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APOSTASY in church, singers, actors, etc
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:58 am    Post subject: APOSTASY in church, singers, actors, etc  Reply with quote


Pastors no longer have the backbone that they once had

2 Timothy 4:2
Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

We have entered into a time where biblical prophecy can be found in the daily news paper on a daily basis. One of the things that is spoken of in scripture is the actions of the ‘social church’ in the last days. The ‘social church’ is not the true church as the true church will hold strong to the precepts of God. The social church will lean heavily towards what society accepts. Today’s society has accepted people living together without the benefit of marriage. In the social church this subject is very rarely talked about and many in that church are living together without being married. Today’s society has no problem with divorce for almost any reason. In the social church the divorce rate is actually higher than in the world. Society does not have a problem with alcohol and I have seen the social church actually serving alcohol on church property. Society is beginning to accept same-sex marriage and all that it brings with it. We have many denominations that are now ordaining practicing homosexuals to lead their churches.

These insane actions from today’s so-called churches do nothing but confuse the parishioners. When the Bible says one thing about a subject but the preacher teaches something entirely the opposite, this causes confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33 “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” Now that we have verified where the teachings that are contrary to the Bible are originated we can understand why too many ‘churches’ are so far away from what the Bible teaches. When the church ignores the laws and precepts of God’s Word, the church becomes ineffective in the society that it exists in.

The church in America was the center of government, education and enforcement during the founding years. These churches relied on what God required and then acted accordingly. That philosophy created the greatest nation the world will ever see. It was only when the church began to allow the philosophy of the worlds system into the church that the church began to lose its influence in the society where it once flourished. No system of governing that man has devised has ever been successful. The fall of all empires, the Greek, Persian, and Roman and even Russia are perfect examples. America’s system, based on biblical principles, has been the most effective, prosperous and successful for its people than any form of government this world has ever seen. Yet, we no longer embrace the values taught in scripture. The decline was gradual until 1954. At that time then Senator Lyndon Johnson attached an amendment to an IRS bill that made it illegal for a 501(c)3 corporation to be involved in the political arena. When the church was taken out of the political arena, the influence of godly principles began to fall exponentially.

Today most pastors don’t know that the church was ever involved in politics. This is disturbing because when you study the Bible God always had a man of God in a position of influence to those in government, always. That should give some pastors a hint that this should still be happening. I have spoken with many pastors about being involved in the political arena by preaching the importance of godly men in office, something that our Founders were very strong concerning and they look at me with terror in their eyes because of the fear of losing their precious 501(c)3. The Bible tells us that we are to have godly men in authority over us: Exodus 18:21 “Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:”. This is the verse the Founders used to establish the different levels of government; local, state and federal. Then we are told to pray for those in authority over us; 1 Timothy 2:1 “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

(2) For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. What sense does it make to put ungodly men and women in authority over us and then spend all our time praying that they do godly things?

The church has been so slack in standing for the things of God that we have allowed our rights and freedoms to be taken from us mostly without a fight. In 1947 the Supreme Court reversed the meaning of the 1st Amendment stating that there should never be a biblical influence in government instead of never having governmental influence in the church and the church did nothing. In 1954 they stood by and let our freedom of speech and our right to participate in the political process be taken away and the church did nothing. In 1962 they made it illegal to pray in school and the church did nothing. In 1963 they took the Bible out of the school and the church did nothing.

Now there is a case before the Supreme Court that, if decided in the governments favor, will allow the government to tell the church who they can hire for ministers and even if they will allow a minister to hold certain positions in the church. Little by little we have lost our rights and freedoms because the church has refused to stand for what is right.

An evaluation of little-c christianity and Big-C Christianity

Chrislam, Churches promoting Islam - Spiritual treason!

Episcopal Church is apostate

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

              Posted   <*)))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary  


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oct 2012

I present these thoughts from Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr., pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX. as food for thought:

Evangelist Billy Graham historically has been a highly respected figure in the Black Community. Long before it was popular, he insisted on his meetings being racially inclusive, befriended Black preachers (including Dr. King) and singers and publically disagreed with Dr. W.A. Criswell’s segregation views, prior to his “open door” conversion. Billy Graham was highly regarded in the home I grew up in and viewed as a man whose heart was in the right place regarding issues of race.

However, Billy Graham’s recent departure from his lifelong practice of not engaging in partisan politics, and his removing the Mormon Religion from his website as a cult has generated a lot of discussion among Black pastors. The impression Graham’s decision leaves is that for the sake of electing Mitt Romney as President, he is willing to declassify Mormonism as a cult and engage in partisan politics for the first time in 94 years of living.

The question many are asking is, “why”? And, why now? If nominal Southern Baptists as Bill Clinton and Al Gore occupied the White House at the curret moment, the question is would Billy Graham have made the same decision? Even Ed Stetzer and Richard Land have taken a softer view on labeling Mormonism as a cult. Why? Stetzer and Land want to label Mormonism a fourth great world religion. Why? Unbelievable! Are Southern Baptists that desperate to elect Mitt Romney?

The Southern Baptist Convention unanimously approved a resolution condemning President Obama’s position on gay marriage and his view of equating gay rights with civil rights—but refused to even bring to the floor for a vote a resolution condemning racism in Mormon documents. The question is why would Southern Baptists approve of one, while rejecting the other?

Could it be that on both sides of the racial divide, that our theology is driven more by race, culture and economics than it is by theology, righteousness and the common good? The SBC’s refusal to condemn Mormon racist text aligns itself with the BGEA declassification of Mormonism being a cult. Both decisions were driven by placing partisan politics above theological integrity and accuracy.

Millennials Harmfully 'Reworking' God's Image
Dr. Owen Strachan, assistant professor of Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College in Louisville, Ky., told those gathered in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday that this "reworking" distorts historic Christianity. "Some of the so-called Millennial generation is finding the Gospel of Christ and the body of ethics it animates is a reproach. So God must be reworked," said Strachan. "The message of salvation through judgment that propelled the historic church to preach and act and love must be reworked into a declaration of God's absolute and total love without concern for its holiness." Strachan lamented that this reworking transforms God into "the great acceptor of all" without regards to matters of sin and forgiveness.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bono Praises Students for Voting for Obama
Nov 2012
Bono, lead singer for the rock band U2, called Barack Obama an “extraordinary man” and congratulated young voters for supporting him (“Bono to Students,” The Daily Caller, Nov. 13, 2012). Speaking at Georgetown University on the power of social media, Bono said: “Congratulations are in order--not just for turning out in record [numbers] and forgetting politics for a minute, but for electing an extraordinary man as president.”

Bono is a professing Christian. In fact, he is one of the most acclaimed figures and one of the most influential voices in the emerging church. And he is right about Obama being extraordinary.  He is extraordinary in his support for the murder of unborn children, in his zeal to legitimize homosexual “marriage” and to empower the practitioners of every moral perversion, and in his passion to bankrupt America and cripple its military and hasten some sort of one-world government.

Bono is extraordinary in his own right. He is extraordinary in his spiritual blindness and inability to rightly divide the Word of God and in his passion to call good evil and evil good and in his amazing capacity to claim allegiance to Christ while partying like the devil.
“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!” (Isaiah 5:20-23).
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From Ed Decker's email list...

Saints Alive and The Decker Report November, 2012
Dear friends, I will try to make this short and to the point.  I have taken a different direction in my radio programming for the rest of the year. I will describe the new programming below in my message.
As we all now know, all the hype of the elections has brought us a continuation of the last four years and while Romney was defeated, the LDS church has made huge gains in their acceptability as a regular Christian group.  

They have reworked their missionary program to now take kids right out of high school instead of giving them a few extra years to mature.  
According to their own PR, this means that there will be up to 100,000 Mormon missionaries roaming the street of the world, bringing their message of false doctrine to the world.

In one news article, the LDS spokesperson stated that now was the time to take advantage of the "Mormon Moment" of national acceptability and hit the streets in the USA while people wanted to know more about Romney's faith.
This means we will be busier than ever responding to the folks who want to know more about what they "Really" believe.
If I said that we can really use some people to partner with us financially and in prayer, it would be a very real understatement.

Would you pray about helping us in the ministry outreach to those lost in spiritual darkness? It is a heavy load to carry. We need your help today.
Your brother in Christ, Ed Decker


Churchianity made a big mistake by openly embracing Romney, and putting the leaven of politics over the word of God. It was one thing to endorse Bush II, but this particular case is much different and far worse.

Gal_5:1  Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Philippians_1:27  Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;

2 Th_2:15  Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Census shows that Christianity in Britain is 'on the way out'
12/11/12  Professor Richard Dawkins, the leading scientist and prominent atheist, responds to the sharp drop in the number of people describing themselves at Christians in the 2011 census.
The drop in those ticking the Christian box, from 71.7 per cent in 2001 to 59.3 per cent in 2011, is highly significant. Even more dramatic is the rise in numbers professing “No religion”, from 14.8 per cent to 25.1 per cent.The two together represent a genuine shift of opinion, away from Christianity and towards unbelief. This is quite different from the increase in Muslims, which surely is due to demographics only: nobody could seriously suggest that any significant number of people in this country would actually convert to Islam. And, unlike Christianity, converting away from Islam carries certain penalties calculated to deter.

The exhilaratingly high figure of 25 per cent for non-believers – far more than any group except Christians – would be even higher if the census question on religion had been more intelligently framed. If they had asked “Do you have a religion?” instead of “What is your religion?”, polling data from the British Social Attitudes Survey confirms commonsense: the numbers of nonbelievers would have been massively higher. Non-belief is not a religion, and it is insulting to frame a question that presumes that everyone has a religion, in the same way as they have an age and a sex.

But in any case, do the 59 per cent who ticked the Christian box really believe in Christianity? Of course they are free to fasten any label they like to whatever it is they believe. But though they may call it Christianity, are bishops, priests and Christian lobbyists entitled to draw support from the 59 per cent? That depends on what the 59 per cent really do believe. To discover exactly that, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (UK) commissioned an Ipsos MORI poll in the very week after the census. We asked only those who ticked the Christian box a series of supplementary questions. The results should be devastating to anybody who wants to claim that this is still a Christian country, which should be run in accordance with Christian values.

Only 32 per cent of the census “Christians” believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Only 35 per cent could pick out the correct answer to “What is the first book of the New Testament?” when given a 4-way choice of Matthew, Genesis, Acts, Psalms. When asked why they had ticked the Christian box, only 28 per cent of those who did so said it was because they believe the teachings of Christianity. The most popular answer to that question was, “I like to think of myself as a good person.” What? You ticked the Christian box because you like to think of yourself as a good person? Are you serious? Do you think atheists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists don’t think of themselves as good people?

Yet, when these “Census Christians” were asked where they turned when faced with a moral dilemma, only ten per cent said they turned to their religion. The majority turned to relatives or to their own inner moral sense, which of course is what good atheists do. So much for the cliché that you need God to be good. And those who think that our laws and governance should follow Christian values should be disconcerted by the following. Seventy four per cent of the Census Christians are secular in that they think religion should have no special influence on public policy.

After the 2001 census, politicians and clerics used the 72 per cent Christian figure as a weapon to argue for Christian influence in public life. This time, despite the poor wording of the religion question, they will not be able to pull the same trick. Not only has the official figure dropped to 59 per cent. The percentage of those self-identifying Christians who either believe in the central tenets of Christianity, or who think Christianity should be given special status in our national policy, is now very low indeed. Christianity is on the way out in this country. We must hope that other religions will go the same way.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Worshipping Jesus Has Never Been Any Sexier!
Founded in 2010, the company’s website features teen models giving the camera their best PG-13 “come hither” looks, often wearing little more than tees and tanks splashed with slogans like “A Date With J.C.”, “God Knows My Secrets,” and “Worship Crew.” OMG, with its Second Commandment-bending name, takes the seduction of young Christians in a new direction, with its products' odd syncretism between pop religion and hyper-sexualized pop culture. OMG’s website explains the mission: “We believe in sharing our faith & love through fashion while embracing our fun & characteristic lifestyle as well as giving back to the community.” The message I received from a tour of the website was that this fun and characteristic lifestyle is overtly sensual in nature. The imprinted messages splashed across the front of the tees baptize that sensuality in churchy language. It’s casual wear for the hot Christian girl or woman!
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Young Earth Creationist Ministry's Biggest Critics: Christians
For 30 years, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has advocated a literal, straightforward reading of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Interestingly, his staunchest critics have been fellow Christians.
Ham believes that God is the Creator of the universe and that it took six literal days for God to create everything. That view, he says, is a consequence of accepting the authority of the Word of God as infallible. To reject that belief is to undermine that authority.
Yet many Christians, he laments, not only dismiss the literal reading of the Creation account but also feel embarrassed by it.

"In today's modern scientific age, many Christians believe it's an embarrassment to accept a straightforward reading of Genesis and that Christians should not reject the majority view in the scientific community that accepts millions of years and other evolutionary beliefs," Ham, whose ministry is behind the Creation Museum, told The Christian Post this week.

The Christian apologist recently blogged about the criticism his ministry receives from mostly within the church.
"The criticism from Christians happens so often that we (sadly) have now come to expect a steady stream of negative comments whenever we proclaim the truth of the history of Genesis," he wrote.

But it doesn't come as a surprise to him. In fact, the reason he founded Answers in Genesis 19 years ago was "to help bring reformation to the church and see Christians accept the full authority of the Bible, starting from its very first verse," he explained to CP.

One supporter of Answers in Genesis was stunned to encounter opposition to the literal six days view. The supporter, identified as J.C. from Boise, Idaho, described that incident to AiG.
"I was at the gym, in the locker room, telling a pastor how great the [Creation] museum was. Pastor Jack asked me, 'You believe in a literal 6 days?'

"'Absolutely!' I replied.

"Then out of nowhere, a man came around the corner who overheard our conversation said, 'Ken Ham is a piece of c-,'" J.C. recounted. "This man went on to tell me that he has four degrees, studies fossils, bends light, is a Christian, and is a follower of Reasons to Believe and its president Hugh Ross. But out of his same mouth he called a fellow Christian a piece of c-. There was no sign of the humble heart of a Christian.

"I can't believe that I have fellow brothers and sisters wanting to side with 'scientists.'
"This has been a real eye-opener for me."

Dinesh D'Souza, a Christian who authored The Roots of Obama's Rage and co-directed "2016: Obama's America," counted himself out of the "fundamentalist" Christian circle, saying last week in a debate in New York City that creation science is "nonsense."
He rejected a "fundamentalist," or in this case literal, reading of the Bible, claiming that only 3 percent of Christians subscribe to that.

"D'Souza clearly rejects the historicity of Genesis," Ham observed. "In response to evolutionist Dr. Lawrence Krauss, who said that the Bible is wrong because it teaches that light was created before the sun, D'Souza agreed with Krauss.

"[H]e continues to say that he does not appeal to the Bible to support any of the arguments he makes but argues on the basis of reason alone. But God's Word is true and illuminating, and human reason is flawed (Genesis 3). D'Souza is handicapping himself with that kind of strategy, and the debate is lost even before it starts."
D'Souza was arguing against the motion that science refutes God in an Intelligence Squared debate.

Answers in Genesis is largely known for advocating a young Earth view – that the universe is about 6,000 years old. That belief, Ham argues, comes from the Bible. If you start with the Bible alone, without considering any outside influences, you cannot come up with millions or billions of years of history, Ham states.

"However, the reason they don't believe God created in six literal days is because they are convinced from so-called 'science' that the world is billions of years old. In other words, they are admitting that they start outside the Bible to (re)interpret the Words of Scripture," Ham maintains.

"There aren't separate sets of 'evidences' for evolution and creation – we all deal with the same evidence (we all live on the same earth, have the same fossils, observe the same animals, etc.). The difference lies in how we interpret what we study."
Ham has made it clear that AiG's main thrust is not "young Earth" but simply biblical authority.

According to a study conducted by America's Research Group and published in Ham's Already Gonei, more than 40 percent of surveyed twenty-somethings first had doubts that all the accounts in the Bible are true during their high school years. Among those who said they do not believe all the biblical accounts are true, 14 percent said it was because "science shows the world is old."

More recently, a LifeWay Research survey found that 43 percent of Protestant pastors don't believe the earth is 6,000 years old while 46 percent do.
Genesis, Ham contends, is the most-attacked book of the Bible and he's hoping to get Christians to reclaim "the foundations of our faith," starting with the first verse.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Why Evangelicals are the new partners for immigration reform
1/8/13  Advocates for immigration reform should seek support from an unlikely source – evangelical Christians. Their political agenda is broadening as Hispanic congregants – documented and undocumented – increase and pastors speak of immigration as a religious concern.
Most Congress-watchers have low expectations for America's legislative branch over the next two years, and with good reason. The 2012 election again showed a divided electorate, and political stalemate and partisan rancor abound in Washington.

Despite this difficult climate, political support is rapidly building in favor of legislation that has confounded presidents and Congresses since 1986: comprehensive immigration reform. Advocates trying to build a winning coalition for reform should seek support from an unlikely source – evangelical Christians.

Evangelicals have been a key Republican voting bloc for several decades. According to exit polls, about 1 in 4 voters in November's election was a white Evangelical, and they voted overwhelmingly Republican.
Although most Americans associate theologically conservative Christians with cultural issues such as abortion and gay marriage, the evangelical political agenda is broadening. Immigration reform is one issue that has steadily gained momentum.

What might account for this change?
For one, pastors and religious leaders are talking more about the issue as a religious concern. Many scriptural passages relate to immigration – including the famous 40-year wilderness journey of the children of Israel to the Promised Land. But most evangelical churches and organizations have only recently begun to underscore the biblical connection to immigration.

New pro-immigrant movements are seeking to educate and activate evangelical clergy and voters by emphasizing themes of love, justice, and welcome for the stranger that resound throughout the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.

Another factor that explains increasing awareness of immigrant issues is simple math.
Much like the nation, evangelicalism is becoming more ethnically diverse. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 13 percent of Hispanic Americans describe themselves as evangelical Protestants. Immigrant churches are growing rapidly, and many denominations have created new structures and leadership posts designed to serve Hispanic congregants. Immigration – including illegal immigration – touches the lives of many in the pews, and church leaders want to help.

Also, greater numbers of Evangelicals are worshiping alongside documented and undocumented immigrants, getting to know them and listening to their stories.
Perhaps the strongest sign of Evangelicals' advocacy is the emergence of new organizations and coalitions focusing on the issue.

In October 2011, Cedarville University, a conservative Christian college in Ohio, hosted the "G92" immigration conference. Taking its name from the Hebrew word for immigrant, ger, which appears 92 times in the Hebrew Bible, the conference has spawned a new movement designed to mobilize Christian college students to advocate on behalf of all immigrants. Leaders are planning half a dozen events across the country in 2013.

The Evangelical Immigration Table, founded in June 2012 by nine heads of evangelical organizations, is networking with evangelical leaders from across the spectrum to support immigration reform. Founders include the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a large umbrella group representing many denominations and associations; Richard Land, an outspoken conservative and Southern Baptist leader; and Jim Wallis, bestselling author and leader of the left-leaning social justice organization Sojourners.

**FYI, Richard Land is a CFR member!

In June 2012, the Table released a wide-reaching, seven-point plan for immigration reform that included a call for secure borders, protection of family unity, and a path toward legal status or citizenship. It also left out many of the thorniest details, such as what steps a pathway to legal status would include and who would be eligible.

Even so, as religion writer Lisa Miller said in The Washington Post, the plan is "a document of exceptional accord among groups that rarely find themselves on the same side of anything."

The week after the presidential election, the Table sent letters to President Obama and congressional leaders asking for a meeting within the first 92 days of the president's new term to move forward reform legislation. Change is clearly afoot.

Of course, evangelical voters are not monolithic, and their views on illegal immigration vary widely. Data from a 2010 Pew Research Center study suggest that grass-roots Evangelicals are divided, but a majority (54 percent) now favor policies that include some sort of pathway to citizenship.

This majority is likely to grow. Researcher Ruth Melkonian-Hoover's analysis of polling data suggests that white Evangelicals who worship alongside immigrants (she did not distinguish between legal and illegal) are less likely to view immigrants as a threat. When pastors preach positive messages about immigrants, congregants' opinions shift, and support for a path to legalization rises sharply.

Since the November election – heavily influenced by Hispanic voters – legislators have more political space to advocate for immigration reform. Some Republicans are joining the effort out of desire to reach Hispanics. Others who previously felt strong political pressure to avoid the issue now feel more freedom to advocate for reform.

Evangelical elites from across the ideological spectrum are beginning to come together to advocate for immigration reform. Millions of Americans in the pews may soon follow their lead, and, if so, wise legislators will pay attention.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Evangelical coalition seeks immigration overhaul HUH??  Question
1/14/13 — Prominent evangelical leaders announced a new effort Monday to persuade conservative Christians and lawmakers they should support overhauling U.S. immigration laws.
Called "I Was A Stranger," the campaign asks churches to spend 40 days studying Scripture related to immigration, centered on the Matthew 25 exhortation to clothe and feed the stranger. Organizers hope to create a groundswell of support for changes that balance national security with keeping immigrant families together.

The coalition includes the National Association of Evangelicals, which represents about 40 denominations; the public policy arm of the 16 million-member Southern Baptist Convention; Esperanza, the Latino evangelical economic development group; pastor Bill Hybels of the influential Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois; and writer Max Lucado. Sojourners, the liberal-leaning evangelical advocacy group, is also participating.

"In the Anglo churches, there are so many more Hispanic people that we know and love," said the Rev. Joel Hunter, senior pastor of Northland church, which serves about 15,000 congregants in the Orlando, Fla., area. "There's a readiness, even in the Anglo churches, to address this."

Many evangelical leaders have actively supported reform in recent years as the number of immigrants has increased in their churches. However, rank-and-file congregants have been slower to take up the issue beyond demands for stronger national borders. In surveys, white evangelicals have generally ranked border security as their top priority. However, about four in ten have told pollsters they would favor an approach giving equal weight to national security and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

The evangelical push on the issue comes amid renewed interest in immigration reform from Congress and the White House. In the immediate aftermath of the November election, congressional Republicans suggested the time was right for reform talks. President Barack Obama, who won a record share of Hispanic voters, renewed his pledge to prioritize immigration reform.
Evangelical leaders said they are not backing any specific proposal right now.

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