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IRAN (Persia) NEWS
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PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 6:33 pm    Post subject: IRAN (Persia) NEWS  Reply with quote

Iran threatens to invade Pakistan
October 19, 2009
-  The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafary threatened crushing retaliation against the US, UK and Pakistan including the invasion of Pakistan. Tehran links all 3 to the suicide bombing attack Oct. 18 which killed 42 people including 7 senior Guards officers.  One of those killed was Gen. Shoustari, commander of terror bases in Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon and Gaza.  This the first time an Iranian military leader has threatened to strike US and British targets.

IRAN, SYRIA and Lebanon plan war on ISRAEL
May, 2010
-  In the Prophetic News Newsletter there is a article telling about Iran's VP making the bold statement,
"If Israel attacks Syria or any friends we will cut off their feet."
 The Presidents of Egypt and Jordan both have spoke of a war coming this summer.

I get the strange feeling the visit to Syria by Irans VP was a call to assure Syria that Iran would be backing them when they attack Israel,
plus another reason was some strong arm twisting to make sure Syria was going to do everything Iran demands,
even if it means Damascus being wiped off the face of this earth and never being a country again.

GODS word speaks of this and as much as I would like to see Israel ram a nuke down the mouth of Irans president,
that is not going to happen because Iran, who is Persia will march along side Russia when the Bear from the Norh invades Israel.

At this time Iran will be given the punishment that is fitting for their actions and words aainst Israel and the Jewsih people.

I believe Israel will hit Iran hard in the coming war, but not hard enough to destabilize her.
Iran as the coward she is will go and hide as cowards do, lick their wounds and wait on Russia to come and lead them to a great victory over the Zionist Nation,
but in their dreams only. GOD is going to rock their world and bring them down to earth again after HE lets some air out of their big head, by destroying 2/3rds of their army.

The amount is a total of all who come against Israel, but you can bet GOD has a special whooping awaiting on Iran and others who have tormented the Jewish Nation and it's people all these years.

 I do not see Syria wanting to go to war with Israel.
Syria and her Generals know what Isrel is able to do. Israel shot down 72 of their planes within two day of the war in Lebanon in 1982.

I hope the year is correct, forgive me if I am wrong.
Syria is backed into a corner by Iran and mabe even Russia.
Iran has forced her to give up those heavy weapons and missiles to Hezballah and this has caused
Syria to come under the eye of Israel and the world, plus the fact that bunch of nuts now have the capibilites to strike against Syria also.

When it starts Syria will have to fight or become the laughing stock of the arab world.
Things have been going on over there that the news is not reporting or know anything about, but you can bet all sides are gearing up for a war that will effect the whole world.

    I am so glad GOD allowed me to be born in a Nation that loved HIM and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.

It is sad to know the once great Nation has turned against GOD.
I often shudder thinking how bad it would be to have been born in a country that denys GOD or one that does not beleive in JESUS CHRIST.

It is also sad to have watched this great Nation turn against GOD and JESUS CHRIST and turn to worshipping sin, wealth, sex, porn,
homosexuals, falling away from GOD, the Church doing things unGODLY, allowing Homosexuals in the Pulpit, same sex marrages,
allowing TV's in to watch the Super Bowl and the playing of Bingo, all the while eating and drinking in GODS house and having a good old time.

I rememebr growing up the only time food was allowed in Church was the need to feed a baby or at CHRISTmas when they handed out bags of candy, apples and oranges.

Women never wore pants or shorts to Church, they all wore dress'es. The preacher preached as long as GOD spoke through him and he never was threatened for telling about Heaven and Hell.

The preacher was respected as was the Deacons, the widows and orphans were helped and taken care of,
if memebrs were sick or hurt bills were paid until they got back on their feet, the elderly were respected and looked after.
Yes my friends, that was the times when GOD was feared, loved and respected. Unlike today!

I will be glad to see my LORD, MY FATHER, My KING and My SAVIOUR!
I will no longer have to watch the abuse and disrespect of my GOD and My SAVIOUR when that day comes.

I do love GOD and JESUS CHRIST and I am proud of THEM BOTH and I do not care what anyone thinks of me or feels about me for Loving THEM BOTH!!

Praise be to GOD and JESUS CHRIST!

Thank GOD for folks like CJ and all of you who read and write at this site and all who pray for America and all of our men and women in the Military and their families.

I love you all. Please keep my family and I in your prayers!
May GOD bless and watch over all of you and your families and through GODS love may HE keep all of you safe and well everyday and bring you all through any storm that might arise in your life, both ntural and man made.
I ask this in the name Of JESUS CHRIST! Amen!
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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 6:25 am    Post subject: Iran has new anti-cruise missile weapon, helicopter Reply with quote

Iran has new anti-cruise missile weapon, Cobra-type helicopter
May 5, 2010
The development of the "Mesbah 1" (Lantern), a new air defence system for countering aircraft, cruise missiles, choppers and
other low-altitude threats, was announced by Iran's defence minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi Wednesday, May 5.
It will go into operation in the near future.

If Iran has indeed designed a weapon of this type and quality, it has come up with a powerful answer to US and Israeli cruise missiles,
which pose the biggest threat to Iran's nuclear facilities in a military strike.
Vahidi boasted that the Mesbah can fire 4,000 shots a minute, is very precise and can be operated by a smaller crew than similar artillery systems.
He claimed it was also effective in tracing and shooting down unmanned aerial vehicles - drones.

The Iranian Air force is also reported to have received 10 new "Toofan" (Storm) attack helicopters based on the Bell AH-1K Sea Cobra design.
After studying photographs, Western military sources reported the Iranian version has been heavily upgraded compared with the original.
It has a narrower airframe for greater flexibility and is armed with M197 3-barrelled 20-mm "Gatling-type" cannon in the A/A49E turret.
Its wing-stub stations carry a pair of 19-tube 70-mm rocket launchers.
The rear section has a Vulcan-type 20-mm automatic cannon, and two clusters of 38 anti-tank 70-mm missiles.

Bullet-proof glass protects the pilot's cockpit and weapons officer station, internal avionics have been revamped with the addition of a GPS and receiver in the nose,
and a warning radar attached to the rear, with four antennae providing 360 degrees coverage and all electronics systems integrated.

Iranian Air Force's Badr Base for light aircraft and helicopters in Esfahan, central Iran,
accommodates 1,000 aerial military vehicles of different types, and is the biggest air base of its kind in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Iran-built Hamas command centers in Gaza
January 10, 2011  
 Iran is in control in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon, and plans war on Israel.
The Israeli air strikes in Gaza were systematic missions to start destroying the new Hamas underground command centers which Iranian engineers are building.
This is Iran's punishment for the attacks on its nuclear scientists and installations.

Hamas leaders tried to stop Iranian missile attacks on Israel, as it depleted the resources needed for a major showdown with Israel.
Iran has been laying a network of command centers across Gaza, and the IAF struck them.

IRAN Stuxnet Worm could cause Chernobyl-type explosion

Has Israel 'attacked' the Iranian nuclear program already?
September 26, 2010

Iran revises story of Esther

Christians arrested, January 2011

              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary  

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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 6:39 am    Post subject: Iran builds nuclear-capable cruise missile Reply with quote

                Iran builds nuclear-capable cruise missile
May 11, 2010
 Iran's new KH-55 cruise missile
"This is an extremely serious threat to Israel," Yair Shamir, chairman of Israel's Aerospace Industries warned in a lecture, naming the new weapon as the
KH-55 cruise missile, based on a model Tehran received from Ukraine in 2006 and upgraded - together with an air-launched version.

"The pace of missile development (in Iran) is much faster that that of the solutions," Shamir said.
"The new element is that Iran is already in space" - an intimation that its activities in space were a key element in accelerating Tehran's missile program.

Shamir rarely talks in public on security matters. debkafile's military sources report he apparently found it necessary to speak out in view of the defense minister Ehud Barak's soothing assessments,
his efforts to downplay the peril from Tehran and denials that Iran had become an existential threat to Israel.

The defense minister was also challenged by President Shimon Peres who, speaking in Moscow Monday, May 11,
cautioned against nonchalance in the face of the threats to destroy Israel, which came mainly from Tehran.

(He also noted that no ruler but Syria's Bashar Assad would try to pretend that missiles for Hizballah were harbingers of peace.)
Shamir's was the first authoritative voice to verify Iran's possession of a nuclear-capable, long-range-missile capable of striking Israel without leaving its own airspace.
The rumors of its acquisition circulating for some years had been treated with some skepticism. Now, Western sources confirm that Ukraine did indeed sell Iran a dozen

KH-55 missiles capable of carrying conventional or nuclear warheads,
but they are not sure if the warheads were part of the consignment or just the diagrams and instructions on how to fit them.

The Israeli aerospace expert disclosed that Iranian scientists are working on lengthening the cruise missile's range beyond its regular 2.500 kilometers and developing a version for the use of fighter bombers.
This would enable Iranian warplanes to shoot missiles against targets not only in Israel but as far away as Central Europe, without leaving their own airspace and risking exposure to American or Israeli air attack.

Iran Dumps the U.S. Dollar
RUMOR in Sept 2009  
When Iraq went to the Euro, they were attacked by George W. Bush (43).
Bush flew onto an aircraft carrier and declared victory in that war,
on the day that Iraq went back to the US dollar for oil transactions.
Iran Dumps the Dollar, switches to Euro.  On September 12, 2009 Iranian President Achmedinejad issued an
edict to sell oil and do other business priced in euros instead of dollars. This creates greater demand for euros
and decreases demand for dollars, which will push down the value of the dollar.

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PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 5:08 pm    Post subject: Obama lifts ban on Russian S-300s for Iran Reply with quote

Obama lifts ban on Russian S-300s for Iran
Blows hole in Israeli security
May 22, 2010
Israel's security suffered a major setback on the eve of its homeland war-safety exercise (starting Sunday, May 23) from
3 Obama administration concessions that were granted to buy Moscow's backing for UN Security Council sanctions against Iran.
One was the deletion of an embargo on sophisticated weaponry, including the suspended sale of Russian S-300 systems sought by Tehran for shooting down any US or Israel warplanes attacking its nuclear sites.

As Israel prepared to drill millions of the country's civilians to prepare for synchronized assault by hundreds of rockets and missiles from
Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, Washington awarded Moscow, i.e. Tehran, three additional gains.
US officials indicated they did not rule out a new round of nuclear negotiations with Tehran - even after the Brazilian-Turkish-mediated enriched uranium deal signed with Iran last Monday, May 17.

And on Friday, May 21, the administration scrapped sanctions against the Russian state arms export agency and 3 other Russian entities that were penalized in the past for transferring sensitive technology or weapons to Iran.
Also lifted were sanctions against a fourth Russian entity for illicit arms sales to Syria, including technology for developing the very missiles against which Israel's five-day exercise is preparing the public next week.

Our Washington sources report that the Obama administration bought Russia's backing for a weak UN sanctions resolution by giving way on penalties detrimental to Iran's economy or impeding its nuclear program.
America thus opened the door for Russia to start training Iranian S-300 missile crews - without Israeli raising its voice in protest in either capital.
(On May 19, debkafile disclosed for the first time that these crews were already in training at Russian military bases.)

Tzachi Hanegbi, chairman of the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee, reaffirmed in a TV Channel One interview Friday night that a nuclear-armed Iran would imperil Israel's very existence.
He, like many other Israelis in official positions, strongly gainsays assertions to the contrary by defense minister Ehud Barak.

Saturday, after the new US concessions came to light, administration officials tried to allay criticism in Congress by claiming that Moscow had
improved its performance on Iran and would stand by its understanding with Washington not to proceed with the S-300 sale.
However, the training of Iranian operating crews looks more like bringing the sale forward than holding it back.

debkafile's Iranian sources point out that in five short days - since accepting the Brazilian-Turkish uranium swap deal - Tehran has substantially enhanced its international and strategic position in four critical areas:

1. Tough UN sanctions are off the table, leaving individual governments the freedom to proceed, or not, with unilateral penalties against Iran's nuclear violations.

2.  The heavily-diluted UN draft omits any mention of energy bans, such the refined oil products, a provision formerly advocated by Washington as the most effective means of forcing Iran to abandon its drive for a nuclear weapon.

3.  Not only has the notion of a sea blockade gone by the board, but heavy restrictions are clamped down on searches of vessels
suspected of carrying contraband military or nuclear cargoes, for which permission must now be requested by the nation flagged.
This allows Iran and Syria to safely import nuclear materials and missiles by sea without fear of interception.
Even before the haggling begins, therefore, the new "sanctions" draft before the UN Security Council scarcely answers to its description.

4.  The Obama administration's inclination to treat the new uranium exchange deal brokered by Brazil and Turkey as the Six-Power Group's springboard for
bringing Tehran back to the negotiating table offers Iran the gift of more time and space to achieve its ultimate objective of a nuclear weapon.

Military sources point out that Washington's uneven and inconsistent approach to Iran and Syria make naught of the protestations made by  
Obama and other US officials of their unshakeable commitment to Israel's security.
The unhindered delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran, like the latest Russian arms deal with Syria, substantially offsets Israel's capacity to deter its enemies.
Not only are its air force pilots placed in harm's way; so too is the country's entire population.

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PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 6:26 am    Post subject: Syria has 1,000 ballistic missiles zeroed on Israeli targets Reply with quote

U.S. Makes Concessions to Russia for Iran Sanctions
May 21, 2010
As it sought support for international sanctions on Iran, the Obama administration gave Moscow two concessions:
lifting American sanctions against the Russian military complex and agreeing not to ban the sale of Russian anti-aircraft batteries to Tehran.

Syria has 1,000 ballistic missiles zeroed on Israeli targets
May 26, 2010  
A colossal Iran-funded and directed armament program has enabled Syria to field 1,000 ballistic missiles and Hizballah 1,000 rockets -
all pointed at specific Israeli military and civilian locations, including the densely populated conurbation around Tel Aviv, debkafile's military sources reveal.

Syria has smuggled most of its stock of liquid-fuel powered ballistic missiles over to Hizballah in Lebanon,
while its own production lines have been working day and night for five months to upgrade its stock solid fuel-propelled missiles,
so improving their accuracy.
North Korean military engineers and technicians are employed on those production lines.

According to Western military sources, a command center for coordinating a missile offensive against military and civilian targets in Israel has been operating at
Syrian general staff headquarters in Damascus since early March with the help of Iranian, Syrian, Hizballah and Hamas liaison officers.

The command center, operating under direct Iranian command, was formally established at a gala banquet attended by
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah in Damascus on February 25.  
Its primary mission was defined as "target unification" - military lingo for interaction at the command level to make sure that Tehran, Damascus,
Beirut and Gaza do not send short-range missiles flying toward the same Israeli target at the same time.

Each of the four has been assigned one of four Israeli sectors and given specialist training in its features.

The new joint command gave Hizballah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah the confidence to sneer at Israel's five-day, countrywide home front missile defense exercise, which ends Thursday, May 27.

In a speech on Tuesday, May 25, he said: 'Israel wants to reassure its people and make them feel strong and properly prepared to stand up to all possible war situations.
But this assurance is false.
So carry on with your drills," he said, "but when the rockets start falling on the occupied territories, we'll soon see how much good they are."

The command center's central strategy, say our military sources, is to eliminate the Israel Air Force's edge by releasing a
simultaneous deluge of missiles and rockets from hundreds of stationary and mobile launching sites in remote parts of Syria, Lebanon, Iran and the Gaza Strip.

Most of the projectiles in the Syrian, Hizballah and Hamas arsenals are propelled by liquid fuel and therefore take 50 minutes to 1 hour to load and loose at assigned targets.
During this time gap, they are vulnerable to air attack. As a bridging device, western intelligence sources believe the joint command in Damascus plans to
attack Israel with synchronized missile fire from Iran and Syria during the time Israeli warplanes are hammering, say, Hizballah batteries in Lebanon.
The thinking in Tehran and Damascus is that the Israeli Air Force will find it hard to tackle three or four fronts simultaneously.

Tehran and Damascus are therefore building air shields around their missile bases and launching sites,
for which purpose Assad asked Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to speed up the delivery of the advanced Russian Pantsir anti-aircraft missiles when the latter visited Damascus on May.
Medvedev promised to accede to this request.

debkafile's military sources recall that the same Russian Pantsir missiles were ineffective in preventing the September 2007 air strike, by which Israel destroyed the North Korean plutonium reactor financed by Tehran at Al-Azur in northern Syria.

TURKEY WANTS TO START A WAR ON ISRAEL with the Gaza blockade run

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PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 6:57 am    Post subject: Syrian ballistic missiles on standby with new target updates Reply with quote

Syrian ballistic missiles on standby with new target updates

May 27, 2010   Syrian missiles on the move

The night before Israel's exercise for defending the home front against missile attack entered its fifth and last day on Thursday, May 27, the Syrian Chief of Staff placed all
Syrian military units on standby, followed in the morning by a second directive for missile units to go on a war footing and take up firing positions.
Reporting this, debkafile's military sources disclose that missile battery commanders were given "target updates," meaning new Israeli targets for attack.

Western intelligence sources report that Wednesday night, long military convoys carrying mobile missiles were sighted rolling down Syrian highways - especial in the North.

In Athens, Greek military sources announced a joint Israeli-Greek naval and air force two-day exercise beginning next Tuesday, June 1, over the mainland and the Aegean and Ionian Seas.
Exercise Minoas 2010 would serve Israeli Air Force F16s and F15s (five each) for drilling long-range flights covering roughly the same distance as between Israel and Iran and
new in-flight refueling methods using Israeli KC-807 flying fuel tankers. Greece will deploy 15 F16s.

With all parties on the move, including the boosting of Lebanese army units on the Israeli border, the war tensions swirling around Israel's northern borders show no signs of early dissipation.

Two years ago, 100 Israeli Air Force bombers of different types covered the distance between Israel and Greece and back to demonstrate that Iran and its nuclear sites were within reach.
Then, Athens permitted Israeli jets to practice strikes against the Greek Army's sophisticated S-300 interceptor missiles of the type Iran expects to procure from Russia.
The same drill may be repeated in the coming joint maneuver.

Across the border the just-boosted Lebanese army units practiced firing anti-air missiles and other weapons against Israeli warplanes near the village of Kuzah in southern Lebanon.

They also report that, back in March, Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas prepared for the current war escalation by
setting up a joint staff center for coordinating their missile and rocket attacks on Israeli military and civilian locations.
The center which is staffed with liaison officers of the four participants was installed at Syrian Military General Headquarters in Damascus.

As debkafile reported May 26, a colossal Iran-funded and directed armament program has permitted Syria to field
1,000 ballistic missiles and Hizballah 1,000 rockets -
all pointed at specific Israeli military and civilian locations, including the densely populated conurbation around Tel Aviv.

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PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2010 5:26 am    Post subject: US nuclear submarine in Strait of Hormuz Reply with quote

US nuclear submarine in Strait of Hormuz
May 27, 2010
 US nuclear-submarine in Persian Gulf waters
Tehran reports that an Iranian naval patrol Thursday, May 27, detected a US nuclear submarine sailing
through the strategic Strait of Hormuz, through which most of the oil produced by Persian Gulf states passes on its way to world markets.
Iran placed its navy and army on high alert.

Sources confirmed that a nuclear-armed American submarine entered the Persian Gulf.
US military strength increased in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions, with an extra air and naval strike forces and 6,000 Marine and sea combatants.
The US sub also ties in with rising tensions along Israeli borders with Syria and Lebanon.
May 28 Friday at 5:21 am Iran had another earthquake near this Strait of Hormuz

Iran claims Oil field, masses troops on Iraq border
Dec 19, 2009
 Iraqi troops massed near an oil well on the border in a standoff with Iranian forces that seized control of the site in a sudden flare up of tension.
Excuse for US to attack Iran.  Iranian forces crossed into Iraq, seizing an oil well just over the border. IRAN planted an Iranian flag on the well.
When a country plants their flag - they are saying - MINE!

Iraq is not going to be pushed around by Iran.
US approved of Iraq defense of its sovereignty.

Iraqi national security officials said the well was clearly in Iraqi territory and demanded that the Iranians leave immediately.
The Iranians have not withdrawn from the well.
Tehran denies Iraqi claim to borderline oil field, says troops are 'on Iranian soil, as defined by known international borders'

Iran confirmed its forces had taken over East Maysan oil field on the Iran-Iraq border. The move caused a 2.4% spike in oil prices.
Iran claims the oil field is Irans.

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PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2010 7:10 am    Post subject: Syria arming Hezbollah from secret bases Reply with quote

Syria arming Hellzbollah from secret bases
May 28, 2010  
 Ssatellite images reveal Shiite organization 'allowed to operate freely' at secret compound in Syrian town of Adra, from which missiles are sent to Lebanon.
Intelligence sources say ongoing smuggling increases chances of Israeli strike
The chances that Israel may send a "calibrated signal" to Hezbollah and Syria by launching a precise airstrike against a weapons convoy are increasing,
the British Times reported on Friday, following reports of Israeli plans to bomb a Syrian arms convey as it crossed the border into Lebanon.
The Israeli strike was reportedly called off at the last minute.

Friday's report covered tensions in the region, and citied satellite images of secret arms depots in Syria, in which surface-to-surface missiles destined for Hezbollah are stored.
According to the report, the Times has been shown images of one such site, located in a compound near the town of Adra, northeast of Damascus.
The site reportedly includes living quarters for Hezbollah fighters, arms sheds and a fleet of trucks used for transferring weapons.
The facility is believed to be one of several used as a base for weapons deliveries.

“Hezbollah is allowed to operate this site freely,” a security source told the paper. “They often move the arms in bad weather when Israeli satellites are unable to track them.”
The weapons in question are either of Syrian origin, or are delivered from Iran by sea or by air.

It was recently reported that Syria transferred Scud missiles to the Shiite organization. The Times report claims that only two
missiles were transferred, which American and Israeli intelligence sources believe have been stored in underground bunkers in the Bekaa Valley.  
In light of the tight surveillance, one source said that Hezbollah may be considering returning the missiles.

Earlier this month, Yossi Baidatz, head of the Israeli Military Intelligence research department, said the recent transfer of arms to Hezbollah was just the "tip of the iceberg," and the Times reported that
the M-600 missiles Hezbollah posses grant the organization unprecedented accuracy that threatens strategic facilities inside Israel.
Syrian diplomat: Our bases nobody's business

After the Israeli strike on one of the arms convoys was called off, reportedly around the time of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah's visit to Damascus along with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
Israel depended on American diplomatic efforts to put an end to the deliveries.
But according to Western intelligence sources, the failure of these efforts increase the chances of a targeted Israeli attack against a weapons warehouse or delivery.

John Kerry, head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visited Damascus several times in recent months, and reportedly urged Syrian President Bashar Assad to halt the flow or weapons to Lebanon.
Syrian president is "flat out lying" about the weapons transfer to Hezbollah.

Syria insists that all their bases are exclusive to the Syrian military. Jihad Makdissi, the spokesman for the Syrian Embassy in London said,
“Syria and Israel remain in a state of war as long as Israel refuses to implement UNSC (United Nations Security Council) resolutions to end the occupation of Arab lands;
therefore if these military depots really exist it would be for the exclusive use of the Syrian Army to defend Syrian soil, and it is definitely nobody’s business,” he said.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:35 am    Post subject: Iranian troops cross Iraq border Reply with quote

KURDISTAN  *  Iran troops cross Iraq border
June 6, 2010    A senior Kurdish official in northern Iraq says Iranian troops have crossed the Iraqi border in pursuit of Iranian Kurdish rebels.
Jabar Yawar, a deputy minister in the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq, said Saturday that 35 Iranian soldiers remain in the Iraqi village of Perdunaz after crossing the border last Thursday.

Yawar said the Iranian troops have ventured about a mile (1.6 kilometers) into Iraq. Perdunaz is an Iraqi border town east of the Kurdish capital of Irbil.
He said Iranian troops have been shelling the region for days in pursuit of a Kurdish rebel group known as the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan, or PEJAK. Iran has previously targeted the border areas in pursuit of PEJAK fighters.
Iraq's Defense Ministry declined comment.

Gunmen killed a third candidate Saturday from the Sunni-backed coalition that won the most seats in Iraq's March parliamentary election, a slaying that the alliance said was part of a politically motivated campaign of assassinations.

Gunmen broke into Faris Jassim al-Jubouri's house in a village about 20 miles (35 kilometers) west of the northern city of Mosul at dawn and shot him multiple times, according to police and a morgue official. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the killing.

"This assassination is part of series of assassinations targeting members of the Iraqiya list, definitely for political reasons," said party spokeswoman Maysoun Damlouji. "The Iraqiya list does not want to escalate the situation, but we won't sit silent over the killing of any Iraqi."

The secular Iraqiya coalition, headed by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, has been at the center of a political showdown over the March 7 parliamentary election, which did not produce a clear winner. Iraqiya's rivals in two religious Shiite political blocs are trying to outmaneuver it to form the next government.

Iraqiya won just two more parliamentary seats than its closest rivals, led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Iraqiya's slim lead was largely thanks to Allawi's outreach to Iraq's disaffected Sunni minority, which lost its political dominance with Saddam Hussein's 2003 ouster.
If they are left out of the next government, Sunnis could feel further alienated and violence directed at the government and security forces could increase, just as U.S. forces are preparing for substantial troop withdrawals.

Al-Jubouri had not been expected to take a seat in the new parliament because Iraqiya failed to win enough votes.
He was the third Allawi-linked candidate to be gunned down in and around Mosul in recent months.

On May 24, gunmen firing from a car killed newly elected candidate Bashar Mohammed Hamid Ahmed as he was on his way home. He was the first new lawmaker killed since the election.
A female Iraqiya candidate, Suha Jarallah, was shot and killed in Mosul before the vote in early February.
MAP of Kurdistan  -  http://i674.photobucket.com/albums/vv110/zcry/maps/kurdistan1.gif

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