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ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:00 am    Post subject: ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem  Reply with quote

The Battle for Jerusalem

MidEast Shakeup
January 17, 2011
 Leadership changes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia as their kings are dying,
and Lebanon coup this month, and now Israel has a change.
Following I have tried to make early sense of what has occurred in Israel overnite, and the mideast this month.

Israeli govt had a shakeup overnite
January 17, 2011
  Netanyahu helped Ehud Barak quit Labor to form centrist, Zionist and democratic party.  4 Labor MKs to join in new Atzmaut (Independence) faction after months of infighting in once powerful party.
Herzog resigns from government.  Obama is furious.  Well wonderful!  Anything that makes Obama angry cant be bad.

Ehud Barak sets up Independence party
Four members of the 13-member Labor's parliamentary  faction have followed defense minister Ehud Barak in resigning and setting up a new party called Atzmaut (Independence.)  They are Shalom Simhon, Einat Wilf, Matan Vilnai and Urit Noked.
Yaacov Herzog, Social Affairs Minister, was the first Labor member to resign from the cabinet, expected to be followed by other cabinet ministers.
Barak stays on as defense minister in the coalition cabinet headed by Binyamin Netanyahu.

Barak introduced the new party Monday, Jan. 17, as centrist, Zionist and democratic.
The country faces hard political, security and social tests, with which we are ready to cope.
Our first priority will be the state, then the party and only finally, us. We call on those who believe in our cause to join us.

Labor has been fragmented by squabbles and deep divisions between pro-government and pro-left factions.
The time had come to resolve this.
Barak acted in lockstep with prime minister Netanyahu, the leader of Likud.
These 2 have been running the Israeli govt together.
By splitting Labor, Barak has strengthened Likud.
Barak's adversaries within the cabinet were Ben-Eliezer and Yitzhak Herzog.
This ends demands for an early election Tzipi Livni wanted.
Avigdor Lieberman is likely to throw his support behind Bibi-Barak.

SYRIA foolishly backs HELLZballah
January 16, 2011
Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah sets up own government in Beirut.
Nasty gave a speech Sunday saying Hellzballah will not be intimidated by the world
They will NOT allow Saad Hariri as the next head of government, Hizballah terrorists will.
This is VERY BAD news to Israel, which had their own government shakeup January 16th.

Supplied and backed by Iran, Hizballah is the most powerful armed force in Lebanon.
USA, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia all failed to support Hariri.
Hizballah's first step will be to STOP prosecution of his assassins.
Ironically, on Sunday, Jan 16, the very day that Robert Ford took up his post as the first US ambassador to Damascus in six years, Syrian President Bashar Assad threw all his weight behind Hizballah's drive to rid Lebanese politics of  the Saad Hariri and so derail the Obama administrations policy objectives in Lebanon.
Assad has foolishly stepped in to block any western moves to save Hariri.
Syria has always supported and supplied weapons to Hellzballah.

ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem
In July, 2013  Coup in Egypt, General el Sisi dumped Morsi
I believe this greatly delayed the war for Jerusalem

Jerusalem in NEWS and Bible Prophecy

ISRAEL borders * 1967 or 1948? * Mountains of Israel

Mideast war drums

America, Israel's New Enemy

ISIS / ISIL WAR on the MidEast
This is the WAR for Jerusalem!


ISIS is the WAR for Jerusalem!

              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Barak privately accuses President Peres of plotting his downfall
January 18, 2011  Peres means DIVIDE
In private conversations, Defense Minister Ehud Barak who Monday, Jan. 17 resigned as Labor chairman and established a new party with four supporters, has accused President Shimon Peres of plotting his downfall in collusion with MK Haim Ramon of the opposition Kadima and Ofer Eini of Labor, debkafile's Exclusive sources report.

Early Tuesday, Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud and Atzmaut (Independence) sign a coalition agreement assigning four cabinet portfolios to the new party: Mattan Vilnai is promoted from deputy defense minister to full minister in charge of homeland security, Shalom Simhon, former Agriculture Minister, gets Trade, Industry and Employment and MK Orit Noked gets her first ministerial post in agriculture. Barak stays in Defense.
Barak told his close associates that he is holding back the details of the Peres conspiracy against him and the identies of some co-conspirators out of concern for the face of public life in Israel and its security, but when the truth does comes out it will cause a political earthquake.
The defense minister named four involved groups:

1. President Peres himself.
2. MK Haim Ramon, chairman of the opposition Kadima council, whom Barak accused of stirring up an insidious media campaign of many months to smear him, the prime minister, the foreign minister, the ultra-religious and the religious factions and so topple the government. Ramon is said to have used his excellent ties in the media to spread deliberate lies about their conduct. He made specific mention of Ramon's "peculiar" relations with Rina Matzliah, political correspondent of TV Channel 2 and one of its program presenters Dana Weiss.

3.  Ofer Eini, a Labor heavyweight and Secretary-General of the Histadrut Trade Unions Federation, is named by Barak as heading the third group of conspirators.
Kadima leader Tzipi Livni was described as "blind and naďve" and led by the nose by Haim Ramon without realizing she was digging her own political grave in a plot which had the dual purpose of her ouster and Kadima's merger with Labor under Ofer Eini's leadership.
Eini is a hot object of pursuit because of the huge asset he can bring to any party of the national trade unions and a broad voter base.

4. The ministers forced to resign Monday after Barak dropped his bombshell were the fourth group plotting his political demise at a party conference next month or March. They are Yitzhak Herzog, former minister for social affairs, Binymin Ben Eliezer, Trade, Industry and Employment, and Avishai Braverman. They constantly plagued him and the government with threats to quit and bring the government down their demands were met. But, he remarked, they left it too late.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hariri indictment important for Lebanon
January 18, 2011  
Tuesday  Netherlands
Canadian prosecutor Daniel Bellemare said he has made good on a promise to the people of Lebanon to do everything humanly and legally possible to bring the assassins to justice.  He filed his first indictment in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and hailed it as a landmark in efforts to end impunity for political slayings in Lebanon.
Bellemare said the confidential indictment at the UN was an important moment for the people of Lebanon, the international community and for those who believe in international justice.

He handed the indictment to judge Daniel Fransen.  Hellzballah expected to be identified.
The statement appeared aimed at cooling tensions in Lebanon, where many people fear the charges could lead to fresh violence.
The contents may not become public for weeks.  This has been a 6 year investigation.
The Netherlands-based court has faced a barrage of criticism from opponents in Lebanon.

Ariel Sharon Son Joins Kadima
It is very strange that Ariel Sharon's name has been making news recently.
He died in 2006 but his corpse has been plugged in.  Revelation 13?  I dont know.
13 January 11   Israelnationalnews.com
Gilad Sharon, younger son of the comatose former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, became the third public figure to join the ranks of the Kadima Party in recent weeks.
Gilad was not involved in politics in the past.
Several criminal suspicions were leveled in the past against the Sharon family. The police recommended that the 2 sons be indicted on bribery charges.
Kadima was founded in 2005 by Ariel Sharon shortly before he went into a coma (HE is DEAD).

WORSE that DEAD? Ariel Sharon, former Israeli P.M.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Protests Spread Tunesia, Yemen, Egypt,
Jordan, Saudi Arabia
January 30, 2011  
While the biggest threat to the Middle East region is the possibility that the population of Saudi Arabia may try to imitate what has been happening in the area, thereby bringing total chaos to the established regional geopolitical and more importantly, energy, structure, the first protests in the Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah are already in the books. The clip below shows the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place recently, which as Fedupmontrealer explains are "taking place in front of the Municipality in protest of the severe lack of infrastructure, and corruption, that led the city to be inundated this week causing billions of dollars of damages for the second time in two years." That this is even occurring in a state where the average wealth is orders of magnitude greater than in Egypt is remarkable. On the other hand, we expect more news such as those from yeserday that Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm. Oddly, visions of money dropping helicopters, infinitely extendable unemployment insurance and tax breaks keep dancing in our head.




The Battle for Jerusalem

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Police in SUDAN police clash with students in Khartoum
Jan. 31, 2011
Sudanese police beat and arrested students on Sunday as hundreds protested throughout the capital demanding the government resign, inspired by a popular uprising in neighbouring Egypt.
Armed riot police broke up groups of young Sudanese demonstrating in central Khartoum and surrounded the entrances of four universities in the capital, firing teargas and beating students at three of them.
Some 500 young people also protested in the city of el-Obeid in North Kordofan in the west of the country.
Police beat students with batons as they chanted anti-government slogans such as "we are ready to die for Sudan" and "revolution, revolution until victory."

Groups have emerged on social networking sites calling themselves "Youth for Change" and "The Spark," since the uprisings in nearby Tunisia and close ally Egypt this month.
"Youth for Change" has attracted more than 15,000 members.
"The people of Sudan will not remain silent any more," its Facebook page said. "It is about time we demand our rights and take what's ours in a peaceful demonstration that will not involve any acts of sabotage."
The pro-democracy group Girifna ("We're fed up") said nine members were detained the night before the protest and opposition party officials listed almost 40 names of protesters arrested on Sunday. Five were injured, they added.

Sudan has a close affinity with Egypt - the two countries were united under British colonial rule. The unprecedented scenes there inspired calls for similar action in Sudan, where protests without permission, which is rarely given, are illegal.
Before Tunisia's popular revolt, Sudan was the last Arab country to overthrow a leader with popular protests, ousting Jaafar Nimeiri in 1985.
Opposition leader Mubarak al-Fadil told Reuters two of his sons were arrested on their way to the central protest.
Editor-in-chief of the al-Wan daily paper Hussein Khogali said his daughter had been detained by security forces since 8 a.m. (1 a.m. EST) accused of organising the Facebook-led protest.

Around 500 protestors engulfed the market in the North Kordofan capital el-Obeid in Sudan's west, before police used tear gas to disperse them, three witnesses said.
"They were shouting against the government and demanding change," said witness Ahmed who declined to give his full name.
Pro-government newspapers carried front page warnings against protests which they said would cause chaos and turmoil.
The Sudan Vision daily's editorial blamed the opposition.
"Our message to those opposition dinosaurs is to unite their ideas and objectives for the benefit of the citizens if they are really looking for the welfare of the Sudanese people," it read.
Sudan is in deep economic crisis which analysts blame on government overspending and misguided policies. A bloated import bill caused foreign currency shortages and forced an effective devaluation of the Sudanese pound last year, sparking soaring inflation.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Worldwide Islamist revolution explodes
January 30, 2011  
 Aaron Klein
As powder keg spreads across Mideast, clerics celebrate rise of Muslim power.
Islamists, in particular the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood, seem poised to take power throughout the Middle East as a result of riots that have already toppled one Arab regime and are threatening others, in what some are calling only the latest wave of an Islamic "tsunami" sweeping the globe.

In Egypt, members of President Hosni Mubarak's family reportedly have fled the country as a flood of violent, fatal street protests threatens the stability of this most populous Arab nation, a longtime U.S. ally and the only Muslim nation with a long-lasting peace agreement with Israel.

The White House has been championing the protests, calling for a transition to democratic rule in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood formed the main opposition to Mubarak.
The Obama administration's support for the unrest is strikingly reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's support of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, which marked the birth of modern Islamist expansion now seemingly sweeping the Mideast.
In fact, some Muslim clerics are already calling the riots in Egypt simply an extension of 1979's Islamist conquests.

"Thirty-one years after the victory of the Islamic Republic, we are faced with the obvious fact that these movements are the aftershocks of the Islamic Revolution," said Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, as reported by Iran's Radio Zamaneh. "The fate of those who challenge [our] religion is destruction."

Speaking of media and government leaders, Khatami added, "They want to highlight the labor, liberal and democratic issues, but the most important issue, which is the religious streak of these protests, [is] being denied."
The leader of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, Hammam Saeed, warned that the unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast until Arabs succeed at toppling leaders allied with the United States.

"The Americans and Obama must be losing sleep over the popular revolt in Egypt," Saeed said at a sympathy protest held outside the Egyptian Embassy in Amman. "Now, Obama must understand that the people have woken up and are ready to unseat the tyrant leaders who remained in power because of U.S. backing."

And on the Internet, the Middle East Media Research Institute reports, prominent Salafi cleric Abu Mundhir Al-Shinqiti issued a fatwa in the website Minbar Al-Tawhid Wal Jihad encouraging the protests in Egypt, claiming Islamist jihadis are now on the verge of a historic moment in the history of the Islamic nation, an "earthquake" he likened to the Sept. 11 attacks in New York City.

Islamic indoctrination on U.S. taxpayers' tab
Founder of charter school chain called most dangerous Islamist in the world
Some think Fethullah Gulen is the 12th Imam / antichrist
Feb 2011
 A large network of jihad-preaching schools dots the American landscape, and it's being paid for by taxpayer dollars.
The network of more than 100 facilities in 27 states is the result of the work of Turkish expatriate billionaire Fethullah Gulen, who lives in a heavily guarded compound near Saylorsburg, Pa.
Terrorism analyst, author and Family Security Matters contributing Editor Paul Williams explains that Gulen left Turkey under a cloud, and came to the United States carrying an agenda.
"Fethullah Gulen is a chap who fled Turkey in 1998. He was attempting to avoid prosecution from the secular government at that time; he wanted to set up an Islamic government," Williams explained.
"He moved to Pennsylvania and established a mountain fortress around Saylorsburg, which is in the heart of the Poconos," Williams explained.
Court records from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's federal courts indicate that Gulen won his removal case against Homeland Security by showing that he was an "alien of extraordinary ability," and that by staying in the United States he could pursue his work of "authoring articles and providing guidance 'to fellow scholar in the fields of theology, political science, Islamic studies, and education.'"
Williams says Gulen had help.

Obama must embrace Islam or be tried when Muslims take over U.S.A.
Obama must embrace Islam as a way of life or face the consequences of a trial under the Shariah Islamic court system, declared Anjem Choudary.
Choudary is planning a Washington DC protest to call on American Muslims to revolt and implement Shariah law.
Choudary said Muslims dont want democracy and freedom.  They are anathema to Islam and the Shariah.

Is Shariah law in America the solution for all of America's problems?  


Farrakhan: Mideast uprisings will come to US
Feb 2011

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America faces imminent uprisings that mirror those in the Middle East.
“What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt … Libya, in Bahrain … what you see happening there … you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door,” Farrakhan said in a booming voice, thousands of followers cheering in his wake.

Farrakhan also called on President Barack Obama to allow protesters to march, urging the president not to attack innocent people when they do.
The keynote address, titled “God will send saviours,” capped a weekend of workshops focused on health, preparing for natural disasters and unidentified flying objects. The Nation of Islam believes in a UFO called “the wheel” or “the Mother Plane.”
Farrakhan has described a 1985 religious experience in which he ascended into a flying saucer and heard the voice of Elijah Muhammad predicting historical events that came to pass.

For about four hours, Farrakhan spoke and jumped from topic to topic, citing religious texts.
He praised Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Farrakhan extolled the virtues of Scientology and its auditing process, which is considered spiritual counseling by its members.
“L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian  person on this earth,” Farrakhan said.
“… L. Ron Hubbard  himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized,” Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.

* Post from another thread
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Coup possible in Morocco, Saudi Arabia too
February 2, 2011  
 Hebrew University political scientists find that in countries where citizens' democratic aspirations are unfulfilled, they are more likely to try to undermine government stability
The first signs for the governmental instability in Egypt were detected as early as two years ago, according to a new study conducted by political scientists from Hebrew University.

The study, which will be published soon by the Journal of Conflict Resolution, was conducted by Prof. Tamir Sheafer and Dr. Shaul Shenhav. The researchers measured the "democratic gap" in about 90 democratic and non-democratic countries.
Civilian coups are expected soon in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Belarus and even China. In Jordan, Algeria and Malaysia, however, the findings point to a "positive democratic gap" and a coup is unlikely.

"In these countries, although they are not characterized by a high level of democratization, the citizens' democratic aspirations are lower, and in such a situation the danger of governmental instability is smaller," says Dr. Shenhav.

After Egypt, people power hits like a tsunami
February 15, 2011
 So many small Muslim Arab nations in turmoil now, I dont know how to keep track of them - on here - or their own thread.   Question
Sadly, I fear the very evil Muslim Brotherhood will gain footholds and jihad the world.

Bolstered by the toppling of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, popular uprising has now taken root in a part of the world where it has not been a part of the trajectory of change. On Tuesday, the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, parts of the Muslim world were on fire, the people clamoring for change.
Fierce demonstrations erupted in Bahrain, where people have organized themselves through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the same forums used by their Egyptian and Tunisian counterparts.
Human rights activists said Bahrainis initially demanded reform, but some are now calling for the removal of the royal family.

Morocco, Oman Bahrain
February 27, 2011  
Omani forces fire on protesters, killing 2.  Yet another Gulf nation in turmoil.
Troubles in Bahrain, Shiites want ruling family out.  This is a far more serious situation than we are being told.
If the wacko Muslims oust the peaceful ruling family in Bahrain, the USA loses its 5th fleet base.
5 dead in Morocco bank burned by protesters.

JORDAN in jeopardy

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Palestinians seek Quartet's recognition of Palestinian state
Feb. 2, 2011
- Palestinian leadership is expecting that the meeting of the Quartet will recognize a Palestinian state on the territories occupied by Israel in 1967.

Erekat warned that "if the Quartet doesn't make these decisions, the entire region will attend more unrest and blood shedding." The Quartet, which includes the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union, will convene in Munich on Saturday to study the situation in the Middle East.
US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Russian Sergei Lavrov and the EU chief Catherine Ashton and the Quartet peace envoy to the Middle East Tony Blair will attend the meeting in Munich.

Over the past few weeks, eight Latin American countries, mainly Argentina and Brazil, as well as Cyprus and Surinam had officially declared their recognition of establishing an independent Palestinian state on the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, with east Jerusalem as its capital.
Israel and the U.S. opposed the ongoing official recognition of the world's countries of an independent Palestinian state. Israeli officials said that these decisions are a violation of the interim peace deals signed with Israel, where this issue has to be decided through bilateral peace talks.
As some western sources expected that the Quartet meeting will adopt a strong decision related to the Israeli settlement construction in the Palestinian territories, Erekat denied that such a decision will be an alternative to demanding a complete cessation of settlement.

Terror attack in Jerusalem
March 23, 2011
Explosion at Jerusalem bus stop kills 1, wounds 25.
The blast blew out the windows of 2 crowded buses. Its a miracle more werent killed in this terrorist attack.
Palestinians planted a bomb next to the bus stop. The bomb was detonated by remote control.
Meanwhile Gaza terrorists rain missiles down on Israel.  March 12th two Palestinians murdered 5 members of an Israeli family in their sleep at Itamar, Samaria.

Escalating Palestinian missiles fired on Israel  
March 23, 2011  After barrage of rocket and mortar fire, Israel may have to consider wide operation in Gaza
Gaza Targets Ashkelon, IAF strikes Gaza
IAF strikes Gaza as rocket and mortar fire against Israel
Israeli air strikes targeted smuggling tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt border, a training camp in central Gaza, and a power transformer.


Million Man Worldwide Caravan Set to 'Liberate Jerusalem'
November 3, 2011 .
Caravan to bring thousands to liberate Jerusalem.

Zec 12:1  The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.
Zec 12:2  Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
Zec 12:3  And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
Zec 12:4  In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.
Zec 12:5  And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God.
Zec 12:6  In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.
Zec 12:7  The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah.
Zec 12:8  In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them.
Zec 12:9  And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  
Psalm 83:4

Jerusalem bus accident kills 8 kids
February  16, 2012  
Arab truck driver hits Palestinian bus carrying school children.  He is being treated at hospital and is due to be questioned by police.
6 children were killed and 30 injured in a traffic accident between a bus and a truck in Jerusalem.
The truck involved in the accident in northern Jerusalem had an Israeli license plate while the bus carrying the children had a Palestinian license plate.
They collided head-on in the rain on a steep and slippery road.
The injured were evacuated by Israeli and Palestinian paramedics to hospitals.

* I usually dont report simple accidents, but I saw how wrongly the BBC reported this, so I am reporting it.
Israel gives citizenship to Arabs, so media mis-lead by calling the driver an Israeli.
Several Israeli Arabs to whom Israel has been so kind have killed Jews.  See 2008 incident.

Israeli Cop Ends Bulldozer Rampage July 2, 2008
An Israeli Arab
used a bulldozer to killed 3 Israelis and injured 45 in Jerusalem, toppling a bus and crushing cars before his rampage was ended by a heroic cop who climbed aboard the moving vehicle to shoot the driver dead.
Israeli Arab terrorist had a criminal background.

Israel gives Israeli citizenship to Arabs.  News media say Israeli when its an Arab.

Islamic March to Jerusalem Israel is an attack on Israel
March 23,  2012
 march organized by those who hate Israel.  Iran is recruiting Muslim terrorists worldwide to march on Jerusalem.  Iranian Jews forced to join anti-Israel March, up front, as human shields.  Damned Muslim cowards!

The Battle for Jerusalem
September 13, 2012  Islamic Caliphate forming

It is shocking how soon it happened. Morsi was just installed as president of Egypt in late June 2012. He just gained control of the army and now this attack!
The Muslim Brotherhood is energized and ready to advance the Islamic caliphate. They are bringing the war to us. Their target is Israel and taking Jerusalem.
They want Jerusalem as the capital of their caliphate. This is the Psalm 83/Obadiah war. It is here now.
Mursi openly said Jerusalem will become Egypt’s capital.

U.S. Embassy attacks more sinister than just a film
September 13, 2012
Islamists claim their bloody siege of the U.S. Embassies in Cairo and Benghazi on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was catalyzed by an anti-Islam movie.
The real reason for the onslaught was not a movie mocking Islam, but part of a concerted 10 year plan to make slandering Islam unlawful on an international scale.
Obama's reaction was to apologize for offending Islam, rather than meet fire with fire over the act of war on U.S. soil.
The attackers were the very MB rebels America aided in the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Libya.

The bloody attacks on U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya that left 4 American public servants, including a U.S. ambassador dead,
have sparked international outrage and controversy. Islamists claim that the catalyst for the riots was the release of an American movie critical to Islam,
but there is a more sinister motivation at play for these bloody acts of aggression than meets the eye.
The film was only a convenient excuse for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.
Their goal is to make slandering Islam unlawful on an international level.

When the Black Flags Fly
I’ll never forget the first time I saw the black flags. It was April 2008, and I was in a three-vehicle convoy driving through the city of Balad Ruz on our main supply route. I’d been on the route many times before and had seen only the hustle and bustle of a small Arab city. But this time was different. The streets were empty — with little traffic and almost no pedestrians — and the black flags were flying. Everywhere.
We knew what that meant. In our region, at least, Muqtada al-Sadr’s truce was over.

I made it back to our base without incident, but the demonstrations and attacks came fast and furious. An EFP (explosively formed penetrator), the signature weapon of Shiite insurgents, destroyed a Humvee, killing two members of our armored cavalry squadron and wounding two more. The next day, another EFP hit a Stryker, seriously wounding four soldiers from a neighboring unit. Both EFPs detonated on our main supply route. As the Shiite insurgents attacked to our west and south, the Sunni al-Qaeda strongholds to our north tried to capitalize. Just north of our base, a faked insurgent surrender turned into a 36-hour engagement between our Fox Troop and multiple insurgent cells. As our Quick Reaction Force reinforced Fox Troop, they were ambushed up and down the length of the road north. East of our base, more than 1,000 protesters jammed the streets of a nearby town.  

With EFPs on our supply route, firefights raging to our north, and demonstrations roiling area towns, our entire effort in Diyala Province hung in the balance. But the response was focused and decisive. Fox Troop continued its battle with al-Qaeda in the north while our Grim Troop rolled in full force straight into the heart of Balad Ruz and in a bold daylight operation captured the leader of the Shiite insurgency and his entire “security detail” without firing a shot. Almost immediately, the black flags came down, the EFPs disappeared, and our supply routes re-opened. Our fight with al-Qaeda continued, but the Shiite “uprising” was over.

Why relate that story? After all, while a matter of life and death to those of us on the ground, it was hardly the decisive battle of the Iraq War — or even one that will be recorded in the history books. But I learned lessons that I’ll never forget. First, jihadists need no real excuse to riot or attack. In this case, “Mullah Playstation” (the area nickname for al-Sadr based on his reputed love for console gaming) simply ordered his people into the streets. Second, even “mass” movements require leadership. When we captured the local leaders, the movement ended as abruptly as it began. Third — and I’ll repeat this point as long as it needs to be said — strength wins and weakness kills. The local population didn’t love Sadr’s militia so much as they wanted to be on the winning side. Had we pulled back or hesitated in the slightest, our little corner of the war could have turned out very differently.  

We do not know what is happening behind closed doors (where the administration’s talk and actions may be much tougher than we currently perceive), but the parade of public American condemnations for an asinine YouTube video are ineffectual at best and counterproductive at worst. Some jihadists in fact will view the condemnations as proof of their power and influence over American leaders. They had their moments on September 11 and September 12. They need to soon experience a decisive American response.

Egypt-Israel Peace deal is empty
September 14, 2012  
The Camp David peace accords signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979 have eroded.
Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi is simply not interested in normalization.

US government knew  Shocked  Exclamation
US government knew of possible attacks on diplomatic missions 48 hours before the attacks .
Deaths of US ambassador and staff in Libya were likely the result of an ongoing high-level security breach.


A great darkness is descending on the people of the Middle East.
War is coming.  Joel Rosenberg

Mob Gathers Outside U.S. Embassy in London, burns American and Israeli flags

Bomb Threats made to University campuses

WW3 fuse has been lit

World on the Prophetic Brink, Bill Wilson

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