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Scotland news (Scot Oil)
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:40 am    Post subject: Scotland news (Scot Oil)  Reply with quote

Nuclear Jellyfish
July 1, 2011  
Now jellyfish have prompted the shut-down of 2 reactors at a nuclear power plant in Scotland.
Nuclear facilities have become a target, from the March tsunami in Japan to June flooding in Nebraska and the wildfire threatening Los Alamos Lab in New Mexico and the NJ shutdown.

Masses of jellyfish were obstructing the cooling water filters of EDF Energy's Torness nuclear power plant.  
The seawater is needed to ensure safe operations, and the filters act to prevent sea life and seaweed from entering the cooling system.
Efforts to clear the filters have been under way, but reactors may not be back online until next week.
Jellyfish have been a problem for nuclear power plants in Japan in recent years as well,

Scot oil - page 2

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Disunited kingdom?
January 2012  Scotland votes on severing UK ties

Scotland's devolved government said on Tuesday it wanted to hold a referendum in 2014 on breaking away from the rest of Britain, setting up a clash with London which wants the vote held as soon as possible to dispel uncertainty.
The Scottish and British governments began playing a cat-and-mouse game over the future of the 300-year-old union between Scotland and England, with London saying the Scottish parliament had no legal authority to call a referendum on independence.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, who has previously said a referendum should be held between 2014 and 2016, said on Tuesday the Scottish Cabinet wanted the vote held in the autumn of 2014.
Politicians based at the U.K. parliament in London must "resist the temptation" to interfere in Scottish politics, Salmond added.
"This is the biggest decision in Scotland for 300 years," he told Sky News. "This has to be a referendum which is built in Scotland."

Scotland’s independence to be put to the test
24 January 2012
London MarketWatch - SNP leader Alex Salmond pushes for secession.
Some 300-plus years into the Act of Union that joined the Kingdom of England with the Kingdom of Scotland, the Scots are hankering for independence.

Scotland refuses to bow to UK on independence vote
25 January 2012
The battle between Edinburgh and London over how and when to hold a referendum on Scottish independence intensified Wednesday when Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond refused to bow to U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's demand for an early vote.

Scotland Shut Down by 165 mph  winds  December  2011

I combined other threads on Scotland - left weather in weather news section
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scotland Police helicopter crashes into Glasgow pub
Nov. 30, 2013  Tis a black day for Scotland.

8 dead after a police helicopter crashed into a busy pub in Glasgow.
DEBKA reports 6 dead, 32 in hospital.  Eyewitnesses reported seeing helicopter falling like a stone into the roof of the pub.
120 people were in the pub at the time of the crash. Many were rescued or escaped but others have been trapped by a collapse of the building.
There were 3 on the helicopter, 32 people have been taken to local hospitals.

Earlier senior fire officer said they had made contact with some people trapped inside the pub but the building was unsafe and they were taking a "methodical" approach to the rescue.
The emergency services could be seen on the pub's roof trying to rescue people from inside.

8 people are now confirmed to have died

Several witnesses say they heard the engine splutter before the helicopter crashed on the roof of the pub
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scotland Becomes 17th Country to Approve Same-Sex Marriages

Scotland voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to allow same-sex marriages, becoming the 17th country to give the green light to gay marriage despite opposition from its main church organizations. The Scottish government, which will hold a referendum on independence from Britain in September, said passing the same-sex marriage bill was an important step for...

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nearly impossible for Scotland to join EU
Feb. 17, 2014
 An independent Scotland would find it difficult, if not impossible to gain EU membership and obtain the acceptance of other EU member states, according to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

In case there is a new country, a new state, coming out of a current member state, it will have to apply and the application and the accession to the European Union will have to be approved by all the other member states of the European Union.

An international situation may follow in the wake of Scotland gaining independence from the UK following a referendum due for 18th September 2014. The question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ will be posed to the nation.

The Scottish Government has previously declared its intention to seek EU membership after the referendum.
Scottish ministers generally think an agreement should be reached while the country remains part of the UK.
Scotland is already in the EU and has been for 40 years.
UK Chancellor George Osborne stirred controversy two days earlier when he said that a formal currency union would be ruled out if Scotland gained independence.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Glaciers appearing in Scotland
August 24, 2014
British Botanists conducting a Summer survey of Scotland’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis, have been stunned to find evidence of recently formed multi-year ice fields, areas of compacted snow, some of which weigh hundreds of tons.

“Hazards common in arctic and alpine areas but described as “extremely unusual” in the UK during the summer have been found on Ben Nevis.
A team of climbers and scientists investigating the mountain’s North Face said snowfields remained in many gullies and upper scree slopes.

On these fields, they have come across compacted, dense, ice hard snow call neve.
Neve is the first stage in the formation of glaciers, the team said.”
The team has also encountered sheets of snow weighing hundreds of tonnes and tunnels and fissures known as bergschrunds.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scottish independence: John Swinney says 'No currency, no debt'
26 August 2014
Finance Secretary John Swinney has confirmed Scotland will not pay its share of the UK debt if it does not get a currency union after independence.
The Scottish government minister told a BBC referendum debate if the UK seized all the assets of the currency it must also take all the liabilities.
Scotland's share of UK debt would be in the region of £100bn.

Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy said defaulting would hurt an independent Scotland from day one.
Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives have ruled out a currency union but this has been dismissed as pre-referendum posturing by the SNP.
They insist Scotland will keep the pound with the backing of the Bank of England.

In January, the UK Treasury said that, should Scotland vote to leave the UK, it would honour all UK government debt issued up to the date of Scottish independence.
The moves was designed to assure international investors that the UK would not default on its debt if Scotland were to leave the union.
However, the Treasury added that an independent Scotland would still be expected to pay its "fair share" of the £1.4 trillion UK debt.

During Monday night's BBC referendum debate, Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said: "If you deny us the financial assets then the UK will get stuck with all the liabilities."

Asked on the latest BBC Scotland referendum debate if walking away from the debt was the "firm position" of the Scottish government, Mr Swinney said: "Alex Salmond said last night in the debate that our preferred option was a currency union in which we would take our fair share of the debt that has been built up over time.
"But if the UK is going to seize the assets then it is welcome to all the liabilities and we won't be having any of them if that is how the UK behaves."

During the debate at Leith Academy, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont said Scotland would be able to use the pound after independence but only on terms which are referred to as sterlingisation.
That would mean using the pound without the backing of a central bank.
More on link

I will not pretend to understand this!  Laughing
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scottish independence vote sold on eBay - for £1.04
August 29, 2014
Scots tried to sell their votes in the Scottish independence referendum online, sometimes for little more than a pound.
The personal votes for the upcoming referendum on 18th September appeared on eBay offering buyers the chance to own a "unique piece of British history" because, in the words of one seller: "I for one, do not give a flying monkey about any of this."

A seller from Glasgow said: “This could be the deciding vote. Who knows? I am a hard working Scottish citizen with a house, a gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids who are my world.
“This vote will not change anything in our lives so I have decided not to vote my opinion but instead….. ONE OF YOURS! Happy Bidding!”
He is reported to have sold the vote for £1.04.

The Electoral Commission spotted the illegal sales, which were then removed from the online bidding site.
A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission said it had made an agreement with eBay that any such "votes for sale" listings would be taken down and referred to the police.
She added that selling and buying votes was a criminal offence that could lead to a year in prison or a "substantial" fine, the BBC reports.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scotland independence
Sept 7, 2014
Poll shows support for Scotland to break away from UK.
A majority of Scottish voters support choosing independence from the UK in a September 18 national referendum.
It is not about the money Scotland has but where it is spent, said one.
Another said independence would remove some anti-English feelings in Scotland.

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