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2012 Bald Eagle Nesting Season, several nests

       December 24, 2011 by Reese Lukei

2012  EAGLE NESTING SEASON begins at Norfolk Botanical Garden, NBG  VIRGINIA
Page 3, 4 I added the Richmond and Decorah nests also

September  24,  2011   Saturday
NBG photographer saw 'Dad' in the 2008 nest tree
Some other photogs also think they have seen Dad with another eagle the past couple weeks.

I suspect Dad will NOT build in the 2011 nest.  MOST likely because it needs a year to become free of parasites.
2012  NESTING SEASON may soon begin at Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA

American Bald Eagle Nesting
Some eagles do not breed every year.
Bald eagles are capable of breeding annually from the age of 4, but some of the adults, though paired, seem to choose not to breed.
It might be an instinctive decision, based on the weather, availability of nesting sites, or food.

Pairs of bald eagles have been seen whirling through the air with talons locked together.
This could be a form of courtship or a ritualized battle between an intruding eagle and one defending its territory.
Whichever it is, eagles do not actually copulate in the air. Copulation usually takes place on a branch near the nest or on the ground.

From the time the parents build the nest and the young are on their own, takes about 20 weeks.
During the nesting cycle the parents remain within one to two miles of the nest.

ShutterBug Bob is an excellent photographer at NBG and a very nice man.  He gave me one of his photos for my thread on Tracking Nixy.

Sept. 10, 2011  Bob took photo of 'Dad'

Norfolk Botanical Garden
WVEC TV station will be live streaming eaglecam to thousands around the world once the pair are mated and lay eggs.

Reese Lukei, wildlife biologist

NBG photographers take beautiful photos!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia are very into saving wildlife that might be better off not saved.  They do wonderful work tho.
I enjoy their critter cam and blog.  Ed Clark runs the center.

Epitaph for an Eagle
NBG 2011 nest and tragedy of the female killed

Tracking Nixy / NX the 2011 nest hatchling

2013  HK, Son of NBG, older brother of NX

2011 NBG NEST SEASON in photos
The mating, the eggs, the hatchlings, grow, death of female.
Here is a beautiful link from Rhoda, God bless her, of the 2011 NBG year.
Keep hitting the arrow key when your done with the video to see the others

Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )
These gardens in Norfolk Virginia are beautiful


September  25,  2011   Sunday - Photographers are everywhere at NBG today.
The NBG male is showing interest in the 2009/2010 nest.
That is the first nest they built at the Garden and have used it each year except 2008 and last year.
The 2010 nest is not in good repair.  The male hangs out on that nest tree at times.
Whether that one is actually used this year remains to be seen. All 3 nests are close together though.
The WVEC live cam will be set up once they know which nest the pair will use.


Eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden - Exciting News!
September  29,  2011  Thursday
2 eagles were seen together at the 2011 nest this morning.
One was actually sitting in the nest, the other was perched on a branch nearby.
In the photos it appears both are in the nest together.

Photos of male nest building for 2012 - in the 2011 nest

Male bald eagles faithful to ONE mate?  No!
Eagles and humans both exhibit bad behavior

Dr. Mitchell A. Byrd, retired Chancellor Professor of Biology

RTD Correspondent Ron Melancon compares feeding the eagle chicks shown on the eagle cam with the government food stamp program,
suggesting both promote dependency. One is free to make his own assessments of the federal food stamp program,
but his facts regarding the eagles are incorrect.

The Center for Conservation Biology placed numerous cameras around eagle nests as part of various scientific studies.
We felt that it was reasonable to use one of the cameras to allow the public to learn something about the eagles.
We were fortunate to be able to partner with The Times-Dispatch to bring this to fruition.
The fact that a million and a half people viewed the site would suggest this goal was achieved.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, the two adults abandoned the nest.
After 2 days biologists decided that supplemental feeding was required.
They were fed twice before the adults returned.

If one really wants to make comparisons between eagle behavior and human behavior, there are many parallels.
We have observed fratricide, cannibalism, starvation and nest abandonment, all traits in our human societies.

We know of at least one case where a male eagle had a female at each of two nests at which
he was providing all the services required to promote successful reproductive activity.
This sounds remarkably akin to bigamy in humans.  (Does that make the NBG male a trigamist - with 3 females?)

The public has long viewed eagles as well as most pairs of other birds, turkeys and others being exceptions,
as being monogamous and altruistic in their behavior. Nothing could be further from the truth.
DNA studies of young in nests and the attendant male of the pair have shown that in some cases as many as
80% of the young do not belong to the male of the pair at the nest.

EAGLE NATION is all a-twitter over 'Dad Norfolk' finding a new mate, a big mama.
October  4,  2011  
Thanks to Joe Foreman at Norfolk Botanical Garden we have the first photos of two adult bald eagles sitting together Sept 29, 2011
They are perched in a tree at what is referred to as “the dump”.

In the first photo the male is already sitting in the tree and the female is flying in about to land beside him.
Shortly after these photos were taken both eagles flew off and were next seen by Scott at the 2011 season nest tree with one of the eagles in the nest.
This seems to confirm several sightings over the past two weeks by several others that the NBG male had found a girl friend.
These photos are also posted by Joe Foreman at


NBG eagles
LOOK at this - great shot Mike!    Exclamation  Very Happy

2015  Dad Norfolk has mated with one of his offspring

              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY WORLD NEWS with prophetic analysis


New eagle pair seen at Norfolk Botanical Garden
03 Dec 2011
They have been re-arranging the nest .. doing nestorations.

This is the Norfolk Botanical Gardens 2012 nesting pair.
The male took a new mate after his mate was killed last year.
Took photo from Reese blog.  I had emailed him for permission twice with no reply.  Hopefully his blog link will suffice for the OK!
He is such a sweet gentle man I cant imagine him refusing me displaying his beautiful eagles!

NBG Eagle Pair First Observed Mating  January  9, 2012
The NBG pair were observed mating.
The male's mate he took in the fall of 2011 was evidently killed by an electric powerline running thru NBG, so this is another female.  She is about age 5.

Effective mating takes place about 4 to 10 days before an egg is laid.  
Each egg is laid about 3 days apart.  Incubation starts with the laying of the first egg.

January 22, 2012  Sunday
This morning WVEC began letting the public view the nest.
At first it was empty.  About 10.30 am they both showed up.
It is very exciting!

has happened since my last post.
Dad eagle has his 3rd - THIRD! -  known female.  We suspect the first one was the one found dead.  Story here - Jan 21 synopsis of nest


January 30, 2012  Monday  

Nest  -  For some reason I thot it'd be good to take this photo - BEFORE tonite's nestorations

5.40 pm  Just flew in 17.40
RIGHT above - female just before dawn January 31

UGH!  Now if I can just mooooooooooove this biigggggggg brannnnnchhhhhhhhhh.....

5.48  pm  How are you doin Honey?   17.48

Monday, January 30, 2012 at 06:39pm
3.2 earthquake near Mineral, Virginia

January 31, 2012  Tuesday  

3.00 am  She perched outside nest all night for the first time.  Is she in labor?  

The female roosted on a branch near nest last nite for the first time.

Jan. 30th late evening the WVEC blog mods said she'd visited the nest after roosting Jan. 30th,
now before dawn today she is on branch near nest right smack dab in front of the cameria!  
WHAT a SHOWOFF!   Very Happy

3.30 am WVEC BLOG - the female eagle is lying down again, but NOT sleeping . . .

4;55 est sitting in nest - WVEC BLOG Comment From rose
5.34 am  poo shoot .. lets hope only poo, not egg .. *splat*

I never watched an eagle roost the night before
6.00 am  a bit of preening ....
6.38 am  Female - then Male fly into nest and begin nuzzling at the nest bowl grass
Then she laid down in nest and male flew to very near branch.

6.51  am -  Well nuts .. I waited for the color to take another screen shot, but the moment the cam switched to color, both left!

NBC magnificent male at dawn


February 2, 2012  WVEC eaglecam

7.21 am  The nest looks so fresh and clean after the rain!
It just begs for eggs!  The bowl grass would be too cold after the rain for her to lay eggs until the warm sun dried it out

7:35 am - the eagles have landed
7.37 he left
7.38 am - and then there was one
7.41  she left

7.45  she (he) came  back, examined nest ..
8.33  he is  still there
OK I thought this was the female - the WVEC blog is saying its the MALE

Some of the questions on the WVEC blog drive me batty .. but .. a year ago they were my questions!  So ....

8.07  shoebutton♥: 4378 are in the WVEC moderated blog right now
8.44  she returns and both are in nest
8.47  one left, one stayed
8.49  both gone
8:52 he's back and brought a stick then left

Dad has 2 females!?

February 3, 2012

The nest was empty all afteroon, then and eagle showed up and began vocalizing on the branch.
Then the male and female were in the nest.
Now there is doubt it was the same female.
Photos from this morning and this evening.

Per Reese Lukei
This is not the female the male has been with for the past few weeks (the one with the dark tip on the tail and dark feathers on the head).
Reese is going to look carefully at the screen captures he just took and the previous captures he took to compare.
However, he thinks there is a possibility that this is the female he was seen earlier with in the season.
He also thinks the other female may have tried to approach the nest (this is just a guess - as no one saw it) which is why we saw the vocalizations.
As soon as he has more information he will let us know.
The male was the one in the submissive posture - which is normal.
The females are the more dominant.

Left - January 31 female ... Right - February 2 female

February 3 about 5.30 pm - A NEW female, which would be #3 in 6 months??

February 3 about 8:00 am

February 3 about 5.00 pm

CONTINUE the MYSTERY on page 2



Above screen shots taken between 6.40 and 7.20 am

Eaglecam nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden  (NBG)
Screen captures property of NBG & WVEC

This female #2 (some call bump beek) has a clear feather notch in her RIGHT wing

February 4, 2012
Notes pulled from overnight WVEC blog.  Who says nature is boring?
Apparantly Dad has 3 wives!

Reese Lukei's findings

Eagle #1 would be the Fall Eagle  (She had bright orange feet, beak, seen up to the first week of January )
Eagle #2 is January 8-19 female
Eagle #3 is most recent Dirty Tail (age 4yrs 10mo)

WHO's WHOoooooooo??
Do YOU want to guess which female is which?  
Photographer photos, videos copy righted, do not use without their permission

Feb. 3 ruckus with female #? - Video posted by Dee Jay

Did #2 refuse to mate so he found #3 ?
9:52pm Feb. 3 WVEC -  Rhoda
I’ve put together some video for comparison.
After going back and looking I think that the female with the dirty tail wasn’t there on Jan. 30
but the one that is there tonight has been there for several days. Judge for yourself, here’s the link

11:26   MVK: Looks like we have an owl in the nest now.
Great horned owls are a danger to the eaglets and eggs.  They are a predator to just about anything their size or smaller

As if 'Dad has 3 mates' isnt exciting enough, the late evening of February 3,
a mouse and an owl visited the nest - with one of the 4 eagles of this nest roosting in a branch next to the nest!
And a cute squirrel has her home in the lower part of the nest.

OWL visits nest, video by Rhoda

Here is a video of the VERY ANGRY female Feb 3 who they think is #2 out of his 3

February 4, 2012

7:22 am
 Shoebutton WVEC blog
I believe we are looking at female 2 from before January 20th but after December

1:58 pm  WVEC Congowings
Reese Lukei (CCB)  states:
After reviewing photos from the past few days I have determined that female #2 was in the NBG nest with the male on February 2.
Photos taken on February 1 are inconclusive.
I took no photos of a female at the nest on January 31.
Female #3 was in the nest on January 30.

3.00  pm  WVEC Congowings
Jim Deal - one of the photographers was at the Garden today said the male was in the 'lumber yard' this morning a little after 8am.
Then he flew to the 2004 nest tree and perched on the 'love branch'. Later the female (#2) joined him on the branch - about five feet away.
She was vocalizing for quite a while, but he didn't seem too bothered. She flew off eventually and about 30 minutes ago the male took off too.
He said there were 3 adult eagles flying overhead today - so quite a bit of activity.

3.11 / 15.11 pm both eagles just flew into nest, one left right away
3.18 / 15.18  both gone

Feb 4 evening
5.30 pm 17.30  eagle arrives, cam switched to nite black n white before I could get the screen shot
Eagle flew to love branch and began singing or shouting, I cant tell which.
Eagle hopping from branch to branch

Sometime late evening WVEC eaglecam went offline all night

CONCLUSIONS Feb. 4 .. continued ....  Laughing
Female #1 was the one in the Fall eagle with very orange feet and beak,
#2 was the large female with a faded orange beak,
#3 was the one with the dark feathers on her head and tail.  
#2 is the one the male has been seen with the last couple of days.  
We do not know where #3 is at this time.

3.30 pm Mike I heard that DT (#3) was seen flying high at the gardens today

NL (#2)  scolds male- with captions - LOL!

2008 Mating season, interesting, by DGIF


February 5, 2012  Sunday  Rainy day
Everyone is still trying to find ways to identify all NBG male's ladies
At least 2 have been part of his nest building

To make matters WORSE, the eaglecam went offline in the rain at NBG overnite Feb. 4 - 5

9.52 am cam back up
10.14 am  eagle at nest, sat on branch awhile, gone
17.36 female #2 laying in nest.  She laid there until 3.15 am Feb. 7 then left
This female has a clear feather notch in her RIGHT wing

The photographers are calling #2 female - NL or NW - notch lady, notched wing
This female has a clear feather notch in her RIGHT wing

This appears to be correct so far, as of Sunday morning Feb. 5

Feb 5 Reese Lukei's findings - combining with what photographers call the eagles

Eagle #1 would be the Fall Eagle
 seen up to the first week of January bright orange feet, beak
vanished, photographs believe the one killed at NBG by powerline

Eagle #2 is NL, January 8-19 female Notch Lady, NL, notch wing, a bit older than 5 years (Reese - the large female with a faded orange beak)
Reese - #2 is the one the male has been seen with Feb 3, 4

Eagle #3 is DT, most recent Dirty Tail (age 4yrs 10mo)  with the dark feathers on her head and tail.  

#2 NL returned to Nest Feb 1

Feb 4 Notch Lady (#2) visits male at nest and boy is she mad!

Jan 30 is #3 per Reese
They appear to be pair bonding

Feb 4 only #2 NL, Reese told the chat on Feb 5 early Sunday

3.30 pm report from NGB today
Female attacking male, we think it was #2 NL and she sat on branch outside nest - we saw her on wvec cam too but didnt know which f she was

Eaglenest video for Feb 4 by dancelady

Feb 5 video - afternoon - eagle fight in nest
15.50  dad chased female off nest


February 6, 2012
Female #2  notch wing, bump on beek
6.30 am  Both arrive in nest
6.37 am  The male mated with female is #2  inside nest!  
6.52 am  Both gone
screen shots about 6.30 am Feb 6

8:31 am  Rhoda  Feb 6
Here’s link to this mornings activities. I think it was the female that left first not the male.

5:45 pm - late afternoon  17.45


Feb 6  
She (current female 2) does seem to be more assertive - which is needed when defending the territory.
The previous mate was very assertive. The male needs an agressive female in order to defend his territory successfully.
While they both defended the territory, it was his previous mate that escorted most away.
Some are upset with the female that has been pushing her weight around - but that is exactly the type of mate that is needed.

Sunday I saw a dark brown blob in the nest.  Today I have a theory about that.  
It was rainy so the nest was wet.  There was plenty of eagle activity which disrupted the nest,
churning the material so the dark was shadow, a hole.

Feb. 8 female 3 pretty 'dirty tail'


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


6.00 am  Nest empty
6.01 am  eagle flew in, moved grass, laid down
6.29 am flew out   male or female unknown

No morning screen shots
noon - nest has been empty all day since dawn

Feb. 7 = 15.39 til around 18.00 in the evening

15.39 female #3 on branch preening - dirty tail
NBG photographers below

16.14  DT flew into nest and began fluffing it
17.33  male mating with #3 DT, dirty tail
17.49  love at twilight after mating on branch

COMPARE HIS FEMALES, photos not mine

Jan. 8, 2012 photo

Jan. 2, 2012 photo

Jan. 24, 2012 photo  looks like #3 dirty tail

Dec 23, 2011  definitely NOT dirty tail

Dec 26, 2011

Nov 14, 2011

DeeJay's Daily Observations

Feb. 7 mating, DJ's thread

The following are my Feb. 7th screen shots off WVEC eaglecam





Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA
WVEC TV13 eaglecam

NBG  Gardens, MAP



February 8, 2012  Wednesday
screen snapshots,  NBG / WVEC cam

NBG Feb. 8 female 3 pretty, gentle dirty tail arrives just after 6.30 am, after the male
Both fluff nest
6.46 male left, female lays on nest
6.52 male brings back stick
both have flown off and returned a few times today
Both gone by 7 am

17.03  They returned in the evening separately.  She came first, he came after.
It was odd that the male brought food to the nest, then mantled to eat it, shielding food from female.

Norfolk male eagle having no problem attracting mates
February 7, 2012  Tuesday by Pete McElveen,
The mating habits of Norfolk famous eagle are raising some eyebrows among wildlife experts.
Bald eagles are known for mating for life, but the resident male eagle at Norfolk Botanical Garden has been observed mating with 3 or 4 different female eagles this season.
One local expert says this behavior has never been as well documented as it has been at the Norfolk nest, thanks to a webcam which captures images of the eagle nest 24 hours a day.

CCB researcher Reese Lukei said
It is possible that the new fall mate of the male eagle was killed in January, when a dead adult female eagle was found near power lines at NBG.
Reese thinks the uncharacteristic behavior of the male is likely due to an abundance of adult bald eagles in the area.
Lake Whitehurst, adjacent to Norfolk Botanical Garden, is prime eagle territory because it is well stocked with fish.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Dirty Tail returned Feb 7

February 9, 2012  Thursday
Male eagle mated Feb 6 with female 2 and Feb 7, 8 and 9 with female 3

6.30 am  both in nest - which female??
6.43 am  dawn, color
6.47 am  mating with #3 inside nest
7.00 am kissing on branch
7.03 am  singing
One left, unsure which 07.45 one still sits on branch

10.00 am  2 eagles in nest for about 15 minutes.
No zoomer today

15.30  male stopt at nest briefly with stick
17.44 2 eagles squawkin their heads off at nest for a few minutes then left


Feb. 7  Another day, another female

Feb. 3

Feb. 7 mating, DJ's thread

Rhoda Feb 7 afternoon and evening nest activities with female #3 with the dirty tail.

video of scolding by Rhoda Feb 9

February 10, 2012  Friday, male chooses Lady3 / DT

I like Painted Princess for #3 .. I dont like calling her dirtytail

06.15 am  male eagle in nest
06.46 gone
both in nest briefly
male leaves
Male returns briefly with long thin stick

09.53 am they bring back fresh green pine branch, needles
both fluff nest
Shutterbug Bob tweeted Male brought a half eaten fish to the nest and shared with female.
Bob is a professional photographer,  website

noon male in nest messing with sticks
ground reports from NBG the female was in the nest tree but on a branch higher above nest
12.45 gone
male came and went thru out the day.  Tweets from the gardens said she was in the tree but not in view of cam
evening both in nest awhile then left

February 11, 2012  Saturday   Lady3 / DT
0528 am  male eagle in nest fluffing, lays down, after a bit stands up, turns around and lays the other direction
0623  male still laying in nest
7.00 am female arrives, both fluff nest (pic)
Male chases away another big bird - too fast to identify the other bird
Male back n forth, back n forth several times

the male layed or stood in the nest a lot all morning
noon both in nest - screen shot
both quickly gone

0257 WVEC blog Comment
When the male left the nest about 12:30 pm, he flew over to the old love branch in the 2004 nest tree.
The female quickly joined him and they wasted no time in mating. He flew off and she sat in the tree for about half an hour.
Later we caught sight of them through the trees over the friendship pond area and could hear them vocalizing
and realized there was a third adult eagle flying up there also. Seemed to be escorting one from the area.

1511 male fluffing nest
1635 DT came to nest, eating a fish

February 12, 2012  Sunday

cam down til around 3.00 pm  Sad

There was a snowstorm, 50 mph winds Saturday evening and another storm overnite that took out NBG internet service.

Ground reports from people at NBG

Female was seen escorting a juvie Eagle out front around 7:30 am and she did some fly-bys of the nest but never landed.

male flew into the 2004 nest tree about 9:10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
A juvenile flew over and the male didn't move.
There was also an adult flying above but too high to distinguish who it was.

0327 WVEC blog Comment - no sign of the female, but the male is sitting on his favorite branch just out of site of the cam

0300 cam finally back .. nest empty

3.30  WVEC shoebutton - What you are seeing is the remains of the prey the female brought to the nest yesterday afternoon.
When she left, it could still be seen in the nest. I believe NBG said he thought it was a small mammal.


February 13, 2012  Monday   Lady3 / DT

0622 am male eagle fluffing nest
6.30 female came, lay down and did a cute wiggle, egg end toward camera
6.39  color - but both eagles left
both move to branch
0925 one nest one branch
both gone, back, gone, back

NBG photographer Jim recaps nest intrusion by NL (dad's #2 see Feb 4)
He shows dad's current #3 DT to the left, head down, intruder on right.

Monday Feb 13 12:30 Adult Intruder by NBG photographer Joefore same event, fabulous photos! Smile

NBG photographer Duane got shots of a juvie-DT encounter earlier today, Feb. 13

1739  juvie lands in nest!  And SITS there .. and our pair nowhere around!
Was there til 18.02 .. absolutely unbelievable that a nesting pair would allow a juvie in their nest so long!
1806 both at nest
juvie sat in nest from 1739 til 1802
All the male did was arrive at a branch near the nest - lower left - and juvie dove outta there.

Congowings, WVEC blog Feb. 13

This evening a juvenile (around 2 years old) flew into the nest around 5:36pm (est).
They appeared to be a female and proceeded to move some of the nesting material around.
The NBG resident male flew into the nest chasing off the visiting juvenile around 6:01pm (est).
Female #3 returned to the nest at 6:06pm (est). They spent some time on the nest and then left.

WVEC blog Comment From the Garden Feb. 13

We saw 4 adult eagles; I think Dad was chasing away 2 other eagles while #3 mom (DT) was guarding the nest.
She stayed there a very long time sitting on a branch.

DeeJay's Daily Observations - general thread


        #2 female - Notch Lady Returns!

February 14, 2012  Tuesday
Valentines Day    

0521 female #3 DT (probably) eagle in nest, got up and changed position several times.
0625  gone
0650  male in nest
0700 gone - empty
male back n forth bringing sticks
0835  male brings fish to nest and begins to eat it, female #3 DT comes and takes it away and eats it.

1415  female #2 - NL - back at nest with male, NOT DT (#3)

Male didnt care - but he did look either confused or embarrassed

1430  Norfolk Botanical Garden: per Reese, it is female #2

0251 Congowings:
Mr. Reese Lukei said that the eagle on the back branch was the male - according to Joe Foreman who was observing from the ground.
Mr. Lukei said the eagle on the branch closer to the cam was #2 female.
There was another eagle flying overhead, but at this time no confirmation if that was #3 female.

Female #2 returns to the nest

As the Nest Turns and sequals
Recap video of beginning of NBG 2012 season by rhoda
For anyone who has kept track this year, and/or who knows eagle - this is too funny.  Beautifully done Rhoda!




February 15, 2012  Wednesday
NBG / WVEC cam

0618  male? at nest briefly several times
0738  Reese per Joe - Both male and #3 DT were in old nest tree together this morng
1046  one eagle laying in nest, one on branch
Later both on branch, mated

1700 both eagles at nest and stayed a long time,
she stayed on branch late into the night.

Today the photographer shelly led several others in a nasty attack on me in the eagle chatroom.  
Sadly even one who works at her church sided with her friends.  
I strongly advise you avoid all shelly's photography.
If she will lie to me and about me and lead others in an unprovoked, unjust attack on me, she isnt likely to be fair elsewhere either.



February 16, 2012  Thursday

0400 am cam offline, back around 8:00 am

07:15 Reese Lukei wrote:
6 am both in nest tree.  My guess - #3 will lay an egg soon
noon  both eagles in nest only 5 minutes

Feb 16
4.15 pm WVEC blog Reese Lukai
(regarding the NBG 2012 nesting season)
This is not what we consider normal, but this likely happens more than we know.
What we have been seeing at the NBG nest is as a result of the increase in the eagle population, and we are likely to see more of it in the future

1700 - 5.00pm female still on nest branch.  She sat there in the rain most of the afternoon and all evening til after dark.
As Feb. 17 dawned with cam down, the latest overnite report was that she was still on the branch

1553  FEMALE 3  EAGLE in the RAIN

Raining at NBG in the afternoon, and the droplets bead up on DT #3 feathers like diamonds.



February 17, 2012  Friday
F17a,aa, c and b are what Reese took and posted on WVEC blog when cam was not working.
Screen capture property of NBG and WVEC

They are so beautiful I dont have the heart to crop them, make them smaller, it would diminish the beauty. Smile

cam down pre-dawn .. again
0647  Reese Lukai posted on the WVEC blog
foggy morning - NBG eagle pair mated on back branch of the nest tree at 6:23 this morning. Very foggy today. Flew from nest at 6:40
Male back n forth with stick
empty nest most of today.

Just after 8 am cam back up, my screen cap


February 18, 2012  Saturday
Feb 18  -  cam down 3.30 am AGAIN

F18 taken by Reese at 6.10am, posted on blog before dawn.  Very kind man.

Reese Lukai gets the video stream direct, the rest of us get it thru WVEC TV 13

Feb. 17-18 overnite - from WVEC blog comments
1:50 am Female in the nest bowl with male
1:52 am Male up to branch. Female lying in nest
3:20 am Female still on the "love branch" Feb. 18th.
The female has been roosting on the nest tree for the last 3 nights.
7.00 am Reese Lukai on blog
Both stayed in nest tree last night. Left about 6:30 am.

8.14 am  cam back up
8.51 am mating on branch
Female left
1745  both back to nest after gone all day
she perches on branch all night again
overnite male left, then returned, both visited nest briefly during night

February 19, 2012  Sunday
0412 AM Sunday -  Cam is UP - GASP!
Female and male both visited nest overnite last nite - no egg.
0545  male eagle in nest, fluffs it up then lays down in it, female on branch
0640 both left - but I got F19 just before they took off!
0330 pm  cam went out and stayed out til Monday morning

February 20, 2012  Monday

Cam came back around 9.15 am
The Lady was gone all day but male was in and out.
She came in in the evening for some luvly screen shots.  Thank you WVEC!

 -  MALE


and 6.30 pm they are gone  Sad


February 21, 2012  NBG

0612 am  eagle in nest about 15 minutes then GONE

9.45 am  female arrives and lays in nest BRIEFLY,
then male arrives and she goes to branch - he lays in nest
male was seen off and on today.  
Dominance – Female Over Male Feb. 20th

February 22, 2012  Wednesday

1812  both male and female in nest
Feb 21 pm -  female on branch
Feb 22 am - female lying in nest
Feb 22 5 am  female in nest, and had rear end toward cam.
I saw her tail up - and I saw her trying to lay the egg, so the egg is there and ready.
but male came and they both fluffed the nest - and left.

They were gone all day and returned in the evening.  Last I saw was nest empty, female on branch

EAGLE LOVE by Bob, this is so sweet.!i=1715110733&k=N9ZLknm

Bob, excellent photographer and a very very nice person

* Photos copyright, view only, property of photographer

DeeJay's Daily Observations at the NBG nest


February 23, 2012  NBG  Lady3 (DT)

0545 am  I woke to see both eagles in nest before dawn.  It appeared female spent the night on the branch
She has been 'owning' the nest the past 2 days, but the male still lays in it more than she does, so its still 'his' nest
They both left before dawn.  Male returned briefly here and there thru the day
1800  Both back, she stayed in nest all nite again Feb 23-24



February 24, 2012  Friday

0430  she is curled in nest asleep
0500  male comes, she stands up, both fluff nest bowl
both were in nest quite awhile, her laying, him poking around near her
0615  both on branch together, I can see them as dawn peeks over the island
0630  both left ... male returned later briefly a couple times with sticks

Empty nest most of day
1536  kicking up a storm, tornado watch, 2 lines of Tstorms moving in.
1753 the male appeared in his nest.  Its been so windy.  The storm hasnt hit yet, but its very close.
1800 the female also arrives in the nest.  Very windy.
1812  male left, female in nest to weather the storm alone


February 25, 2012  Saturday

0500  She lifted her head, she was tucked and asleep flat in nest
0545  she pooped, preened, tucked and went back to sleep
0606  Male in nest, female on branch - unsure when that happened!  Just enuf dawn light to make out the eagle on the branch
0615  both on branch singing
0625  She took off and male in nest
0630  both gone - beautiful dawn!
0815  both back in nest briefly, then gone

nest empty most of the day.  Male came n went a few times.
1806 eagles both in nest

Blackwater Refuge, Cambridge, Maryland webcam
Eagle newly hatched chick killed by intruder

February 26, 2012
When I viewed the video it appears one chick was killed and she is brooding the other.
Whether or not it will live, unknown.  Cam taken offline

Our ranger - who can see the live cam feed - relayed the following news:
"As of 3:30 pm, the remaining chick was still alive. Parent was not on the nest at the time but soon returned.
At 4:10 pm, I glanced at the TV and finally saw both parents on the nest.
Male appeared to be sitting, and female chowing down on something.
Did not see chick get fed, though.
I reviewed a couple hours of the tape from this morning and never saw a visit from the other parent."

The other chick does appear to be dead and is slowly getting buried in the nest material.
Sometimes eagle parents remove the body and sometimes they let it get buried in the deep nest.

Feb 27
We lost both chicks to what appeared to be an eagle intruder

Feb 28
Craig Koppie of the US Fish & Wildlife Service has removed the eaglets for examination. We'll report more on that soon.
(I assume he means the dead chicks)


I inserted the above Blackwater story for information.  It has nothing to do with the Norfolk nest.
Nature is cruel and webcams show the reality of nature.


February 26, 2012  NBG  Lady3  (DT)
eagle in nest off n on - could be the female, not sure, didnt stay
nest mostly empty

1500 - 3 pm - DT in nest and she seems agitated, male joins her after she appeared to be calling him
both look up - appear agitated - Ground report said there was an intruder.
I got a screen cap of it - and forgot to save it!  *growl
Saw photos of the intruder.  Its wing is noched.
1800  both in nest .. they mess around, kiss .. so cute

February 27, 2012  Monday
Empty nest, eagle on branch
515 am  male eagle laying in nest, other on branch
About 6 both were on branch, but both gone by dawn

male comes back to nest off n on, either with stick or fish
930 am both eagles in nest
In the evening both came to nest awhile, he left and she layed down flat in nest and slept.
She began moving her tail up n down rhythmicly as she lay in nest after dark.
Then snoozed briefly, then got up and stood on side rails of nest.
She was displaying signs of being in labor.

2:42am est Congowings on WVEC mod blog
Female gets up from nest bowl and then goes to the back branch at 2:54am est.

February 28, 2012  Tuesday

0400  Empty nest, eagle on branch
0535 nest still empty - eagle still up on branch - stretching wing and leg, moving about.  plucking at her breast.  
0538  male flies into nest - she is still up on branch.  
0615  mating
back n forth a bit then gone
1645  both in nest


February 29  Wednesday  Lady3 (DT)

Both at nest about dawn, she actually stayed in or at the nest til around noon, then left
Back in evening


March 1, 2012  Thursday

Both in nest at dawn then gone.  She spent the night on the branch again last nite.
Both eagles leave at dusk.

March 2, 2012  Friday

Both eagles left at dusk last nite and never returned til dawn's fingers began to show outlines of trees.
0606  male flew into nest as the first faint fingers of dawn outlined the trees
He layed there awhile then the female joined him.
By 8 am both are gone.
0500  both returned to nest, they were back and forth
As darkness fell she was up on the branch

March 3, 2012  Saturday
0500  She is laying in nest,  thunderstorm, lightning
Gone most of the day.  Male returned at dusk briefly, looked about and left.
Empty nest all night

March 4, 2012  Sunday
Evidently it rained most of the night, rain on radar.
7.30 am the male showed up finally, with a green branch, then left
230 pm the male and female showed up and they both sat on branch, mated
otherwise they've been gone all day
Then they left again.


March 5, 2012  Monday  -  FEMALE #3  (DT)
WHERE IS MY EGG!!??  I work and build a great nest, gimme an egg!

The cam was down before dawn, but evidently both eagles returned last nite after dark.
They were both gone by the time the cam came back.
Male in and out with lumber.

The female clearly has a head / face / beek injury, blog mod claims its food / dirt.
Yesterday she really looked like she had a blackeye.  I dont believe its food - but I can be wrong.  Wink
She has been gone all day.  She has been seen LESS at the nest the last 2 days.
Pure speculation if she may have been in a fight with another eagle, possibly male's #2 female.
LOOK at her photos and decide


March 5, 2012  Monday
There were no eagles in the nest end of the day.
The WVEC blog posted the female came around midnite for a brief visit.
The male slept in his nest til 6 am Tuesday then flew away

March 6, 2012  Tuesday

6.00 am NBG male had been sleeping in his nest, now its empty
9.15 am female is sitting on a branch away from nest - screen cap
She still has injury which Reese Lukei insists is food
male is sitting on nest branch

Twilight They were at the nest, but left

March 7, 2012  Wednesday

Nightwatch video March 6-7 both in nest

4.00 am cam down except for west coast


March 7, 2012  Wednesday
MY LAST PHOTO of Lady3  / DT   (DT)

Nightwatch video March 6-7 both in nest

4.00 am cam down except for west coast
8 am cam up - both in nest
9.30 am  WVEC sent out email egg alert.  I watched awhile
9.50 am  she flew off .. no egg
6.23 pm FIGHT in the NEST - INTRUDER came in, appears another male, did quite a battle with the resident male before exiting
I saw this - and cam has sound now, so I heard it too

Intruder Attacks NBG Male March 7, 2012

About midnight the intruder threatened again
Unknown if he wants the nest or the female
afterward the male and female sing a victory song in nest together

Observations by date - another forum


Live Cam Observations

Locked Talons! - ground photographer!i=1740625831&k=8MWhdW2

Photos are property of the photographer, but links are public domain.
Dont let anyone lie to you otherwise.

Intruder March 7, 2012
Good screen captures of the fight here.

NBG Male stomps intruders head into the nest


March 8, 2012  Thursday  Lady3  / DT
This is the LAST we see of Lady3 / DT - she left NBG

4.30 am female in nest, male on branch
6.00 am  dawn and both awake and vocalizing with other garden birds
  I hear another eagle in the distance

nest empty much of the day.  Its in serious need of repair after the fight.
Female not seen all day after she left at dawn
Male visited nest briefly at dusk, then left it empty all night

NBG Eagles Intruder Attacks Male 3-7-12 6:23pm EST by razzle

March 8


March 9, 2012  Friday  MATELESS MALE

INTRUDER - Chapter 4 in the NBG nesting season!
As of noon March 9 we DO NOT KNOW where DT, female #3 is.
The intruder becomes male's 4th female on March 11 at dawn
Photographer Mike Inman is at NBG and did not see DT female.
No one has reported seeing the female we have called DT #3 today or yesterday after dawn

In fact female 3 is actually female 4 and now a female #5 wants the NBG male.
The rumor is that Lady3 and Lady4 fought and Lady3 left NBG

           --------------  March 9  Friday morning  ------------------

Reese Lukei finally posted his conclusion on WVEC blog
Reese: I believe the female that was on the branch this morning is the intruder eagle.
She has a much more yellow beak, a much wider spot of dark feathers in top of her head.
What little we could see of the tail showed just a couple black spots which is what photos from Cary Lynch and Mike Inman show.
Female #3 has a much darker tail. Conclusion intruder eagle. Also helps to explain why she did not go into the nest.
Duane has posted a photo of the intruder eagle with couple black spots in tail. Norfolk eagles forum

You are extraordinaly fortunate to be able to observe something that is very, very rare -
the possible replacement by yet a fourth 5 year old female at the NBG nest.
NO ONE has ever seen this happen before.
The moderators and I are trying our very best to provide you with accurate information and data about what you are seeing.
No guesses or rumor but FACTS. No one of us knows just what is going to happen next. Stay tuned.
           --------------  END REESE  ------------------

ground report
11.00 am  male just seen flying over NBG with another adult eagle

The previous (2011) female has not been included the count.
The eagles that have been seen with the male since fall have been numbered - in order to make sense when posting observations.
Let me post a link to a video that will help clear things up - until now -
there is a new chapter being written now and another eagle has entered the mix

The 2011 female was killed by a plane.  see Epitaph for an eagle

Rainy morning
4.30 am empty nest all night March 8-9
6.00 am male flew in.  
Reese panned to intruder female #4 on a lower branch.  She appears injured but can still fly.
7.30 both flew off
7.38 male flew back in and looking around nest area
I didnt record when he left, nest empty
Late morning male brought a green pine bough to nest.
Much of the day the male just perched on the near side of his nest and looked lonely.
Twice he laid down briefly.  He did bring back a fish and eat it.
late afternoon DT female #3 still not spotted by anyone

Around 4.30 pm the male came to the nest - and right away the intruder tried to enter the nest but he chased her out

Whether or not DT is gone and whether or not there will be an NBG egg in 2012 we dont know

March 9 Observations, photos, info

March 9 video evening intruder


March 10, 2012  Saturday  MATELESS MALE
Intruder will become male's female 4


male in nest, intruder on branch, she enters nest and he chases her out

no sign of DT, female 3 since dawn March 8
It'd be far easier to have NAMED these females to keep track of them.

Female 1 - Lost, probly killed by powerline thru NBG
Female 2 - Mystery (we dont know if there was one.  None of the mods are regarding her existence)
Female 3 - DT (dirty tail)
Female 4 - Bumpy (NW, NL, bump beek.  mods call this #2)
Female 5 - Peek new intruder March 8, 9, 10  mods call this #4

4.30 am  nest empty all night March 9-10
5.00 am  male came and laid down in nest

6.38 am Reese - Female 4 at nest tree front branch male would not let into the nest
6.41  Reese: #4 about 30 feet below the nest

6.45  male laid back down in nest
7.18am  male leaves - but back and forth with sticks, greens

Male spent most of the day in his nest, probably guarding it
1834  Male appears to be accepting the intruder, female #4
He's been in his nest with her on the branch calmly for about an hour
About dark he left nest and she dozed on the branch
very odd

Female #4 Rejected at Nest March 10 - Reese Lukei

DT Female 3 leaves, returns for a month, leaves, intruder comes around
Jan 30 is #3 per Reese (DT), Feb 2 male mated with female (2/4 - notchwing) - DT was GONE before Feb 2 - I didnt record when she left.
shoebutton - my notes from prior sightings, I show that the last time Female #3 was on cam was January 30th.
Jan 31 and Feb 1 questionable female
When did DT #3 leave and return?
DT #3 female left again at dawn March 8


March 11, 2012  Sunday Lady4

5.00 am standard time
Male sleeping in nest, tucked, female 4 was on branch all nite
7.00 am male mates TWICE with female 4 - once on branch, she walks into nest, mates again

7.06 am WVEC blog Reese Lukei
Acceptance - At least an attempted mating. No way to know if successful. Poor lighting and from that position in the nest no way to tell

By dawn they had both left the nest and were gone all day.
Ground reported seeing them circling high overhead

6.30 pm both male and female 4 in nest, she kisses him several times
6.38 pm they mate in nest.  she has been very sweet and submissive.
Male had gone to the branch - then squawked a few times and left before 7 pm
He returned with a stick.  He is making some raucus squawking noises

Male Mates with New Female

March 11 another forum video and pics

Female 4 Accepted By Male at NBG Nest, Reese Lukei, biologist
For the fourth time this 2012 breeding season at Norfolk Botanical Garden the male, whose mate since 2003 died in April 2011,
has accepted a five year old, first time breeding, female by mating with her.



March 12, 2012  Monday, Female 4

Grandpa NBG Male is training all the virgins ..   Laughing

4.30 am male sleeping in nest, tucked, Female 4 on branch
6.30 am they mate on branch
7.00 am both preening on branch, then she moves in to nest and lies down
Male leaves and returns with a stick, female moves to branch, then flies off
Male is going in and out of the nest with more branches, fixing it after rails were broken March 8th.
Its nice to see he is contented, happy and motivated again.
before noon the male left the nest empty
6.00 pm both return to nest
he tries to mate but she seems resistent or fearful

Reese Lukei on WVEC blog March 12
Talked to Dr Mitchell Byrd, THE bald eagle expert, and he said he had never seen 4 mates in one season.
May happen in the wild but never documented before

Reese finally confirmed male's 2nd mate from Fall 2011 died -
blog question - How did mate #1 die? -
Reese: flew into power line -

Mating before the sunrise  video
credit to NBG and WVEC Eagle Cam (

Use WVEC slide clips

Female #4 Rejected at Nest March 10 - Reese Lukei

Observations Monday, March 12, 2012




March 13, 2012 Tuesday  Lady4

Rain, lightning, thunder at dawn
6.06am  DAWN - MALE in the nest and the female up on the branch.  
7.00 am they mate on the branch after a song to greet a rainy dawn
Male flies off, brings back pretty green pine bough, a gift for new Lady4
7.30 am both leave

mid morning male returns to nest, eats a fish, leaves


Norfolk Botanical Gardens nest, WVEC eaglecam

March 14, 2012  Wednesday  -  Lady4


Neither eagle at the nest when it got dark last night and none at nest site all night.
4.30 am  empty nest
7.30 am  both show up in nest, fluff around, move to branch, mate
Mating seems to scare Lady4 - she does NOT appear to like it at all
after mating, they stood side by side on branch, and male bowed twice
both fly off
8.00 am  both are at the nest again, and mate again - 2nd time today

Reese Lukei March 11 Fourth Female of Breeding Season Accepted By Male at NBG Nest


March 15, 2012  Thursday  Lady4


4.30 Lady4 sleeping in nest
5.38  Male arrives
Mating at dawn
7.30 mating a 2nd time today
gone all day
6.45 pm both return to nest together
8.00 pm Lady4 on branch, male flew off

bird sounds and shapes, YOU CAN id bird sounds

Reese - For the fourth time this 2012 breeding season at Norfolk Botanical Garden the male, whose mate since 2003 died in April 2011,
has accepted a five year old, first time breeding, female by mating with her.

March 16, 2012  Friday  Lady4

4.30  cam down again, Reese Lukei posted this screencap on WVEC blog for March 16 at 7.20am

dawn - Reese came on blog and told us they mated and are both in nest
gone all day, both back at dusk

WVEC blog Comment From Shepherd
It looked to me as if Lady4 has never mated before. the first attempt appeared to scare her
Reese Lukei: That was likely her first time

                 -----------      SIDE NOTES        -------------

RICHMOND - Hatching is hard work!
March 16, 2012 Richmond VA first eagle chick hatched - From Pip to Hatch, it tumbled out on its head, took awhile to get its big feet out.


March 17, 2012  Saturday

4.30 am female on branch
5.47 am  lots of cackling a bit earlier, male came, lays in nest, female on branch
no eagles, no mods, empty nest all day, I quit watching most of the day
male back n forth a bit, nestorations
7.00 pm both back at nest

---------------------   Richmond Eagles   ----------------------------


R1 chick hours old Richmond eagle March 17
R1 chick 24 hours old Richmond eagle March 17

March 18, 2012  Sunday

4.30 am NBG cam down
NBG eaglecam has become boring.  No eggs, empty nest all day
Decorah and Richmond eaglecams have eggs - and the Richmond chicks just hatched

R2 chick hatches Richmond eagle March 18 dawn

Female Richmond eagle brought a huge bloody fish to nest.  YUK.
its interesting to watch a chick hatch .. its hard work to hatch - the struggle to LIVE
It appeared the female nudged the chick R2 a few times after it was out of the shell.
Male brought another huge fish to nest

Left - dawn,  2 images right, 3pm  Male feeding both hatchlings.  The one who hatched today is the lower one.
He just cant keep his head up more than a few seconds.
I am amazed how AGGRESSIVE R1 is!  Both beating up on R2 and even trying to climb the side of the nest bowl.

Richmond Eagles Second Eaglet Hatches March 18-12 7:31am EDT

Hatching is hard work!  Richmond first eagle chick hatched Friday

Poop Shoot

I ADVISE AGAINST joining facebook!


R chicks Richmond eagles March 22
Chick R2 shot poo on R1's back.  They are growing and eating well.
Decorah IOWA eagle pair have 3 eggs

Richmond Eaglets First 7 Days March 22, 2012

Richmond Eagle Nest

Moved Richmond eagles blog to another thread

March 20, 2012  NBG Lady5 or Lady2 shows up at NBG nest

LEFT - March 20 female intruder
RIGHT - Feb 4 female 2

This is Reese Lukei's screen capture on the WVEC NBG eaglecam.
Reese siad this intruder is the #2 female
Attack At the Nest - Again March 20
- male defended

5th female at NBG nest

Lady4 is still the mate of the NBG male,
but this female was in the nest today!

another forum, photos, video

Decorah Iowa Eagles   March 26, 2012


Note the left egg on photo right has a small hole called a pip.
The bird wasnt exposing the eggs when it changing position, so it was hard getting screenshots
Pics above around noonish, below 7.30 pm


March 27, 2012

Richmond Eagles  
March 27 - 10 am Richmond chicks
Mod prof said there is a lack of food, R2 may not survive

---------------------   Decorah Iowa Eagles   ----------------------------


Beautiful Ricmond Virginia
March 29, 2012  day  


Richmond March 29 at 9 am
R2 chick has been pecked up pretty bad by chick R1

but new darker down grows in inside 3 weeks, so they should have new coats by Easter
Bottom right screen pic - see the nestlings ear behind its eye?  Smile


March 31, 2012  Rainy Saturday

Norfolk Eagles  *  The return again of Lady 3  (DT)  


4.00 am  Lady3, DT is back in nest!  
FEMALE #3  (DT)  was last seen March 7, 2012  Wednesday, with a very dirty beek.
March 7 Lady4 came as an intruder.

5.42  Lady3 saw *something*  (4?)  and began squawking, then male also squawking, both facing cam left
Around 7am or so both eagles had left nest
nest empty all day
Male spotted with Lady3 by photographers.  no one saw Lady4
In the evening the male came back and later Lady3 came

Lady4 was in nest about 5 pm March 30
Lady3 came around 7 pm March 30

              ---------------------   Decorah Eagles   ----------------------------

3rd chick hatched

Decorah April 7

              ---------------------   Richmond Eagles   ----------------------------


April 1, 2012  Palm Sunday  Lady3 DT is back  

April Fools!! (Screen capture property of NBG and WVEC - and provided by Lukei/Deal Productions) Image off WVEC blog

DeeJay's Daily Observations
Many photos March 31

April 1
Female 3's feet look like she had quite a tussle - did she fight with female 4?

Note the crows! They really were in the nest once!
You are welcome to share - just include credit - Screen capture property of NBG and WVEC. Thanks!

April 8, 2012  Lady4 is back  

Reese Lukei screen image

Return April 8, 2012 of Lady4
Lady4 caught many by surprise, resurrecting on Easter Sunday
Lady4 is back at the NBG eagle nest tree after being gone since March 30.

At 7:20 the male and Lady3 were in the nest.
About 7:35 the female took off.  At 7:37 the male suddenly looked toward the camera and began screaming.
Reese panned with the camera.  Female #4 was sitting about 20 feet to nest left on a branch.
She sat there until 7:57 when she flew off.
Female #4 Returns April 8, 2012 - Reese Lukei, Photos on link

April 9, 2012

April 9 dawn finds #4 in a tree near nest.

Reese Lukei has said a grad student is doing a study on bald eagle mate replacement.
It appears to me that it is the female who does the choosing.
The male accepts the winner.

DeeJay observations, photos April 9

Other observations, photos April 9

DeeJay observations, photos April 8

Other observations, photos April 8

A pair of bald eagles arrived at Norfolk Botanical Garden in late fall 2003 to build a nest.  Below is a summary of the previous nesting seasons.


Richmond Eagles  April 14, 2012  Notes
Richmond eaglecam was not working for days, techs tried to fix it, causing the eagle parents NOT to return to the nest to feed their chicks.
April 13 a CCB biologist and a wildlife vet went to the nest. The biologist climbed the tree, removed the eagles for hydration and feeding.
Richmond chicks fed by biologist who climbed nest tree.  They were observed self feeding. They ate all they fish left on the nest.

Dr. Watts April 14
The adult eagles are still perched in the trees nearby the nest. They have defended the nest against any intruders and obviously their instincts are still intact.
Chicks were assessed by the vet and are totally healthy. Dr. Watts has decided to eliminate any distractions from the adults,
so he is going back up tonight to take down the camera and the chicks will be fed again.
He wants to give these chicks every opportunity to be raised by their parents.

Richmond eagles nest cam broke April 12 so Dr Dave, WVC and Dr Watts removed cam, fed chix April 14
ASTONISHED HOW BIG those chicks are!

Richmond Eagles blog, public

Cam image April 12, the Last Night of Camera.  It was removed April 14


April 12, 2012  Lady4

Norfolk Botanical Gardens WVEC13 eaglecam
NBGLady3 DT was last seen April 8 and not since.
WHY these females keep leaving and returning I dont know.

Richmond eagles nest cam broke April 12 so Dr Dave, WVC and Dr Watts removed cam, fed chix April 14
ASTONISHED HOW BIG those chicks are!

April 14, 2012  Lady4

NBG As the Nest Turns by Rhoda


April 14, 2012 Decorah eagles


April 15, 2012 Richmond eagles

Bryan Watts, director of CCB
Vet Dr. Dave McRuer, director of veterinary medicine at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, a wild-animal hospital in Waynesboro

Vet feeds eaglets April 13, 2012  Friday

Eagle Cam comes to end; chicks being fed by hand April 14
The Richmond Eagle Cam came to an abrupt end Saturday as scientists dismantled the equipment to eliminate any distraction that might be keeping the parent birds from feeding their chicks.
The crisis erupted Friday when the parent birds didnt return to the nest to feed their two chicks.

Experts fed the chicks by hand Friday night and late Saturday afternoon. The plan now is to keep the area around the nest quiet so that the parents resume feeding the chicks.
Bryan Watts hopes that these birds will now come back.

If not, Watts plans to put the chicks in the nest of other eagles along the James River. Eagles will care for chicks that aren't theirs. The chicks could be moved as soon as today.
Parent birds soared and cackled above the nest as cam people took cam down.
They are still responding.

Dave McRuer gave chix fluids through a tube placed just under the skin.
Birds snapped up the chopped fish offered with a forceps.

It's unclear why Virginia and James aren't feeding the chicks. The adults haven't abandoned the nest, because they continue to fly and perch nearby.
It's possible that workers on the ground trying to repair the Eagle Cam spooked the birds last week.
Watts said the parents behavior was mystifying. Watts was proud of the way the Eagle Cam brought nature to the public but was clearly distressed about how the project ended.

UPDATE  April 15, 2012
Virginia and James (Richmond eagle parents) continue to show interest in their nest, giving scientists hope that the birds will soon resume feeding their two chicks.
If the parents do not resume the feedings soon, eagle expert Bryan Watts plans to put the chicks in other nests along the James River.
Eagles will care for chicks that are not theirs.
They will NOT remove the chicks today, giving the parents at least another day to return to the nest.
James perched near the nest this morning, and Virginia continues to fly nearby.
We can't justify pulling the chicks as long as they are showing interest of this sort.

Eagle chicks may be moved to other nests

Dave McRuer fed both Richmond chicks
PHOTO Richmond Times-Dispatch


April 16, 2012  RICHMOND eagles

The eagle parents fed their chicks this morning!

I emailed Dr. Bryan Watts and got and email back very fast.
Email from Dr. Watts - Parent eagles fed thier chicks this morning!
Bryan Watts letter April 16

Dr. Watt and the Richmond Times newspaper collaborated on eaglecam.

I moved the Richmond eagles information all to one thread here

NBG eagle nest, female 2 returns again!
Female 4 fought her off in the nest.  Video here

April 17, 2012

NBG male is with Lady2
Photographers took his photo with Lady 3 somewhere else April 17

April 17
 NBG  Lady2 shows up again.  She has been around this  week.

April 18  NBG male mated with Lady2 who showed up in nest this morning
#2 is a lot prettier than #4

Lady 3 April 17 photo by BG, Reese confirmed its DT, female 3

April 17  -  DT female 3 was spotted with 'dad' at NBG

April 20

April 21

Rhoda photos - DT,female 3 has a notch near the tip of her LEFT wing.


Norfolk Botanical Gardens MALE above, WVEC eaglecam

April 19 and 20, 2012  NBG male with Lady 2



April 21, 2012
NBG male still mating, bonding with beautiful Lady 2

No sign of Ladies 3 or ugly 4

As The Nest Turns
of beginning of NBG 2012 season. Cam courtesy of NBG & WVEC.

Part 2

The Catalina nest, the parent eagles left their chick all night and a fox got it to feed her family.
The lone chick was as big as the fox, and put up a fight first!
The scientist said that female eagle who left chick alone has poor parenting skills.

Tribute to the bravery of 'Onlychild'

Eagle nest cam, Eggs on Channel Island Cameras
Watch live video below of the eagle nests on Santa Catalina and Santa Cruz islands
Apr 16, 2012  By Jonathan Lloyd
Viewers can watch nest cams positioned at the West End and Two Harbors nests on Santa Catalina Island.
7 chicks have hatched at four eaglecam nests this season.
At the West End, matriarch Wray, age 26, and her mate K01 had their first egg Feb. 18.

One of Wray's daughters, K82, and her mate K81 produced an egg at the Two Harbors nest.
On March 2, eagles A27 and A40, of the Sauces Canyon nest on Santa Cruz Island, laid their first of two eggs.

K10 and K26 on the Pelican Harbor cam on Santa Cruz Island had their egg March 6. A nestcam viewer from Canada posted this video of the hatching.

April 21, 2012  Decorah
Its feeding time!  Line up!  ahhhh ... *burp* ... peace with mom



April 22, 2012  Pouring Rain all day Sunday
NBG  Lady 3 and Lady 2 were both at the nest this morning at differing times.
Poor eagles were soaking wet, looking like ... um ... drowned eagles.   Cool

Female 2 (my favorite) on LEFT, female 3 (DT)on RIGHT


shoebutton's cartoon of all the females - seen and (cough) unseen - tells the entire story of the 2012 Norfolk nest

2012 Norfolk Botanical Eagle Cam Y'all are welcome to snag/save to your computers. Do not alter in any way. Shoebutton♥


April 24, 2012  NBG  Lady 3 has been back in the nest the last 2 days

April  28,  2012  
If the male isnt going to raise young in that beautiful nest, perhaps the wood ducks will

Wood Ducks Visit NBG Eagle Nest April 28 by Reese Lukei
A beautiful pair of Wood Ducks paid a brief visit to the Bald Eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Wood Ducks breed in this region and are likely looking for a place to raise a family. They usually build their nest in a cavity or specially placed wood duck box in a swampy area. They sometimes raise two broods in a season of 10 to 14 chicks. Incubation 27 to 30 days. All the chicks in a brood fledge at the same time. Here are four eagle cam photos from this morning and a video taken from the web cam by 33Jorgey.

4 Chick Eagle Nest
Along the Delaware River in Northampton County, Pennsylvania 2010!


Pics to compare wings today - and a week from now

Decorah Bald Eagles --  4:32 am Raccoon
May 1, 2012 by elfenruler
Eyes peek to left of tree trunk, then on right of trunk.
D14 is awake preening, then at 1:22 a raccoon appears to the left of the tree limb at the back,
waking up D13 who watches as the critter moves over to the right of the limb.
Mom remains asleep with head tucked.
But as the raccoon skittles back down the tree it makes a noise that wakes up Mom, at 1:47. D14 falls asleep at 2:02, D14 and
Mom continue on alert until the eaglet tucks its head near the end of the video.


Bald Eagle Chick Development
Eaglet Growth - The young birds grow rapidly, they add one pound to their body weight every 4 or 5 days.
At about two weeks, it is possible for them to hold their head up for feeding.
3 weeks they are 1 foot high and their feet and beaks are very nearly adult size.
4/5 weeks they can to stand, and begin tearing up their own food.
6 weeks, the eaglets are very nearly as large as their parents.
8 weeks, the appetites of the young birds are at their greatest.
While parents hunt almost continuous to feed them, back at the nest the eaglets are
beginning to stretch their wings in response to gusts of wind and may even be lifted off their feet for short periods.

3/4 weeks eaglet is covered in its secondary coat of gray down.
In another two weeks or so, black juvenile feathers will begin to grow in.
While downy feathers are excellent insulators, they are useless as air foils, and must be replaced with juvenile feathers before an eaglet can take its first flight, some 10 to 13 weeks after hatching.

Eagles of the World

Jungle Eagle


Pastor CJ,
I hope you wouldn't mind me posting here and sharing the blessing the Lord gave us with the flock of eagles in our area. This year I'm counting as many as  seven juvinile bald eagles that circle overhead almost daily. I try to zoom in with my binoculars to identify their features, they still have their dark heads but are getting the yellow beaks. I think I eliminated that they are  golden eagles, red tale hawks or turkey buzzards. I have seen many hawks and buzzards and can easily identify them. I have researched online the golden eagle and what I see don't have the dark beaks and the lighter golden feathers.
February 2nd of this year, my wife and I were driving about seven miles northwest of our place out in farm land, when my wife hollered to stop the van. Out in the middle of a harvested field was a large dead carcus with an adult bald eagle standing on top of it. I really regretted not having my camera but we enjoyed the few moments of getting to see it.
Today was a really nice day and we had our doors and windows open around lunch time, as  we were sitting at the table, we heard a loud screach and it sent chills down my spine. It was the neatest eagle sound I heard in a long time, I hope they stay in the area for a long time.

I am pleased you posted here!  I like ALL your posts!  Wish you'd post more!  Smile
A loud screech would be the hawk.  Eagles chuckle or squawk.
I find so many of the eagle people tend to be anti-Christian.  

I googled the sound tracks both of the hawk screech and an eagles cry. I'm 100% positive what I heard was the eagle cry.

Red-tailed hawk screaming

Ed Clark of the Wildlife animal hospital said hollywood 'eagle' screams are actually the scream of a hawk.
You heard a hawk!  Smile   Laughing     Cool

May  4,  2012  
There was a rescue today of Harmon, an eagle chick near Hutchinson Minnesota
This eaglet was trapped in the nest and rescued.
The bird was covered in maggots and feces.
When man stood eaglet up on its feet, he fell over.  equilibrium problem.
The eaglet was taken to a rehab facility and plans are to return it to the nest after a check-up.


I may have heard a hawk this time but I have seen a lot of red tail hawks the last dozen years and they look just like the picture. The birds I have been seeing do not look like the hawks I seen over the years. I'm pretty sure these are the juvenile bald eagles. When I was watching them, they were not making any noise. I only heard the screech when I was sitting indoors and didn't see what it was. I'm 100% sure I saw the adult bald eagle in the field on the carcass with it's bright white head. The seven I see flying around my house are not hawks because they are dark end to end with the yellow beaks. They are larger than the hawks and they don't have the lighter feathers and the  darker beaks of a golden eagle. I'm going to try to get some pictures when they get close enough.

They look just like this!


This is the juvie NX.  The flying eagle in your video is a juvie eagle.
On these links are photos by professionals of juvies of various ages under 5!i=1792144963&k=XGs3HKF


I have seen these eagles with various stages of beak color, I seen a couple with the yellow beaks and the others with the darker beaks. I seen them circle individually and groups up to seven. When they circle overhead, the whole circle drifts off from east to west. I think they cover a large area because some days I don't notice them or I just wasn't looking when they went by. I'm going to keep my eyes open today for them when I'm out mowing.

Harmon, an eaglet in trouble  
May  4,  2012
There was a rescue today of Harmon, an eagle chick near Hutchinson Minnesota
This eaglet was trapped in the nest and rescued.
The bird was covered in maggots and feces.
When man stood eaglet up on its feet, he fell over.  equilibrium problem.
The eaglet was taken to a rehab facility and plans are to return it to the nest after a check-up.

Harmon Goes Home
Sunday, May 6, 2012  late afternoon
Dr. Ponder at the Raptor Center gave Harmon his check-up and found him in much better condition than expected.  
Several quick phone calls and we were back on our way to return Harmon to his nest.
It wasn't a simple task, but we were able to safely returned him back to his perch, 75 feet in the air.  Now its a waiting game to see if the parents return.

May 7, 2012 Monday about 7 pm both parents returned to nest and fed Harmon.
Rescuers were only minutes away from going back up to get Harmon.


Chart from WVEC website

2012 Eagle Symposium at the Norfolk Botanical Garden held May 4-6, 2012
Bryan Watts, Reese Lukei and others



May  9,  2012   Decorah eaglets
There was a ustream DDOS attack so we could not view the eagle cams for hours.  Here is explanation.

What is interesting is that today also a Russian plane 'disappeared.'
The ustream outage was Russian anger.  hmmmm


Decorah Iowa 2012 eaglets
June 1, 2012;

I have heard 2 of these 3 eaglets died, one struck an electric high wire.
One has been seen, to the delight of Decorah fans.

June 14, 2012  D13 fledged

June 18, 2012  D14 fledged, the youngest eaglet

Decorah Fish Hatchery Tour, beautiful photos,768.0.html

April 2013 UPDATE on one Decorah 2011 fledgling
D1 Perching and Taking Flight April 13, 2013

             D12  EPITAPH

Decorah eagle found electrocuted
July 3, 2012
We are very sorry to announce that D12 is dead.  D12 was found electrocuted at the base of a power pole on a Sunday morning.

Power lines themselves are not an electrocution hazard for birds (birds can and do sit on wires), but unshielded poles can be dangerous.
The Avian Protection Plan Guidelines include information on raptor safe poles and modification of existing poles. New structures are fairly safe, but older poles may not be.
Older poles may have been installed either before people were aware of electrocution hazards to wildlife.

One of the Decorah eagles born this spring was found electrocuted over the weekend.
The Raptor Resource Project, which runs the well-known Decorah Eagle Cam, says one of the younger eagles was found electrocuted at the base of a power pole on Sunday.
The bird was known as D12, and had recently left the nest for the season.

RRP comment:
"We continue to remember how blessed we are with all the successes from the Decorah nest so far, and we will be thankful for all the future successes as well.
This is the first known tragedy from the Decorah nest, and we thank all of you for your heartfelt thoughts on this loss."
The Decorah Eagle Cam operated by the Raptor Resource Project tracks a pair of bald eagles each year as they lay eggs and the eaglets eventually leave the nest.
The live stream has been viewed by more than 20 million devices around the world.
The Raptor Resource Project is a non-profit based in Decorah. It was established in 1988 to preserve birds of prey.

April 2013 UPDATE on one Decorah 2011 fledgling
D1 Perching and Taking Flight April 13, 2013

Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle nests removed   Crying or Very sad
October 3, 2012

The eagle nests at Norfolk Botanical Garden were removed Thursday morning.
Federal, state and local wildlife officials said one complete nest and a partial nest had to be taken down because of the danger to wildlife and aircraft coming and going from nearby Norfolk International Airport.
The FAA cited concerns about four bald eagles being struck by aircraft in the last 10 years. The USDA identified bald eagles as "an extremely high" hazard risk to aircraft.
The city applied for state and federal permits to remove the nests before nesting season begins in the next few months. The permits came in this week.

To my surprise, the nest Nixy was born (hatched) in was removed, and her parents will not be permitted to re-build in the male's territory of many years.  Sad.

Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA
March 11, 2013  UPDATE

Norfolk Gardens new release
they took down 5 nests already and the eagles continue to build H

This is a huge loss to NBG - they are not pleased
it hurts us - hurts NBG - hurts town of Norfolk
people are not donating like they used to to NBG
Dont punish NBG for this.  Its NOT their fault!

Eagle Cam fans to flock to Norfolk council meeting February 4, 2013
people have signed up to speak out against the imminent move of three eagle nests at Norfolk Botanical Garden.


August 2013 I emailed NBG to ask if donations are off.
People should NOT punish the beautiful gardens for what the airport did to our eagles.
They replied -

Thank you so much for your interest in the Garden.
We are sure there are a number of eagle fans that have decided to not renew their membership and we are no longer receiving major donations for the eagle cam.  However, we still do have many eagle fans that visit the Garden for a hope of a glimpse of DAD eagle who we do site periodically.  
The eagle cam was a wonderful education program that is missed by many including NBG staff and
we appreciate the time we had with the eagle family.  

Thanks again for your support of our beautiful garden.  Cathy

Cathy Fitzgerald, Director of Donor Relations
(757) 441-5830 ext. 319

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ZionsCRY WORLD NEWS with prophetic analysis


DECORAH IOWA EAGLES was one of Bob's projects
June 12, 2012    Decorah D12 and D13 fledged, D14 not yet

Raptor resource Bob Anderson passed away July 27, 2015
Of all raptors, peregrin falcons was his passion
In memory of Bob Anderson,2049.0.html

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