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Israeli leaders, Roots of Evil

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:47 pm    Post subject: Israeli leaders, Roots of Evil  Reply with quote

Sinister Sites – Israel Supreme Court

The Israeli NWO tips their hand. --
Masonic Order Designs Symbology in Israeli Supreme Court Building


View of the pyramid from inside



Gary said (April 10, 2010):

First let me say that it is not fair to lump all Jews together as being pro-New World Order, any honest research will show there are Jews who are against the New World Order, and Jews who are against the Caballa and Talmud and are either purely secular or follow just the Torah instead.

Having clarified that, we must realize that the New World Order has in Israel (like in most other countries) enabled those who would be willing puppets and follow their NWO agenda to attain places of power in government.  The New World Order consists of both Jews and Gentiles so this is not against any nationality or race, but it is against the agenda of the New World Order reguardless of the race of nationality of their puppets worldwide.

Here is a link to a past article related to this followed by a quote from that article:


quoted from the above link:

In another article, Golden says most Israeli politicians and Supreme Court judges are freemasons belonging to the Mizraim Lodge, "the ones who wrote the Protocols of Zion, the enemies of the Jewish people." He says they are the "heart and soul of the Synagogue of Satan" i.e. the Illuminati. He concludes "those who planned the destruction of Israel are now in control, in Israel."

Here is other info I found online showing how Israel has had many Freemasons as leaders since it's beginning:

David Ben-Gurion - Freemason
Golda Meir - Co-Mason
Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason
Shimon Peres - Freemason and Jesuit trained
Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason
Ehud Barak - Freemason
Ariel Sharon - Freemason
Ehud Olmert - Freemason
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:22 pm    Post subject: The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem Reply with quote

June 18, 2010  
 José Maria Aznar, ex-Spain PM  
Allow them to defeat Israel, and YOU are next.
GOD will guard Israel, but He will NOT protect you if you stand against Israel.

If Israel goes down, we all go down
Israel is the West's first line of defense against the chaos set to erupt in the Middle East, and therefore must be protected.

José Maria Aznar asks West to remember Israel its only ally in 'turbulent' region.
José Maria Aznar, former prime minister of Spain, published an opinion article with the London Times saying the world must support Israel because "if it goes down, we all go down".

Aznar joined the 'Friends of Israel' calling on Europe to refuse to put up with cries to eliminate Israel as part of global Christian-Jewish cooperation.  Anger over Gaza is a distraction. We cannot forget that Israel is the West’s best ally in a turbulent region.  Aznar criticized Turkey for placing Israel in an impossible situation in which it would have to either give up its security or face world condemnation.

Aznar tells the world to take a reasonable and balanced approach based on the fact that Israel was created by a decision of the UN and therefore unquestionably a legitimate state.

Aznar says the real threat to the region is Islam.
62 years after its creation, Israel is still fighting for its very survival.
Islam threatens not only Israel, but also the wider West and the world.
Israel is the West's first line of defense against the chaos set to erupt in the Middle East, and therefore must be protected.

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy,
and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy.
 Revelation 22:11


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think we can say is that when we look at the Word of God, we have to look at it with BALANCE.

Yes, we are in complete agreement that the LAND itself should NOT be given to the Palestinians,
whose Islam religion believes in slaying the infidel.
If they ever take hold of more and more of that land, they will do JUST that to the Jewish race.
Didn't the bible say once the fulness of the Gentiles come in, the Jews will get their eyes open to whom they pierced?

But OTOH - this is NOT John Hagee doctrine - it's not like the Jews have a free ride to do whatever they want, and have a free pass to heaven.
Wherever there is evil, it should be CALLED OUT.

Again - BIBLICAL BALANCE - yes, the Zionist government in Israel is a big concern, but that doesn't mean God is finished with Israel.

Yes-these wicked men, especially the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers have NO idea that they are playing INTO the Lord's hands! Israel rebirthed as a nation AS prophecized in 1948!

BTW-read this passage carefully(I know, we've read it many times, but...)-

Rev 3:9  Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;
behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

The bold in this passage catches my attention - again, very wicked people, but they have no idea they are playing right into God's hands.

BTW - a remnant of Jews are going to get their eyes opened at the end, as we know.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem

Jerry Golden did the photography and the story.
Many many more photos and more info here.
His web page has often been hacked.
Rense.com  copied jerry's article on this also

Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis
NEWS and analysis you can TRUST



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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shimon Peres dead at 93
Sep 28, 2016
 Shimon Peres passed away at age 93, Israeli cabinet holds special session to arrange a state funeral.  Peres had a stroke 2 weeks ago.  Obama, Clintons and the frankenpope are among dignitaries to attend Peres funeral.  Also attending - John Kerry, the presidents of France, Germany, Mexico and Romania, the prime minister of Australia, Britain's Prince Charles, and ambassadors and senior officials from many other countries.

Shimon Peres was born Szymon Perski on 2 August 1923 in Wiszniew, Belarus Poland,  migrated to Palestine in 1932 and settled in Tel Aviv. All his relatives who remained in Wiszniew in 1941 were murdered during the Holocaust.

Shimon Peres served as 9th president of Israel from 2007 to 2014.  He was twice Prime Minister, member of 12 governments and a member of the Knesset for half a century.  He served in the Kadima party founded by the late PM Ariel Sharon.  It was rumored Peres killed Sharon.

As foreign minister in the Rabin administration, Shimon Peres was behind the secret negotiations with Palestinian terror chief Yasser Arafat which culminated in the 1993 Oslo Accords. This deal stirred high controversy at home but won great acclaim abroad, winning Peres, Rabin and Arafat a Nobel Peace prize.  The Oslo Accords began to unravel after the failure of the Camp David Summit in 2000.

Seems the Nobel is generally given to evil men!
They gave it to Barak Hussein Obama

Peres family members called to hospital to say goodbye.
Shimon Peres had a stroke 2 weeks ago.

My father built Israel, by Hemi Peres

Israel has had many Freemasons as leaders since it's beginning

David Ben-Gurion - Freemason
Golda Meir - Co-Mason
Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason
Shimon Peres - Freemason and Jesuit trained
Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason
Ehud Barak - Freemason
Ariel Sharon - Freemason
Ehud Olmert - Freemason

Last of Israel's founding fathers

Was Peres a globalist assassin?  Personally I believe YES.

January 2006
Barry Chamish said Ariel Sharon was assassinated by Shimon Perez  (barrychamish.com) because he refused to attack IRAN.   Chamish also believes Shimon Peres killed PM Yitzak Rabin years ago.  
December 18, 2005 Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres raised wineglasses together in the Knesset. Half an hour later, Sharon suffered a stroke.  

Sad  Peres means divide.
Shimon Peres favored dividing Israel


I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial for what they did to My inheritance, My people Israel,
because they scattered My people among the nations and
divided up MY land.  Joel 3:2

Book of the Prophet Daniel prophecies

The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem
Jerry Golden did the photography and the story.

Israeli leaders

Peres and the pope

ISRAEL borders, 1967 or 1948

Consequences of Dividing Israel

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Aan evil force has been put into place in Jerusalem  and has spread throughout Israel, in preparations for the end time and the seat of the anti-Christ. For if we are to believe that the anti-Christ is to have his seat on the Temple Mount, then we must come to grips with some truths not being preached today. One such truth is the foundation for such a move of the Devil must be underway even as we speak if this is to happen. Or we simply are not in the end days. This report will prove that such a move is underway and has been for quiet some time. It will be accepted by some and rejected by others, but that is the way it goes.

In this report I will use many pictures showing the establishment of the Illuminati and establish proof that there has been a diabolical plot by those we refer to as the New World Order. Showing the architectural design of the New Israeli Supreme Court Building designed and paid for by the Rothchilds reflex the presence of Free Masonry and the Illuminati. I took all but one of the pictures you are about to see so I can assure that what you are seeing is real and in place.

The same families who own and control the Federal Reserve and other major financial institutions have their eyes set on the Temple Mount, and the Holy City of Jerusalem. Just as Scriptures say, the man who will be revealed as the anti-Christ will sit in that place, before the appearance of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach, and many will receive him as their messiah. Just actually how that will come about remains to be seen, but one thing I am convinced of is that Holy men of God will not be the ones to rebuild the Temple, it will be the Illuminati. For God would not send men to that place to perform blood sacrifices. His Son's blood was the perfect sacrifice; there is no need to shed the blood of dumb animals any longer. Yeshua did a perfect work, and it was finished. But He will return and take control of the New Temple that I feel will be built soon. But before He will return this world will have to get in such bad shape that the anti-Christ can be accepted by most as the savior who can bring peace and order to the world. But then you know the rest of that story so lets go on.

For those who may think this article is anti-Semitic I ask you to read an article on (Synagogue of Satan) http://www.thegoldenreport.com/as...ysnewsmanager/anmviewer.asp?a=329 for there are those who call themselves Jews but who are of the house of Satan. And many have found their way into the Israeli Knesset.

Once again Yeshua will enter into that place, the Holy Mountain of God and cleanse it, but before that happens all hell will break loose in Jerusalem and the world. So with all that said I will now show you some things that have never been published before, for the few who are aware have been afraid to speak of it. So I ask you to pray over this servant of God for protection as we go forth with these truths. These truths must be revealed in order for the Body to know how close we are to the Second Coming of Yeshua HaMasiach (Jesus the Messiah).

As this entire report will be built around the construction of this building order by the Rothchilds I should show you a picture of the building. A friend of mine took this picture as he and his wife flew over the area a couple years ago. The Supreme Court building sits on a plot of land opposite the Knesset and next to the Foreign Ministry and the Central bank of Israel. It is important to keep in mind that it sits in line with the Knesset, for we will be talking about Ley-Lines that cross under this pyramid running to the Knesset, with other ley-lines that cross in perfect order to the center of Jerusalem and on to the Rockefellow Museum. Everything about this building has been thought out to the very finest detail, and it is diabolical. The Devils plan has been put into place before we ever had an idea of his plan. He knows his final battle will be here in Jerusalem.

The Engineers who were chosen for this job by the Rothschild's were the grandson and granddaughter of Ben-Zion Guine from Turkey who worked for Baron Rothschild, Ram Kurmi, born in Jerusalem in 1931, and Ada Karmi-Melanede born in Tel-Aviv in 1936. For those who can make something out of the numbers. It was important to the builder to have everything done according to the correct numbers. There were 1,000 sheets of plans, 1,200 cement posts; they worked on the building for 3 years or 750 days. 20 workers each day, for 200,000 workdays, 250,000 building stones, each hand placed.

All through the building you will detect Hindu Altars. All of this will make more sense as we go along, keep in mind we are talking about the establishment of a form of Government that will usher in the anti-Christ.

There is little proof on the building itself of the presence of the Rothschild's but on an outside wall we find these two items.

Here it is very important to count the steps; there are three sets of 10 steps, making a total of 30. As you ascend these 30 steps you come from the darkness into the light. And from here you can see the world or in this case the city of Jerusalem  like you haven't seen it before. It is also worth mentioning that on the left side you will see the old Jerusalem Stone, some even believe these same stones were used in the second Temple, but I have no way to prove that. On the other side you will see the smooth modern wall. There are 6 lamp stands going up that speaks to man in his journey to gain knowledge and become illuminated. But once again I feel it necessary to tell you that it's very important to the ones who built this building that everything be perfect and in their order of things, even numerically.

As we turn to the left and begin to walk towards the Pyramid we notice a metal strip in the marble floor. The Ley-Lines cross directly under the pyramid they run from this place to different places in the city. It is where the Judges and others can stand to receive knowledge and power. Standing directly over a piece of crystal with the all Seeing Eye of Lucifer the light bearer above them.

For those who are not aware of the term Ley-Lines, it is lines in geographical places that Witches, Warlock, and Wizards walk claiming for the Devil. If you will notice in every large city all palm readers and such are usually on the same street that is a ley-line.

Here is a map of Jerusalem, you can see that the Supreme Court Building and the Knesset are connected with one straight line, and at a 90% angle to that line half way is a Ley-line that runs perpendicular. That line runs straight down the middle of a street known as Ben Yehuda, a place where all the crazies meet, and at any given day you can find at least one who calls himself Elijah or Moses. Israelis call Ben Yehuda the freak show. That line runs on to the Rockefeller Museum; and from the Rockefeller Museum a line runs through the Moslem Quarters to the Temple Mount.


For a moment lets go back to the top of the 30 steps, as we know there are 33 degrees in Free Masonry but the last three are the ones of higher learning and preparations to enter the Illuminati. So as we move from the top of the stairs towards the Pyramid we see a great library with three tiers to those three levels of higher learner. They three final steps in Free Masonry and after that if ones choose to go higher and have been accepted they enter the highest levels of the Illuminati. It is also important in this building to note that the 33rd level ends at the base of the Pyramid.

This is a very large and expensive Library, but there is something else about this one that should be mentioned.
The first tier is "only" for Lawyers; the second tier is "only" for setting Judges.
The highest and third tier is "only" for retired judges. Which also speaks of the order of things in the Illuminati, as one must be accepted and move to the higher level before the knowledge at that level is available to them.
And directly above that third tier is the Pyramid with the all seeing eye of Lucifer. That begins the journey into the Illuminati.

Directly under the Pyramid you see 6 squares. Six being the number of man, and each square has 4 sides speaking to the world. In the center directly under the point of the pyramid a crystal so that when one stand over it he of she is in direct line from the point of the pyramid and the crystal below.

There are five Courtrooms, each has an entrance in the shape of a Jewish Tomb, with the opening above the door for the spirit to have freedom to enter or leave. The wall with the courtroom entrances has a curve to it, while the outer wall is straight. There are two things said about his, some say it speaks to the straight line of Justice, and the curve line of Mercy, yet others say it speaks of order out of chaos. The motto of the Illuminati. There are three Judges who set in each courtroom, and above the seats of the Judges there are smaller pyramids that shed light onto the Judges as they sit over those who are brought up from the prisons cells below. The Judges chambers are above the courtrooms and they come down to bring light to those who are brought up from below.

When you leave the center Courtroom or main courtroom directly across the opening you find the stairs going downstairs, at the base of the stairs you will find the fertility symbol always present in any illuminati structure, often hidden but always there. Much can be said about this symbol and the symbol of the masons with the compass and square with the "G" in the middle, but I will leave that for another time or for someone else.

In Conclusion

We have just lightly touched on the significance of this building for there are literally hundreds of details that point to the Illuminati and their plans for mankind. But more important to this report it establishes a base for the seat of the one that will be accepted by most as the messiah, before Yeshua returns to set up his reign and rule over the earth. I have no doubt that many will come against this report, and that the messenger rather than the message will be attacked. But I have tried to lay it out with proof and facts much more could be said and I am sure this will provoke others to say them, and possibly that is the intent of this article.

But as we all know God has a plan and it will not be stopped or detoured. Part of His plan is for His people the Jews to return home to Israel. For some Scriptures on that you could read the following verses. Isa. 60:9, Isa. 43:5-6, Jer. 16:14-15, Jer. 16:16, Isa. 49:22, Exe. 36:8 Eze. 36:24, Eze. 37:12, Eze. 39:28 just to mentio a few.

So as always I will close with by asking you to pray about helping us purchase the needed vessel for that purpose.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, for al those who have come to fight the Islamic enemy.
Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, jerry golden

Jerry Golden, Jerudalem Israel first published this years ago.
I put it in here in 2010 on another thread.
I am putting this here to combine this subject

Barak Hussein Obama is a 32 degree mason and appears to have a stone built into the Denver airport - years before he usurped the whitehouse.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Weiner-Huma Laptop is the Clinton Email Archive!
Nov 2, 2016  YUUUGE!  -   listing

Hillary Clinton, Rothchild, shadow gov
Assange and gov patriots

FBI Drops FBI Files on Hillary Clinton
Huma reccommended Pagliano
Part 4 has the reference to the “Shadow Government” at State who met to decide what FOIAs to respond to and how.  I’ve seen summaries of these documents, but never this much info.  Some at FBI are fed up with the politics at the top and are leaking to get the info out to the public.

If US cities get bathed in Chinese fire, you KNOW who to thank.
China had very unreliable ICBM’s before Loral GAVE China the tech to get it right and that Bill Clinton PARDONED the Loral Space guy who made that happen.  The nuke in the little girls eye is a gift from HELLary Clinton

More sources

Gov insiders help Assange, MANY pages

Sept 2 FBI released documents from their Clinton Email Investigation.

The Roots of Evil
Hellary Clinton took $150 million out of Rothchild account in July 2016.
She is one of the global roots of Evil
The Engineers Rothschild chose for a building were the grandson and granddaughter of Ben-Zion Guine from Turkey who worked for Baron Rothschild.
The anti-Christ is to have his seat on the Temple Mount.

Its all related folks!  Bible prophecy rapidly falling into place!
If Donald Trump is President he might keep America out of the worst

I KNOW this is only pieces, but I am a reporter.  I need to cover MANY topics!

Clinton crime family

Clinton foundation scandals

David Brock, the clinton Money Launderer



Donald Trump / Mike Pence 2016

Hillary Clinton took $150 million
out of Rothchild account in July 2016

Click to see full size image

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