsistency (LIES).

I didnt make a separate thread for Ben Carson because I hope he'll drop out.
How many times did Republicans mention Hillary? The Clinton campaign was counting

HICAGO — Hillary Clinton was an inescapable presence in the room at the Republican debate in Milwaukee Tuesday night.

Clinton’s campaign responded to the debate by releasing a video on Wednesday that highlighted just how many times she was attacked by the GOP hopefuls: more than 40, which the campaign noted was far more than the number of references to “the middle class.”

“Republicans mentioned Hillary Clinton more than 40 times at last night’s debates but had close to zero to say about how they would lift incomes for American workers,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement. “This is the No. 1 economic challenge the next president will face, and Republicans have ceded the field.”

The Republicans’ focus on Clinton, who is currently the Democratic frontrunner, even extended backstage, where the Wi-Fi password in the media filing center was “StopHillary.” In the undercard debate, which featured the four candidates at the back of the pack in polls of the GOP primary, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kept turning the focus onto Clinton when he faced attacks from his opponent Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

With the first primaries coming up in February, it’s clear some of the Republicans are beginning to test out general election attacks against Clinton even as they battle each other for the nomination. Likewise, this video shows Clinton’s team is honing her general election case against the GOP while she faces a primary challenge from self-described “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

The argument that Republican candidates are unconcerned with the middle class is clearly going to be a core message for Democrats heading into 2016. Democratic National Committee communications director Luis Miranda was backstage at the Republican debate on Tuesday. He claimed the Wi-Fi password in the spin room was evidence the GOP cared more about attacking Clinton than helping voters.

“It’s interesting that for them it’s about Hillary and for us it’s about hard-working people. It’s about the middle class,” Miranda said.

Nov 13, 2015 -  AMERICANS DONT!
GOP panic - Establishment worried Trump might win!  And he's not THEIR PAWN!  Thats why WE LIKE HIM!

There is panic among Republican elites over how to defeat Donald Trump.
The party establishment is paralyzed. Big money is still on the sidelines.
GOP so desparate they may draft 3 time loser Mitt Romney, the whitehorse antichrist!
Inside the world of #HillaryMen, the male feminists who want Clinton to be president

“I should make it clear: I’m a feminist,” 53-year-old Fergal Murphy told me over the phone from his home in Kensington, Md. Almost immediately I heard a faint giggle followed by some clapping. His wife, Karen, was on the line too and couldn’t suppress how tickled she was by his statement.

“I brag about this all the time online,” she said, explaining that it all started a few years ago when she bought a shirt that read “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like.”

Fergal loved the shirt and promptly began wearing it. Sometimes he even poses for photos in it next to a life-size cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton, like when the couple, staunch Clinton supporters, holds presidential primary debate watch parties in their home. “You’d be amazed at how many times I showed this picture of him in his T-shirt,” she said.

But Karen Murphy doesn’t blow up her friends’ Facebook feeds just to brag about her husband’s feminist declarations. A Clinton campaign volunteer, she posts about him as a way of building support for the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential frontrunner.


Nov 13, 2015 -  Saturday is Demoncrat debate
In the tank for Hellary CBS News Moderator John Dickerson and his team met with Hellary and Bern to ask them what they are allowed to ask - and how.

Demoncrat phony presidential debate
Nov 15, 2015
 YAWN! -  CBS ends boring fake Demoncrat presidential debate with 7 minutes to spare.  
CBS brought in the second Democrat pointless debate 7 minutes under time.  The candidates began their closing statements with 10 minutes to go until the scheduled conclusion.
The next *yawn* debate Feb. 13 in South Carolina.

Hellary Clinton refuses to say U.S. is at war with radical Islam.  *b**c*
Hillary Clinton refused to say the U.S. is at war with radical Islamic terrorists.
I dont think we're at war with Islam. I don't think we're at war with all Muslims, she said.
The fight is against violent extremists - whom she failed to identify as MUSLIMS - not Lutherans!
Hellary is as lame as 0bama on Islamic terrorists.

Dem *yawn* debate rate
Nov 16, 2015 -  CBS got 8.5 million viewers
for their Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley *yawn* debate.  GOP debates drew 24 million, 23 million, 14 million and 13 million audience.

Trump would consider closing mosques
Nov 17, 2015
-  Trump warns Syrian refugees could be Trojan horse

Ben Carson self destructs
Fox News tried to ask Ben Carson some policy questions about the terrorist attack in Paris and Carson’s support for a shooting war with Russia.  Carson was asked 4 times what his response to the Paris attacks would be if he were president, and he couldnt answer.  In response to the question about whether the US should accept refugees from Syria, Carson said its a huge mistake.  Lets get them resettled over there, to bring them here is a suspension of intellect.  Video

Iowa Rep. Steve King endorses Cruz for president

Nov 17, 2015 -  
Jindal drops out - he is impressive -very nice man
Sanders: 'Democratic socialism' means security, freedom

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Thursday that economic security is essential to Americans achieving true freedom, a central tenet in his political philosophy of "democratic socialism."

The Vermont senator said the idea has roots in the legacies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Real freedom must include economic security. That was Roosevelt's vision 70 years ago. It is my vision today," Sanders said in a speech at Georgetown University. "It is a vision that we have not yet achieved and it is time that we did."

Sanders' comments came during a defining speech about his views as he seeks to challenge front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton for the party's nomination. Clinton has built a large lead over Sanders in national polls and has an edge in Iowa, the first presidential caucus. Sanders hopes victories in Iowa and in the New Hampshire primary will help him undermine Clinton's dominance and create momentum in a lengthy fight for delegates.



Honor the Heros of Benghazi
Nov 23, 2015 -  Memo to Trump-Cruz!
 Promise an award ceremony on the first day of your presidency to honor the heros of Benghazi with presidential medals for courage.  The best honor would be to finally bring to justice Hillary, Obama and anyone else responsible for those men's deaths.

Heros  killed

U.S. Navy ex-SEAL  Tyrone Woods
U.S. Navy ex-SEAL  Glen Doherty
Congressional Gold Medal proposed for Ex-SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty killed in Benghazi.  They went above and beyond the call of duty.

Officer Sean Smith
Mother of Officer Sean Smith blames Hellary Clinton for his death.

Heros  who survived

Security agent David Ubben, risked his life,
Ubben was on the roof defending the CIA annex with Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

HEROES Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom, Mark Thompson
report the US military was told to stand down rather than send aid during the attacks.

Scott Taylor -  13 HOURS, The inside account of what really happened in Benghazi.  The Sunni Muslim terrorist assault that killed Stevens, a diplomatic aide and 2 former Navy SEALs who tried to rescue U.S. personnel.
Chris Stevens is no hero, he was illegally running guns to terrorists.

LIBYA  gunman says, Dont shoot them. They were sent by Egypt president Morsi

Why did Egypt President Morsi attack USA in Bengazi

Benghazi Whistleblower
Gregory Hicks in Libya during Sept. 2012 attack in Benghazi immediately reported it a terrorist attack.

U.S. Marine whistle blower Mark Thompson reports

BENGHAZI Libya Coverup, Select Committee
to understand what happened and how


CNN caught lying - AGAIN (still)
Nov 22, 2015
-  CNN caught selectively editing Donald Trump's Muslim comments.
He will sue CNN for defamation.  Trump wants to boycott the next CNN debate.  GOOD!  CNN expects to host the next Republican presidential debate in December.  If CNN is maliciously editing video to take out out the frontrunner, WHY allow them to host the debate?  They are clearly in major support of HELL-ary Clinton, and that is NOT journalism!

Trump and Rubio on counter-terror strategy
Nov 22
 DEBKA  -  Donald Trump said he would ramp up surveillance at mosques, particularly in New York City. He would also bring back water-boarding and keep refugees on a watch list.
Sinator Mark Rubio urged enlisting an Arab Sunni coalition force to fight ISIS on the ground while embedding US Special Operations units in that force and expanding air strikes.
LOL, you ignorant idiot!  ISIS is a Sunni Arab coalition!

Rubio's Growing Credibility Gap
Senator Marco Rubio has strayed from the Tea Party.
I think its just reflective of whats been going on for the past month or so and the way the race, at least in the establishment lane, has shifted. Its really Jeb or Marco now.

The Establishment considers Sen. Marco Rubio as one of their own.
Apparently his Tea Party upset was not what it seemed.

First it was the Gang of 8 was claiming credit for bringing Rubio into the immigration game (aka amnesty for illegals).  Now, Rubio freely admits his approach to immigration reform simply could not work.
Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are both frauds.

TEA party convinced Trump eyeing Cruz for ticket
Nov 27, 2015
-  Donald Trump may want Ted Cruz as VP on the ticket.
The Cruz campaign said NO.  Ted Cruz is running for President, not VP.  The VP is invisible.  VP would be a great job for Sarah Palin and a cabinet or Supreme Court position for Ted.  Demoncrats want Cruz as VP, NOT on USSC!  Ha!
The shooting at Planned Parenthood put GOP 2016 hopefuls in a ‘politically uncomfortable’ position

Hunter Walker
November 28, 2015

The motive for a shooting that took place outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Friday still isn’t clear, but all three of the top Democratic presidential candidates quickly rushed to express their support for the organization.

Meanwhile, the leading Republicans, all of whom have spoken out against Planned Parenthood, have largely remained silent about the shooting.

Operatives from both parties suggested to Yahoo News that the incident puts the GOP field in a tough spot because of its opposition to Planned Parenthood. The organization is the country’s largest provider of abortions.

Three people were killed in the shooting. One of the victims was a police officer who responded to a call for help. The suspect has been identified as Robert Lewis Dear, who was reportedly captured on the scene in Colorado Springs after surrendering to law enforcement.

According to the Associated Press, Dear had spent part of his time living in a North Carolina shack, and his neighbors described him as an incoherent loner with no known political or religious leanings. However, John Suthers, the Republican mayor of Colorado Springs, suggested people could draw conclusions about a motive for the attack by drawing “inferences from where it took place.”

President Obama issued a statement on the shooting Saturday that did not address the question of opposition to abortion as a potential motive. Instead, the president suggested that the incident is further proof of the need for stronger gun control.

“We don’t yet know what this particular gunman’s so-called motive was for shooting 12 people, or for terrorizing an entire community, when he opened fire with an assault weapon and took hostages at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado. What we do know is that he killed a cop in the line of duty, along with two of the citizens that police officer was trying to protect,” Obama said, adding, “This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal.”

The three top Democrats vying to be Obama’s successor all addressed the shooting on Twitter. Both frontrunner Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley issued expressions of support for Planned Parenthood. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., took things a step further and suggested antiabortion rhetoric could have encouraged the attack.

“I strongly support Planned Parenthood and the work it’s doing. I hope people realize that bitter rhetoric can have unintended consequences,” Sanders wrote.

Indeed, all of the leading Republican candidates have expressed opposition to Planned Parenthood. And almost none of them have made any public comment on the shooting.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is the only major Republican presidential hopeful who has tweeted about the incident.

“Praying for the loved ones of those killed, those injured & first responders who bravely got the situation under control in Colorado Springs,” Cruz wrote.

Yahoo News reached out to the campaigns of all of the other leading Republicans to see if they had any comment on the shootings. As of this writing, Anna Epstein, a spokeswoman for businesswoman Carly Fiorina was the only one to respond.

“Carly will be on Fox News Sunday tomorrow, and she’ll likely react then,” Epstein said.

There was no comment on the shooting from representatives for real estate mogul Donald Trump, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

All nine of these Republicans have spoken out against Planned Parenthood and expressed support for taking federal funding from the organization. Cruz has led a congressional push to defund Planned Parenthood by threatening a government shutdown.

A Democratic operative who works in Colorado told Yahoo News they believe the shooting will hurt the GOP field because it “reminds voters of the relentless Republican campaign against women’s health and the right to choose.” They also suggested the shooting would highlight Republican opposition to gun control.

In messages to Yahoo News, Amanda Carpenter, a Republican strategist and former top aide to Cruz, acknowledged that the shooting could be “politically uncomfortable” for GOP candidates because they oppose Planned Parenthood and also abhor the violent shooting. Carpenter suggested that the candidates should have followed Cruz’s example and commented on the shooting regardless of their stance on abortion.

“Candidates can choose to avoid commenting on crisis, but a president cannot,” Carpenter said. “While it’s prudent to wait for all information, GOP candidates should easily be able to express sorrow, whether this situation is politically uncomfortable or not.”

Carpenter went on to describe the silence in the Republican field as “sad.”

“This event happened 24 hours ago, and lives were lost. It’s sad more candidates can’t show their support for those in mourning. Republicans can disagree with what PP does and grieve for those injured and killed,” she said. “Being pro-life means opposing murder, period. Law enforcement lives are at risk each day, as shown in Colorado yesterday. They need our support more than ever, and the GOP should not hesitate to give it.”

Ben Carson Condemns Pro-Lifers, Political suicide Nov 30, 2015
Pro-Life leaders are furious with this FOOL Ben Carson claiming pro-life rhetoric is partially responsible for the shootings that took place in Colorado.
He never bothers to get FACTS before yapping.  He's crazy!

The transgendered leftist went to shoot at cops and people outside pp
The early activity took place 1/4 mile from pp, then later behind a bank.

Colorado shooting

CJ wrote:
Ben Carson Condemns Pro-Lifers, Political suicide Nov 30, 2015
Pro-Life leaders are furious with this FOOL Ben Carson claiming pro-life rhetoric is partially responsible for the shootings that took place in Colorado.
He never bothers to get FACTS before yapping.  He's crazy!

The transgendered leftist went to shoot at cops and people outside pp
The early activity took place 1/4 mile from pp, then later behind a bank.

Colorado shooting

The leftist NWO minions ended up killing 2 birds with one stone - if one sides against Planned Parenthood, then via the backdoor one ends up siding with the GUN CONTROL movement.

But nonetheless, all of this was by design...
After two days of silence, GOP candidates respond to Planned Parenthood shootings

After two days of near-radio silence over the deadly shootings at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, several Republican presidential candidates addressed the attack Sunday.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee condemned the alleged shooter, 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear, who reportedly told investigators “no more baby parts” when questioned following his arrest Friday.

What he did is domestic terrorism,” Huckabee said in an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday. “And what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to us in the pro-life movement, because there’s nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way on something like this.”

Huckabee contrasted his reaction with Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments following the recent terror attacks in Paris. Kerry said the January assault on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris had a “rationale” that could be understood, while the attacks earlier this month did not.

“We’re not going to have the kind of language that you heard from John Kerry where he talked about legitimizing or rationalizing terrorist actions,” Huckabee said. “There’s no legitimizing, there’s no rationalizing. It was mass murder. It was absolutely unfathomable. And there’s no excuse for killing other people, whether it’s happening inside the Planned Parenthood headquarters, inside their clinics where many millions of babies die, or whether it’s people attacking Planned Parenthood.”

Three people were killed — including a veteran police officer — and 12 others were wounded in Friday’s shootings.

Carly Fiorina — whose controversial comments about Planned Parenthood videos during a Republican debate briefly elevated her candidacy — called the shootings “a tragedy.”

“Nothing justifies this,” Fiorina said on “Fox News Sunday.” “And presumably, this man who appears deranged, if nothing else, will be tried for murder as he should be. But it’s a tragedy, especially on a holiday weekend.“

The former Hewlett-Packard chief executive had called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood in the wake of videos she said showed workers discussing harvesting fetal tissue while “a fully formed fetus [lies] on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking” — a claim that proved to be false.

“We’ve experienced so much hateful language, hateful speech, such a negative environment has been created … around the idea of safe and legal abortion,” Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And we’ve seen that across the country from all sorts of speakers in the last few months. I can’t believe that this isn’t contributing to some folks, mentally unwell or not, thinking that it’s OK to target Planned Parenthood or to target abortion providers.”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested such rhetoric may have inspired the alleged gunman.

“While we still do not know the shooter’s motive, what is clear is that Planned Parenthood has been the subject of vicious and unsubstantiated statements attacking an organization that provides critical health care for millions of Americans,“ the Democratic hopeful said in a statement. “I strongly support Planned Parenthood and the work it is doing and hope people realize that bitter rhetoric can have unintended consequences.

Fiorina fired back.

“This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing the messenger because they don’t agree with the message,” she said. “Anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts is … this is typical left-wing tactics.”

Carson on Planned Parenthood shooting: “Hateful rhetoric is detrimental”

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says there is “no question” that hateful rhetoric hurts American society. The neurosurgeon gone politician says presidential candidates on both side of the aisle must act more maturely to engage in intelligent civil discussions.

Dr. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon-turned-GOP hopeful, described the shootings as a “hate crime” and called for a “rational discussion” from those on both sides of the abortion issue.

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of extremism coming from all areas,” Carson said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday. “It’s one of the biggest problems that I think is threatening to tear our country apart. We get into our separate corners and we hate each other, we want to destroy those with whom we disagree.”

He added: “You know, all you have to do is go to an article on the Internet and go to the comments section. You don’t get five comments down before people start calling each other names and acting like idiots, you know. What happened to us? What happened to the civility that used to characterize our society?”

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump dismissed the alleged gunman as a “maniac,” but refused to tone down the anti-abortion talk.

“I will tell you there is a tremendous group of people that think it’s terrible, all of the videos that they’ve seen with some of these people from Planned Parenthood, talking about [harvesting fetal tissue] like you’re selling parts to a car,” Trump said. “Now, I know some of the tapes were perhaps not pertinent. I know that a couple of people that are running for office on the Republican side were commenting on tapes that weren’t appropriate. But there were many tapes that are appropriate in terms of commenting on. It looks like you’re talking about parts to some machine or something. And they’re not happy about it.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who referred to Planned Parenthood as a “criminal enterprise” during a GOP debate in September, called Friday’s shootings “unacceptable, horrific, and wrong.“

“We know that police officers and civilians have been targeted and lost their lives, and our prayers are, right now, are with the families,” Cruz said while campaigning in Iowa Saturday. “I have spent much of my adult life working in law enforcement, working against murderers and those who commit violent crime, and that one officer who lost his life is particularly tragic.”

Meanwhile, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is calling for stricter gun control measures in the wake of the shootings.

“We’ve got to try and keep guns out of the hands of people who are violent and unstable,” the Democratic governor said on CNN. “I think we have to come back and look at all aspects of why these shootings have continued to occur — you know, in Oregon or South Carolina or Colorado.”

Hickenlooper added: “The frequency is unacceptable, and … I’m not willing to say, ‘Well, we just have to sit back and accept this as the cost of freedom.’”

They waited until the NWO BEAST created their narrative,
then went along with the Beast.
Facts not important.  LOOK!

FBI chief is wild card for HELLary Clinton
Dec 1, 2015
 -  FBI Director James Comey is the pivotal figure in the 2016 presidential race that no one is talking about.  Comey is investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of State.  The FBI will have the final say on whether HELLary Clinton did anything illegal.

In 2004 Comey investigated the mishandling of classified information by Sandy Berger. (Burglar)
Comey takes classified information very, very seriously.  We'll see.

The Democratic nomination candidate must be on ballots.
A candidate who is not on a primary ballot cant win delegates from that state.
If the FBI prevents Hellary from being on the ballot, she cant win.
And Judge Napolitano has stated she will NOT be on the ballot, and neither will Jeb Bush.

Of course he and his GOP ilk did - otherwise, they would via the back door be SUPPORTING the GUN CONTROL movement!
Cruz Says All Christian Terrorist Attacks Were Centuries Ago, Forgets About The One Last Week

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz claimed on Thursday that President Obama should recognize the threat of “radical Islamic terrorism” because Christians haven’t committed terrorist attacks for centuries. He seemingly forgot about the Christian terrorist who killed three people in Colorado last week.

“President Obama gave a speech in which he said, ‘Yes ISIS commits terrorist attacks, but so do Christians and so do Jews,'” Cruz said, referring to Obama’s recent remarks on ISIS murdering a Jordanian pilot. “And he then invoked the crusades and the inquisition. Now the last I checked, those ended about 900 years ago and I don’t think it’s asking too much for the President of the United States to stay in the current millennium.”

**Uhm...the Roman Catholic Church is NOT Christian! :Smile

Less than a week ago, gunman Robert Lewis Dear killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, telling authorities as he was taken into custody: “No more baby parts.” Those words seemed to echo the rhetoric used by right-wing anti-abortion groups who spread misleading videos this year to defame the national women’s health provider.

According to the New York Times, Dear “described as ‘heroes’ members of the Army of God, a loosely organized group of anti-abortion extremists that has claimed responsibility for a number of killings and bombings.”

ThinkProgress reported that if true, Dear would appear to share the ideological leanings of so-called “Christian terrorists,” specifically participants in the “Christian identity movement” that have terrorized abortion providers for years.

Also during his remarks at a Republican Jewish Coalition forum in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Cruz called Wednesday’s San Bernardino shooting “yet another manifestation of terrorism, radical Islamic terrorism, here at home.”

The motives of the shooters are still unclear and authorities have not mentioned any link between the killing of 14 people and Islamic terrorism. Fox News and other media outlets, however, were quick to speculate as the shooting was unfolding that it was connected to ISIS.

Cruz did not hesitate to speak about the motives of the shooting that involved Muslim gunmen, less than 24 hours after the shooting. But two days after the Planned Parenthood shooting, he told reporters that there still was not enough evidence to draw conclusions.

“The media promptly wants to blame [the shooter] on the pro-life movement when at this point there’s very little evidence to indicate that,” he said on Sunday.

Donald Trump Israel Policy
Dec 5, 2015
-  Trump drew boos from the audience when he refused to rule out dividing Jerusalem.
In an interview Trump had said that forcing peace talks on Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) is at the top of his priorities.
He blamed Israel for the lack of peace.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio said they would move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where it BELONGS.  George W. Bush said that also, and continually refused to sign off once he became president.

Woo the Jew US politix
Dec 5, 2015
 -  Candidate efforts to woo the Jews.
Ben Carson said if murderous Hamas and Fatah  rivals got together there might be a chance for peace.  THAT is too ignorant and too anti-Israel for me!  I have NO respect for Carson.

Donald Trump was booed for not pledging to recognize a unified Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
He said not to have high expectations of a peace deal: I dont know that Israel has the commitment to make it, and I dont know that the other side has the commitment to make it.
Trump is tone deaf to conservative pro-Israel who tell him Israel wants a deal, it is only the Palestinians who are bloody-minded.

Ted Cruz said - If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are voting for the Ayatollah Khamenei to have nuclear weapons.

Media passion is to DESTROY Trump, so dont expect them to report honestly.
I have read several links, and most OMIT key things Trump said.
Trump doesnt see either side as willing to make peace.  Even that position is wrong.

Donald Trump, we the people made you, and we the people know Palestinians DO NOT WANT PEACE!  If you say you want to - FORCE!!! - Israel then you are no different from BHussein 0bama!  You can NOT make peace with those who ONLY WANT TO KILL YOU!

Donald Trump

RUMOR that Marco Rubio fathered a child with a mistress.
Well he rivals JFK and Bill Clinton doesnt he?
Perhaps demoncrats will vote for him.  I wont.

3 Stooges *  Bush, Rubio, Christie
3 Stooges are 3 of the presidential candidates – Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, the modern-day Moe, Larry and Curly.  They are no longer funny, but dangerous. These stooges are attempting to invade the privacy of millions of Americans, advocating wholesale NSA telephonic spying on all citizens.

Trump is media master manipulator  
Dec 10, 2015  Judge Andrew Napolitano
discussed Donald Trump, who gave a 4 line statement and everybody in the media is talking just about this.  And Jeb Bush etc. cant even get a meaningful word in.  So Donald Trump has, yet again, demonstrated himself as the master communicator, the master manipulator of the media.  And the master expander of his base.  He is eclipsing all the other candidates in the media without spending any money.  Jeb is spending millions and The Donald’s not spending, didnt spend a nickel to get all this attention.

Trump is 20 points ahead in South Carolina
Merry Christmas! Donald Trump leads the Republican field by 20 points in South Carolina, according to a new poll.  Trump 35% - Ben Carson 15% - Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - 14%

Trump, Carson have until spring to launch third-party runs  
Dec 12, 2015
-  State filing deadlines would give Donald Trump and Ben Carson until about March to launch independent or third-party campaigns for president.

I DO NOT recommend 3rd party.
I WILL NOT vote for Jeb.  period.

Rand Paul to be Left Off Main Debate Stage?
Dec 13, 2015
 -  Tuesday, December 15 is the next Republican debate on CNN.
Once considered the main contender for the anti-establishment GOP vote, Rand Paul will likely be pushed off the primary debate stage.  Rand is the fiery son of Dr. Ron Paul, a favorite in 2012.

He just cant lose!
Dec 13, 2015  -  Donald Trump's name is restored at a Dubai golf complex.
Gold letters spelling out 'Trump International Golf Club', affixed to a landscaped stone wall at the entrance to the golf complex were removed Dec. 10.  Two days later they were restored.

Trump, Carson have until spring to launch third-party runs  
Dec 12, 2015
-  State filing deadlines would give Donald Trump and Ben Carson until about March to launch independent or third-party campaigns for president.

I DO NOT recommend 3rd party.
I WILL NOT vote for Jeb.  period.

Tuesday Dec 14, 2015 the CNN debate candidates
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio,
Chris Christie, Ben Carson, John Kasich
and ... *YAWN!*  ..  jeb

Hillary has KILLED thousands of people!  
Dec 14, 2015  -  FACT
:  The Clinton mafia have killed MANY.
HELLary has no business calling Trump dangerous.  Donald Trump claimed Hillary Clinton was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. No one knows if thats an exaggeration.

Judge Napolitano said Trump is RIGHT - AGAIN.
Hillary got hundreds of thousands of people killed in Libya, Egypt

GWBush was the last US president
After George W. Bush the republic ENDS
Barak Obama is a usurper,  Daniel 7:25

It was brought to my attention that according to *some* prophecies,
HELLary Clinton could occupy the whitehouse.

RUSH praises Ted Cruz
Dec 14, 2015
 -  RUSH has praised the way Ted Cruz has been behaving in this campaign. We have said don't be surprised if Ted Cruz leads the pack.  Ted Cruz has been everybody's dark horse. You cannot criticize Cruz's competence, his intelligence, his abilities.   Cruz has consistent conservatism.

Cruz has been playing this whole campaign brilliantly, because he has not criticized Trump, he is exhibiting old-fashioned manners - Politeness, restraint, not getting in people's faces and wagging a finger and shouting them down.
Cruz is positioning himself to be able to take advantage of any slippage that might occur with Trump.

Rush Limbaugh speculated maybe Donald Trump’s attacks on Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday sound like an attempt by Trump to cozy up to the GOP establishment.

Santorum won Iowa - meaningless.
The entire election / selection process is only a circus - meaningless.
In the end the NWO will do as THEY please.

Ted Cruz, look at him again

Sarah Palin loves Ted Cruz and Donald Trump
What does Sarah say about the bunch?
Marco Rubio is Robotic
Chris Christie - Embraced Obama
Hillary Clinton - Nyquil
Barack Obama himself - Warned ya


Already a FIFTH debate tonight!

Loser of the Debate - The Moderators    Laughing
15 Dec 2015
-  This debate was annoying.  What a lousy way to pick a president.
If the moderators would stop talking over top of the candidates, then we could actually hear what they have to say.

If this debate was 5 of the top candidates, then we wouldn't have been subject to their short time limits, their incessant buzzers, and their rude interruptions right as the candidates were finally making their points.

If I could choose those on stage, it would have been
Trump, Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum and Rubio
Lindsey is too nauseating and girly to listen to!
Christie is too mob boss

Cruz-Rubio on terror
The rivalry between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio flared over their tough-on-terror credentials.
Cruz said - We will utterly destroy ISIS.  GOOD BOY!
Media wanted a fight between Trump and Cruz, but wise Cruz avoided that.  GOOD BOY!

Trump attacked
Dec 15, 2015
-  Donald Trump under attack for demanding a TEMPORARY ban on Muslims entering the USA - until a vetting process is secure.  Trump suggested shutting down parts of internet to stop jihadists.

Trump wants to keep ISIS from using the Internet to recruit jihadists.
Trump said Israel’s security fence with the Palestinians was proof that his plans for a wall with mexico could work.

Cruz agreed with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that while Syrian President Bashar Assad was far from an ideal leader, having him in power was preferable than a Syria controlled by Islamic State.  AMEN!

The above results as of dawn the morning after.      Cool

Laughing    Donald Trump vs Chris Matthews
Dec 16, 2015
-  PMSNBC Chris Matthews interviewed Donald Trump and Matthews asked if Trump was honest when he says that Barack Obama isnt a legitimate president.  Trump replied, I dont answer it, they dont want to talk about the economy.

Sanders Supporters may vote Trump  
Dec 19, 2015
 -  Bernie Sanders might jump to Donald Trump.
Trump is a populist, not a Democrat or Republican and Bernie is eclipsed by Hillary Clinton.  And Jeb Bush is at 3%. Why is he in the race now?  In the last New Hampshire poll 38% of liberals supported Trump.

Will Bernie Sanders run with Kasich on the Nazi Nutcase Party banner?
or Bern/Jeb


Former President Bill Clinton featured in recent ISIS recruitment video

By now Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s comment that the Islamic State terror group used videos of Donald Trump to recruit radical jihadists has been proven false.

Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
I demand an apology from Hillary Clinton for the disgusting story she made up about me for purposes of the debate. There never was a video.
6:51 AM - 21 Dec 2015
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But in an interesting development, a video recently released by ISIS actually features an image of the democrat candidate’s husband.

“A four-minute video released by ISIS last month, entitled ‘No Respite,’ includes an image of Bill Clinton, who is called a ‘fornicator’ — a reference to his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, among many others,” reports Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross.

On Saturday during the last Democrat debate of the year, Clinton ludicrously blamed Donald Trump for the rise in the recruitment of foreign jihadists.
“We need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that Trump is sending around the world don’t fall on receptive ears,” Clinton said.

“He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” added Clinton.
Earlier today Trump, for the second time, asked for an apology “for the lie” Hillary told.

Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
Do you think that Hillary Clinton will apologize to me for the lie she told about "the video" of me being used by ISIS. There is no video.
1:51 PM - 21 Dec 2015
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Despite the emergence of this latest video, the Clinton campaign has yet to retract the erroneous remark.

Dec 18, 2015  -  Huckabee plans on losing and quitting

Dec 21 Lindsey Graham FINALLY abandoned his presidential ambitions
That stupid queer finally gave up.  He is even more nauseating than Barry.
Evangelist Franklin Graham quits the Republican Party over Planned Parenthood funding

(RNS) Evangelist Franklin Graham has announced he is abandoning the Republican Party in disgust over the move by the GOP-led Congress last week to pass a budget that Graham said was “wasteful” and provided funding for Planned Parenthood, which he compared to the Nazis.

Graham has previously said he has no faith in any political party, but his apparent renunciation of his Republican affiliation is an indication of anger on the right and the strong interest many disaffected evangelicals have shown in populist outsiders like Donald Trump.

Graham himself has expressed admiration for Trump, the surprise frontrunner in the Republican presidential field, and has voiced support for some of Trump’s more controversial positions — such as his call to ban Muslims from the U.S. — which have drawn condemnation from more mainstream evangelical leaders.

[Why Franklin Graham says Donald Trump is right about stopping Muslim immigration]

The federal government provides $528 million in funding for Planned Parenthood — about 40 percent of the organization’s annual budget — primarily through payments to Medicaid for health services for low-income Americans. Federal law prohibits funding of most abortions and Planned Parenthood separates federal taxpayer dollars from those used to provide abortions.

Social conservatives have long fought to strip taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood, and, after the release of a series of undercover videos by anti-abortion activists earlier this year, those calls ramped up to a fever pitch.

Activists said the undercover videos show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of fetal organs — which they called “baby parts” — for profit to medical researchers; making money off such organs or tissue could be illegal and unethical. Planned Parenthood denied that it was profiting from the sale and said it was quitting the practice.

In the wake of that white-hot controversy, there was wide expectation that with Republicans in control of both the House and Senate Congress would eliminate funding for 2016. Some conservatives in the GOP threatened to shutdown the government if that wasn’t done.

But the shooting massacre at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic late last month by a lone gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, who proclaimed himself “a warrior for the babies,” seemed to change the calculus and congressional leaders last week reached a deal that averted a shutdown and funds the government through September of next year.

The deal also funds Planned Parenthood at previous levels — a development that has enraged many on the religious right, including Graham, son of the renowned evangelist Billy Graham.

“This is an example of why I have resigned from the Republican Party and declared myself Independent. I have no hope in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or Tea Party to do what is best for America,” the younger Graham declared on Facebook on Monday.

“Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!” Graham wrote. “That should’ve been all that was needed to turn off the faucet for their funding.”

Graham drew immediate support on social media but how much sway he carries with voters is debatable.

Billy Graham, who is 97, infirm and largely incommunicado, over the years came to rue his involvement with politics, saying it drew the focus from his evangelism.

But his son has not been hesitant to offer his opinion of politicians and in particular hot-button electoral issues of interest to social conservatives. In fact, in denouncing the Republican Party this week, Graham made a pitch for the prayer rallies he will hold in every state next year, starting in Iowa in January shortly before the crucial first presidential primary.

The rallies, as Graham says, aim to “challenge Christians to live out their faith at home, in public and at the ballot box.”

Graham has said that if more evangelical voters turn out it could prove the difference in national and local elections, a point also made by Republican candidates.

(David Gibson is a national correspondent for RNS)

6 GOP candidates next debate
Dec 23, 2015
 -  The criteria for the next Republican debate could shrink the debate stage to 6 candidates,  Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, omitting John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul.
Fox BN will host again with that nasty witch Megyn Kelly.  BAD CHOICE!
The debate will be held in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Idea   Scrub BOTH parties!
Dec 23, 2015  
-  The Republicans are the same as the Demoncrats.
There is no Republican Party.  It’s a one-party system, its 3 shells on the table with no pea under any of the shells.

Clinton got 'schlonged' by Obama in 2008 race
If schlonger is supposed to mean - raped - thats true -
and 0bama has repeatedly raped American
Hellary raped Libya - and killed it
Politix is dirty biz!

Jeb Bush gets Graham leftovers.  No shock - one butt boy or another. Forum Index -> America NEWS Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  Next
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