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PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:58 am    Post subject: CYPRUS NEWS  Reply with quote

CYPRUS Economy - Cyprus is Greek so seriously hurt by Greek economy
Cyprus explosions kill 13
 This was likely NOT an accident
July 11, 2011  [/b] -  12 killed in Cyprus munitions explosions from Iran ship, knocked power out.
We are told this is an accident, but its weapons from an intercepted Iran ship bound for Gaza.  Terrorists dont like being interfered with.
No telling how much MORE trouble this might be.  No way to know if any were chemical weapons.  
I emailed my friend on Cyprus who replied .........

we are going very short on electricity power here.
The place where the explosions occurred was next to out main electricity power plant which was partly destroyed and cannot supply electricity now.
Many areas without power and soon with out water cause of the power cut which supply’s the water pumps with energy to flow the water.


Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas War in Mediterranean


              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary  


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ash from Iceland volcano over Cyprus - Israel
May 10, 2010
Ash cloud to arrive in Israel Monday night.
Transportation Ministry says Meteorological Service predicts ash from Iceland volcano to pass over Cyprus Monday afternoon,
arrive in Israel in evening. Aviation Authority calls emergency meeting to prepare for flight disruptions
The Transportation Ministry warned Monday that the ash cloud responsible for halting most of Europe in its tracks is scheduled to arrive in Israel soon.

A statement issued by the ministry cited meteorological reports saying the cloud would pass over Cyprus Monday afternoon and arrive in Israel's skies late in the evening.
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz ordered his ministry to prepare for repercussions caused by the cloud, newly emitted from an active volcano in Iceland. It is currently floating 20,000 feet above sea level.
The Civil Aviation Authority has called an emergency meeting at 1 pm Monday, with the participation of the Meteorological Service and various local and foreign airline companies.

The meeting will include predictions on possible scenarios and their effect on takeoffs and landings in Israel.
Data was collected from the British meteorological service and the Euro-Control, which are assisting Israel in its preparations.
The EU's Aviation Authority announced Sunday a number of flight disruptions throughout the continent.
The volcanic ash cloud led to cancelations in Scotland, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, and threatens to cause disruptions in France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Austria.

* Inserting this from another thread

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Navy chief killed by blast, 62 wounded
13 Jul 2011
The shockwave destroyed the walls of two multi-storey buildings on the base, and generator buildings and fuel tanks at the nearby Vassilikos power plant.
Debris was blown as far as 3km (2 miles) from the base and hundreds of trees were flattened.
Nearly all the windows in the village of Zygi were blown out, while roof tiles were torn off and windows broken in the village of Mari.

The head of Cyprus' navy, Andreas Ioannides, was among 12 people killed when seized containers of gunpowder exploded at its main base.
The commander of the Evangelos Florakis base, Lambros Lambrou, also died.
The defence minister and military chief have resigned over the incident, which officials said occurred after a bush fire ignited the explosives.

A government spokesman has said a recent meeting concluded that safety at the site needed to be improved.
But the recommendations had not yet been implemented, he added.
The comments came after Ioannides' son said senior officials had repeatedly ignored his warnings about the condition of the containers.

More than 90 containers of gunpowder had been kept in the open at the Evangelos Florakis base since they were confiscated by the Cypriot authorities
from a ship intercepted in 2009 sailing from Iran to Syria in violation of United Nations sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
Early on Monday, firefighters were called to tackle a small fire in the storage area. At 0550 (0250 GMT), there was a massive explosion.

July 13 -  Cyprus police arrested 20 people after demonstrators angry at an explosion in which 12 people died tried to breach gates leading to the presidential palace.
Demonstrators said was official negligence in the explosion of seized gunpowder stored at a naval base.

POWERLESS   August  1, 2011
Cyprus suffered an explosion July 11 which killed 13 people and knocked out their power plant for a year.
I have a friend there who told me this informaiton.  Cyprus is asking several other countries to help them.
People on Cyrpus will have continuous cuts until next summer.
They cant plan anything, they dont know when power is going to be cut.
This is a major problem for the businesses.
The people are ordered not to run air conditioning in this heat of 40-41C, 106F.
Cyprus has no electricity at night.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:50 am    Post subject: CYPRUS NEEDS URGENT PRAYERS! Reply with quote

Turkey is threatening to attack Cyprus
September  9,  2011  
This information came from someone I know living on Cyprus.
Little or nothing about this is on the news media.  News are very selective in what they report.

Most of Cyprus is Greek.
Turks invaded Cyprus illegally in 1974 and captured the north by force and posses it by force since then
CYPRUS has no army to defend itself, they are depending in political support and Christians praying.
Turkish propaganda is very effective all over the world, and it is anti-Israel.

CYPRUS has been a very good friend to Israel.  Cyprus legally sold drilling rights to Israel and Israel has found gas and oil in the Mediterranean ..
now the evil muslim nations want the oil Israel found.
All Cyprus trouble is due to them being fair to Israel.

Arabs didnt care when Israel drilled ... but when their toil struck oil - Lebanon said  GIMME!
The world is headed to a universal Goverment and currency  -  666  -  the beast system of Revelation 13.


Cyprus, Israel move closer on East Med gas
Aug 26, 2011   Nicosia, Cyprus  (UPI)
The governments of Cyprus and Israel, which both have seemingly intractable problems with Turkey, are moving closer together over the increasingly thorny
issue of vast natural gas fields under the eastern Mediterranean.
The energy dispute, which already has Israel and neighboring Lebanon threatening each other, has spurred a major geopolitical realignment in the region
where oil and natural gas have long been in short supply and heightened tensions.
Over 122 trillion cubic feet of gas and around 4 billion barrels of oil lie under the continental shelf that runs south from Syria and Lebanon before curving westward to Egypt.

Israel finds huge natural gas reserve
A huge deep-water natural gas find off the coast of Israel promises to be a boon to the Israeli economy
as well as a stimulus to other developers searching for offshore oil and natural gas in the Mediterranean.

Cyprus wants Israeli support in offshore drilling spat
August, 2011
  Nicosia, Cypriot in conflict with Turkey over exploration rights,
Israeli PM responds - Jerusalem interested in cooperating in energy field

Large quantities of natural gas found off Haifa coast
January 2009    More than 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered at well off of Israel's Mediterranean coast

CYPRUS has foiled some of the Muslim jihad flotillas to Gaza by terrorists.
Turkey is planning another war on Gaza - and Cyprus will likely be right in the middle.
jihad flotillas, many pages

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sept 12, 2011
This is from chatting with a man living in Nicosia Cyprus -
He has used the nickname of vision and he is speaking with our friend using the nickname eagles.
I have edited the conversation for continuity and clarity.

History looks like repeating itself.
In the 50's the Turkish government wanted to take over the Greek Cypriots' part of the island nation.
A man living in Nicosia (Cyprus) told us about an explosive blast which set off arms in a military compound which effectively shut down nearly all of
Cyprus' electric power supply, as the main generating station is next door to the munitions storage.
The munitions were part of an Arab world shipment to Gaza from Turkey, intercepted and stored in Cyprus on behalf of the Israeli government.

Friday,  September 09, 2011

  we are being threatened by Turkey here that it is going to attack us again if we dare use our right to bring out our natural gas from our territorial waters

that is awful mate, the difficulties of the 1950s all over again
we have heard absolutely nothing about this on the news media in Australia, TV radio or papers, they are very selective in what they publish

it is eagles...and we have no army to defend ourselfs...we are depending on political support only and of course us christians praying
maybe those kind of news is not selling much there
after all it is only a tiny spot on the map Cyprus...who cares?
Turkish propaganda is very effective all over the world bro, they spend bilions to pay off media

I remember when I was a boy and your "champion" was Archbiushop Makarios

yes... we had ethics as our power then... now it is all gone
People even orthodox as they are were near God, the way they were made to understand God

actually my friend, it is to be expected if I may draw the logic together
the Islamic states, of which Turkey pretends it is not, are creating unsettled activities right around the mediterranean
I heard  last week about spain and portugal giving in to handing back to the mullahs the property and land the Moors vacated in the middle ages
it is already open fighting and unrest from Lybia, Egypt/Sudan, the Israeli lands, Lebanon
turkey adjoins lebanon and Syria, which we believe will be the next to fall

my point of view is not that those islamic countries are creating those activities but outside forces inside those countries are doing so
and i think there is one goal after all that unrest... a universal Goverment and currency

We need be aware that the Turkish regime has become very much like the Ottoman Empire.
Remember Gamal Attaturk murdered (as in genocide) the Armenians who were almost all Christians of the same flavour as most in the Holy Land.
Nobody did anything about it, and the Turks denied it happened. For regional stability the West accepted their denial.

Turks deny their historical genocide of Armenians to this very day.
I personally met a Messianic (Christian) Rabbi Armenian whose family fled this genocide.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shocked  Evil or Very Mad     Return of Ottoman Empire in 2011 ?     Shocked  Evil or Very Mad

Shocked  Exclamation    Cyprus is threatened for being a friend to Israel.
It is caught in the middle of Turkey's jihad dominent intents

Turkish Warships Sent to Challenge Israel

September 9, 2011
There is a SERIOUS CRISIS which Turkey is perpetrating on the Mideast!
Read these!  and PRAY!   Shocked  Exclamation


Turkey asks US to base Predator drone on Turkish soil
Ah yes, come have tea with me, said the spider to the fly.
The drones would quickly be used against Israel, and Obama knows it, and loves it.

11 September 2011, Sunday
The United States is considering a request from Turkey to base a fleet of Predator drones on its soil for cross-border operations against terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) targets in northern Iraq, a news report said on Sunday.

The Obama administration has not yet made a decision on the Turkish request, the report in Washington Post said. The Predators have been flying from Iraqi bases since 2007 and the US shares data from the planes' surveillance with Turkey as part of the two NATO allies' cooperation against the PKK. Now that the US forces are scheduled to withdraw from Iraq by end of the year, this cooperation may effectively come to an end unless new bases are found for the Predators.

Sept 10, 2011
See Jerry Golden reports from Jerusalem


Egypt MB attack on Israeli embassy


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Turkey is salivating for WAR
Turkey is a REAL and PRESENT DANGER!
Turkish threats are real and tangible.  

Israeli-Greek defense pact invoked against Turkey
Keep praying demon Turkey will be foiled!
I'd love to see Greece fly in a bunch of Kurds.  They know how to handle the Turk devils.

September 15, 2011   DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Israel and Greece PM George Papandreou have invoked the mutual defense pact they signed secretly only 12 days ago in the light of heavy Turkish sea and air movements in the eastern Mediterranean.
Israel cabinet called into session over the Turkish threat to its off-shore oil and gas rigs.

Greece concerned by the Turk observation flights suddenly increased over the Greek island of Kastelorizo
The flights are escorted by Turkish combat jets.

Athens fears a Turkish attack, and an attempt to damage or seize it.
Israel suspects that a Turkish attack on the Greek island will be the signal for Turkish military aggression against its oil and gas platforms located in the Mediterranean between Israel and Cyprus.
Papandreou said the Turks are capable of surprise attacks on additional Greek islands.
Turkey backs Lebanon's Hellzballah terrorists who are puppets of Iran.

The Israeli navy and air force are to be posted at Greek Mediterranean bases. The two intelligence agencies are sharing input.
With a presence at Greek military bases, Israel will be able to operate from the rear of Turkish forces in the event of an attack by those forces in the Mediterranean.

Turkey demands

-  Israel must allow ships to Gaza Strip
-  Israeli warships must remain inside their 12-mile territorial waters and not guard oil and gas drilling platforms which Israel owns.

US and NATO monitoring the crisis Ankara is generating with Israel, Greece and Cyprus, and wont let it degenerate into Turkish military action.  
Famous last words.  US, NATO will not act, unless NATO kicks Turkey out of NATO.  Big deal.  
Turkey wont care, they want BIG POWER.  NATO is nothing.


Hyper BAD for Israel and for peace!!!

Turkey to host missile shield radar

September 14, 2011
Turkey and the United States have concluded a deal to host an early warning radar as part of NATOs missile defense system.
It will be deployed at a military base near Malatya in eastern Turkey, and target Israel as an ENEMY, operational by the end of 2011.
Anyone who believe it will target Iran or Syria is a fool.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Turkey War to Steal Oil, gas
Israeli-Greek-Turkish air sea forces prepare for first Cypriot gas drilling
September 17, 2011  Saturday   DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Military tension is building up among Greece, Turkey and Israel as Cyprus prepares to start exploratory drilling for gas offshore Monday, Sept. 19.
All have placed their air and sea forces in a state of preparedness.

Turkish warplanes and fighters kept watch on the US Noble Energy rig as it moved from Israeli offshore field Noa opposite Ashdod to Cyprus Aphrodite field.
It was the first time since May 2010 Turkey attack on Israel that Turkish warships came less than 80 kilometers from Israeli territorial waters.
Israeli missile ships watched from afar on the Noble rig's movement.

As the rig moved into position opposite Cyprus, so too did 2 Turkish frigates.
Cyprus said Turkish warships and fighters had not entered territorial waters.
Turkey has aligned with Iran and its Hellzballah proxies in Lebanon, and want to steal the goods Israel has legally found.
Turkey warns their navy attack ships can attack.

Act of War
Turkish troop reinforcements landed in North Cyprus along with drilling equipment to start drilling in the Cypriot EEZ without reference to Nicosia.
This would mean that Turkey is preparing a wildcat breach of international law and treaties.
Greece warned Ankara against this Act of War.

Turkey's latest Act of War was against Israel in May 2010.
Sept 19 the Noble rig starts drilling in Cyprus Block 12 of the Mediterranean.
Turkey has painted itself into a corner.
If he orders an attack on the American rig, he will have to take the consequences, possibly a confrontation with the US, Israel, Greece and Cyprus.
If he does nothing, he will lose face as a leader able to back up his threats.

This is most likely to evolve into sea and air confrontatons involving Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

Comment from Israel, Email to me
'I think the NWO guys are trying to prime the pump for a global war beginning in the middle East'

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:23 am    Post subject: Cyprus to get EU presidency in 2012 Reply with quote

Cyprus to get EU presidency in 2012
New Cypriot hardliner President may damage Turkey’s EU accession process.
Turkey will never get in EU unless it pulls out of Cyprus.
EU-candidate Turkey would freeze relations with the European Union if Cyprus is given the rotating EU presidency in 2012.
If the EU gives its rotating presidency to southern (Greek) Cyprus, the real crisis will be between Turkey and the EU.
Turkey wrongfully occupies northern Cyprus.
The internationally recognized Greek Cypriot government is due to obtain
the six-month rotating EU presidency in July 2012.
Crazy Turkey is already in trouble with NATO.

Turkey to freeze EU ties if Cyprus gets EU presidency


New Cypriot hardliner President may damage Turkey EU accession process

Turkey will never get in EU unless it pulls out of Cyprus


German Conservatives Welcome Turkey EU Threats
The ongoing dispute over divided Cyprus may escalate problems between Turkey and the European Union
after Turkish PM Erdogan threatened to freeze EU relations when the Greek Cypriots take on the rotating presidency in 2012.  
The move only serves to further disqualify Turkey's plans to join the EU

Greek southern Cyprus, a European Union member since 2004, is set to assume the EU rotating presidency in July 2012.
But if the Greek Cypriots dont agree to a deal ending the 3 decade division from the Turkish northern part of the island,
Turkey will refuse to recognize their EU leadership, said Turkey.


Israel, Egypt, Turkey  shifting sands
Turkey is not only isolated, it is facing serious troubles. Its alliance with Iran and with Syria is in ruin.
The price of Turkey's lunacy, expansionism, war mongering, contempt for intl laws.
People lament the isolation of Israel but forget that this is nothing new.
Arab armies tried to destroy new Israel in 1948, successive attempts having failed as well.

Peace was achieved between Israel and Egypt, then Jordan, but this was a peace between governments, not peoples.
Incitement against Israel never stopped.
What was left were agreements fueled by transient political interests.

In 1949 Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel, and launched on the path of secular modernity.
Relations between the two countries have had their ups and downs, but trade was good, and Israelis vacationed in Turkey each year and Israel supplied Turkey with sophisticated weapons and technology.

The May 2010 Turkey attacked israel in disregard of Israel's known policies with a flotilla to Gaza.
Motivated by religious fervor and the dream of restoring the Turkish Ottoman empire, set himself on another path.
The 2002 election brought Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist party to power, and they HATE the Jews/Israel.

Satellite to crash to Earth Sep 23   hmmmm   Question

Harbingers of Doom,  UPDATED

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